Dirt Alert: Friday, 10/23/15

Super Dirt On This Year’s Super Bowl!

MAROON 5 may be the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl 50.

Front man ADAM LEVINE and the band have been chatting seriously with the NFL about the prime spot. The big game happens February 7th, 2016, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

There was talk a few weeks ago that BRUNO MARS, who did the show in 2013, would be back to “curate” this year, putting together a revue of a few different artists.


Lamar Odom Undergoes Two Emergency Surgeries

Lamar Odom underwent two emergency surgeries yesterday.

One procedure involved chest issues, but it hasn’t been revealed if the issues were in his lungs or his heart. Meanwhile, the multiple surgeries that Lamar has undergone have put him in a fragile mental state. He is over-emotional and has anger control issues.

With the exception of Khloe Kardashian, doctors are refusing to let ANYONE visit Lamar while he deals with these physical and mental issues.


Simon Cowell Is Coming Back to the U.S. to Judge “America’s Got Talent”

It was just starting to seem like we might be rid of SIMON COWELL for good . . . and now he’s back.

He’s replacing HOWARD STERN as a judge on the next season of “America’s Got Talent”. Simon created the show almost 10 years ago, and he’s judged the British version for 10 seasons . . . but it’s not clear if he’s leaving it to come here.

(Here’s video of his announcement.)


‘I Am Cait’ Has Been Renewed

To the surprise of just about everyone, the TV network, E!, has announced that Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show, “I Am Cait” will be back for a second season.

People are shocked that the show got renewed considering it had dismal ratings. The new batch of episodes will premiere next year.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 10/22/15

Khloe and Lamar Have Called Off Their Divorce

KHLOE KARDASHIAN and LAMAR ODOM have called off their divorce, at least for now.

Several months ago they had both signed the papers before Lamar’s little “outing” in Nevada, a judge hadn’t made it official yet. So yesterday, Khloe’s lawyer went to court to withdraw the papers.

I guess that makes Houston Rocket’s star JAMES HARDEN Khloe’s EX-boyfriend. But he’s not stressing. Yesterday he posted a video of himself driving and singing along to Drake and Future’s “Jersey”.


John Tesh Is Sharing “Intelligence for Your Life” on Twitter

JOHN TESH is a modern day renaissance man.

He’s won six Emmys . . . sold over eight million records . . . won an Associated Press award for investigative journalism . . . and worked as an entertainment reporter and sportscaster.

And now, he’s sharing brilliant pieces of wisdom on Twitter, which he calls “Intelligence for Your Life.” If you haven’t been following him, here’s a sample . . .

“Seeing a concert or sporting event soon? DON’T post pix of your tix on social media. Thieves can use YOUR barcodes, and see a free show! #IFYL.”

“Remember: Trim (don’t pluck) nose hairs. Plucking creates tiny tears in nose, which are prone to infection from bacteria in the air. #IFYL.”


Here’s What Happened on “Back to the Future Day”

MICHAEL J. FOX was scheduled as a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night.

So when Jimmy was talking about Back to the Future day in the middle of his monologue, the stage went dark, lights flashed, some fog came in, and a DeLorean rolled out. Then the doors opened and Michael J. Fox stepped out as Marty McFly, along with CHRISTOPHER LLOYD dressed as Doc Brown.

There was a long standing ovation, and a lot of jokes with Jimmy about how the “future” wasn’t as great as they thought it would be. And they all took a selfie together.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 10/22/15

A Google Employee Lives In The Parking Lot To Save On Rent

Working at Google is great, but the cost of rent in the Bay Area is NOT.

So, one 23-year old Google employee whose name is Brandon, figured out a way to keep his paycheck instead of spending it all on rent: He bought a 16-foot truck with 128 square feet inside for $10,000….parked it AT Google…and started living there.

Now the only “housing” expense he has is the monthly $121 in auto insurance and he SAVES $2,000 a month on rent.

He eats most meals at the Google Campus—for free (it’s a company perk) and he also uses Google’s showers at the Google gym.

As for Google, its security doesn’t seem too concerned; 3 months after Brandon “moved in,” they contacted him just to cross-check the truck’s registration file.


A Guy Breaks His Bail Agreement Because He Can’t Stop Playing “Angry Birds”

You don’t hear about people being obsessed with “Angry Birds” much anymore . . . it feels very 2012.

However, 33-year-old Leslie Markham is a member of a biker gang in Australia. He was arrested for drug trafficking in June, and got out on bail in July. But his release statement said he couldn’t use a cell phone.

Fast forward to last week. He was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and borrowed his girlfriend’s phone to pass the time with some “Angry Birds”. But a COP happened to walk by. And of course Leslie was wearing his biker gang jacket at the time . . . yes, at the doctor’s office.

So the cop recognized him, and saw him using the phone. Leslie was arrested for breaking his bail agreement, and was sent back to jail.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He’s waiting for his drug trafficking trial in February.


This Is Why We Call Them The Freak Files!

A baby boy in India was born with four arms and four legs and locals think he’s the reincarnation of a Hindu God.

People are traveling from hundreds of miles away to visit the baby in the district of Jharkhand. The parents haven’t chosen a name for the child yet. Doctors say the birth defect is likely the remains of an undeveloped co-joined twin.

But, faithful Hindis believe it’s the second coming of the deity known as GANESHA.


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Wet Nose Wednesday: Jack

Every Wednesday at 8:40, Guardian Angel Pet Rescue joins the Mike and Mandy show to showcase a special animal that needs a good home.

This week’s featured pet is Jack!


Jack is about 5 years old. He is a Husky Shepherd mix that weighs about 35 pounds. Jack is very lovable and will sit and come on command. He is good with cats and most other dogs. Jack is both kennel and house trained and doesn’t chew anything up. He was adopted out however his new family would not fix the corner of their fence and after Guardian Angel Pet Rescue picked him up from the shelter multiple times we decided not to give him back to these irresponsible parents. Jack would be great for someone that competes with dogs in agility competitions. He has small, very quick feet and loves to go over and under items in his foster parent’s yard. Jack will need a harness for walking and a very secure yard to play in for if there is a way for him to get out he will find it.

If you would like to adopt this week’s pet…please click here to fill out an electronic adoption form.

For more information on Guardian Angel Pet Rescue, please visit their website by clicking here

We couldn’t do Wet Nose Wednesday without the generous support of our sponsor, Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 10/21/15

A 100-Year-Old Woman Still Works Six Days a Week

There’s a 100-year-old woman in New York named Felimina Rotundo. She owns a laundromat across the street from the University of Buffalo called the College Laundry Shoppe. And she still works there 11 hours a day, six days a week.

She turned 100 in August, but she’s at the laundromat every day Monday through Saturday, from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M.

She got her first job in 1930 when she was 15, and she’s been working ever since. She says the Great Depression forced her to grow up fast and develop a good work ethic.

And she also doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. She says as long as she can walk, she’ll keep working. And thinks a lot of people retire too early. Unless you have health problems, she doesn’t think anyone should retire before they’re 75.

So her advice for other seniors is to, quote, “get out and DO something,” because sitting around all day isn’t good for you.    You can check out some pictures of her by clicking here.


A Couple Steals From an Art Gallery–But Leaves Their Name and Number in the Guestbook

This couple isn’t good at crime OR pranks.

24-year-old Megan Ohara and 19-year-old David Ziskoski went to an art gallery in Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday. And they stole two pieces of jewelry worth $6,000.

But for some reason they also signed the gallery’s GUESTBOOK.

Most of the things they signed were pranks . . . like fake names, fake emails like “WeDidntTakeIt@gmail.com.” But Megan also signed the book as “Meg” . . . with her REAL phone number.

It’s not clear why. Maybe to throw them off the scent even more? Or . . . we have no idea.

The cops quickly tracked them down at a grocery store nearby, and arrested them. And Megan told them, quote, “If I knew they cost that much, I wouldn’t have taken it.”     **STUPID CRIMINALS***

They were both charged with grand theft.


Spider Freak-Out Injures 11 People

A 17-year-old girl in Kansas was driving last weekend when she saw a spider on her lap. Well, she FREAKED OUT, let go of the steering wheel. and caused a 4-car pileup that put 11 people in the hospital.


More spider-related news

A 35-year-old woman in Florida was arrested for meth on Saturday after she passed out in her car at a gas station. And she stayed there so long, a spider had time to build a web from her car to the gas pump. Proof that crack don’t smoke itself!

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 10/20/15

A Guy Who Broke Out of Jail Was Caught After Posting a Facebook Video

Once again Facebook has proven to be THE best crime fighting tool of the modern era.

A guy named Justin Taulbee from Jackson, Kentucky was supposed to be arraigned earlier this month on robbery, probation violation, and resisting arrest charges. But as he was being transported to the courthouse from jail, he ESCAPED.

The police were looking for him for three days without any luck, until they got a HUGE assist . . . from Justin himself.

He filmed a video talking about his current legal situation, and had his friend post it on Facebook and TAG him in it.

The Police saw the post and went to the friend’s house to investigate and found Justin. So they arrested him again, and added an escape charge.

Stupid Criminals!!!!


Student Driver Crashes Car Through Front Of Driving School

Learning to drive can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the difference between the gas pedal and the brake.

A 20-year old student driver in Bellevue, Washington managed to crash her car into the front windows of her own driving school!!!

Police say that she was approaching the end of the test when the accident happened. Yes. She failed the driving test.


I’m Selling My House To Go Live At Starbucks!

More and more men in Japan have given up their apartments and chosen to live at 24-hour internet cafes.

They’re being called “internet cafe refugees,” and they sit for hours on end at tiny cubicles. Sometimes they play games and sometimes they sleep.

The trend apparently started as far back as the ’90s. Modern internet cafes in Japan have cubicles where the users can fall asleep, and restrooms where they can freshen up.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 10/20/15

Is Taylor Swift Making $1 Million a Day?

Everyone knows that TAYLOR SWIFT is making a KILLING right now, but it might surprise you to hear just how much she’s banking.

A British report claims she’s going to make $365 million by the end of the year . . . meaning that in 2015, she averaged ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY.

Taylor’s album “1989” is one of the few albums that has been able to consistently sell, and she’s performed over 85 shows in 2015, most of which have been sold out. She also has lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Diet Coke.


Blake Shelton is Suing “In Touch Weekly” for Saying His Drinking & Womanizing Led to His Divorce

BLAKE SHELTON is suing “In Touch Weekly” because of a cover story from last month that said his out-of-control drinking, partying, and womanizing is what ended his marriage to MIRANDA LAMBERT.

The story also claimed he’d hit rock bottom and was heading to rehab. He filed a defamation lawsuit yesterday in L.A. asking for more than $1 million in damages, plus an injunction that would prevent the magazine from repeating the allegations.

The suit also says Blake asked “In Touch” for a retraction but didn’t get a response.

(Check out a pic of the cover by clicking here.)


Lamar Odom Will Need Months of Therapy, But He’s Still Improving

It looks like LAMAR ODOM will recover from his near-death experience.

But it still hasn’t been determined how much lasting damage he did to himself. He’s improving every day, but he’s still on dialysis. His brain function is good, but he’s mostly communicating with hand signals.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN is still with him 24-7. She’s also planning on being active in his recovery, which will take MONTHS. Which brings up another issue.

When all of this happened, Khloe was dating JAMES HARDEN of the Houston Rockets. So what’s the status of THAT relationship? “People” magazine says James supports her and understands that she needs space.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 10/16/15

Erin Andrews Wants $75 Million for Being Peeped On

Back in 2008, a pervert videotaped ERIN ANDREWS through the peephole of her hotel room at a Nashville Marriott.

Erin sued the Marriott in 2011, because they actually TOLD the stalker she was a guest there, and gave him the room next to hers when he asked for it. She also sued the stalker, who was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty in 2009.

Well, earlier this week, Erin filed court papers specifying how much she’s seeking in damages. The grand total? $75 MILLION. The trial is scheduled for February.


Lamar Odom Paid $75,000 for Three Days at the Love Ranch

LAMAR ODOM paid $75,000 for his three days at the Love Ranch. \

The money was charged directly to his credit card, and his family and business advisers want to know how it could have cost so much. They’re asking owner DENNIS HOF to open the books, because they think he might have taken advantage of Lamar.

They also think someone stole money from Lamar, because he always carried large sums of cash with him, and there wasn’t any money with his things when the family got them back.

Meanwhile, there’s been no change in Lamar’s condition. He’s still unconscious and on a ventilator, and doctors still don’t know if he’ll wake up, or what condition he’ll be in when he does.

The only KARDASHIAN left in Vegas is KHLOE, who won’t leave his side.


Tom Brady Thinks Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes Are Unhealthy

TOM BRADY went on a long rant about how we’re being brainwashed into buying unhealthy stuff.

He called Coca-Cola “poison for kids,” and joked that people are led to believe Frosted Flakes is a food. In response, Coca-Cola said their drinks are “safe,” and Kellogg’s said cereal is “nutritious.”

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Freak Files: Friday, 10/16/15

An FBI Agent Catches a Bank Robber By Bumping Into Him at Starbucks

58-year-old Timmie L. Smith robbed a bank in Portland, Oregon last Wednesday, and another one on Monday.

So the FBI took the case, but even though they had surveillance footage of him, they weren’t really close to tracking him down. Until they got a grande amount of luck.

An FBI agent was at a STARBUCKS on Tuesday, when Timmie randomly walked in to get some coffee. The agent recognized him immediately, and arrested him. And Timmie even asked him, quote, “What took you so long?”


12112020_970172053024056_5014704574382631884_nPolice Order a Drunk Driver Out of His Car . . . He Checks Facebook Instead

Never doubt the addictive power of social media.

Cops in Greenfield, Massachusetts spotted a car sunk in some mud around 3:00 A.M. on Wednesday, and pulled over to check it out.

It turns out 39-year-old Sean Welenc was in the car, and the cops were pretty sure he was drunk. So they ordered him to step outside. Instead . . . he pulled out his PHONE and checked Facebook.

Once he’d scrolled through his news feed, THEN he got out . . . and took a swing at the cops. He was arrested and charged with drunk driving, and trespassing with a motor vehicle.

Stupid Criminals!!!

Ironically, the police department posted Sean’s mugshot and the arrest report on their Facebook page a few hours later.


Watch a Samurai Cut a 300 Mile-Per-Hour Fastball in Half with a Sword

A video of a samurai cutting a 100 mile-per-hour fastball in half with a sword has been making the rounds on Facebook this week. It’s actually old footage though.

There’s another video from a while back where the same guy cuts a B.B. from a pellet gun in half . . . and then does the baseball thing with a THREE HUNDRED mile-per-hour fastball fired out of an air cannon.

The 100 mile-per-hour video is still impressive though, because he does it from about 30 feet away, which is half the distance from a pitcher’s mound to home plate.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 10/15/15

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Isn’t Filming in Vegas While the Family Visits Lamar Odom

The first question on everyone’s mind when they heard that the KARDASHIANS were going to Las Vegas to be with LAMAR ODOM was, “Did an E! camera crew go with them?”

You know, to film an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. And the answer is NO, at least not yet.

Meanwhile, Lamar is still unconscious and on a ventilator. Just about every source is reporting that drugs WERE found in his system. There’s no official word what drugs, though, and will probably come out of this with brain damage . . . if he ever wakes up.


Blow Off of the Week – Featuring Nick Cannon

NICK CANNON got the big-time blow-off from a hot blonde in Southern California.

The woman remains unidentified, but the report is that Nick hustled over to woo this sexy young thing, but that was when she revealed she was a big-time MARIAH CAREY fan.

He snapped back saying, quote, “You killed any chance I’d ask you out!” Her response was classic, quote, “I don’t like kept men.”


Great Seats Huh? – Cubs tickets are outrageously expensive.

The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 107-years.

They haven’t been to the NLCS in 12-years. For their fans, seeing it live will not come cheap. Online ticket-brokers estimate that the average cost of a ticket at Wrigley Field for the upcoming series will be close to $15-hundred dollars –the most expensive in years.

As of yesterday, the most expensive was a front-row seat behind the visiting dugout for $11,700. For a potential World Series seat, the listings average $4,300; for reference, Super Bowl tickets generally sell in the range of $2,200-$35,000.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 10/15/15

A Zoo’s Meerkat Expert Attacked the Monkey Handler — Because of a Love Triangle With the Llama Keeper

You know a zoo is terrible when the staff is more out-of-control than the animals.

30-year-old Caroline Westlake was the meerkat expert at the London Zoo in England and last year she dated Adam Davies, who worked there as the llama keeper. But Adam had ALSO dated Kate Sanders, the zoo’s MONKEY handler.

Well their dirty love triangle boiled over at the zoo’s Christmas party. Caroline said she heard Kate insult her looks, so they got into a fight and Caroline hit Kate in the face with a WINE glass. It left a permanent scar on Kate’s cheek.

So Caroline was fired, and just got sentenced to 80 hours of community service for assault. She also has to pay Kate $1,235 in compensation.

Click here to see their pictures. Caroline is in the blue jacket.


I’m Not Dead! It’s Just An Ear Infection

In India, a man woke up at the morgue moments before his own autopsy.

The 45-year-old was found passed out at a bus depot in Mumbai. Doctors couldn’t find a pulse and declared him dead. Hospital rules require that deceased patients be held in a special ward for two hours, just in case they’re not actually dead.

But, for some reason, this guy was taken straight to the autopsy room. As medical technicians prepared to cut him open, they noticed he was breathing. It turns out the poor guy was just suffering from an ear infection and malnutrition. An investigation is underway.


A Guy Tried to Open an Airplane Door at 30,000 Feet — Because He Thought It Was the Bathroom

Did you know it’s impossible to open the door on an airplane when you’re up in the air because of the pressure?

It’s a good thing that’s true because James Gray from Alloa, Scotland was on a flight to Amsterdam last weekend and had to go to the bathroom. But somehow he got confused and thought the airplane door was the bathroom door.

We’re not sure if he’d been drinking but, you know, he’s a Scottish guy who was going on vacation, so you can make your own conclusion.

Anyway, as soon as he touched the door handle, the staff on the airplane flipped out, even though it would’ve been impossible for him to open it because of the pressure up at 30,000 feet.

He was arrested when the plane landed and thrown in jail, fined $675, and had to fly back to Scotland on a different airline.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 10/14/15

A Guy Finds a Dead Rat in His Subway Sandwich, and It’s Not a Hoax

Two guys went to a Subway in Lincoln City, Oregon last week, and one of them ordered an Italian sub with spinach on it.

So the guy making it dug the last spinach out of the container, and put it on. But before the guy could finish his sandwich, he spotted a DEAD RAT. The guys got refunds, and more importantly . . . they snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook.

The health department gave the store a full inspection afterward, and didn’t find any contamination. So they think the rat was in the bag of spinach when it was shipped, ended up at the bottom of the spinach container, and made it onto the sandwich.

So, uh, what about all the people who ate spinach from that bag BEFORE they found the rat? A health department spokesman says they consulted with experts and they don’t think those people are at risk.

Quote, “Although it’s not very appetizing, the risk of someone becoming sick due to eating lettuce with those particular circumstances was very low.”

Click here to see a picture of the rat in the sandwich.


A Topless Model Causes a Bike Accident

Ana Pavel is Miss Bikini Ireland, which is apparently a real thing.

And she was in Dublin on Monday trying to raise breast cancer awareness . . . by doing a topless photo shoot in the middle of the street.

And a guy happened to be biking by when she took off her top and he promptly crashed. There’s a perfect photo of the moment circulating around online.

Click here to see a pic.


A Mailman Saved an 11-Year-Old Girl from a Fire, Then Kept Delivering Mail

55-year-old mailman Steve Shipman was delivering mail in Vinita, Oklahoma back in February, when he saw a house on FIRE.

First he called 911, and then started banging on the front door. Then he heard someone calling for HELP. So he ran around back and smashed out a window with a two-by-four and pulled out an 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL.

After she was safe, Steve made sure no one else was in the house. Then, he got back in his truck and kept delivering mail. He didn’t even tell anyone about it.

But the next morning, the story was on the front page of his local paper. And last Thursday, the National Association of Letter Carriers named him one of their “Heroes of the Year” at an event in Washington D.C.

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