Dirt Alert: Thursday, 2/26/15

A Down and Dirty “Quickie”

Seattle Seahawks running back MARSHAWN LYNCH wants to trademark his famous line, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”    Well….Coach PETE CARROLL says it’s a bad decision.

(–And let’s face it, nobody knows more about bad decisions than Pete Carroll!)


President George Clooney????

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present President George Clooney!

Sorry, ladies, but we’ll probably never see President GEORGE CLOONEY at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Various ‘Rag Mag’ reports tell us that Clooney has big political ambitions and will be endorsing the Democrats in 2016, but the past may come back to haunt him.

Insiders claim his history of drugs, boozing, womanizing and “secret criminal connections” will kill any hope he has of making it to the White House.

And while we’re on the subject, it’s time for Donald Trump to once again say he’s seriously considering running — and that he really means it this time.

Trump publicly flirted with a presidential run in both 2000 and 2012.


Madonna Fell Off The Stage Last Night!

MADONNA is definitely not the Caped Crusader.

She performed last night at the BRIT Awards in London, and during her new single, “Living For Love,” she was standing on a staircase leading up to the stage, but her cape got in the way and she fell. But, since Madonna is a pro, she brushed it off and finished the number. The cape was really long and she got all tangled up in it.

Minutes after it happened, Madonna’s fall became an instant worldwide meme.


Will Lester Holt Replace Brian Williams????

LESTER HOLT is filling in for BRIAN WILLIAMS during his suspension and isn’t worried about the future of his sweet gig.

Photographers for TMZ.com caught up with the Lester and asked if he’d fight Brian for the anchor job in six months! The pro simply laughed off the question before hopping in a chauffeured, shiny black SUV.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 2/25/15

A Down And Dirty Quickie!!!

JESSICA BIEL is, like, the most pregnant woman EVER.


Sean Penn Throws Madonna Under The Bus

Sean Penn has been married two times.  Once to Madonna and once to Robin Wright…but he threw both ladies under the bus by telling Esquire Magazine that if he marries Charlize Theron, he would consider it his “first marriage.”

His exact quote was, “You say I’ve been married twice before but I’ve been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today, so I wouldn’t even consider it a third marriage, I’d consider it a first marriage on its own terms.”

Sean Penn has been dating Charlize Theron for over a year.


Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Regimen Includes a $455 Cream and $795 LED Therapy Machine 

Do you want to look like KIM KARDASHIAN?  It’ll cost you.  Kim laid out her beauty regimen on a website called IntoTheGloss.com.  And you can’t afford it.

Kim starts by taking off her makeup with Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes.  That’s the part you CAN afford, because a pack of seven only costs $1.83.  But things go pretty high-end from there.  She also uses . . .

A Refreshing Cleansing Gel by Terry Pureté de Rose:  $52. Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Rich Cream:  $455. C+C Vitamin Cream:  $115. Tracie Martyn Shakti Resculpting Cream:  $155.

She also treats her psoriasis with a Quasar MD Plus at-home LED light therapy machine . . . which costs $795.  When you add up everything Kim mentions in the article, the bill comes to $2,087.75.


The Next “Dancing with the Stars” Cast Includes Michael Sam, Suzanne Somers, and Patti LaBelle

The cast of the 20th season of “Dancing with the Stars” will feature:  Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL and then be cast on “Dancing with the Stars”, Patti LaBelle, Suzanne Somers, and Rumer Willis.

A bonus contestant will be added in the coming weeks.  Season 20 premieres on March 16th.


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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 2/24/15

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden FOREVER!!!

If you don’t believe the marriage of CAMERON DIAZ and BENJI MADDEN is going to last forever, then you know NOTHING about the power of tattoos.

Because Benji got Cameron’s name inked across his chest, above a big heart.  So obviously, there’s no way they could possibly ever get divorced.


Leonard Nimoy Was Hospitalized with Severe Chest Pains Last Week 

“Star Trek”legend LEONARD NIMOY was hospitalized last week, supposedly for severe chest pains.

What we know for sure is that paramedics responded to a 911 call at Nimoy’s house on Thursday, and took one person to the hospital.

A year ago, Nimoy announced that he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.  And he got it from smoking, even though he quit 30 YEARS AGO.  He’s 83 years old.

A lot of people are tweeting best wishes to Nimoy with “LLAP”, which stands for “Live Long and Prosper.”


When Tom Brady Is Done with Football, He Wants to Pursue Acting 

So what does Tom Brady want to do when he retires from football?

Well, when he’s done deflating balls for the New England Patriots, he wants to pursue ACTING.

An “insider” tells “Star” magazine, quote, “At 37, Tom knows he only has a few seasons left before retirement.  He’s thinking ahead and believes he could become a huge movie star.”

Supposedly, his wife GISELE BUNDCHEN isn’t too thrilled with the idea, because she doesn’t like the thought that Tom would be hanging out with hot actresses.


Billy Bob Thornton Had A Secret Wedding Back In October

Billy Bob Thornton secretly wed his longtime girlfriend Connie Angland after 12 years of dating.

The couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony at their home in L.A back in October!

Only family was invited.

They already have one child together — a daughter named Bella who was born in 2004.

This is Billy Bob’s sixth marriage.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 2/23/15

“Birdman” Had a Pretty Good Night at the Oscars

“Birdman” was the big winner at last night’s Oscars.  It took home four Oscars . . . Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography.

Michael Keaton lost the Best Actor award to Eddie Redmayne, the guy who played Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”.

Meanwhile, Julianne Moore took Best Actress for “Still Alice”, which is a movie about Alzheimer’s disease.

J.K. Simmons won Best Supporting Actor for “Whiplash”, and Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for “Boyhood”.  Her speech  demanding equal pay for women brought Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez to their feet.


Leonardo DiCaprio Threw Rihanna a 27th Birthday Party 

So Leonardo Dicaprio and Rihanna broke up?  Not so fast!!!

RIHANNA had a huge party Friday night for her 27th birthday, and sources say her alleged boyfriend LEONARDO DICAPRIO helped put it on.  It was held at a private home in Beverly Hills and lasted until 4:00 A.M. the next morning.

Guests included Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Russell Simmons.  A source says Rihanna and Leo were, quote, “dancing close all night.”

(Check out a picture and video from the party.


Kim, Khloe, Kylie and North Were in an Accident in Montana  

Four members of the KARDASHIAN clan were involved in a car accident on an icy road in Montana on Saturday.  They did not die.

KHLOE was driving an SUV with KIM, KYLIE and North inside, when a plow passed them, kicking up snow and making it hard for Khloe to see.  They hit a patch of ice, spun out and ended up in a ditch on the other side of the road.

Nobody was injured.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 2/10/15

HOT New Couple Alert!!! 

In Touch magazine reports that PRINCE HARRY has been seeing “Harry Potter” actress EMMA WATSON!


Bobbi Kristina Brown Had a Tracheotomy, Which Is a Sign She May Not Recover Soon 

Doctors performed a tracheotomy on BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN this week . . . so they could move her breathing tube from her mouth to her throat.  It’s a standard procedure, and cuts down on the risk of infection.

But it’s also a sign that she won’t recover anytime soon.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta told CNN, quote, “This is an indication that the patient will need this for weeks and months to come, as opposed to hours and days.”


Charlie Sheen Didn’t Return for the “Two and a Half Men” Finale 

A huge opportunity was squandered last night, because CHARLIE SHEEN did NOT return for the series finale of “Two and a Half Men”.

One can only speculate that the show’s creator, CHUCK LORRE wasn’t cool with Charlie coming back, since Charlie had said he was more than willing to do so.

Meanwhile, ANGUS T. JONES did return for a cameo, and there were cameos from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christian Slater.


Beyoncé Will Divorce Jay Z If He Really Did Have A Love Child

A source told The National Enquirer that Beyoncé will divorce Jay Z if a 21-year-old aspiring rapper claiming to be his son….is indeed his.

Earlier this week, reports came out that the “son” filed legal documents, claiming that Jay Z was his father and that Jay Z refuses to take a paternity test.

Well, if it turns out that he IS Jay’s son that may be the breaking-point for Beyoncé.

The source explained, “Beyoncé is in pieces over what a divorce means to her. But if Jay Z has fathered a love child, I’m sure she wouldn’t have any option. There’s only so much anyone can take!”

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 2/19/15

A Down and Dirty ‘Quickie!’

LANCE ARMSTRONG pleaded guilty to reckless driving over an accident that he originally tried to get his girlfriend to take the rap for.


George Clooney Is Getting A Panic Room

George and Amal Clooney are taking extra security precautions in their home in Berkshire, England.

The couple has decided to install a panic room on the property.  It will be fireproof, bombproof, and attack-resistant.

The panic-room reportedly has more to do with Amal’s job as a human-rights lawyer than George’s fear of rabid fans. Amal has high-profile clients in controversial cases. She needs to be secure.


Vanilla Ice Was Arrested for Theft

VANILLA ICE was arrested yesterday for stealing furniture from a home that’s in foreclosure in Lantana, Florida.

Police say Ice . . . a.k.a. ROBERT VAN WINKLE . . . also stole a pool heater, a bicycle, and some other stuff.  It happened sometime in the last three months.

Ice has been renovating a nearby house, possibly for his cable show “The Vanilla Ice Project”, and police found the stolen loot after getting a search warrant.


Is Roseanne Doing “Dancing with the Stars”? 

The new cast of “Dancing with the Stars” will be announced Tuesday on “Good Morning America”, and a few POSSIBLE names have already leaked.  The most interesting of the bunch is ROSEANNE.

She actually Tweeted a few weeks ago that she was thinking about it.

Another possibility is MALCOLM BUTLER, the New England Patriot who caught the Super Bowl-winning interception.


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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 2/18/15

A Down and Dirty “Quickie”

At her dad’s fashion show last week, North West was actually wearing a BULLET-PROOF VEST that he designed.

By the way . . . thanks to North, there is now supposedly a NO KIDS rule for the rest of New York Fashion Week.


More Than 450,000 People Pirated “Fifty Shades of Grey” This Weekend 

“Fifty Shades of Grey” made a ton of money on its opening weekend, but it could have made more.  Poor-quality pirated copies of the movie were downloaded more than 450,000 times over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Time.com reports that a drive-in theater showing the movie in Sacramento caused a traffic jam . . . not to mention complaints from parents who happened to be driving within sight of the screen with their kids in the car.


Christina Aguilera Treats Fans To Starbucks Coffee

Christina Aguilera treated some of her fans to Starbucks coffee Monday night.

Christina announced on her Twitter account that she was at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City and would be buying everyone coffee and signing their cups for 1-hour.

Needless to say, the store was mobbed by fans, but Christina kept her word.  She bought everyone’s coffee and personally autographed their cups!


Is Taylor Swift Walking Down the Aisle!??

Taylor Swift is walking down the aisle….but not as a bride!

Taylor Swift has been asked to be her best friend’s Maid of Honor. Taylor shared the request from her best friend, Brit Maack, on Instagram, which said, “Taylor, You are more than a friend, you are more than a best friend, you are my sister. I cannot imagine having any one else by my side on my wedding day… Will you be my Maid of Honor?”

Taylor captioned the pic, “YEAH I WILL.”

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 2/17/15

Lance Armstrong Has to Pay $10 Million for Lying Under Oath 

In 2005, LANCE ARMSTRONG swore under oath that he’d never used performance-enhancing drugs.  Well it would appear that was never NOT using performance-enhancing drugs.

And it’s not a good idea to commit perjury because an arbitration panel in Texas just ordered Lance to pay a $10 million penalty to the sports insurance company that paid his Tour de France bonuses.

That’s the largest sanction against an individual in U.S. history.  Under oath, Lance had said, quote, “I race the bike straight up fair and square.”  LIVE STRONG!


The “SNL” Anniversary Special Delivered Huge Ratings 

The “Saturday Night Live: 40th Anniversary Special” drew a HUGE audience for NBC on Sunday night.

The three-and-a-half-hour special averaged 23.1 million viewers, making it NBC’s most-watched, non-sports, prime-time entertainment telecast in more than 10 years.

The hour-long red-carpet special averaged 11.1 million viewers.  And on social media, a record-breaking 9.1 million people interacted with 1.3 million Tweets about the show.


“It’s My Party” Singer Lesley Gore Has Died 

Singer LESLEY GORE died of lung cancer yesterday morning at the age of 68.  She’s best known for her 1963 hit “It’s My Party.

Some of her other songs included:  “You Don’t Own Me”, “Judy’s Turn to Cry”, “She’s a Fool”, and “Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows”.

She also appeared on the ’60s “Batman” show as Catwoman’s sidekick Pussycat.


Justin Bieber Picks Up $200 Restaurant Tab For NYPD Cops

Justin Bieber seems to be continuing his image-polishing campaign…because while he was eating at the “Comfort Diner” in Midtown Manhattan on Friday night, “The Bieb” noticed a group of New York City cops eating dinner alongside him.

So, he decided to pay for their tab, which came out to around $200.  They thanked Justin and took a photo with him to show to their families.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 2/13/15

A Down and Dirty Quikie!

Yesterday was ROSIE O’DONNELL’s final day on “The View.” (–I heard the staff is throwing a massive going away party. For themselves!!)


Another Down and Dirty Quikie! 

Happy Valentine’s Day,Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from her husband Rick Salomon….again.

It’s the third time Pamela has married – and divorced – Rick.


New in Theaters:  “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan star in the movie everyone’s talking about this Valentine’s Day weekend!

She plays a shy student named Anastasia Steele, who surrenders herself to billionaire Christian Grey and is quickly seduced into his decadent and deviant lifestyle.

A side note:  Firefighters around the world have reported an increase in the number of calls from people stuck in handcuffs since the books came out and that situation could get worse now that the movie is opening.


Bill Cosby Has Two More Accusers 

Two more women stepped forward to accuse BILL COSBY of drugging and sexually assaulting them when they were young models.

Not surprisingly, the women are being represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who accompanied them to a press conference yesterday.

Along with a woman who came forward earlier this week, Cosby now has THREE DOZEN accusers.

(You can see clips from the conference, and pictures of the women when they were young, here.)


John Mayer Steppin’ Out On KP Again!

JOHN MAYER may not be a one-woman man. (Duh!)

We’re getting this report from the National Enquirer. . . . saying that John, the charming crooner that he is, has a “girl in every port” and is still carrying on with all of them, despite being back in KATY PERRY’s good graces.

Word is that Katy is playing things cool and won’t commit until he can prove his fidelity, but her plan totally backfired and friends are bracing for her to “hit the roof” when she finds out.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 2/12/15

Taylor Swift’s Manifest Dynasty Continues

The TAYLOR SWIFT Task Force has claimed another victim.  Last month, the New York Daily News did a feature on RONNIE CREMER, the guy who gave Taylor Swift guitar lessons when she was a kid, and helped her record a demo.

The day after the story came out, Ronnie bought the domain name ITaughtTaylorSwift.com. Last week, Taylor’s lawyers told Ronnie that his website (quote), “incorporates the famous Taylor Swift trademark in its entirety and suggests that the Domain Name and your use of the Domain Name are also highly likely to dilute, and to tarnish, the famous Taylor Swift trademark.”

But, Ronnie’s not going to budge. He said he bought the domain name from GoDaddy, and he’s keeping it.


Will Jon Stewart Take Over for Brian Williams? 

Some people think there’s a chance JON STEWART could be taking over for BRIAN WILLIAMS at NBC.  The speculation is all about TIMING.

News of Jon’s “Daily Show” departure and Brian’s “NBC Nightly News” suspension hit the Internet at almost the exact same time . . . and Brian’s suspension is up at almost the exact same time as Jon’s Comedy Central contract.

(–It’s all one big conspiracy theory at this point.)

In any event, this is interesting:  In 2009, Brian Williams was a runner-up in “Time” magazine’s online poll of America’s Most Trusted Newscasters.  He had 29% of the vote.  And coming in first with 44% was:  Jon Stewart.


Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Party Separately At Same Club

The fling between Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna really is over.

Both stars were spotted at a hot club in LA over the weekend, but they were NOT hanging out together.  As a matter of fact…it looks like they were doing everything in their power to avoid one another.

Leo was flirting with a blonde model at his table by the DJ booth while Rihanna was hanging out at the club-owner’s table….on the other side of the building.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 2/11/15

We Have A Down And Dirty Quickie!!!

“OK!” magazine says LEONARDO DICAPRIO and RIHANNA broke up.


Speaking of Quickies

Here we go again:  JOHN TRAVOLTA will be a presenter at this year’s Oscars.


Jon Stewart is Leaving “The Daily Show” 

JON STEWART announced last night that he’s LEAVING “The Daily Show” later this year.  He said, quote, “In my heart I know it is time for someone else to have [this] opportunity.”

Jon said his contract is up in September, but that’s not necessarily when he’ll go.  As for what he plans to do, he said, he has “a lot of ideas.”

And he added, quote, “I’m gonna have dinner on a school night with my family, who I have heard through multiple sources are lovely people.”

Jon took over “The Daily Show” from CRAIG KILBORN in 1999 . . . and in the 17 years since, the show’s ratings have increased 400%.

(–We have video of the announcement. . . . .)


Bobbi Kristina Not Being Taken Off Life Support

Representatives for Bobby Brown are speaking out about reports surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown, who is still in an Atlanta hospital fighting for her life.

It’s had been reported that the family was going to take Bobbi Kristina off of life support today, the 3rd anniversary of her mother, Whitney Houston’s, death.

But Bobby Brown is denying those reports.  He released a statement through his attorney that said, “The false reports that continue to appear in print and on the internet are egregious, false and will be dealt with at an appropriate time.”


NBC Suspended Brian Williams For Six Months

BRIAN WILLIAMS suspended himself for “several days” after admitting that his now-infamous helicopter story wasn’t true.  But NBC News is taking him off the air for a LOT longer.

NBC has suspended Brian for SIX MONTHS without pay, effective immediately.  LESTER HOLT will continue filling in him.

An NBC News executive said, quote, “We believe this suspension is the appropriate and proportionate action.”

However, she added that they stopped short of firing him all together, because, quote, “We felt it would’ve been wrong to disregard the good work Brian has done . . . he’s been an important and well-respected part of our organization.”

Brian hasn’t commented.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 2/10/15

Did Charles Manson’s “Girlfriend” Just Want to Marry Him for His Corpse? 

The 27-year-old woman who was supposed to marry CHARLES MANSON supposedly only wanted to do it so she could get his remains after he dies, and that’s why the wedding is off.

A guy who’s writing a book about Manson claims the woman and a friend wanted to display his body in a glass coffin to make money.

But according to the author, Manson eventually caught on . . . quote, “He’s finally realized that he’s been played for a fool.”

He also says Manson thinks this is a stupid idea because, quote, “He feels he will never die.”  Manson is 80.


Katie Couric Denies That She’s Gunning For Brian Williams’ Job

Katie Couric wants you to know that she IS NOT trying to get Brian Williams’ job at NBC Nightly News.

Huge….credible….media sources like the Washington Post and the New York Daily News compared Katie to a shark smelling blood and claimed she was already hitting up her old contacts at the network…..trying to see if she could take Brian Williams’ place.

Yesterday, Katie tweeted “Any rumors about me and NBC completely untrue. Wishing my friends at my former home the best during this tough time.”


Kanye West Doubled Down on His Grammy Rant, But Beck Stayed Classy

KANYE WEST isn’t taking back his ignorant comments about how BEYONCÉ deserved Album of the Year, and how BECK should give his award to her.

Kanye said he didn’t mean to imply that Beck wasn’t an artist (even though that’s exactly what he did.)  He said it was only aimed at the Grammys, because, quote, “Beck knows that Beyoncé should’ve won.”

Beck stayed classy about the whole thing . . . to the point where he even PRAISED Kanye.  He said, quote, “Absolutely, I thought [Beyoncé] was going to win.  I still love [Kanye], and think he’s genius.  I aspire to what he does.  How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

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