Wet Nose Wednesday – Baby

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Baby!!


Baby is a six (6) month old gray & white female kitten who is current with her shots and has been spayed. An East Memphis woman adopted a cat that happened to her surprise “be pregnant” with two kittens. Baby & sister Minnie have been in rescue for months and living at Petco in Germantown on Poplar for the last two and a half months. They are very sweet and loved to be held. Baby is a little shy compared to her outgoing sister Minnie. If you are looking for a beautiful “teenaged” kitten then you have found her.

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

We couldn’t do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 4/14/15

Watch Tom Brady Blow the First Pitch at Fenway Park

The Boston Red Sox played their home opener at Fenway Park yesterday. Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY, you know, Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, was there to throw out the first pitch. And it didn’t go so well.

The ball was wide left, but more importantly, it didn’t even make it to the batter’s box in the air.

On the graphic the “Washington Post” made last year to chart the accuracy of celebrity first pitches, you’ll see that Brady’s attempt was roughly comparable to those of Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey and Santa Claus.


Justin Bieber Was Kicked Out of Coachella, After Security Put Him in a Chokehold

For the past few months, JUSTIN BIEBER has been on his best behavior . . . but apparently, that came to a crashing halt on Sunday night.

TMZ reports that Justin was thrown out of Coachella. Supposedly, he was trying to force his way into a V.I.P. area where DRAKE was performing, but he was told he couldn’t go in because it was already at capacity.

He didn’t like that . . . so when Justin tried to go in anyway, the security guard grabbed him, put him in a CHOKEHOLD, and then had him and his entourage escorted out of the festival. Naturally, Justin’s people are threatening legal action.


A Lot of Big-Name Celebrities Will Be on “The Late Show” Over the Next Month to Say Goodbye to David Letterman

DAVID LETTERMAN’S last day on “The Late Show” will be Wednesday, May 20th, and a LOT of big name celebrities will be making appearances on the show over the next month to say goodbye.

They include: “Avengers” stars Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, and Michael Keaton.

Comedy legends like Tina Fey, Ray Romano, Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, and Bill Murray . . . And music guests Elvis Costello, Dave Matthews Band, and Mumford & Sons. No word who’ll be on the FINAL episode yet.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 4/9/15

It’s Just Booze!

Four LSU students were pulled over in Alabama for hauling a trailer with expired plates. When the police asked to look inside, the driver gave permission and boy, did cops make a find.

Inside the trailer, two thousand beers, five liters of boxed wine and eight bottles of liquor! All four admitted to bringing the stash to Gulf Shores for a frat party on the beach but being that they were underage, all received a summons for possession and lost their entire haul to the cops.

Click here for pics!


Disconnect To Reconnect!

A restaurant in Buffalo, New York, is offering a 10 percent discount to people who don’t use smartphones during their meals.

Lebro’s has a sign which reads “Disconnect to RECONNECT. Make Sunday Family Day.” Customers who are up for the challenge are tasked with putting their phones in a bread basket and covering them with a cloth.

If they can resist reaching to check tweets, texts and everything else until the bill comes, 10 percent of the tab gets knocked off.


A Dog Tries to Get Some Cookies Off a Stove . . . and Sets the House on Fire

A family in London, England had some cookies cooling on the stove, and left the house. Their dog Leo was home . . . and obviously he wanted to get at those cookies.

But when he put his paws up on the stove, he accidentally turned it ON. And a child’s booster seat was touching the oven, so it eventually caught on FIRE . . . which spread to the entire house.

Fortunately the fire department got there quickly and was able to get Leo out . . . but the kitchen was completely destroyed.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 4/8/15

The Burger King Wedding

Remember on Monday when we told you about the newly engaged couple, Joel Burger and Ashley King? It became known as “The Burger King Couple!”

We have an update: The couple, Mr. Burger and Mrs. King won’t have to drop a dime for their upcoming wedding . . . because Burger King is going to pay for the entire thing.


A Guy Is Busted for Cheating When He Gets Into an Accident . . . and All 17 of His Girlfriends Show Up at the Hospital

A guy in Changsha, China named Yuan got into a car accident a few weeks ago, and was taken to the hospital. So doctors contacted everyone in his phone to tell them what was going on.

His girlfriend panicked, and rushed there to see him. But then . . . ANOTHER one of his girlfriends also showed up. And another. And another. And on and on and on.

It turns out Yuan had SEVENTEEN girlfriends, and none of them knew about each other . . . until they all met at the hospital. And apparently, they all went from worried about him to FURIOUS at him.

One of them says she has a SON with him. And another one had already started planning their wedding. His injuries weren’t life threatening . . . but we’re assuming all 17 of his relationships pretty much flat lined.

Click here to see his picture.


When Animals Attack!

One fisherman learned the hard way that there can be serious repercussions for showing off a great catch.

A sea lion jumped onto the railing of a boat at the Hyatt Mission Bay Marina while a fisherman was posing for a picture with the giant fish he just caught!!! The sea lion went to grab the fish, but latched onto him, too!

The poor guy was pulled under water for about 15 seconds and treated for wounds on his hands and arm.


The Post Office Released a Maya Angelou Stamp . . . With a Quote From Someone Else

The Post Office wanted to honor MAYA ANGELOU, so they just released a new stamp featuring her photo, and a quote . . .”A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

Profound. Beautiful. Inspirational. There’s just one problem. It’s NOT HER QUOTE. People have been attributing it to her for years.

But it’s actually by an author named Joan Walsh Anglund, from a book of poetry published in 1967.

A Post Office spokesman says they got the quote from a website that attributed it to Maya Angelou. But they found out too late to do anything about it . . . and the stamp with the wrong quote was unveiled in a major ceremony yesterday featuring OPRAH and MICHELLE OBAMA. It’s on sale now.


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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 4/8/15

Jessica Simpson In the $1 Billion Club!

JESSICA SIMPSON’s clothing line just hit a major milestone –$1 billion dollars in annual sales.

People magazine says Jessica’s line first launched 10 years ago, when the celebrity clothing brand trend first caught fire.  Her line and is now selling in almost every major lifestyle retail category there is.


Adam Levine Being “Attacked” On Stage!

MAROON 5 was performing in Anaheim on Monday, when a female fan couldn’t repress her desires any longer . . . and stormed the stage to give ADAM LEVINE a big hug. She came from behind him, so he was taken by surprise.

He grappled with her for a bit, then put his arm around her, before security came in and escorted her away. Adam waved goodbye to her . . . kind of sarcastically. He finished the song, shrugged, and said, quote, “That was weird, right?


Marilyn Manson Got Punched in the Face at a Denny’s

MARILYN MANSON went to a local Denny’s after performing in Alberta, Canada over the weekend. It was around 2:00 A.M., and sources tell TMZ that he got into an argument with a group at another table.

It escalated to the point where Manson called a guy’s girlfriend the B-word. The boyfriend didn’t like that, so he PUNCHED Manson in the face.

But Manson’s rep says he was taking a photo with two girls when the guy came up and sucker-punched him for no reason. The rep adds that they DO plan on pressing charges.


“Dukes of Hazzard” Star James Best Has Died

JAMES BEST died Monday night after a brief illness . . . he played Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on “The Dukes of Hazzard”. He was 88.

His TV and movie roles go back to 1950, and he also taught acting for 25 years . . . his students included Gary Busey, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, and Quentin Tarantino.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 4/7/15

B.B. King Has Been Hospitalized with a Diabetes-Related Illness

89-year-old blues legend B.B. KING was hospitalized recently with dehydration due to his Type 2 diabetes. But his daughter says he’s “much better” since getting treatment.

Last October, King had to cancel the remaining dates of a tour due to the same problem. He’s been battling diabetes for about 20 years.


Gwyneth Paltrow Consciously Couples With Another Dude!

It looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is getting consciously coupled again…but not with her ex-husband, Chris Martin.

People Magazine reports that Gwyneth and “Glee” producer Brad Falchuk have gone public with their relationship. The couple attended Robert Downey Jr.’s 50th birthday party over the weekend….and then they were seen having dinner together last night.


Did a Famous Dermatologist Commit Suicide Because He Was Parodied on Tina Fey’s New Show?

A dermatologist named Dr. Fredric Brandt was found dead on Sunday. He was famous in Hollywood circles, and did a lot of work on Madonna’s face, among other celebrities.

He was so well known that he’s parodied on Tina Fey’s new Netflix show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. It’s obvious that he was the inspiration for Martin Short’s character “Dr. Grant” . . . which is pronounced “Franff”.

There’s talk that he committed suicide because he was upset about the show making fun of him. The doctor’s publicist says he did feel bullied by the show, but it wasn’t a reason that he would take his own life.


Is NBC Doing a “Downton Abbey” Prequel Set in New York City?

“Downton Abbey” is coming to an end . . . but the show’s creator is talking with NBC about doing a prequel series called “The Gilded Age”.

It would be about the high society families of New York in the late 19th Century . . . with people like Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Jacob Astor, and John D. Rockefeller. One source described it as, quote, “the American Downton.”

The show isn’t a done deal yet, but it sounds like it’ll happen.

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Freak Files: Tueday, 4/7/15

You Can Now Serve Divorce Papers Over Facebook

26-year-old Ellanora Baidoo of Brooklyn, New York has been trying to get a divorce from her husband, Victor for YEARS. They haven’t lived together since 2011 . . . and she has no idea where he is.

Her lawyers can’t serve him with papers if they can’t find him. Even their private investigators couldn’t track him down. But Victor IS active on Facebook.

So Ellanora went to court and asked if she could be the first person EVER to serve divorce papers over Facebook. A judge granted them permission last week, and they sent him the papers in a Facebook message. So far, he hasn’t responded.

The judge told them to try two more times . . . and if he STILL doesn’t acknowledge it, the divorce will be official anyway. So we’re like two legal cases away from being able to get divorced just by switching your relationship status on Facebook.

Click here to see a picture of Victor from his Facebook page.


A Guy’s Gun Went Off During Easter Mass . . . So He Tried to Hide It in the Church Program

A guy in Altoona, Pennsylvania went to church for Easter Mass on Saturday night . . . and he brought his GUN with him. I guess just in case Judas showed up or something.

During the service, it accidentally went off and the bullet grazed his hand. So what do you do when your gun goes off in church? The exact same thing you do when you BREAK WIND in church . . . act innocent and try to pass the blame.

He quickly handed off his gun to his friend, who tried to hide it inside the church PROGRAM. Another guy saw what they were doing and took a photo.

The guy DID have a permit to carry the gun, so it doesn’t look like any charges are going to be filed and he was hospitalized with a minor flesh wound.

Click here to see a video that shows the gun hidden in the program.


An American Tourist in Thailand Crashed into 13 Cars . . . and Cops Had to Shoot Out Her Tires to Stop Her

American tourists have a reputation for being loud, making a scene, and having trouble blending in with foreign cultures. But this woman makes the rest of us look like angels.

A 29-year-old American woman was visiting Pattaya, Thailand last week, and rented a car . . . but she clearly underestimated how difficult it would be to drive on the left side of the road. Because she went the wrong way down a one-way street . . . clipped a guy on a motorcycle . . . smashed into THIRTEEN CARS . . . sent two people to the hospital . . . and tried to speed away while the cops chased her.

They finally got her to stop by SHOOTING OUT her tires. They offered her a deal: If she paid a big fine and covered all the damage, she wouldn’t go to jail. She took that deal.

Click here to see photos from the scene.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 4/2/15

Investors Thought Tesla’s April Fools’ Prank Was Real

Tons of companies pulled off April Fools’ Day pranks yesterday but Tesla’s prank takes the top prize.

Tesla tweeted about their new Model W yesterday as an April Fools’ joke . . . it was a huge fake watch that looked like Big Ben.

But investors actually thought there was a new Tesla coming, started buying stock, and briefly added $125 million in value to the company.

Once people realized what happened, they sold off the stock and the price dipped back down to where it started . . . but who knows how many people lost money because of that prank?

Click here for a photo of the fake watch.


BMW Pranked a Woman on April Fools’ Day by Giving Her a New Car?

BMW pranked people in New Zealand for April Fools’ Day . . . they ran an ad saying the first person to show up at a dealership in Auckland and ask for “Tom” could trade in their car for a brand new BMW.

Which everyone assumed was a joke. But a woman named Tiaana Marsh showed up anyway, and they really DID give her a car.

So in other words, she’s the only person who DIDN’T fall for the prank.


An Uber Driver Takes a Woman to the Airport . . . Then Robs Her House

Next time you use Uber, maybe wait a few hours before you give the driver a five-star rating . . .

A woman in Denver took an Uber to the airport last Thursday. She hasn’t been identified, but the driver was a 51-year-old guy named Gerald Montgomery

And after he dropped her off . . . he went back to her house to ROB it. However, he didn’t know she had a ROOMMATE, who saw him trying to break in through the backdoor. So he took off.

The woman he took to the airport was able to grab a screenshot of his photo from her Uber receipt, which the roommate used to I.D. him for the cops. They’re trying to figure out if he’s done it to any other passengers. So far he’s facing one count of attempted burglary.

Check out his mugshot and the Uber receipt by clicking here.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 4/2/15

Bob Barker Returns To ‘The Price Is Right’

For April Fools Day, Bob Barker returned to “The Price Is Right!” When the host was introduced, and the curtain opened, it was Bob Barker who came out instead of Drew Carey. Obviously, the crowd went wild. But…it was just an April Fool’s Day joke. Drew Carey actually hosted the show. However, at the end of the show, Bob Barker did come back to deliver his famous “have your pets spayed or neutered” line.

BTW, STEPHEN KING announced he was writing the Season 6 premiere of “The Walking Dead” and killing off three major characters, including Darryl, and Mandy fell for it!!!!


Joni Mitchell is Awake and in Good Spirits

JONI MITCHELL seems to be recovering, after being found unconscious at her home Tuesday afternoon. Her website says, quote, “She is currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits.”

There’s still no word how she ended up in the hospital in the first place. Joni is 71. She survived polio as a child, and also claims to have Morgellons disease . . . a skin condition that some experts don’t even believe exists.


Remember Miss Cleo? She’s Back to Tell You How Awesome You Are!

Remember MISS CLEO? She used to tell fortunes over the phone back in the ’90s . . . when people still used phones for things like that.

Well, she’s back. But this time when you call her, she doesn’t tell your fortune . . . she tells you how AWESOME you are. She’s the new spokeswoman for the Flawless Friends Network, which is run by Benefit Cosmetics.

Sadly, you don’t get to talk to Miss Cleo. It’s just a recorded message, but at least this time you don’t have to pay for it. The number is 1-844-So-Flawless.

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Wet Nose Wednesday: Minnie

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Minnie!!


Minnie is a five and a half month old gray tiger striped female kitten. A woman adopted a cat that happened to-surprise “be pregnant” with two kittens. Minnie and her sister, Baby have been in rescue for months and living at Petco for the last two and a half months. They are very sweet and loved to be held. If you are looking for a good “teenaged” cat that is beautiful and gets along with other kittens then you have found her.

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

We couldn’t do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 4/1/15

Joni Mitchell Was Rushed to the Hospital Yesterday After Being Found Unconscious

Legendary folk singer JONI MITCHELL was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at her home in Bel Air yesterday.

A source said her condition was, quote, “quite serious” . . . but she was alert in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. She was in intensive care as of last night. There’s no word what happened but we’ll keep you updated on her progress. Joni is 71.


Madame Tussauds Now Has A “Tissue Attendant” For Their One Direction Sculptures

Parents with kids can probably relate to this story: ZAYN MALIK’S departure from ONE DIRECTION has created an interesting job at the Madame Tussauds wax museum in London.

Apparently, the pre-teenfreak-out over Zayn’s departure is causing fans to become so upset when they see his wax statue in the One Direction exhibit . . . that they’ve had to have a “tissue attendant” on-hand to dry their tears.

Oh, and by the way, they WILL be keeping Zayn’s wax statute with the rest of the group.


Barbara Walters Returning To TV

Surprise! Barbara Walters is coming out of retirement to host a new show.

Barbara will lead the “ID Network’s” new crime series “American Scandal.” The show will have Barbara looking back on well-known crime stories she covered during her time as a journalist.

It will premiere in October.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 4/1/15

A Guy in an Arranged Marriage Finally Saw His Bride & Thought She Was So Ugly He Tried to Drown Himself

33-year-old Kang Hu of Shee-yan, China was set up in an arranged marriage by his parents . . . and the wedding was last week. A few minutes beforehand, he finally got to see his bride, 30-year-old Na Sung.

And apparently, she was SO unattractive that Kang sprinted away . . . jumped in a river . . . and tried to DROWN himself. He was really serious too . . . by the time some people fished him out, he was unconscious. But he was rushed to the hospital in stable condition.

When he woke up, he called off the wedding and said, quote, “I feel bad about what happened but when I saw her, she wasn’t what I expected and I realized she would be bad for my image.” Naturally, the bride’s parents are VERY upset with Kang Hu.

Click here to see a picture of Kang being dragged out of the river.


Man Posed As Cop To Cut In Line At Fast Food Drive-Thru

Michael Chico from Odessa, Texas, has been charged with impersonating an officer by using sirens and flashing lights to skip to the head of the drive-thru line at Wendy’s!! He did all this while wearing a fake police uniform.

One of his many mistakes was pulling this stunt in front of an off-duty officer, who saw Michael cut in line and eventually arrested him.

Stupid Criminals!!!

Michael was released on $15,000 bond and faces trial later this year.


A Prisoner Emails His Way Out Of Jail

Alistair Spak is a prisoner in England who set himself free with a fake email address!!! He emailed the jail, and actually managed to convince them to set him free!!!!

He did all of this from inside the walls of prison, using only a cell phone! He created a domain that looked very similar to the official government domain, and emailed the prison, granting his own freedom.

You may find comfort in the fact that Alistair is back in prison. It’s not that the prison finally got wise to the scam, in fact he would have gotten away with the whole thing, but after a few days of freedom, he felt guilty and turned himself in.

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