Wet Nose Wednesday: Kali

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Kali!!


Kali is a beautiful calico little girl who is very loving and playful. She is a sibling to Cowboy and Snow who where dumped at Petco with a terrible bout of fleas. She is learning to be friendly with smalll dogs that like cats. Kali is now 16 months old, spayed and current with shots. She is more than ready to be adopted by a loving family.

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

We couldn’t do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 3/25/15

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Went to Dinner Monday Night

MILEY CYRUS and PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER went out for sushi on Monday night. It’s still not clear if she’s mad at him over those pictures of him getting cozy with two different women during spring break.

“Entertainment Tonight” says they were laughing, joking, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other during their dinner. (Here’s a picture.)

But “People” claims that Miley is upset and embarrassed about the spring break photos, even though Patrick never actually cheated. And “Us Weekly” claims he’s, quote, “on probation” with her.


Jon Hamm Went to Rehab for Alcohol

JON HAMM just got done with a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. He checked himself into a place called Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut back in February. He was there for 30 days.

His rep says, quote, “Jon and his longtime partner JENNIFER WESTFELDT have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward.”

The second half of the seventh and final season of “Mad Men” begins on AMC a week from Sunday.


Vin Diesel Thinks “Furious 7″ Will Win Best Picture at the Oscars

VIN DIESEL thinks “Furious 7″ will take home the Best Picture Oscar.

He says, quote, “Universal is going to have the biggest movie in history with this movie. It will probably win Best Picture at the Oscars, unless the Oscars don’t want to be relevant ever.” He adds, quote, “This WILL win Best Picture.”


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Freak Files: Wednesday, 3/25/15

A Guy Got Busted in the Carpool Lane With a Cardboard Cutout of “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

If you’re going to put something in your passenger seat to get away with driving in the carpool lane, might as well go with something interesting.

A Washington state trooper posted a photo on Twitter yesterday afternoon . . . he caught a guy driving in the carpool lane with a cardboard cutout in the passenger seat and the cutout was . . . The Most Interesting Man in the World, from those Dos Equis commercials.

It seems like they both got a laugh out of it . . . because of the Twitter post, and because it looks like the driver is LAUGHING in the photo . . . but he still got a $124 ticket.

Click here to see the photo.


yoga-UlGMugshot of the Day: A Woman Set a Yoga Studio on Fire Because an Employee Wouldn’t Stop Hitting on Her

41-year-old Nancy Duarte of Dallas, Texas has been going to a studio called American Power Yoga . . . and she’s been having trouble with a guy who works there. Nancy says he kept hitting on her . . . wanted to make her his ‘girlfriend on the side’.

Finally it was too much for her. So on Saturday night, she waited until the studio closed . . . and set it on FIRE. No one was hurt, but she did some serious damage to the yoga studio.

Now she’s facing an arson charge. And maybe you’ll agree that if yoga’s about finding your path to inner peace, it didn’t work on Nancy.

Wait until you get a load of her mugshot. You might also agree that she’s a little “coo-coo!”


Undertaker Faints When “Dead” Woman Wakes Up In Coffin

An undertaker in Germany was calmly embalming a body when a woman….who had already been pronounced dead…and placed in a coffin….woke up and asked “Where am I?”

Well, the undertaker was so shocked that he actually passed out! Once we finally woke up, he called for an ambulance.

The paramedics took the woman to the local hospital, where she fell ill, and died….for real this time.

Authorities are looking into the reasoning behind her being pronounced dead the first time.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 3/24/15

A Woman Was Held in a Psych Ward For Claiming President Obama Follows Her on Twitter But He Actually Does

32-year-old Kam Brock of Long Island, New York got a little emotional during a traffic stop last September so the cops wound up cuffing her and sending her to the PSYCH WARD of a hospital in Harlem.

She was trying to prove to the staff she wasn’t crazy . . . so, as an example, she told them PRESIDENT OBAMA follows her on Twitter. Unfortunately, that made them think she was CRAZIER.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and her paperwork says that the whole Obama claim made them believe she didn’t understand reality.

But Obama really DOES follow her on Twitter. He also follows about 644,000 other people . . . some famous ones, some regular Americans.

She was finally released from the psych ward after eight days . . . and hit with a bill for $13,637.

Now she’s suing the hospital and the NYPD . . . she didn’t specify how much she wants in the suit.

Click here to see her picture.


netflix-J5qA Guy Steals a Woman’s Smart TV, But Gets Caught When He Uses Her Netflix Account

A 20-year-old named Bobby Alexander broke into a woman’s house in Mariposa, California earlier this month, and stole a bunch of electronics . . . including her 65-inch smart TV.

Three days later, the woman realized someone was watching movies on her NETFLIX account.

So she gave her account information to the police . . . they called Netflix . . . and Netflix tracked the guy’s I.P. address.

So cops got a warrant, searched Bobby’s place, and found the stolen stuff.

He’s facing burglary charges, and being held on $75,000 bail.


A Guy’s ISIS Tattoo Got Him Fired From Home Depot . . . Even Though It’s His Ex-Girlfriend’s Name

Kirk Soccorso of Mastic, New York was working at a Home Depot earlier this month, and heard some of his coworkers talking about the terrorist group ISIS.

So he thought it’d be funny to show them his ISIS tattoo . . . it’s in all caps, on the inside of his bottom lip. And he was promptly FIRED.

But he got it four years ago . . . because it’s his ex-girlfriend’s NAME.

They decided they’d show their undying love by getting each other’s names tattooed on the inside of their bottom lips . . . then broke up.

Kirk went to a local news station to complain about it, but when they contacted Home Depot, Kirk’s old bosses told them the decision to fire him, quote, “wasn’t just based on the tattoo.”

Click here to see Kirk and his tattoo.

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Freak Files: Monday, 3/23/15

A Fire Extinguisher Factory Catches Fire . . . But Burns For Hours Because of a Lack of Hydrants

A fire extinguisher factory in Chicago caught on FIRE late Thursday night . . . which is pretty close to the definition of irony.

And it’s CRUEL irony too, because the fire raged for about three hours . . . apparently a warehouse full of extinguishers wasn’t enough to stop it.

And when firefighters got to the scene, they found there weren’t enough HYDRANTS around to get the water they needed to put it out.

So they made a chain of six fire engines, pumping from one to another, just to get enough water to finally kill the fire.

No one was injured, but the roof completely collapsed and the building was seriously damaged. Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it.


A Fan Tried to Catch a Home Run Ball with His Visor

I know we only care about college basketball right now, but the baseball teams for LSU and the University of Arkansas faced off last Thursday, and a video from the game went viral over the weekend.

An LSU player hit a home run, and a fan held out his hat to catch the ball. But it wasn’t a baseball hat . . . it was a VISOR. Unfortunately the ball didn’t go THROUGH the visor . . . the guy missed it.

Click here to see the video.


Burger King Introduces Whopper-Scented Perfume

For hamburger lovers who want the smell like their favorite food, Burger King is here to help you out!

Burger King has just released a limited-edition fragrance called the “Flame Grilled Fragrance” that will help you smell just like a Whopper!!!

However, it turns out to be an April Fool’s joke because the perfume will ONLY be sold on April 1st….and will ONLY be sold in Japan…for about $40…but hey! It includes a Whopper.

There will only be 1,000 bottles made.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 3/23/15

Patrick Schwarzenegger With No Miley

Some spring break photos (Click here to see them) of PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER hit the web this weekend. And in these, he’s hanging out with an ex-girlfriend, not Miley Cyrus!!!

Nothing horrifyingly inappropriate, but she IS rubbing suntan lotion on his back.


Goin To The Big ‘D’

JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME is divorcing his wife Gladys . . . for the second time.

Jean-Claude and Gladys were married from 1987 to 1992, then remarried in 1999.


Kanye West Bails-Out On Jimmy Kimmel Appearance At The Last Minute

Kanye West was supposed to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Friday night, but bailed on showing up because he refused to do Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment.

A special set was built for the Kanye West version of “Mean Tweets”, but Kanye didn’t care. He refused to play along with the joke.

Meanwhile, Kanye’s rep says that the reason Kanye didn’t show up had nothing to do with the fact that Kimmel wanted him to do “Mean Tweets.” He says that Kanye was never confirmed for the show in the first place.


Taylor Swift Bought Up All The “Triple-X” Websites Featuring Her Name

Taylor Swift isn’t going to let the underbelly of the Internet use her name….so, she bought the web domains for Triple-X websites that feature her name FIRST….including TaylorSwift.porn and TaylorSwift.adult.

Taylor’s lawyers said that they bought the websites to stop people who want to make illicit money using the “Taylor Swift” brand.

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Freak Files: Friday, 3/13/15

A Woman Is Selling Her House With One Catch . . . She Comes With it, as Your New Wife

A 40-year-old woman named Wina Lie in Indonesia is selling her two-bedroom house for about $75,000. Which is a great price . . . but there’s a catch.

If you buy the house, she comes WITH it . . . as your new WIFE.

Her husband died 15 years ago, and she says she’s been lonely ever since . . . so now she’s using her house as leverage to find a new husband.

She says she’s totally serious about being a package deal with the house . . . and her real estate ad says, quote, “Only for serious buyers and without negotiation.”

There’s no word if she’s gotten any bids yet.

Click here to see some pictures of Wina and her house.


A Woman Called in a Bomb Threat Because Her Cable Guy Didn’t Show Up

You know what it’s like to make an appointment with your cable company, they NEVER give you a specific time . . . they just say they’ll be there between, like, ten and four.

Then if they don’t show up, you LOSE YOUR MIND . . . like this woman.

23-year-old Mikka Phillips of Lincoln, Nebraska took time off work on Tuesday to get her cable set up, but no one showed. So she called Time Warner Cable to complain, and things got pretty heated.

First she started swearing . . . then she threatened to BLOW UP THE BUILDING, and hung up on them.

But Time Warner had to take the threat seriously, and evacuated the local office. Police searched the building for a bomb, but didn’t find anything . . . so now Mikka is facing charges for calling in a fake bomb threat.

Stupid Criminals!!!

And it turns out Time Warner DID try to get in touch with her that morning to let her know the cable guy couldn’t make it, but she had recently changed her number, so they had no way to contact her.

Click here to see her mugshot.


Middle School Basketball Players Stopped a Game Because Fans Were Picking on a Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

There’s an eighth grader in Kenosha, Wisconsin named Desiree Andrews who has Down syndrome. But that hasn’t stopped her from joining her school’s cheerleading squad.

And she was cheering at a middle school basketball game recently, when some students in the stands started making fun of her.

Luckily three players from her school saw what was happening . . . Miles Rodriguez, Scooter Terrien, and Chase Vazquez. So they stopped playing, confronted the bullies, and told them to stop.

Desiree described what they did as, quote, “sweet, kind, awesome, and amazing.” And since then, they’ve become friends.

Now the school is officially renaming their gymnasium “D’s House” . . . because Desiree goes by the nickname “D”.

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Where to find Girl Scout Cookies in the Midsouth!


Click on the picture to go to the website!

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 3/12/15

Alex Trebek Renews His Deal With ‘Jeopardy’

Good news if you are a fan of “Jeopardy!”

Alex Trebek has renewed his contract with ABC to stay on as host of “Jeopardy.”

His new contract keeps him as host of the show through 2018.


Will Ferrell Will Play All Nine Baseball Positions in Several Spring Training Games Today

Later today, WILL FERRELL will crash five Major League Baseball spring training games in Arizona and play all nine field positions.

The stunt will be filmed for an HBO special that will raise awareness for the fight against cancer. He’ll be taken from one field to another in a helicopter.

It’s also a nod to former Major Leaguer BERT CAMPANERIS, who played all nine positions in a SINGLE GAME in 1965.


Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Want Mammoth Raises for the “50 Shades” Sequels

The “Hollywood Reporter” says JAMIE DORNAN and DAKOTA JOHNSON want to renegotiate their contracts to score MAMMOTH raises for the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” sequels.

They reportedly made $250,000 each for the first movie, but are looking for something in the $10 MILLION range for the second one, “50 Shades Darker”.

This has happened before. After “Hunger Games” was so successful, JENNIFER LAWRENCE renegotiated her salary from $500,000 to $10 million for “Catching Fire”.

Jamie and Dakota did receive bonuses based on the success of “50 Shades” . . . but they did NOT receive a cut of the gross, which is at $550 million worldwide.


Tiger Woods Couldn’t Use His Name on His Own Restaurant Because Nike Owns It

TIGER WOODS has a new restaurant opening this spring in Florida, called The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club.

There’s a reason it’s not called the TIGER Woods Sports and Dining Club, or something like that because Tiger CAN’T use his first and last name together in a business venture, because Nike OWNS IT.

That’s what the restaurant’s developer told Golf magazine.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 3/12/15

A Guy Kicks a Stray Dog . . . So the Dog and Its Pack Attack His Car

A guy was getting out of his Volkswagen Jetta in Chongqing, China last week when a stray dog wandered up to him. So he KICKED the dog, then went inside.

But the dog got sweet revenge. He went and got some of his dog buddies, and they attacked the guy’s CAR. They chewed off the wipers, “keyed” his car with their claws, and left big dents by biting the fenders and wheel wells. Then they took off, and haven’t been back since.

One of the guy’s neighbors saw what was happening, and took a bunch of photos of the dogs as they vandalized the car.

Click here to see some pictures of the dogs in action.


A Guy Steals a Goat as Part of His Elaborate Prom Proposal, and Gets Arrested

I am begging the youth of America to STOP the elaborate, viral prom proposals . . . just stop them. They’re OVER, and pretty soon something tragic is going to happen.

A 17-year-old guy in Georgia wanted to ask a girl to the prom with an elaborate stunt . . . so he and his buddies tried to steal a goat on Saturday night.

The plan was that he’d take the goat to the girl’s house and say, “Would you goat with me to prom?” But they got caught with the stolen goat before he had the chance to ask her to “Goat with him to the prom.”

Stupid Criminals!!!

They were arrested for misdemeanor livestock theft.


A Woman Has Spent 14 Years Trying to Get Her License, But Can’t Pass the Test

31-year-old Janine Mars lives outside London, and has been trying to get her driver’s license for more than 14 YEARS . . . but she can’t pass the test.

She’s spent at least $7,500 on more than 250 driving lessons . . . tried five different teachers . . . and can’t get the hang of it. She’s so bad at driving none of the driving instructors in her area will even get in a car with her.

She’s only taken the actual test five times in 14 years, but she’s failed MISERABLY each time

Meanwhile, her mom is so sick of driving her around, she’s offered to go halves on a car with her if she DOES ever pass.

Janine says she’s not giving up until she gets it.

Click here to see some pics of Janine.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 3/11/15

Is Taylor Swift Insuring Her Legs for $40 Million?

TAYLOR SWIFT’s is having her legs insured for $40 million. (!!!)

At least that’s what various tabloids are saying. With Taylor’s 1989 Tour kicking off in May, her people reportedly went to an insurance company to see what they’d be worth, and that’s the number they got.

A source says, quote, “She thought her legs were possibly worth a million. But $40 million shocked her. She’s even a little embarrassed about it.”

(That number does seem shockingly high, we have the evidence.)


Ashton Kutcher Wants to See More Changing Tables in Men’s Bathrooms

At least we know that ASHTON KUTCHER is a hands-on dad . . . because he complained on Facebook about going into a men’s bathroom with his daughter Wyatt and not finding a changing table.

He said, quote, “There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms. The first public men’s room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! ‪#‎BeTheChange”

As of last night, his post had more than 225,000 likes.


A Jury Ruled that “Blurred Lines” Does Rip Off Marvin Gaye

A federal jury ruled yesterday that “Blurred Lines” DOES rip off the 1977 MARVIN GAYE song “Got to Give It Up”.

And since ROBIN THICKE and PHARRELL WILLIAMS collaborated on the song, they were ordered to pay Marvin’s kids $7.4 million.

During a week-long trial, Gaye’s family attorney noted that in several interviews, Robin said he told Pharrell he wanted to write a song LIKE “Got to Give It Up” . . . and that Pharrell had said he tried to pretend he WAS Marvin Gaye while writing it.

Robin, and Pharrell released a statement saying the verdict, quote, “sets a horrible precedent for music and creativity going forward.” And it sounds like they plan to appeal.

(Here’s a mashup of the two songs.)


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Freak Files: Tuesday, 3-10-15

A Woman Stashed $30,000 in Her Stove . . . Then Accidentally Burned It All Making Tea

A 39-year-old contractor in China recently had to borrow $30,000 from friends and family to pay his workers for a job.  And he was worried someone might break into his house and steal it.

So he asked his wife to stash it somewhere . . . and she decided the safest spot was inside their wood-burning STOVE.

Then when she woke up the next morning, she forgot it was there . . . lit the stove to make tea . . . and burned ALL of it.

Now she and her husband have to figure out how to pay his workers AND his family back.  So she’s obviously devastated.  But he says they’ll figure something out, and he’s already forgiven her.

Click here to see a picture of the burned-up money.


MugshotYes, Someone Will Probably Notice if You Try To Wheel an Entire Jewelry Case Out of Kmart

I guess this means it’s time for Stupid Criminals!!!!

34-year-old Quashanda Wolfe of Kingsport, Tennessee went into a Kmart last Thursday morning to steal some earrings.

But rather than shove them in her pockets or down her pants like a normal shoplifter, she figured it’d be easier to steal an entire CASE of them.

The display case was about three feet tall . . . but she just casually lifted it up, put it in her shopping cart, and tried to wheel it out of the store.

Believe it or not, a security guard noticed . . . and stopped her just outside the front door.

There were 37 pairs of earrings in the case, worth $250 each . . . who knew Kmart was selling $250 pairs of earrings?

She was arrested for theft of property over $1,000 and vandalism.


Polite Thief Returns ‘Itchy Blanket’

A homeless man broke into a car to steal a blanket…..but he returned it later with a polite note.

Bert Palin left his car outside while visiting family in New South Wales, Australia.

He didn’t realize it had been broken into until he arrived home the next day and found a note in the trunk from the thief apologizing for stealing the blanket saying that he was returning it because it was “too itchy.”

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