Wet Nose Wednesday – Love

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Love.


Love is a very sweet and easy going female cat that will be two (2) years old in June. She loves to be petted and brushed, is litter box trained and gets along well with dogs and other cats. Love especially enjoys hanging out in the cat tree. If you are looking for an easy going young cat then you have found her. If you do not have another cat and would like two (2) cats Eli would love to be adopted with Love however they will be fine to adopt separately.

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 4/11/14

It’s Official:  Stephen Colbert Will Replace David Letterman 

CBS didn’t waste any time in announcing DAVID LETTERMAN’S replacement.  STEPHEN COLBERT will take over “The Late Show” sometime next year, although there’s no specific timetable yet.  Colbert signed a five-year deal.

In a statement, Stephen said, quote, “I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth.”

CBS also made it official that Stephen will be dropping the super conservative character he plays on “The Colbert Report”.


Is Craig Ferguson Getting a Multi-Million Dollar Payout for Not Getting the “Late Show” Gig?  

When STEPHEN COLBERT was announced as DAVID LETTERMAN’S replacement, that meant CRAIG FERGUSON would remain in the timeslot after “The Late Show”.

However, there may be a bright spot for Craig in all this.  There’s speculation that Craig had a clause in his contract that awarded him a payout of at least $5 MILLION if he wasn’t given “The Late Show”.


The Duggar Empire Will Grow:  Jill Duggar Is Engaged . . . and Wants “As Many Kids as God Will Give” Her 

“19 Kids and Counting” stars JIM BOB and MICHELLE DUGGAR, who have 19 kids and three grandchildren . . . and perhaps not surprisingly, the family will continue to grow.  By a lot.

The fourth Duggar kid, 22-year-old Jill, recently announced her engagement to some guy named Derick Dillard.  They haven’t even kissed yet . . . but they’re already talking about babies.

Jill says, quote, “Both of us want as many kids as God will give us.”

Freak Files: Friday, 4/11/14

Mugshot 4-11-14A Guy Impersonates a Cop . . . So He Can Direct Traffic for a Funeral Procession

Danny Ponder of Mableton, Georgia was arrested last Friday for impersonating an officer.  And he went ALL OUT for it . . . fake uniform, badge, handcuffs, and a loaded GUN, along with two extra clips.

He was also riding around on a white motorcycle with flashing lights and a SIREN.  But he wasn’t out trying to clean up the streets.  Instead, police caught him outside a church . . . where he was helping direct traffic for a FUNERAL PROCESSION.

Danny actually WAS a cop for seven months in 1988 and 1989 until he got FIRED.  So apparently he was just trying to recapture his glory days.

He was arrested for impersonating an officer, and released on $5,000 bond.


Follow-up To The Nursing Home With Male Strippers!!!

Earlier this week we had the story about 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood, who is a resident of The East Neck Nursing Center on Long Island.

Bernice’s son is suing the nursing home for hiring male strippers to give female residents lap dances, including his mother Bernice.

Well, what is the nursing home doing to keep their male residents entertained?  We just found out that they’ve been loading the boys in the nursing home shuttle and driving them to HOOTERS for chicken wings and everything else that goes with HOOTERS!!!!


Mugshot cafeteriaA High School Cafeteria Worker Is Accused of Pocketing Hundreds a Day . . . and Possibly Over $1 Million Total

Brenda Watts is a former cafeteria manager at North Springs High School in Georgia.  And she’s accused of stealing at least a few hundred bucks EVERY SINGLE DAY from the cafeteria over the past 15 years!!!

Brenda had a snack cart in the cafeteria that was cash only.  It didn’t have a register or any records.  Then Brenda would take home about $500 every DAY from the cart.

At $500-a-day, that’s about $90,000 every school year.  Brenda was the cafeteria manager for 15 years . . . and if she always kept up that pace, it means she would’ve stolen around $1.35 MILLION.

She was busted after a whistleblower told the police what was happening and gave them a video from the cafeteria security cameras.

Hillary Clinton Dodges Shoe Thrown During Speech

Hillary Clinton had to be fast on her feet during a speech in Las Vegas yesterday.  A woman in the audience threw a shoe at Hillary….and luckily, Hillary was able to duck before it hit her.  And how did Hillary recover from the incident?  She said, “Good thing she didn’t play softball like I did!”  And the audience busted out with laughter!  The unidentified woman apparently threw a stack of papers, too, before being escorted from the convention to face arrest. It’s unclear at this point what prompted her protest.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Freak Files: Thursday, 4/10/14

Mom Reads Son’s Facebook and Saves Him From Getting Shoot

A Salt Lake City mom managed to help intercept two teens who allegedly planned to shoot her son. The mom said that she saw comments from two male teenagers on Facebook threatening to come to her son’s school and shoot him!!

There was also a picture of a gun posted to Instagram, and the hand holding it had gang-affiliated letters written on it.

Police officers searched the school and found the teens who made the threats in a car parked nearby—along with the pictured gun, ammo, drugs, and lots of money. They were booked on various charges and the incident is suspected to be gang-related.


A Burglar Is Busted When He Pocket Dials 911 . . . Twice

We hear about idiot criminals who accidentally pocket dial 911 from time to time . . . but here’s a twist.

Two guys from Minnetonka, Minnesota, Todd Weiss and 38-year-old Justin Evans of Savage, broke into a business early on April 1st.

And while they were in there, Todd accidentally pocket dialed 911.  The dispatcher heard the guys talking, but didn’t think it was anything, so she hung up.

Which means Todd and Justin were in the clear but Todd managed to accidentally pocket dial 911 AGAIN.

This time, the dispatcher listened to the conversation . . . and figured out it was two guys robbing a place.  So the cops headed out and arrested both of them for felony burglary.


Douglas GliddenA Guy Doesn’t Want to Get Busted For Having Marijuana . . . So He Claims He Stole the Car With Marijuana in It

Police pulled 25-year-old Douglas Glidden of Jay, Maine over on Sunday night and found some marijuana in the car.  Apparently he didn’t want to be busted with it, so he told the cops it wasn’t his . . . he’d STOLEN the car and the marijuana was already in there.

Now as far as I know, there’s not a single state in this country where the penalty for having a little reefer is worse than the penalty for GRAND THEFT AUTO.

Apparently Douglas doesn’t know that very, very basic information.

Turns out he HAD stolen the car . . . but the marijuana was also his.  He was arrested and charged with theft and marijuana possession.


Taco Bell Has a New “Breakfast Commercial” That Pokes Fun at McDonald’s


Taco Bell is taking another jab at McDonald’s in a new commercial for its breakfast menu.
Taco Bell is now airing a TV commercial that is set to the tune of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and shows a man who has been eating Egg McMuffins since 1984.
After trying Taco Bell’s breakfast, the man trims his mullet, switches to tighter pants, gets a smart phone and takes down his “Loverboy” poster.
If Taco Bell seems fixated with McDonald’s, it’s with good reason; McDonald’s has always been the “breakfast leader” in fast food…with 31% of the market.
The big problem Taco Bell is facing right now is a good VARIETY when it comes to breakfast.  McDonald’s has dozens of breakfast options while Taco Bell only has 4 main attractions on the menu — “The Breakfast Crunchwrap, a breakfast burrito, a grilled taco and the waffle taco.

A Student Who Survived the High School Stabbing in Pennsylvania Posted a Selfie at the Hospital

A student at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania showed up with a knife and went on a STABBING SPREE yesterday.

Thankfully, no one was killed . . . but 20 people were injured.  One of the students who got stabbed was Nate Scimio.  And he’s basically a HERO . . . because after he was stabbed, he pulled the fire alarm to alert everyone in the school to get out.

But that’s not why people on the Internet are talking about him.  They’re talking about him because he posted a SELFIE from the hospital after he was treated for his stab wound.

Some people are OUTRAGED that he reacted to the stabbing by posting on Instagram.  They say it’s disrespectful to the other victims and to the gravity of the situation.

Other people are supporting him, saying it was him letting everyone know he was okay . . . and defiantly showing the kid who stabbed him that he FAILED.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 4.36.18 AM

Dirt Alert: Thursday, 4/10/14

Meet Groomzilla!!!

The question of the day:  Will KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST make it down the aisle?

According to Star magazine, Kanye has gone on a Groomzilla rampage about every detail of their up-coming wedding.

Kim is getting cold feet and several people who’ve been invited have turned down attending.


Mickey Rooney’s Estate Is Only Worth $18,000

Mickey Rooney left an estate valued at a just $18,000.

And…..his Will completely disinherits his estranged wife of 35 years, Jan, and his 9 children.

Instead, Mickey Rooney left the entire $18,000 estate to his stepson, Mark Aber, who was his primary caregiver in his final months.


On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

There’s controversy boiling over from the recent issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS appears nude on the cover, but it’s not the nudity that is getting all the attention!

In the picture, she has the Constitution written on her back and it’s signed by John Hancock.

The problem is, Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, NOT the Constitution.

Click here to see a picture.


It Looks Like the Ultimate Warrior Had a Heart Attack 

There’s still no word on the ULTIMATE WARRIOR’S cause of death, but it’s looking like he died of a massive heart attack.

Sources say Warrior was walking down the hallway of a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Tuesday afternoon when he clutched his chest and collapsed.  He never recovered.

At this time, there’s no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor.  Witnesses who saw Warrior during “Wrestlemania” weekend thought something was off.

Wet Nose Wednesday: Daisy

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Daisy.


Daisy is a four (4) year old, fifty (50) pound Lab mix who was found tied to a Good Samaritan’s porch about three (3) years ago. Daisy is a great dog; she is kennel and house trained, doesn’t chew up things she isn’t suppose to and walks well on a leash. She gets along well with most male and non aggressive dogs. She is good with kids and can’t wait to find a home to call her own!

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 4/9/14

The Ultimate Warrior Is Dead, Just 3 Days After Being Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame

On Saturday night, THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR and the WWE put years of bad blood behind them, when Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Three days later, he was DEAD.

There’s no word yet on the cause of death, but Warrior was only 54 years old.  And “Warrior” WAS his legal name.

Warrior is survived by his wife Dana and their two young daughters, who sat proudly in the audience with his mother as he gave his induction speech on Saturday.

Warrior is just another in a LONG list of professional wrestlers who’ve died young before the age of 65.


Taylor Swift’s Parents Are Awful People

If you find Taylor Swift absolutely unbearable, well, apparently it’s hereditary: sources tell Page Six that Taylor’s parents are, quote, “incredibly difficult to deal with.”

Their expectations are enormous, and they treat (and pay) employees terribly, because they think people should consider themselves “lucky to have the chance to work with” their superstar daughter.

And the “difficult and controlling stage parents” have managed to force out many senior members of Swift’s team, and thus now have complete control over their daughter’s career.

Making all of this even more difficult to deal with.


Kim And Kanye’s Vogue Cover Scores Big Sales

Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover didn’t exactly go over well with fashion snobs, but regular people still have love for her!

The April issue of Vogue, which featured Kim and Kanye West on the cover has been selling HUGE, and the issue is on pace to sell between 300,000 to 400,000 copies.

The numbers are similar to a cover featuring Beyoncé which sold over 355,000 and another with First Lady Michelle Obama which sold just shy of 300,000..D

Freak Files: Wednesday, 4/9/14

Stupid Trends

A 45-year-old man “surfing” on top of a MOVING New York City subway car is dead due to what officials described as “severe head trauma.”

It wasn’t clear what he ran into, but a police say it was likely a metal support beam or another piece of equipment.

This is the second 45-year-old man to die subway surfing in New York since October.  Hey, who said dangerous activity is solely a young men’s game?

A transit authority spokesman warned that subway surfing “is simply one of the dumbest things you can do.  Don’t do it.”


A Guy is Suing His Mother’s Nursing Home For Hiring Male Strippers

This sounds like the COOLEST nursing home in the country!!

The East Neck Nursing Center on Long Island in New York apparently hired MALE STRIPPERS to come dance for the residents last year.

One of those residents is 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood.  And she had a photograph taken while she was shoving a dollar bill into a stripper’s underwear.

But her son Franklin saw it when he was visiting her in January, and he FLIPPED OUT.  So he’s filed a LAWSUIT against the nursing home on behalf of his mother.

The Youngbloods’ suit is seeking an undisclosed amount.

Click here to see a picture of Bernice shoving money into the stripper’s briefs, and I might add, she looks like she’s having a good time!!


A Guy Cut Off His Fingers to Collect Insurance . . . But Got Busted When Cops Found His Fingers, Knife, and Cutting Board

A guy in Spain showed up at a hospital last week, and said he’d chopped off two of his fingers in a COOKING accident.

But cops started getting suspicious after someone found his fingers at a local PLAYGROUND the next day, along with a knife and cutting board, which obviously isn’t a place you normally do much COOKING.

It turns out that the guy recently bought six INSURANCE POLICIES, worth a total of $168,000 if he lost any fingers in an accident.  Which is when they realized the whole thing was a scam.

Now he’s facing charges for insurance fraud and unfortunately, it had been too long by the time someone found the fingers, so doctors weren’t even able to reattach them.

Check out a photo of the knife and cutting board by clicking here.

Freak Files: Tuesday, 4/8/14

Cow Tipping Is Old News . . . the Hot New Move Is Smart Car Tipping

We’ve found 2014′s urban, hipster alternative to cow tipping.  Apparently, punks in San Francisco are now doing SMART CAR TIPPING.

According to one witness, he was out smoking around 1:00 A.M. on Monday when he saw about six or eight guys in hoodies run up to a Smart car and tip it over.  The police say there were at least four Smart cars tipped over that night.

Each tipping probably causes thousands of dollars in damage.  The police say if they catch the Smart car tippers, they’ll be facing felony charges.

Click here to see some phtotos of the tipeped Smart Cars


Woman Calls Police To Complain About Quality Of Weed

A woman in Texas called police to complain that her drug dealer gave her low-quality POT.

An officer went to the home of 37-year-old Evelyn Hamilton to hear her complaint that the dealer refused to return her money after she objected that the drug was substandard.

So she pulled the small amount of marijuana from her bra to prove to the officer just how substandard the pot was!!!

So the cop arrested her!!


A Guy Asks a Cashier to Settle a Bet by Showing Him a $50 Bill . . . Then Snatches It Out of His Hand and Runs Off

Here’s someone who probably isn’t a criminal mastermind, but his method WORKS, so you can’t really knock it.

On Friday afternoon, a guy walked into a liquor store in Bradenton, Florida, and asked the cashier to settle a bet for him.

He said that he and his friend were arguing about what the new $50 bills look like, which should have been a red flag, because the last time they issued a new $50 bill was in 2004.

Anyway, the guy asked if he could take a picture of one.  So the cashier held up a fifty, and the guy took a photo . . . then promptly grabbed it out of his hand and TOOK OFF RUNNING.

Police are still looking for him.