Dirt Alert: Monday, 9/14/15

Did Katie Holmes Wear a Disguise to See Jamie Foxx?

If KATIE HOLMES and JAMIE FOXX really are dating, it seems ridiculous that they’d STILL have to sneak around.

Apparently not, because “Us Weekly” says they met up at a hotel in Los Angeles recently, and Katie put on a WIG AND A HAT so she wouldn’t be recognized.

Katie also has to make sure her daughter Suri is taken care of during their little getaways. Like on September 7th, when Katie sent her to Disneyland so she could spend time at Jamie’s mansion.


It’s Time For “Hail To the Donald!”

On “Face the Nation” yesterday, Trump had this to say about how much CEOs are paid in America: Quote, “It’s disgraceful.

You see these guys making enormous amounts of money, it’s a total and complete joke.”

(Here’s video. Skip to 1:40.)

Meanwhile, GEORGE CLOONEY is ripping Trump for the comments he made about Mexicans earlier this summer.

He said, quote, “Clearly, what he said is idiotic, of course it’s idiotic. Anybody who says as intolerant words as those should be laughed at, and that’s pretty much [what] I think eventually history will do.”


Jimmy Fallon Beats Stephen Colbert In The Ratings

Stephen Colbert’s great guest line-up for his first week as host of the Late Show was not enough to beat Jimmy Fallon.

On Friday Night, the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon scored 4.5 million viewers….while Colbert had 3.5 million.

So far, the only night that Stephen Colbert has beat Jimmy Fallon was his debut show on Tuesday, but he came in 2nd place every other night of the week.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 9/11/15

Blake Shelton Sort of Denied His Relationship With Gwen Stefani

BLAKE SHELTON seems to be denying his “romance” with GWEN STEFANI.

Yesterday he Tweeted, quote, “Getting ready this morning to go put in my deer plots and looked at Twitter. Damn my dating life is awesome!! Let me know what happens.”

Then he posted a picture of his TRUCK. . . his awesome Nissan truck, and added, quote, “Now THAT might actually get me a date!!!!!!”


Donald Trump Name Calling Again

DONALD TRUMP told “Rolling Stone” that CARLY FIORINA, also a Republican presidential candidate, is unelectable because, quote, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”

Well, now he claims he was NOT criticizing her looks, he was talking about her PERSONA. Well last night, Greta Van Susteren called him out about it on Fox News. She told him she took issue with it, and that he was clearly talking about her looks.

Meanwhile, GLENN BECK seems to be fed up with Trump. He said, quote, “I’m telling you, dealing with Donald Trump is like dealing with a third grader. And I’m not dealing with a third grader anymore because the world is on fire.


Justin Bieber Threw a Temper Tantrum On The “Today” Show

JUSTIN BIEBER was caught scolding a camera crew on the “Today” show.

He was on the “Today” show yesterday, where he was given a plaque from Guinness World Records, for becoming the youngest male artist to go #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He also performed, but he started whining when one of the cameras got too close to him, because viewers wouldn’t be able to see his sweet dance moves. He said, quote, “Next time I won’t dance because the camera’s right here the whole time. Might as well not even dance . . . so, what do I do this for if they’re just…”

The video feed cut out at that point. Justin probably didn’t realize his mic was live at the time and was apparently talking to an off-site director or producer.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 9/10/15

Is Queen Elizabeth Retiring, and Giving the Throne to Prince William?

“OK!” magazine claims QUEEN ELIZABETH is RETIRING from the throne, and is handing the crown over to PRINCE WILLIAM, not PRINCE CHARLES!!!

The tabloid claims she decided to “skip” Prince Charles, who’s been first in line since the day he was born. Obviously, he isn’t happy about that. An insider says, quote, “He’s spent his whole life waiting…he initially flew into a rage, ranting that the crown is rightfully his. But then he began to see her way of thinking.”

And that way of thinking is: Quote, “William and Kate are simply far more beloved than Charles ever was.” Ouch.

Supposedly, and please note that this is all speculation from a tabloid, the coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey shortly after the Queen’s 90th birthday next April.


Is Gwen Stefani Hooking Up with Blake Shelton?

GWEN STEFANI and BLAKE SHELTON both filed for divorce earlier this year, and they’re both on the upcoming season of “The Voice”.

“Life & Style” thinks the whole thing is too much of a coincidence. Supposedly, they fell for each other when they started doing “The Voice” together. A source says, quote, “They’re trying to keep it on the down-low, but it’s not happening partly because they’re all over each other, everyone on set [knows].”

Even Blake’s ex Miranda Lambert somehow already found out about it. “Life & Style” says “she used to consider Gwen a friend,” but now that’s over. There’s no denial from Gwen or Blake yet.


Trash Talk On Ben Affleck Being a Sociopath

BEN AFFLECK may be hiding a strange, sick man beneath his gorgeous exterior.

The National Enquirer spoke with a few different mental health experts, who speculate that his “lust for hookers, gambling, booze and extramarital affairs” borders on bipolar and sociopathic behavior.

Apparently celebrities are known for being narcissistic, his actions could be a sign he’s addicted to adrenaline and willing to win at all costs.

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Wet Nose Wednesday: Duke

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Duke!


Duke, is a 65 pound, 2 year old Great Dane mix that really deserves to find his forever home! He originally was rescued from a yard where his mother was chained while he and his very young siblings ran loose. Duke was saved from this life and adopted by someone we thought was a suitable family. Sadly about a year ago once Duke was no longer a cute puppy and the children were tired of him he was sent back to the rescue for simply growing up. He was also returned with heartworms but has since been treated and is heartworm free and on preventative to keep him from getting them again. Duke is gentle, sweet and loves people especially children. No cats please. Duke is a little shy but warms up quickly and is neutered and up to date on shots. If you are looking for a big dog, Duke is for you!

If you would like to adopt this week’s dog…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

We couldn’t do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 9/9/15

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

GIADA De LAURENTIS is single and lookin’ to mingle.

Giada is a super-star chef on the Food Network and TMZ.com got a peek at the divorce agreement!!

It shows that her ex, TODD THOMPSON will walk away from their marriage with a house in Pacific Palisades, half of the missus’ unpaid advances for cookbooks that are in the works, $9-thousand dollars per-month in child support and joint custody of their seven-year-old daughter, JADE MARIE.


Divorce Watch. . . . Tom Brady

It’s been tough times for TOM BRADY.

But the one thing he can count on in all the turbulence is his marriage. He even had a movie date with GISELE BUNDCHEN on Monday night, and yesterday, he flat-out denied the divorce rumors.


Is Bruno Mars Doing Another Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Word has it the NFL wants BRUNO MARS to do the Super Bowl halftime show again this winter.

He headlined the halftime show in 2014, and had the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS as his guests.

There’s no official word from Bruno or the NFL, but if this happens, he wouldn’t be the only person to do it more than once. Gloria Estefan did THREE in the ’90s, and Justin Timberlake and Nelly have both appeared twice.


Jimmy Fallon Appeared on Stephen Colbert’s First “Late Show”

STEPHEN COLBERT hosted his first “Late Show” yesterday, and there were some awesome moments.

The show started with a montage of Colbert with random people, singing the National Anthem. The clip ends in a baseball field, where it started. The umpire takes off his mask, and it’s JON STEWART, who yells “Play ball!”

There was also a bit where Colbert was flipping through the channels on his new video screen, and he came up on “The Tonight Show”. Then he and JIMMY FALLON had a little conversation about each other’s guests for the night.

It ended with Jimmy telling Stephen he’d see him in the late-night locker room . . . and, at the very end of the show, they did just that.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 9/9/15

Two Kids Tunneled Their Way Out of Kindergarten

Teachers at a kindergarten in Russia recently went into panic mode when two five-year-old boys went MISSING in the middle of the afternoon.

They were outside on the playground and disappeared, which didn’t make sense, because the whole place was fenced in. So someone walked the perimeter and it turns out that the two of them had spent the last several days using their toy shovels to dig a HOLE under the fence . . . and tunneled themselves out Shawshank style.

Police tracked them down after a woman saw them checking out cars at a Jaguar dealership more than a mile away.

Both of them are home safe now, and their parents aren’t pressing charges. But their teacher got fired for not keeping a closer eye on them.

Check out a photo of the hole by clicking here.


A 15-Year-Old Got Arrested for Packing an Alarm Clock in His Carry-On That Looked Exactly Like a Bomb

A 15-year-old kid got pulled out of line at an airport in Toronto on Saturday, when a screener checked his carry-on bag and saw what looked like seven sticks of DYNAMITE taped together.

It even had a timer and a bunch of wires attached to it. Police shut down the screening area for three hours, evacuated the building, and called in the bomb squad. It was actually a CLOCK that’s make to LOOK like a bomb.

According to a website that sells them, they’re used as movie props, and the website specifically says not to bring one anywhere CLOSE to an airport. The 15-year-old hasn’t been identified, but apparently he did it just to see what would happen. So he’s facing charges for mischief.

Click here to see a picture of the fake bomb he packed.


A Kid Fell Down a Well . . . and Found His Missing Dog?

A four-year-old kid named Gabe Allbritton fell down a well outside his family’s house near Brookhaven, Mississippi on Monday. (Brookhaven is about 50 miles south of Jackson.)

The well he fell into was about a foot-and-a-half across, and over 20 feet deep. His mom says she had no idea it was there, and he was standing next to her one second, then he was gone.

Luckily, he survived the fall. It took rescuers about three-and-a-half hours to get him out, and he only ended up with a few bumps and bruises.

Now here’s the weird part: They also found the family’s missing DOG at the bottom. It had gone missing about three days earlier.

Once Gabe was out, rescuers lowered another rope with a loop on the end, and managed to snag one of the dog’s legs. Now Gabe and the dog are both doing fine.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 9/8/15

The New ‘Late Show’ With Stephen Colbert Debuts Tonight

Tonight’s the night that Stephen Colbert debuts as the host of “ the Late Show,” replacing David Letterman. Stephen’s guests this week include: Uber’s CEO, Tesla’s CEO, George Clooney, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and comedian Amy Schumer.


Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Have Broken Up

“Mad Men’s” JON HAMM and actress JENNIFER WESTFELDT have broken up, after 18 YEARS of non-wedded bliss.

They said, quote, “With great sadness, we have decided to separate, after 18 years of love and shared history.”

They’ve been together since 1997, and have done three movies together . . . “Kissing Jessica Stein”, “Ira & Abby”, and “Friends with Kids”. Jessica wrote the first two, and wrote and directed the third.

Jon went to rehab for alcohol addiction earlier this year, and thanked Jennifer for her support when he got out. She’s 45 and he’s 44, and they have no kids.


Here’s Tom Brady’s Take on Deflategate: “To a Large Degree, We Have All Lost”  

In a Facebook post Friday, Tom Brady blessed us with his thoughts on Deflategate.

He said, quote, “While I am pleased to be eligible to play, I am sorry our league had to endure this. I don’t think it has been good for our sport . . . to a large degree, we have all lost.”

He also thanked his family, friends, fans, and the judge who got him off, of course.


RIP Martin Miller

MARTIN MILNER died Sunday at the age of 83. He was best known as LAPD Officer Pete Malloy on the cop show “Adam-12″, which ran from 1968 to 1975. Before that, he was Tod Stiles on “Route 66″.


RIP Judy Carne

British actress JUDY CARNE died of pneumonia this past Thursday. She was 76. Judy was one of the “Sock It To Me Girls” on the show “Laugh-In” in the late ’60s and early ’70s. She was also BURT REYNOLDS’ first wife. They were married from 1963 to 1965, but Judy later said he was abusive. (Here’s an obit.)

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Freak Files: Friday, 9/4/15

A Deadly King Cobra Is Missing In Florida

The star of a Discovery Channel reality show is hoping his Florida neighbors will keep an eye out for his lost pet: an 8-foot-long king cobra with enough venom to kill an elephant with one bite.

Mike Kennedy of the TV show “Airplane Repo” says that the snake escaped from its cage when a tree limb fell onto his house during a storm and caused flooding.

Kennedy is licensed to keep exotic animals, so he won’t face any charges for having a deadly snake….BUT, he may face punishment for not immediately reporting the missing cobra since he waited over 24 hours before saying anything.

Neighbors and a nearby elementary school went on alert as news of the missing snake spread.

It’s still on the loose.


Roach Steals the Weed!

We have a marijuana thief in Kelso, Washington, who walked into Maranda’s Marijuana Dispensary to buy some weed.

When he got there, he decided that he didn’t just want a little bit, he wanted a lot more. So he picked up a jar and tried to leave the store with it.

Employee BRENDA YOUNG, who’s 49, tried to stop the thief and managed to wrestle the jar away from him. He left but police caught up with him later and arrested him.

Here’s what make this a Freak File: Wanna know what this weed-stealing criminal’s name is? JOHN ROACH!!!!


A Dog Fell 14 Stories, and a Stranger Caught It

A guy in Portland, Oregon named Ted Nelson looked out his window on Monday, and saw a dog had slipped through a railing on a 14th floor balcony across the street.

The dog’s name is Mordy, and as soon as Ted saw him on the edge of the balcony, he ran across the street to yell up to the owners. But while he was standing there, Mordy lost his balance . . . fell 14 stories! But Ted CAUGHT him!

Now Mordy weighs only 14 pounds, but after a 14-story fall that’s pretty impressive. Ted says Mordy hit him in the chest, so he tried to grab him with his arms, but he slipped through and landed on the ground. Still, that slowed him down enough, and the dog survived.

Ted and his girlfriend rushed him to a vet, where Mordy only ended up with a few bumps and bruises. His owners say they’re extremely thankful Ted did what he did. Apparently they had no idea the railing was big enough for him to fit through.

Click here for a picture of Mordy and Ted.

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Is Your Heart Older Than You Are?

heart attack - FreeYour heart might be older than you are.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says:

The average American man’s heart is 8-years older than his chronological age

The average U.S. woman’s heart is five years older than her chronological age.

That helps explain why so many Americans die early from heart attacks, strokes and heart failure, and why millions are on heart medication.

The CDC says you can use a simple online health calculator that factors in your systolic blood pressure (the top number), your age, and health habits to figure out your own heart’s age.

To find out the age of your heart, click here.  You’ll need to know your Body Mass Index, too, so click here for that.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 9/3/15

Shakira Is The Queen Of Facebook

According to the new Guinness Book of World Records, which will be released later this month, Shakira is the undisputed Queen of Facebook.

Shakira’s Facebook page has 107,142,986 likes. To put it into perspective, Beyoncé has about 63 million likes.


Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Broke Up

After just two short years of marriage, it’s over between AVRIL LAVIGNE and the angel-faced singer from NICKELBACK, CHAD KROEGER.

Avril announced it on Instagram, along with a picture of them dancing on their wedding day. Supposedly they’re still the best of friends and they, quote, “Care deeply for each other.” There’s no word why they split.

Avril is only 30, and this is already her SECOND divorce. Chad is 40, and this was his first marriage.


Gisele Has Threatened To Leave Tom Brady

The rumors of marriage problems between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen just won’t quit.

“Us Weekly” is reporting that their fights have gotten so bad that the supermodel has allegedly threatened to file for divorce. Apparently, Tom thinks it’s just an empty threat, but Gisele is dead serious.

An insider said, “Things are very tense right now. This could be the end of them.”

Gisele and Tom have been married for 6 years.


Rachel Dolezal is Pregnant

RACHEL DOLEZAL is pregnant.

She’s having a boy, but there’s no word who the father is. Dolezal was the head of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington until it was revealed that she’s actual WHITE, and had been PRETENDING to be black. She wasn’t fired, she stepped down.

Rachel already has two kids, ages 13 and 10. She was married from 2000 to 2004. Then she got engaged to another man, but they broke it off in 2013. Both men were black.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 9/3/15

A Boxer Finally Won a Match After Nine Years and 51 Losses

If you were terrible at your job, it probably wouldn’t take you a decade to find another one.

Especially if that job involved being punched in the face. There’s a super lightweight boxer in England who calls himself ‘Rockin’ Robin Deakin. He’s 29, made his debut in 2006, and won his first fight. Then over the next nine years, he lost 51 fights in a ROW, including 12 by knockout.

A while back, his boxing license got revoked for his own safety. But he STILL didn’t quit. Instead, he got a boxing license through the country of Malta. And all those beatings he’s taken ended up paying off this past Saturday . . . when he FINALLY won again.

He beat some unknown named Deniss Kornilovs, who only had one win under his belt. After the fight, Robin told the media he’s going to silence all his critics and, he went on Twitter and started calling himself the “Real Life Rocky.”

It’s not clear when his next fight is.

You can see a picture of Robin by clicking here.


A Teenager Thought His Car’s Tape Deck Was an iPhone Dock

We’ve got a great picture for you to check out. It might make you feel old though.

A car dealership in Lockport, New York recently had a teenager come in to complain about his Ford. He said the iPhone dock in the car didn’t work, and it was scratching up the screen.

But they found out his car didn’t actually HAVE an iPhone dock. It was an older model that had a CASSETTE TAPE DECK . . . and the kid had no idea what that was.

So he kept shoving his phone in, and didn’t understand why nothing was happening. The dealership shared a photo of the guy’s phone in his tape deck on Facebook, and it’s been shared more than 160,000 times.



A Guy Orders a Shot of Whiskey, Robs the Bar . . . and Leaves a 50-Cent Tip

A guy went into a bar in Puyallup, Washington on Monday morning, and ordered two shots of Jack Daniel’s.

Then he paid with a $100. And when the bartender turned around to ring him up, he pulled a GUN and demanded all the cash in the register.

She gave him everything she had, and he shoved it in a bag and left. But on the way out, he stopped for just a second to leave her a TIP . . . a whopping 50 cents.

The cops are still looking for him. He’s a white guy who wore a fake blond wig under a Seattle Seahawks hat. Because, as you know, everyone in the state of Washington is required to wear at least one piece of Seahawks gear at all times.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 9/2/15

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Just Got Arrested for Murdering his Girlfriend in 1983

To say these are bad times for WWE Hall of Famer JIMMY “SUPERFLY” SNUKA would be a massive understatement.

He lost his longtime friend and rival RODDY PIPER, he’s battling stomach cancer . . . and now this. Jimmy was arrested yesterday for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino . . . in 1983.

She died of head trauma at a hotel in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where Jimmy had a match. He was never charged, but the case gained traction a few years ago when a newspaper published an old coroner’s report.

Snuka was arrested at his home in New Jersey on a charge of third-degree murder. He’s since been released on bail. Snuka is 72 years old. Nancy was 23 when she died.


A Soldier Asked Ronda Rousey to the Marine Corps Ball on YouTube, and She Said Yes

A Marine corporal named Jarrod Haschert made one of those YouTube videos, asking UFC women’s champ RONDA ROUSEY to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on December 11th.

He said, quote, “You are my celebrity crush, like, I love everything you do and I think you are a phenomenal person, which is why it would be my honor to take you to the Marine Corps Ball . . . You would truly be making my dreams come true.”

Well, Ronda said YES. She told TMZ that she doesn’t know how to work out the details, but, quote, “I’ll totally go . . . It is a yes.”


A Pittsburgh Animal Rights Group Will Hold an Anti-Michael Vick Candlelight Vigil

No NFL team can hire MICHAEL VICK without feeling the backlash from animal lovers.

And if the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t know that already, they’re finding it out now. A group called Never Forget is holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow night at 6:00 P.M. at Heinz Field, where the Steelers play.

They put an event page on Facebook, and as of last night, more than 700 people said they were going. But the group told its followers, quote, “Please be respectful. We are honoring the dogs, not looking for confrontation with Steeler fans or police officers who are there to control crowds.”

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