Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 5/3/16

Sinead O’Connor Says Arsenio Hall Was Prince’s Drug Dealer

SINEAD O’CONNOR has a big lead for the investigators looking into PRINCE’s death.

In a Facebook post, she said, quote, “Two words for the DEA investigating where Prince got his drugs over the decades: Arsenio Hall.

Quote, “Anyone imagining Prince was not a longtime hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land. Arsenio, I’ve reported you to the Carver County sheriff’s office. Expect their call. You best get tidying your man cave.”

Arsenio’s rep responded a few hours later . . . quote, “The statement regarding Arsenio Hall is absolutely false, ridiculous and absurd.”

Everyone listening should know straight up, Sinead isn’t the most reliable source on ANYTHING, but when it comes to providing an interesting rant on Facebook, this was pretty entertaining!!


Julia Roberts Made $3 Million for Four Days of Work

JULIA ROBERTS only did four days’ worth of work on the movie “Mother’s Day”, and guess how much they paid her?

$3 MILLION. That’s $750,000 a day. “Mother’s Day” opened this past weekend with just $8.3 million.

Julia was also in the 2010 flick “Valentine’s Day”, another romantic comedy with an ensemble cast and multiple storylines. It was even directed by the same guy, Gary Marshall. She was paid $3 million for that one, and she was onscreen for all of six minutes.


Little Richard Gravely Sick

Is 2016 about to claim another musical icon??

Little Richard, one of the founding fathers of Rock N’Roll, is reportedly gravely ill.

Little Richard is 83-years old and has been through some tough times in recent years, suffering from a heart attack, a stroke, and a hip surgery which left him wheelchair bound.

His family has gathered by his bedside at a hospital near his home in Macon, Georgia, but nobody is commenting on his condition.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 5/2/16

Prince’s Secret Vault Cracked Opened

A bank cracked open Prince’s secret personal vault, the one that supposedly has all his recordings.

It’s the bank that had recently been appointed the trustee of his estate, and since no one had the combination, they needed to break in so they could protect his assets. It’s unclear what they found.

Also, reports have surfaced claiming that Prince entered an outpatient rehab program just before his death. According to KSTP in Minneapolis, he attended the rehab center to “move away from using medication prescribed to treat his severe pain.”

Sources also told the TV station that even though Prince entered the rehab program – that does NOT mean that he was addicted to a controlled substance.


Woody Harrelson Can’t Open a Pot Dispensary in Hawaii

Do what you love for a living, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

That’s probably what WOODY HARRELSON was thinking when he applied to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii.

He was one of more than 60 people who applied. Only eight of them were approved on Friday, and he wasn’t one of them. There’s no word why he was denied.

Woody has been all about the weed for years. He’s even on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.


“Match Game” Is Coming Back, with Alec Baldwin As the Host

ABC is bringing back “Match Game” for a limited 10-episode run with ALEC BALDWIN hosting.

It’s going to be a part of a ‘Sunday Fun & Games Night,’ which will start on June 26th.

The night will also include “Celebrity Family Feud” with Steve Harvey, and a new version of “$100,000 Pyramid” hosted by Michael Strahan. That is, unless he leaves them high and dry too.


Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Won a Daytime Emmy

The Daytime Emmy winners were announced yesterday, and guess who got a trophy?

KELLY RIPA and MICHAEL STRAHAN. They won Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts for the second year in a row.

Neither one of them were at the ceremony, but they were never scheduled to be there in the first place. They beat out Wendy Williams and the ladies of “The View”, “The Real”, and “The Talk”.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 4/29/16

Down ‘N Dirty in 1992

What would a Dirt Alert from 1992 sound like? PAULA ABDUL and actor EMILIO ESTEVEZ were married in a judge’s chambers in Santa Monica, CA this day, 1992.


Celebrities Behaving Badly

JOHNNY MANZIEL isn’t the type to let a grand jury indictment get in the way of a good time.

TMZ.com reports Manziel flew from Texas back to Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday night so he could check out (wait for it…) JUSTIN BIEBER in concert! The duo posed for a selfie together just hours after it was decided that he’d face misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly attack ex-girlfriend COLLEEN CROWLEY.

Manziel swears he’s innocent


Are There Raccoons Living In Your Walls?

The “Property Brothers” are known for making fixer-uppers into dream homes, but there’s a lot of disgusting stuff along the way.

Yahoo.com reports that JONATHON and DREW SCOTT have found everything from petrified rats to live raccoons in the walls they destroy, not to mention other crazy items like an Antique Playboy magazine collection!


Are the Kardashians on the “Brink of Financial Ruin”?

The KARDASHIAN / JENNER family seems absurdly rich . . . especially since it’s still unclear what they actually DO.

But an amusing report from Radar Online claims they’re “on the brink of financial ruin.” Apparently the Kardashians are spending money like crazy, and yet their ‘brand’ is fading. (–We can only hope, right?)

They say ratings for their shows are down, and they’re mismanaging their finances. Of course, this is probably a BIG exaggeration as some reports say the family is worth around $300 MILLION, but if it’s true that Kim “blows $300,000 a month on shopping”, well yeah, that isn’t sustainable for anyone. (–Don’t worry, Kanye will come to the rescue.)

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 4/27/16

A Down ‘N Dirty Anniversary

Guns ‘N Roses singer AXL ROSE wed DON EVERLY’s daughter, ERIN, this day 1990. They said it wouldn’t last –and they were right. They were divorced 27 days later.


Consciously Coupled – Chris Martin and Heather Graham

CHRIS MARTIN may be consciously coupling with HEATHER GRAHAM. They were spotted walking on the beach in Malibu over the weekend.


Kelly Ripa Returned To “Live”

KELLY RIPA returned to “Live!” yesterday, and talked openly about feeling disrespected by how ABC told her that MICHAEL STRAHAN was leaving for “Good Morning America”.

Kelly and Michael seemed fine, but now Michael’s last day is May 13th, three months earlier than expected. Apparently both Kelly and Michael were eager to move on, professionally and personally.


Prince And The Purple Sausage Tribute

A British butcher paid tribute to PRINCE by creating PURPLE SAUSAGES.

There’s just one problem. Prince was a vegan. The butcher says he didn’t know Prince was vegan, and that he didn’t mean to be disrespectful.

Naturally, PETA is all up in arms. Quote, “Prince was an outspoken vegan who would never have gone near a butcher’s shop. And he certainly would not have wanted his name exploited to sell novelty sausages.”

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 4/26/16

Prince Didn’t Have a Will . . . Who’s Gonna Inherit His Fortune?

Word has it that PRINCE didn’t have a will when he died, and he wasn’t married, he didn’t have kids, and his parents are dead.

So it looks like his siblings would be next in line to inherit his fortune. He has a sister Tyka, along with three half-brothers and two half-sisters. Under Minnesota law, half-siblings are considered equal to full siblings in cases like this.

The size of Prince’s estate isn’t clear either. Different reports put his net worth somewhere between $150 million and $300 million. Plus, there’s a good chance that could grow another $100 million in the aftermath of his death.


Tom Brady Will Have to Serve His Four-Game Suspension After All

TOM BRADY got some bad news yesterday because ‘Deflate Gate’ is back!!!

A federal appeals court has upheld and reinstated the NFL’s four-game suspension, so Tom WILL have to accept the punishment.

Tom must have seen this coming because he re-worked his contract with the Patriots. Basically his salary for the upcoming year was reduced from $9 million to $1 million. And in exchange, he got a $28 million signing bonus.

Pretty smart, under the old deal, a four-game suspension would mean he’d have to forfeit $2.1 million. With the new terms, he’s only losing $235,000. The league is only able to deduct from a player’s salary, not any bonuses.


Has Martin Sheen Given Up on Charlie?

CHARLIE SHEEN has had his dad’s support through a lot of really bad times.

However, now that he’s accused of threatening to have his ex-fiancée MURDERED, he may have just lost that support.

A source told Radar Online, quote, “Martin’s endured so much pain over Charlie. But when it reaches the point where Charlie might be engaging in evil, criminal behavior, it cuts him to the bone.”

Martin is torn though, because he feels some responsibility for all this chaos. Quote, “Some people say Charlie is a monster . . . his folks carry guilt they may have played a part.”

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 4/25/16

The Latest on the Investigation Into Prince’s Death

It’s been four days since PRINCE died, and the cause of death is still a mystery.

The coroner completed the autopsy on Friday, but the results are still pending because the toxicology results could take four to six weeks to come back. In a press conference, the sheriff said there were “no obvious signs of trauma” on his body, and that they have no “reason to believe it was a suicide.”

For now it seems like a lot of theories floating around on what lead to Prince’s death. TMZ claims Prince overdosed on Percocet the week before he died, and that’s why his plane had to make that emergency landing.

“Entertainment Tonight” says he had a bad case of the flu that turned into walking pneumonia. And frankly, there’s a decent chance that SEVERAL of these things could’ve contributed to his death.

Prince’s body was released to the family, and he was cremated. There’s no word on where the remains will be kept.


Kelly and Michael Will Be Back on “Live!” Tomorrow

KELLY RIPA will return to “Live!” tomorrow morning.

She sent an email to the staff that said, quote, “We are a family and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.”

There have been all sorts of rumors about how furious Kelly is that MICHAEL STRAHAN is leaving for “Good Morning America”, especially since he kept her in the dark about it until the last second.

But there’s also been talk that they couldn’t stand each other behind the scenes, so maybe she should be happy she’s getting a new co-host.

Meanwhile, OPRAH WINFREY weighed in on the situation and tells TMZ.com that she’s “really excited” for MICHAEL STRAHAN, but admits Kelly Ripa shouldn’t have been the last to know her co-host was moving on.


Kanye West Gives ‘Imma Let You Finish’ Speech At Friend’s Wedding

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attended their friend, nightclub guru Dave Grutman’s, wedding in Miami Beach this weekend.

But Kanye couldn’t just allow all of the attention to be on the bride and groom. According to TMZ, when it came time to give toasts to the bride and groom, Kanye interrupted the best-man’s speech….grabbing the mic….and going into his infamous “Imma let you finish speech.”

Kanye says he was just making fun of himself and the people at the reception DID laugh – including the bride and groom.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 4/22/16

Prince Died Yesterday at Age 57 . . .

2016 has claimed another legendary musician. PRINCE passed away yesterday morning at his Paisley Park compound just outside Minneapolis. And he was only 57.

He was found unresponsive in an elevator, and paramedics weren’t able to revive him. He was pronounced dead less than 25 minutes later.

There’s no word on a cause of death. An autopsy will be done sometime today. His people say he’d been suffering from flu-like symptoms for the past few weeks. Last Thursday, he performed a show in Atlanta, but got so sick on the flight home that his private plane had to make an emergency landing.

Then he was hospitalized, released, and on Saturday, he showed up at a dance party and told the crowd that he’d be fine. He said, quote, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Which is kind of ominous.


Was It an Overdose?

TMZ says the plane made an emergency landing because he’d suffered an OVERDOSE.

Sources say he was rushed to the hospital so doctors could give him a so-called “save shot” to counteract the effects of an opiate.

According to TMZ, the doctors told him to stay in the hospital for 24 hours, but Prince and his entourage left after just THREE hours because he couldn’t get a private room. And when he left, he was, quote, “not doing well.”

Meanwhile, the “Santa Monica Observer” is floating another theory. They have anonymous sources saying Prince died of AIDS. Supposedly he contracted it back in the ’90s, but was on meds to keep it under control. Like we mentioned, an autopsy will be performed and we’ll find out more.

For what it’s worth, Prince’s last show in Atlanta got rave reviews, and he wasn’t showing signs of being sick. He ended the show with “Purple Rain”. (Here’s a clip. And there are a few more links here.)


“Time” Magazine’s Most Influential People

“Time” revealed its list of the 100 Most Influential People yesterday. As usual, there are plenty of celebrities and athletes on it. They include:

Charlize Theron, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Idris Elba, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ronda Rousey, and Adel.

Ooops, almost forgot to mention Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, and Caitlyn Jenner . . . and, unfortunately, Donald Trump.

As far as presidential candidates go, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz also made the list. Sorry, John Kasich.


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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 4/21/16

How About Some Clean Dirt?

Think all of todays teenagers are worried about thousand-dollar kicks and selfies? Think again!

TRISTIN BUDZYN-BARKER made a friend for life when he found CHRIS HEMSWORTH’s wallet in a “rough” area near the airport and promptly returned it –with the cash inside!

The 17-year-old is a good kid that builds shelters for horses. Hemsworth gave him the money inside the wallet with a little extra, while ELLEN DeGENERES handed over a $10,000 check from Shutterfly!


Former WWE Superstar Chyna Has Died

Former WWE superstar CHYNA was found dead yesterday at a home in the Los Angeles area.

Police are investigating it as a possible overdose. Her real name was Joanie Laurer.

Chyna was a HUGE part of the WWE’s “Attitude Era” in the ’90s. She started out as the bodyguard for the group D-Generation X, which included SHAWN MICHAELS and TRIPLE H.

She was only 45 years old and she had been battling substance abuse for years.


Kelly Ripa Is M.I.A., and It’s Unclear When She’ll Return to “Live!”

KELLY RIPA has been missing-in-action since MICHAEL STRAHAN revealed that he was leaving “Live!” for “Good Morning America”.

She hasn’t commented, and she isn’t showing up for work. The plan was for her to host the show with Michael until he leaves in September, but Britain’s “Daily Mail” claims she’s refusing to return until Michael is gone.

Replacement hosts have been lined up through next Monday, but she may be out even longer. ABC says it’s a previously scheduled vacation, but no one is buying that.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 4/20/16

Is Jennifer Aniston “People’s” Most Beautiful Woman for 2016?

The website GossipCop.com says that JENNIFER ANISTON will be “People” magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2016.

If it’s true, this will be her second time. She also won it 12 years ago, in 2004. The official announcement is expected today.

SANDRA BULLOCK won last year. And JULIA ROBERTS has been Most Beautiful Woman four times, more than anyone else. She got it in 1991, 2000, 2005, and 2010.

Jennifer and Julia star together in the movie “Mother’s Day”, which comes out next Friday. KATE HUDSON is in that one, too. She was “People’s” Most Beautiful Woman in 2008.


Michael Strahan Is Leaving Kelly Ripa for “Good Morning America”

MICHAEL STRAHAN is leaving KELLY RIPA to join “Good Morning America” as a full-time co-anchor in September.

He’ll continue co-hosting “Live!” until this summer, but there’s no word on his last day. Rumor has it “GMA” offered him an EIGHT-FIGURE deal. He’s been Kelly’s co-host for four years . . . and in 2014 he started appearing on “Good Morning America” twice a week.

It sounds like Kelly will try out guest co-hosts before naming a permanent replacement. That’s what they did after Regis Philbin left and it took them 10 months to settle on Michael.


Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Have a Duet on His New Album

It’s official: BLAKE SHELTON’s upcoming album, “If I’m Honest”, features a duet with GWEN STEFANI.

She “announced” it yesterday on social media by posting a photo of the album’s back cover, which shows the tracklist. Her name is featured on a song called “Go Ahead And Break My Heart”.

And while we’re on the subject of Blake: As we expected, the judge has decided to allow his defamation suit against “In Touch Weekly” to proceed.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 4/19/16

Doris Roberts from “Everybody Loves Raymond” Has Died

DORIS ROBERTS from “Everybody Loves Raymond” died on Sunday of natural causes. She was 90.

Doris played RAY ROMANO’s mother Marie on the show. Yesterday, he said, quote, “[She] had an energy and a spirit that amazed me. She never stopped.

Doris won five Emmys . . . four for “Everybody Loves Raymond”.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Made a Lame Apology Video for Australia

We have more info on Johnny Depp and amber Heard’s apology to the Australian government.

As we told you yesterday, JOHNNY DEPP’S wife AMBER HEARD pleaded guilty this week to sneaking her two Yorkshire terriers into Australia last year without declaring them.

She and Depp recorded an apology video together, and it’s blowing up online because you can tell they only did it because they HAD to. They’re both actors, and they used ZERO of their acting chops for it.

They just looked straight into the camera, and talked about how important it is to declare your pets to protect Australia’s ecosystem. It actually seems like someone is standing off-camera, pointing a gun at them or something.

They originally threatened to lock her up for 10 years, which seems a little excessive. In fact, some people online have been jokingly calling it Australia’s “War on Terrier.”

Russell Crowe Is Too Old For Multiple Takes And His Own Stunts

Russell Crowe says he’s getting too old for acting!!

Russell is quoted as saying that now that he is 52, he’s too old to give a director multiple takes. He says, quote, “I’ll give you 2 takes –make sure your camera’s in the right spot.”

He also says that his Achilles tendon is shot and he has bone marrow edemas under his kneecaps, so he won’t do his own stunts anymore, either.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 4/18/16

Breakin ‘Da Law!

The Australian dog-smuggling charges against Johnny Depp’s wife, AMBER HEARD have been dropped after she pleaded guilty to trying to sneak her pets into the country last year.


Kobe Bryant Wouldn’t Sign a Pair of Shoes, and Threw Them in the Trash Because They Weren’t Nikes

Is KOBE BRYANT being a jerk, or is loyal to his sponsors even though he’s retired now . . .

His Lakers teammate NICK YOUNG talked to the media on Friday. He said he gave Kobe his shoes to sign after his final game last Wednesday . . . but Kobe threw them in the TRASH instead, because they were Adidas, and he still has a deal with Nike.

And Kobe apparently did sign a pair of Nikes for him. He also took a picture with Nick’s son. But Nick said it was still kind of weird that he wouldn’t just sign HIS shoes, adding quote, “That’s Kobe for you.” (–I’m with Kobe on this one. It’s just business baby. Kobe stands to make more money in retirement with his sponsors than he ever did playing, so he has to be loyal. Good call Kobe!)


AMC Got a Ton of Backlash, and Won’t Allow Texting at Movies After All

Last week, the head of AMC movie theaters said they might start allowing TEXTING during movies, and the Internet went nuts over it.

Some people thought it was a good idea, but a lot more people thought it was TERRIBLE. Thankfully, those people won out. After all the backlash, AMC posted a Tweet on Friday that said, quote, “No texting at AMC. Won’t happen. You spoke. We listened.”

It also included a statement from the CEO who originally suggested it . . . and he said that after hearing the feedback, it was obvious that it’s a concept their audience “does not want.”


Bruce Springsteen’s Daughter Does Not Make Olympic Cut

Bruce Springsteen’s equestrian daughter, Jessica Springsteen, will not be headed to the summer Olympics.

The 24-year-old did not make the list of Top 10 riders.

Jessica was an alternate for the US in the 2012 Summer Olympics and she won the American Gold Cup in 2014.

She says that she’ll try again in 4 years.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 4/15/16

Kelly Clarkson Had Her Baby

When KELLY CLARKSON performed on the “American Idol” finale, she looked ready to pop.

Well, it happened on Tuesday. Kelly made the announcement yesterday on Twitter. She said, quote, “Our little baby boy has arrived!! Remington Alexander Blackstock was born 4/12/16 & he is healthy & we couldn’t be happier or more in love!”

This is the second child for Kelly and her husband Brandon Blackstock. Their daughter River Rose will be 2 in June.


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Might be Having Another Baby

EVA MENDES and RYAN GOSLING might be expecting their second child.

Their daughter Esmerelda is only one and a half years old. A “source” claims that Eva was spotted hiding her baby bump during a recent photo shoot.

Eva and Ryan met on the set of the movie “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2011. She’s 42, he’s 35.


Gavin Rossdale is Giving Up a Lot in His Divorce from Gwen Stefani

It sounds like GWEN STEFANI and GAVIN ROSSDALE aren’t going to have a big divorce battle.

He’s walking away with a lot less than he could. Maybe he’s too proud to take her money, or maybe it’s NANNY-GUILT.

Because they didn’t have a prenup, California law says he COULD have asked for half of everything, and Gwen certainly out-earns him, so he would have cleaned up.

Word is he’s taking LESS THAN HALF, and he’s not asking for support. They’re also splitting custody of their three kids 50-50, but he’ll have them more in the near future because of her touring schedule.


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