Dirt Alert: Friday, 4/17/15

Ellen DeGeneres Under The Knife?

Did ELLEN DeGENERES get a little nip and tuck at her neighborhood plastic surgeon’s office?

Dr. RAMTIN KASSIR speculates to the National Enquirer that the “noticeable scars on her neck are most likely the result of a facelift or neck lift,” while DR. STEVEN DAYAN concurs because her jawline is so “clean and sharp.”

Rumors are swirling that Ellen is a big fan of Botox, peels and other procedures and it takes her trusty makeup team two-and-a-half hours to perfect her complexion.


Vin Diesel Drives Like An Old Lady!

VIN DIESEL may drive like a maniac in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, but real life is a different matter altogether.

Vin Diesel didn’t appreciate a chauffeur gunning it outside the Los Angeles Airport and demanded a new employee. The limo driver begged for another chance, Vin graciously agreed and the dude drove like an 80-year-old woman the rest of the way.


Netflix More Valuable Than CBS!

Do you subscribe to Netflix?

Because the streaming service added nearly five million subscribers to the service over the last quarter, which led to a stock market surge for the company –a single share now costs $546.60, an all-time high.

It also raised the company’s market value to $32.9 billion, which means it’s considered more valuable than CBS (at $30.6 billion) and Viacom (at $28.8 billion).


Kanye West & Taylor Swift Among Time Magazine’s ‘Most Influential People’

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, and Kevin Hart are among Time Magazine’s 100 “Most Influential People” of 2015.

The annual list celebrates “the titans, pioneers, artists, icons and leaders who are shaping the future.”

Taylor is honored as one of the “icons” on the list.

Kim Kardashian, who Time calls “the first lady of #fame,” is grouped in the “titans” category.

Freak Files: Friday, 5/17/15

It’s Time For “Bizarre Things Found In Animals Stomachs”

There is an annual competition called “They Ate What?” where pet owners compete to win prizes for some of the bizarre things their pets ate, and this year, there some pretty crazy things found inside the stomachs of pets.

A 2-year-old pit bull managed to eat metal chains, an opened switch-blade, a pack of cigarettes, and more (and he lived through it….but he wasn’t the winner). The Winner was a small frog that ate 30 rocks from his enclosure.

A vet had to operate on him and he is doing fine.


Robber Gets Caught Because of His Crocs!

This REALLY serves this guy right for wearing Crocs to important events.

21-year-old Roland Grace of Fairbanks, Alaska broke into a restaurant a few weeks ago, and

stole about $400 from the cash register. But police found some clear footprints at the scene . . .

and they were from a pair of CROCS.

They brought in a bunch of suspects to interview, including Roland, and when he showed up at

the station . . . he was wearing the SAME pair of Crocs. The cops matched Roland’s Crocs with the footprint and. . . . . Stupid Criminals!!!!

Roland admitted to the burglary. So he was arrested . . . and charged with a few other local burglaries too.


Woman Shoots Her Television Because Her Kids Watched Too Much TV

A mother in Illinois wanted her kids to watch less TV….so she did what any reasonable parent would do: she broke-out her rifle and shot-out her 50-inch flat screen TV!!!

Needless to say, she was arrested and charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm without a license and 3 counts of endangering the health and safety of a child.

Stupid Criminals!!!

The kids were placed in the care of another relative.

Dirt Alert: Thursday, 4-16-15

Losers In Lockup – Aaron Hernandez

A jury in MA found 25-year-old former New England Patriots tight end AARON HERNANDEZ guilty of first-degree murder yesterday.

He received an automatic sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for his conviction in the death of 27-year-old semi-pro football player ODIN LLOYD.

In a second trial yet to commence, Hernandez will defend against charges for two counts of murder, three counts of assault with intent to commit murder and a weapons charge in the 2012 deaths of two guys who Hernandez allegedly shot after one of them spilled a drink on him at a nightclub.


Taylor Swift Appears In Chinese Toyota Commercial

Taylor Swift is too big of a star to appear in commercials here in the US, but China is a totally different story!

Taylor Swift stars in two weird Chinese Toyota commercials to promote the company’s latest hybrid. In one of the commercials, Taylor sings and dances in a long black ball gown, then uses magical powers to present Toyota’s new hybrid car.

We tried to get the video for you but the ads have since been removed from the net.


Donald Sterling Mistress Must Return $2m In Gifts

V. Stiviano, the former “friend” of racist Donald Sterling, was ordered by a Los Angeles judge to return more than $2 million to Shelly Sterling.

The ruling came nearly a month after the Sterlings and Stiviano battled in court over the expensive gifts the model had obtained over the course of her relationship with Donald.

Stiviano must return a $1.8 million duplex, as well as $800,000 he had given her in the form of exotic cars, lavish vacations, and cash handouts. Stiviano’s attorney said he plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

Freak Files: Thursday, 4/16/15

A Company Created a Robot That Can Cook 2,000 Different Meals
A company in England just finished the prototype of a robot that can cook around 2,000 different meals. It’s actually pretty incredible.
You hook two big robot arms to your ceiling, lay out the ingredients, and they do the rest . . . INCLUDING the dishes. When you’re not using the robot, the arms tuck up into the ceiling.
It should go on sale by 2017 . . . for around $14,000. But the price includes a special oven, stove, dishwasher, and sink that are all compatible with the robot.

Stupid Criminals!!!
CHRIS WATSON OF Phoenix is under arrest after a massive theft from WalMart.
Police say Watson backed his pickup truck up to the car battery cage at Walmart, took a bolt cutters out of his truck, snipped the lock and started to load up. When all was said and done, he stole 76 car batteries.
But Watson is a Stupid Criminal and luck wasn’t on his side. He sped away from the robbery but pulled over to remove the cover over his license plate so he didn’t get stopped for it. Instead, a nearby cop thought that anyone who covers their license plate was up to no good, so he pulled him over and discovered the stolen batteries.
Stupid Criminals!!!

Stupid People
SCOTT KEMERY needs to go back to science class. And he needs to quit smoking!
Long Island police say Kemery tried to kill bed bugs in a rental car with rubbing alcohol. He poured it all over the seats and then he decided to take a smoke break. So he sat down in the car and, yes, he lit a cigarette.
That’s when the fire started, damaging two other cars. Kemery was able to escape the vehicle on his own, but suffered second-degree burns in the incident.

Why The “Zipper Method” Is The Best For The Construction On The Flyover


The construction on the flyover has the ramp taking you from I-240 East-bound to I-40 East Bound down to just one lane…and that means people are “lined up” to make the exchange for miles….sometimes past Walnut Grove Road!

But…is “getting in line” and sitting in traffic really the best way to approach this construction?

Civil Engineers say NO!  We should be using the “zipper method” – where drivers take turns merging one car at a time…like the teeth of a zipper.

If we used the “Zipper Method” instead of lining up to merge, we could improve traffic flow by 15%…AND reduce the total length of a backup by 50%!!! (According to the Federal Highway Administration).

The problem is, the concept pretty much goes against everything we’ve learned about driving etiquette, which traditionally tells us to get in the line.  That’s why some states are making the “zipper method” the law…like Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, Washington and Pennsylvania.

The Zipper Method Is NOT the law in Tennessee.


Wet Nose Wednesday – Baby

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Baby!!


Baby is a six (6) month old gray & white female kitten who is current with her shots and has been spayed. An East Memphis woman adopted a cat that happened to her surprise “be pregnant” with two kittens. Baby & sister Minnie have been in rescue for months and living at Petco in Germantown on Poplar for the last two and a half months. They are very sweet and loved to be held. Baby is a little shy compared to her outgoing sister Minnie. If you are looking for a beautiful “teenaged” kitten then you have found her.

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

We couldn’t do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.

Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 4/15/15

Bruce’s Transformation!

BRUCE JENNER’s transformation is almost complete.

RadarOnline.com reports Bruce is set to undergo his sex change operation in “just a matter of weeks,” which plastic surgeon Dr. MEL ORTEGA calls a “very intensive surgery.” Word is the process will take six-to-eight hours and insiders say he’s “ready.”


Billy Joel Is Going To Be A Dad. . . . Again!

BILLY JOEL is going to be a father again.

His spokesperson confirmed that Billy’s girlfriend, ALEXIS RODERICK is pregnant with their first child and is due this summer. Billy is 65 and already has a daughter, ALEXA RAY who is 29.

Alexis will be 34 next month. You do the math. Billy and Alexis have been together since 2009.


OJ In Trouble While In Prison

OJ SIMPSON isn’t making any new friends on the inside.

Sources tell us that the “Juice” got into a physical confrontation with a skinhead named TRAVIS WAUGH, who promised OJ that he was a “dead man.”

Rumor has it OJ was in fear for his life, refused to visit to the prison cafeteria and wouldn’t go anywhere without his trusty cellmate “Smoke.” Luckily, the Aryan nation member was transferred to another prison.


Chik-Fil-A For The Master’s Champ

Masters Champion JORDAN SPIETH celebrated his big, $1.8 million-dollar win by taking his wife to Chik-Fil-A.

Quote, “Twelve-count of nuggets and a char-grilled chicken is my go-to,” Jordan told the guys on the Yahoo Sports podcast Grandstanding.

It’s not the first time somebody has celebrated with fast food –PHIL MICKELSON went to Krispy Kreme after his Masters win and BUBBA WATSON stopped to eat at a Waffle House in his green jacket.

Freak Files: Wednesday, 4/15/15

Too Much Money On My Hands!

Apparently anyone with money can be a cop in Oklahoma.

BOB BATES, who’s 73, is a wealthy insurance executive in Tulsa and has given the police department there money to buy all sorts of needed equipment. In exchange, Bates gets to go on ride-alongs, carry a gun, wear a uniform, the whole shebang.

He took part in the pursuit of ERIC HARRIS, an alleged drug and weapons dealer. When Bates finally caught up to Harris, he was already being restrained by other officers. Bates pulled out what he thought was his Taser, but was actually his gun, and fired, shooting Harris.

In the video, Bates can be overheard saying, “Oh I shot him. I’m sorry.” The Tulsa Sheriff’s Department is NOT holding Mr. Bates responsible for his actions and but the District Attorney’s office is planning on charging him with manslaughter.


A Window-Washer Falls 11 Stories And Gets Sued For Landing On Someone’s Car

A window-washer in San Francisco survived a fall of 11 stories (that’s over 100 feet) onto the roof of a moving vehicle…and now he’s being sued by the driver!

The driver claims that he was injured when the window-washer fell on his car and the injury forced him to miss work.

He claims that the window-washer and the company he works for were “negligent in the operation of the window washing equipment.” No word yet on when this will go to trial.


Seattle CEO Raises “Minimum Wage” For His Company To $70k Per Year

A Seattle-based company will pay a $70,000 minimum wage to all employees, regardless of their job title!!!

Dan Price, founder and CEO of “Gravity Payments,” a credit card payment-processing firm, stunned his employees with the generous minimum wage plan, which will increase salaries over the next 3 years.

30 of the company’s 120 employees will see their salaries double over the next 3 years, while the CEO himself will take a pay cut from $1 million down to $70,000 a year….or minimum wage by his standards.

Freak Files: Tuesday, 4/14/15

This Is Why We call Them “The Freak Files”

A driver in China accused of ignoring an injured woman by the side of the road found out later it was his own mother.

The unidentified man was actually on his way to visit his mom when he spotted the injured elderly woman near to the road. He kept driving, but when he got to his mom’s house she wasn’t there.

The man says an ominous feeling came over him, so he went back, discovered his mother, and called for an ambulance. Sadly, she passed away on the way to the hospital.


Stupid Criminals!!!!

If you’re going to embezzle two million dollars from the IRS, try not to do it all in one place.

TANYA EVANS of Norfolk, Virginia, was sentenced to 87 months in prison for cashing over two million dollars in fraudulent tax refunds, all at the same check cashing place. It was check-cashing place that noticed her frequency and notified the IRS.


A Man Tore a Tendon in His Thumb From Playing Too Much Candy Crush

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present ‘The Official Injury of The Year 2015.’ A 29-year-old guy in San Diego, California recently went to the doctor because his left thumb was in a lot of pain.

He said he’d been playing “Candy Crush Saga” on his phone pretty much nonstop for around eight weeks . . . even while he was doing other stuff, he was always multitasking and playing it with his left hand.

So the doctors gave him an MRI, and found out he’d ruptured the tendon in his thumb . . . yes, because of “Candy Crush”. And he tore it so severely that he needed SURGERY to repair it.

Apparently he tore it way before he went into the doctor, but he didn’t really feel the pain because playing the game was giving him such an adrenaline rush.

Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 4/14/15

Watch Tom Brady Blow the First Pitch at Fenway Park

The Boston Red Sox played their home opener at Fenway Park yesterday. Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY, you know, Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, was there to throw out the first pitch. And it didn’t go so well.

The ball was wide left, but more importantly, it didn’t even make it to the batter’s box in the air.

On the graphic the “Washington Post” made last year to chart the accuracy of celebrity first pitches, you’ll see that Brady’s attempt was roughly comparable to those of Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey and Santa Claus.


Justin Bieber Was Kicked Out of Coachella, After Security Put Him in a Chokehold

For the past few months, JUSTIN BIEBER has been on his best behavior . . . but apparently, that came to a crashing halt on Sunday night.

TMZ reports that Justin was thrown out of Coachella. Supposedly, he was trying to force his way into a V.I.P. area where DRAKE was performing, but he was told he couldn’t go in because it was already at capacity.

He didn’t like that . . . so when Justin tried to go in anyway, the security guard grabbed him, put him in a CHOKEHOLD, and then had him and his entourage escorted out of the festival. Naturally, Justin’s people are threatening legal action.


A Lot of Big-Name Celebrities Will Be on “The Late Show” Over the Next Month to Say Goodbye to David Letterman

DAVID LETTERMAN’S last day on “The Late Show” will be Wednesday, May 20th, and a LOT of big name celebrities will be making appearances on the show over the next month to say goodbye.

They include: “Avengers” stars Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Michael Keaton.

Comedy legends like Tina Fey, Ray Romano, Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, and Bill Murray . . . And music guests Elvis Costello, Dave Matthews Band, and Mumford & Sons. No word who’ll be on the FINAL episode yet.

Dirt Alert: Thursday, 4/9/15

Barry Manilow Got Married . . . Unofficially

BARRY MANILOW got MARRIED to his longtime partner Garry Kief. He’s Barry’s manager and the president of Barry Manilow Productions. They’ve been together more than 30 years.

They’re not officially married though. They had a commitment ceremony. Their neighbor SUZANNE SOMERS was the “best man.” Barry is 71 . . . Garry is 66.


Mariah Carey Dumped By Her Publicist

Could Nick Cannon’s threats of writing a tell-all book about his ex, Mariah Carey be the straw that broke her publicist’s back? Because…Mariah Carey has been dumped by her publicist, Cindi Berger!

After 15 years, Cindi Berger is no longer representing Mariah.

Cindi told the New York Times, quote, “I have enormous respect for Mariah. She is one of the great talents and voices of our time, and I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. I care very deeply for her personally, but I felt that professionally it was time for us to move on.”


Is Cher Dying?

How about an ample dose of some Tabloid Trash to take down with your cake pops from Starbucks this morning???

The “National Enquirer” says that CHER is basically on her last legs. At 68, she’s battling several health problems, she’s also severely depressed and is losing the will to live.

She had to cut her Dressed to Kill Tour short last year due to her health. Constant fighting caused her to kick her son Elijah Blue Allman and his wife out of her house . . . and she’s also too depressed to visit her own mother, even though she basically lives right down the road.


It’s Official: The NFL Hired Its First Full-Time Female Referee

Here’s a quick follow-up from earlier this week, because it’s official: the NFL announced yesterday that it had hired its first full-time female referee.

She is a 41-year-old woman named Sarah Thomas and she will work the 2015 season as a line judge.

Thomas was also the first woman to officiate college football games in 2007.

Freak Files: Thursday, 4/9/15

It’s Just Booze!

Four LSU students were pulled over in Alabama for hauling a trailer with expired plates. When the police asked to look inside, the driver gave permission and boy, did cops make a find.

Inside the trailer, two thousand beers, five liters of boxed wine and eight bottles of liquor! All four admitted to bringing the stash to Gulf Shores for a frat party on the beach but being that they were underage, all received a summons for possession and lost their entire haul to the cops.

Click here for pics!


Disconnect To Reconnect!

A restaurant in Buffalo, New York, is offering a 10 percent discount to people who don’t use smartphones during their meals.

Lebro’s has a sign which reads “Disconnect to RECONNECT. Make Sunday Family Day.” Customers who are up for the challenge are tasked with putting their phones in a bread basket and covering them with a cloth.

If they can resist reaching to check tweets, texts and everything else until the bill comes, 10 percent of the tab gets knocked off.


A Dog Tries to Get Some Cookies Off a Stove . . . and Sets the House on Fire

A family in London, England had some cookies cooling on the stove, and left the house. Their dog Leo was home . . . and obviously he wanted to get at those cookies.

But when he put his paws up on the stove, he accidentally turned it ON. And a child’s booster seat was touching the oven, so it eventually caught on FIRE . . . which spread to the entire house.

Fortunately the fire department got there quickly and was able to get Leo out . . . but the kitchen was completely destroyed.