Freak Files: Wednesday, 7/29/15

Getting’ Freaky On the Web!

Wedding season is here and crazy single girls will do almost anything to catch that bouquet –even forget to care for small, innocent children!

A video making the rounds shows a woman’s desperate attempt to catch the bouquet at a wedding.  The unidentified wedding guest is seen holding a baby as the bride tosses the bouquet overhead. In a mad dash to grab the flowers, the woman appears to forget there’s a baby in her arms. She drops the kid to the floor as she reaches for the bouquet.

She immediately realizes her mistake and rushes to comfort the child, who doesn’t appear to be seriously injured. Someone posted the footage, which has been viewed 691,000 times. Rest assured, the child was not injured in the wedding fun and games.


Dead or Alive??

Congrats! You’ve lived to be 92! Oh sorry, you woke up in the morgue.

A woman in Germany fell ill and on a check-in, her visiting nurse found her unresponsive and not breathing. She called a doctor in who pronounced the woman dead.

Relatives all said their final goodbyes and off to the morgue she went, only to wake up in the undertakers cooler. She started screaming for help –and thankfully he heard her and had her rushed to the hospital.

She did die two days later, but not from anything that happened at the morgue. However, the doctor that pronounced her dead is due in court on charges of bodily harm caused by negligence.


A Woman Is Banned From Talking About Her Ex on Facebook, or She’ll Get Five Years in Prison

Is talking smack about your ex on Facebook worth going to jail for? I guess we’re about to find out.

40-year-old Maureen Curoe of Belfast, Northern Ireland was in a long relationship with a guy named Adrian McAleese, but they broke up three years ago. And ever since then, she’s been BLASTING him and his new girlfriend on Facebook.

She would post lies about Adrian, she called his new girlfriend nasty things, and she even made up a fake Facebook account to send them obscene messages. So Adrian finally called the police, and Maureen was in court this week.

The judge decided the posts weren’t a legitimate threat, but he DID put a restraining order on Maureen’s Facebook use. If she mentions Adrian or contacts him on Facebook in the next two years, she’ll go to prison for FIVE years.  Click here to see a picture of Maureen.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 7/29/15

An 18-Year-Old Tom Hanks Wrote an Awesome Letter to a Famous Director

TOM HANKS was awesome even before we knew who he was.

When he was 18 years old, he wrote a brilliant and hysterical letter to Oscar winning director GEORGE ROY HILL, begging to be “discovered”.

Tom told him, quote, “My looks are not stunning. I am not built like a Greek God, and I can’t even grow a mustache, but I figure if people will pay to see certain films . . . they will pay to see me.”

And he closed the letter with this . . . quote, “I do not want to be some bigtime, Hollywood superstar with girls crawling all over me, just a hometown American boy who has hit the big-time, owns a Porsche, and calls Robert Redford ‘Bob’.”

(The letter is at the Library of the Motion Picture Academy in Beverly Hills, which you can read more about here.)



Yesterday, the NFL announced that Commissioner ROGER GOODELL has upheld New England Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY’s four game-suspension brought about by his alleged involvement with “Deflate-gate.”

Goodell says the evidence supports findings that “Brady participated in a scheme to tamper with the game balls” and that he “willfully obstructed the investigation” by having his cell phone destroyed knowing its importance as evidence.

Brady claims he destroyed his cell phone and SIM card around the date that he met with independent investigator TED WELLS in March. He testified that he frequently buys new phones and destroys his previous ones.

It is widely believed that Brady and the National Football League Players’ Association will petition a federal judge to vacate the suspension or at least temporarily restrain the NFL from imposing it until a trial could take place.


Donald Trump Isn’t Really Worth $10-Billion – It’s more like $2.9 BILLION!!

When Donald Trump filled out his financial disclosure papers for his presidential candidacy, he stated that he is worth $10-billion dollars….and he even wrote it in ALL capital letters.

But, Bloomberg Magazine is saying that they ran their own analysis and discovered that Trump’s actually worth a lot less than that – “just” $2.9 billion, because he can’t claim value on his real estate holdings, including skyscrapers and golf courses.

Trump hasn’t commented on the report yet.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 7/28/15

A Guy Tried to Take a Selfie with a Rattlesnake, and Ended Up With a Hospital Bill for $153,000

Remember the woman last week who tried to take a selfie with a BISON? It ended poorly.

A guy in San Diego named Todd Fassler tried to take a selfie with a RATTLESNAKE back on the Fourth of July. He says he feels comfortable around rattlesnakes, since he used to have one as a PET. But the selfie didn’t work out so well, because he got BITTEN.

He ended up in intensive care, and there’s a nasty video of his right arm . . . the whole thing turned dark purple from the venom. But the financial fallout might be worse.

He was in the hospital for almost a week and two different hospitals had to use all of their anti-venom to save his life. The bill was more than 153 THOUSAND DOLLARS. More than half of that was for the anti-venom.

It looks like he doesn’t have insurance, so he’s responsible for ALL of it.


From The Man Bites Dog, Dep’t:

Police in Casper, Wyoming, hadn’t seen everything, until yesterday.

A routine traffic stop turned out to be more than they bargained for when the man stepped out of his El Camino and several eyeballs slid out of his right pant leg. At first they thought they had a serial killer on their hands, but turns out they had a cannibal of sorts.

ROY TILBOTT, who’s 51, works at Johnson Meats, a nearby slaughterhouse, where they usually throw out extra parts of the cows they slaughter. Roy finds it a waste, and since he loves the taste of cow eyeballs, he decided to smuggle them home, in his pants.

Quote, “Company won’t let us take animal scraps home and instead toss them in the landfill. They’re a very wasteful company. I enjoy eating bovine eyeballs and smuggling them out was the only way I knew how to get them out without potentially getting caught.”

When asked how many he’d taken over the years, Tilbott estimates several thousand. Police are waiting to talk to his employer before they press any charges.


Impaled By A Tree Branch

A bicyclist in New Mexico was impaled by a tree branch and somehow survived.

The unidentified mountain biker fell off his bike and landed on a two-centimeter-wide branch, which went through his neck. In spite of the immense pain, he managed to jump in a car and drive 20-miles to the University of New Mexico medical center.

Doctors say the branch somehow missed his airways, nerves, and major blood vessels. He was treated and released.

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Freak Files: Monday, 7/27/15

A Couple Ordered a Double Cheeseburger at McDonald’s, and Got a Wet Rag Instead

Debbie and Hans Wirth of Elk Grove Village, Illinois went through a McDonald’s drive-thru last week, and got a double cheeseburger.

But when they got home and unwrapped it, instead of finding their burger . . . they found a WET RAG. So they called the store, and the manager told them to come in so he could give them a burger. But that made them upset, since he didn’t even apologize.

Eventually he DID call and say he was sorry, and was looking into what happened . . . but it seems like the Wirths are done with his McDonald’s.

Not ALL McDonald’s, though. Hans went to a DIFFERENT one the next night and ordered a double cheeseburger. And they actually served him the burger, not a wet rag.

Click here to see a picture of the rag.


A Couple on a First Date Got Lost Hiking and Had to Be Airlifted Out

I hope these two wind up getting married, because they have an unbeatable “bad first date” story.

A guy and girl in Los Angeles had their first date on Friday, and decided to go on a hike through Angeles National Forest. Their ages weren’t released, but the sheriff’s department says they were young.

Well somehow they got lost in the forest, REALLY lost. It got so bad that they wandered around until they could find cell phone service, and called for help. Then the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had to send a HELICOPTER out to rescue them, and they were airlifted out of the forest.

There’s no word if they’re planning to go on a second date.

Click here to see a few photos from the rescue mission.


A Good Laugh About A Very Smelly Situation

A truck carrying a bunch of porta potties crashed on a highway in Washington state last week.

Take not that they were all FULL, so a hazmat team had to come clean up the mess. At least The Washington State Department of Transportation showed a good sense of humor over a very smelly situation.

They sent out a tweet later that said traffic was very “constipated,” and that the road was “backed up” for about five miles.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 7/27/15

Bobbi Kristina Brown Has Died

WHITNEY HOUSTON’S daughter BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN passed away yesterday. She was 22.

She’d been in a coma since being found submerged in a bathtub back on January 31st. Of course, Whitney died in a similar way. Her death in 2012 was due to a drug overdose while she was in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The circumstances of Bobbi Kristina’s death are still under investigation, although there’s talk that her boyfriend Nick Gordon may have been responsible.


Kristen Bell Left a Voicemail Message as Her “Frozen” Character for a Girl with a Brain Tumor

KRISTEN BELL left a voicemail message as her “Frozen” character Princess Anna for a 6-year-old girl with an inoperable brain tumor.

She told her, quote, “My sister Elsa says she’s heard that you’ve been such a good girl and that you’ve been so brave that she has decided to crown you as an honorary princess of Arendelle!”

(The girl’s father posted a video of her listening to the message, and her reaction is adorable.)


35 of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Posed on the Cover of “New York” Magazine

At least 46 women have accused BILL COSBY of sexual assault and 35 of them appear on the cover of the latest issue of “New York” magazine.

They’re all sitting in chairs, with the date of the alleged assault beneath them.

(Check it out by clicking here.)

Meanwhile, the “Washington Post” says Cosby used to get Quaaludes from a GYNECOLOGIST. Apparently, this doctor supplied recreational drugs to a lot of celebrities. But when he heard a story about Cosby using them to sexually assault a woman, he cut him off. The doctor died 13 years ago.


Johnny Depp Trying To Make Nice With The Land Down Under

JOHNNY DEPP and his wife have been accused of threatening to upset Australia’s entire ecosystem by bringing two little dogs into the country.

So maybe he was trying to make good when he showed up at a wildlife clinic in his full Jack Sparrow outfit and bottle-fed a baby bat.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 7/24/15

Leonardo DiCaprio and His Rich Friends Raised $40 Million for the Environment in One Night

LEONARDO DICAPRIO threw a massive fundraiser for his environmental foundation Wednesday night, and ended up raising $40 MILLION.

It didn’t hurt that he was auctioning off things like an estate on his island in Belize, private concerts with ELTON JOHN, and artwork by Andy Warhol and Banksy.

It also didn’t hurt that tons of celebrities showed up . . . including Elton John, Jared Leto, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Orlando Bloom, John Legend, Adrien Brody, and Michelle Rodriguez.


Bill Cosby Will Face a Deposition from One of His Accusers

Justice is a hard thing to come by for the alleged victims of BILL COSBY.

But one of them might just get some. Judy Huth sued Cosby, claiming he molested her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, when she was 15.

Cosby tried to have the suit dismissed, but he was shot down this week, meaning the next step is for him to face a deposition. And guess who’ll be doing the honors? Huth’s attorney, GLORIA ALLRED. There’s no word yet when it’ll happen.


Did “The Voice” Break Up Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Marriage?

TMZ says “The Voice” is what broke up MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON’s marriage.

A source says Miranda went out of her way to visit Blake while he worked on the show, even though she “hates L.A.” But he never made the effort to get with her on the road, or when she was home in Oklahoma.


Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Have Set A Date

Sofia Vergara’s wedding to former “True Blood” star, Joe Manganiello, is all planned…and they don’t care if the press knows about it!

According to Us Weekly, the wedding will take place on November 22nd at Florida’s Breakers Palm Beach resort.  Sofia and Joe got engaged last December after only six months of dating.

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Freak Files: Friday, 7/24/15

A Woman Tried to Take a Selfie With a Bison and Got Flipped in the Air

People take absurd risks on a daily basis for the sake of selfies. So it’s inevitable things will go wrong once in a while.

A 43-year-old woman from Mississippi was at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming earlier this week, and tried to take a selfie with a BISON. But she got too close and spooked him.

So he charged her . . . hit her with his HEAD . . . and flipped her into the AIR. She was hospitalized with minor injuries. And as far as we know, she hasn’t shared the selfie she took before she got gored.


Stupid Criminals – Dude Tries to Rob a 7-11 With His Finger

Hey did you hear about the Stupid Criminal who tried to rob a 7-Eleven with a finger gun, but he accidentally took his finger out of his pocket???

As far as all-time worst robbery attempts go, this is right up near the top. 60-year-old Donald Chaney of Medford, Oregon went into a 7-Eleven on Sunday night, and tried to rob the place . . . by using his hand to pretend he had a GUN in his pocket.

Then he demanded $50 and some cigarettes. And maybe the whole finger gun thing would’ve fooled the clerk, but it DEFINITELY didn’t fool him once Donald accidentally took his hand OUT of his pocket, and his “gun” magically disappeared.

Stupid Criminals!!!

The clerk refused to give him anything and called the cops, and Donald was arrested for third-degree robbery.


A Guy Got Busted For Smoking When His Wife Saw Him On Google Maps

58-year-old Donald Ryding from Merseyside, England told his wife Julie he quit smoking last year.

He made the promise after he suffered a heart attack. But he LIED. He would still go outside and smoke in their driveway. And he might have gotten away with it . . . if it wasn’t for Google Street View.

Donald was outside smoking when the Google mapping car drove by, and took a picture of him in front of the house. Then when Julie checked out their place on Google Street View later that week, she BUSTED him.

Even though it was hard to see the cigarette in his hand, she knew what he was doing. Donald says he’s ACTUALLY cut back since he got caught lying. Click here to see the photo.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 7/22/15

A Guy Who Doesn’t Speak French Just Won the French Scrabble Championship

A guy named Nigel Richards from New Zealand won the official French Scrabble championship tournament in Belgium on Monday. This is pretty impressive . . . since he DOESN’T SPEAK FRENCH.

Nigel has won a bunch of other Scrabble championships before, but they’ve always been in English.

He spent eight weeks memorizing the French dictionary before the competition. And while that wasn’t enough for him to learn how to speak or actually use the language, it WAS enough for him to win the tournament.


A Thief Is Facing a Felony Charge For Stealing Ramen

Ramen noodles might be the cheapest food you can buy, at any store, anywhere in the country. If you pay more than like 79 cents for them, you’ve been ripped off. In other words . . . they’re really not worth stealing.

A guy named Gabriel Janis bought a cup of Ramen noodles from a convenience store in Rapid City, South Dakota around 2:30 A.M. on Monday. Then he heated them up in the microwave, and went outside to eat them.

But while he was enjoying his noodles, a 27-year-old guy named Lariat Comes walked up . . . DEMANDED his Ramen noodles, and threatened to hit Gabriel with a CHAIN if he didn’t give them up. So Gabriel handed them over.

The cops arrested Lariat about a block away. He was eating the noodles and still had the chain on him, and now he’s facing a FELONY charge of second-degree robbery.  Stupid Criminals!!!

Click here to see his picture.


A Guy Who Survived a Lightning Strike Won a Million Dollar Lottery Jackpot

You always hear that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery.

Peter McCathie of Canada, survived getting hit by lightning when he was 14. It happened during a boat trip in Nova Scotia, while he was wading in a lake on a sunny day.

And now that he’s in his forties, he just won a million dollar LOTTERY jackpot. The odds of getting struck by lightning in Canada are about one in a million. And the odds of winning the Lotto game he hit are one in 13,983,816.

Oh, Peter also owns the store where he bought the ticket. So he gets another $10,000 from the lottery commission.

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Donald Trump Insult Generator


Donald Trump hasn’t backed away from several controversial insults he’s made during his presidential campaign…so, Time Magazine has put together the “Donald Trump Insult Generator,” built from actual insults on Trump’s Twitter feed.

All you have to do is enter the name of a person or business, and the Donald Trump Insult Generator will spit-out an insult that Donald Trump has actually made – with your name or business as the victim.

We entered are show’s name and here are some of the insults it spit out:

  •  Why do Mike and Mandy constantly seek out trivial nonsense?
  • Mike and Mandy apologized to me but I will not accept their apology. I will be suing them for a lot of money.
  • Mike works really hard but is a guy who just doesn’t have it–a total loser!
  • Mike and Mandy need a new pair of glasses

You can check out (and use) the Donald Trump Insult Generator yourself…just click here!!

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Walgreens Is Already Stocking Halloween Candy?

It’s only July 22nd. And for some of us her in the Mid-South, Fall can’t arrive soon enough. So this might be welcoming news.

A woman went to a Walgreens in Huntley, Illinois yesterday, and saw their HALLOWEEN CANDY was already out. So she had her husband hold yesterday’s newspaper up next to it for a photo.

As of today, it’s exactly 100 days until Halloween. (Check out the photos by clicking here.)

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A Mountain In Hawaii Got Hit By A Snowstorm On Friday

How’s this for FREAKY!???  There was a snowstorm in Hawaii Friday morning!!!

The snowstorm happened at the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii’s Big Island –dropping 1.5 inches of snow. You can see pictures by clicking here.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 7-17-15

The Emmy Nominations

By the way, Katy Perry was nominated for “Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program” for her Super Bowl halftime show. And she gave “Left Shark” a shout-out.

She Tweeted, “Um, woke up to my first Emmy nomination for the Halftime show! Very proud of everyone involved, especially #LeftShark.”


Amber Heard Has Been Charged for Bringing Johnny Depp’s Dogs to Australia

Did you think anyone would actually face CRIMINAL CHARGES when JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD brought their dogs to Australia illegally? Well, guess what?

Amber just got hit up on two counts of illegally importing the Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo. She could be looking at up to 10 years in prison and a $75,000 fine.

The reason Australian officials threw a fit is because there are quarantine laws when it comes to bringing animals into a new country, to help stop the spread of disease. And it’s a valid concern. Still, this feels a little excessive.

Amber has been ordered to appear before an Australian judge on September 7th.


TLC Has Canceled “19 Kids and Counting”

TLC has officially canceled “19 Kids and Counting”, following JOSH DUGGAR’s molestation scandal earlier this year.

But the Duggars issued a statement saying they were still working with TLC on, quote, “[an] upcoming special documentary [that we] hope . . . is an encouragement to many.” The documentary will be about victims of child abuse.

“19 Kids and Counting” ran for nine seasons.

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