Dirt Alert: Friday, 8/29/14

In Case You Missed It:  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Got Married 

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE pulled a fast one on the media and pretty much EVERYONE by getting married last Saturday in France.

It happened at an estate Brad and Angelina own in Correns, France, which is probably the main reason they were able to keep it so secret.

Angelina’s father JON VOIGHT did not get an invite!!

It doesn’t sound like Brangelina will enjoy much of a honeymoon . . . apparently they’ve gone right to work on “By the Sea”, the movie they’re doing together in Malta.


Joan Rivers is in Critical Condition

JOAN RIVERS is in critical but stable condition at a New York City hospital, after she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest during surgery on her vocal cords.

Joan had just performed in New York the night before, and witnesses say she didn’t show signs of any health problems . . . although she did joke about her age.

She said, quote, “I’m 81 . . . I could go at any moment.  I could fall over right here and you all could say, ‘I was there!’”

She was sedated at the time, and at a show the previous night, she joked, quote, “I’m 81 . . . I could go at any moment.”


Tom Hanks Has a Problem Child!!

TOM HANKS and RITA WILSON’s son isn’t exactly a real chip off the old block.

The National Enquirer reports the 24-year-old isn’t into acting or comedy, but pursuing the musical arts with a budding rap career!

The inside skinny is that CHESTER HANKS goes by “Chet Haze” on the streets, talks tough about skipping classes and smoking pot, but is a bona-fide laughing stock in the ‘Rap’ world because he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Apparently mom and dad are constantly bickering over what to do with the kid, who lives at home, doesn’t have a steady job, leads a wild lifestyle and is simply “a mess.”


Miss America In Trouble With The IRS!

Singer-actress VANESSA WILLIAMS is in trouble with the IRS.

CNN reports she owes the federal government $369,249 for her 2011 earnings and the IRS has filed a lien against her in New York, where she lives with her four children.

As you probably remember, Vanessa was the first black Miss America, and caused controversy when those naked pictures of her later appeared in Penthouse magazine.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 8/28/14

Quick Dirt On Kanye West

Here’s irony for you:  KANYE WEST admitted that his dad once worked as a celebrity photographer.


Are Beyoncé And Jay Z Expecting A Second Child

Let’s put the divorce rumors on hold for just a day because the latest rumor has it that Jay Z and Beyoncé are expecting a second child.

A source reportedly told Hollywood Life that the couple has been acting strange…and the last time they acted like this, Beyoncé was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

For the last month, Jay Z has been fiercely protective of her, just like he was when she was expecting Blue Ivy.

He’s been doing everything to ensure that Beyoncé is in a stress-free bubble.  He’s informed their entire entourage that they need to use relaxed voices, mellow lighting and listen to only soft music, and he’s said that all of the food Beyoncé eats should be organic.”


Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Are Getting Ready For Baby

Mila Kunis is set to give birth any minute and she and Ashton Kutcher have been making the final preparations for their little girl.

A source told E!, that Ashton is not letting Mila out of his sight. They are spending every moment together. He can’t wait.

Mila is excited about the baby, but isn’t nervous at all. Right now she’s just getting everything ready, making sure the house is prepared and the nursery is stocked.


Remember Controversial Pitcher John Rocker?  He’s Going to Be on “Survivor” 

Remember JOHN ROCKER?  He’s the former Atlanta Braves pitcher who’s most famous for sharing his controversial feelings about gays, and well, all foreigners in general.

He even admitted to juicing, saying, quote, “Of course I was [using steroids].  I mean who wasn’t?”

Well, he’s going to be on the next season of “Survivor”, along with his girlfriend Julie McGee.  This season is another one where they have pairs of loved ones.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 8/27/14

Matt Damon Did the Ice Bucket Challenge With Toilet Water 

Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos are kind of OVER, but this one is worth looking at:  Because it’s MATT DAMON, and he used TOILET WATER.  And not from the tank.  He took it from the BOWL.

He did it because of the drought in California and, more importantly, because he co-founded Water.org, a charity dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to everyone around the world who needs it.

And he said, quote, “Keep in mind that the water in our toilets in the West is actually cleaner than the water that most people in the developing world have access to.”

Here’s the video….


Did Justin Bieber Slam on His Brakes so a Paparazzi Would Run Into Him? 

JUSTIN BIEBER was rear-ended by a paparazzi in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon.  And TMZ claims Justin purposely slammed on his brakes so the guy would hit him.

Justin was driving a red Ferrari, and the photographer was in a Prius.  It doesn’t look like either car was messed up too badly.

(You can see a picture and a really uninteresting video by clicking here.


Big Ratings For Primetime Emmys

Seth Meyers gig hosting the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards was a successful one….because the show got HUGE ratings.

Monday night’s ceremony scored 15.6 million viewers.

The ratings were the second-highest the show has seen in 8 years. Last year’s show had 17.8 million viewers.


Neil Young And Wife Divorcing After 36 Years

Neil Young and his wife of 36 years, Peggi Young, are divorcing.

Neil Young was the one to file for divorce in their hometown of San Mateo, California.

A divorce hearing is scheduled for December 12th.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 8/26/14

Emmy Highlights and Memorable Moments 

“Breaking Bad” went out in style, capturing six Emmys for its final season . . . including Outstanding Drama, Lead Actor in a Drama for BRYAN CRANSTON and Supporting Actor in a Drama for AARON PAUL.

Cranston’s TV wife ANNA GUNN also won for Supporting Actress in a Drama.

“True Detective” won four technical awards at the Creative Arts Emmys earlier this month, but got nothing last night . . . despite all the attention that was paid to MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY during the show.

After SARA BAREILLES sang her beautiful rendition of “Smile” for the In Memoriam segment, BILLY CRYSTAL came out and did a touching tribute to ROBIN WILLIAMS.


Were Beyoncé and Jay Z Fighting Backstage at the “VMAs”? 

BEYONCÉ and JAY Z were the picture of family harmony onstage at the “VMAs” Sunday night.  But the rumors are flying that says things were NOT so harmonious behind the scenes.

So-called “sources” say Beyoncé lit into Jay after finding out her sister SOLANGE was BANNED from her staging area.

It’s not clear if it was Jay or MTV that banned her, but Jay was trying to calm her down, and she wasn’t having it.


The Highest-Paid Male TV Actors 

There were lots of winners last night at the Emmy’s, but who are the real winners???

“Two and a Half Men” star ASHTON KUTCHER tops the annual “Forbes” list of “The Highest-Paid Male TV Actors.”  He made $26 million over the past year.

Ashton’s co-star JON CRYER followed with $19 million.  MARK HARMON from “NCIS” also pulled down $19 million.

And don’t feel sorry for Kevin Spacey of Netflix’s “House of Cards”for getting skunked at the Emmy’s last night.  He made a cool $16 million last season!

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 8/25/14

Video of Iggy Azalea Falling Off the Stage During a “VMA” Pre-Show

IGGY AZALEA fell off the stage while performing her song “Fancy” at a pre-”VMA” show in L.A. on Friday.

It looked pretty rough . . . but her security guards were able to quickly pull her back onto the stage. She’s fine, but she later said she felt, quote, “very blessed” that she didn’t break her legs.

Iggy posted a video of her fall on Instagram . . . and added, quote, “Sorry, but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. Still finished the song . . . the show must go on.”

(Here’s another angle.)


Mariah Carey is Mad at Nick Cannon for Admitting They’re Separated

MARIAH CAREY is NOT cool with NICK CANNON for talking publicly about their separation. They had reportedly agreed to issue a joint statement, which was being worked on when Nick blabbed.

A source says, quote, “It’s no longer amicable. Things are getting ugly.”

Meanwhile, other sources say it was Nick who decided to leave . . . because he wanted to establish a stable environment where the kids can escape Mariah’s MADNESS . . . because it’s already starting to mess them up.


Lauren Bacall Left $10,000 to Her Dog

LAUREN BACALL set aside $10,000 in her will for her DOG, a papillon named Sophie. She’ll be cared for by SAM ROBARDS, Lauren’s son with her second husband, actor JASON ROBARDS.

Jason and Lauren’s two other children, Leslie and Stephen Bogart, are getting the bulk of Lauren’s $26.6 million estate. Her two longtime employees get to split $35,000.


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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 8/14/14

Robin Williams’ Daughter Quit Social Media After Trolls Harassed Her About Her Father’s Death 

ROBIN WILLIAMS’ 25-year-old daughter ZELDA quit Twitter and Instagram after cyber bullies started trolling her by posting rude messages about her dad.

They also posted a picture that supposedly showed her father’s corpse at the coroner’s office.  But it wasn’t really Robin . . . just a man who looked like him.


Extra Dirt

Tomorrow night (Friday, August 15th) at 9:00 and 9:30, the Hub Network will re-air the “Happy Days” episode where ROBIN WILLIAMS debuted as Mork from Ork.


Gwyneth Paltrow Might Be Dating One of the Creators of “Glee” 

After CONSCIOUSLY UNCOUPLING from CHRIS MARTIN earlier this year, GWYNETH PALTROW may be consciously COUPLING again.  “Us Weekly” claims she’s dating BRAD FALCHUK, one of the creators of “Glee”.

Gwyneth has appeared in five episodes of “Glee”, starting back in 2010.  So obviously people are going to wonder if Gwyneth was coupling with him ON THE SIDE before she and Chris broke up.

But a “source” says, quote, “things started off professionally” . . . and the relationship evolved from there.


Justin Bieber Was Ordered to Take Anger Management 

JUSTIN BIEBER reached a deal in his Miami DUI case that’ll keep him out of jail.  And the best news is that he has to take a 12-hour ANGER MANAGEMENT course.  Then again, is 12 hours really gonna fix this kid’s attitude?

Justin also has to meet people who’ve been affected by drunk drivers, make a $50,000 charitable donation and pay fines.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 8/13/14

Robin Williams Hung Himself With a Belt…After Cutting His Wrist With a Pocket Knife 

Police revealed yesterday that ROBIN WILLIAMS hung himself with a belt that he’d tied around his neck and wedged between a closed closet door and the door frame.

He also had cuts on his left wrist that indicated he may have tried to slash his wrist first.  There was a pocket knife nearby that had what appeared to be dried blood on it.

Robin’s wife Susan had left the house Monday morning to run some errands, and didn’t return until his body had already been found.  She was the last person to see him alive, at about 10:30 the night before.

(You can watch a video from the press conference here, or read the official statement at MarinSheriff.org)


Lauren Bacall Has Died 

Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL died yesterday after suffering a stroke at her home in Manhattan.  She was 89.

She was probably best known for her on-screen romances with HUMPHREY BOGART in such movies as “To Have and Have Not” and “Key Largo”.

They were also married for 11 years, until his death in 1957.

(–BTW, it’s fun to note the Bogart was 25 years older than Bacall.  When they met, he was 44 and she was only 19!)

After Bogie, Lauren was engaged to FRANK SINATRA, then married JASON ROBARDS in 1961.  Lauren had three kids . . . two with Bogart and one with Robards.


Is David Beckham Turning Into A Fat Slob??

Millions of women would gladly let DAVID BECKHAM drink beer and eat Cheetos on the good couch, but his wife VICTORIA ain’t one of them!

Now magazine reports that Posh Spice isn’t impressed by the fact that her handsome hubby has gained ten-pounds since quitting soccer and put him on a strict diet.

Word is he’s allowed to eat fruit for breakfast, sushi for dinner and absolutely, positively no beer!

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 8/12/14

Robin Williams is Dead of an Apparent Suicide 

ROBIN WILLIAMS was found dead in his home near San Francisco yesterday morning.  He was only 63.  Police suspect suicide by asphyxia.  In other words, he suffocated himself.  It’s not clear how.

Robin’s publicist issued a statement saying that he had been, quote, “battling severe depression of late.”

Robin battled with drug and alcohol addiction for years, and recently went back to rehab to, quote, “fine-tune” his sobriety.

Williams was a four-time Oscar nominee, and won Best Supporting Actor for “Good Will Hunting”.  Williams will be back onscreen as Teddy Roosevelt in “Night at the Museum:  Secret of the Tomb” this Christmas.


Tracy Morgan Isn’t Out of the Woods Yet . . . His Attorney Says He’s Still “Struggling” 

It’s been about a month since TRACY MORGAN was released from the hospital, and while that’s a good sign . . . he isn’t out of the woods yet.

On the “Today” show yesterday, Tracy’s attorney said Tracy is still, quote, “struggling” with his health.  “But he’s a fighter.

He’s had issues before that he’s fought through, and he’s fighting hard.”  (Click here for the video.)


Peyton and Eli Manning Did Another Music Video for DirecTV 

Last year, PEYTON and ELI MANNING did an epic rap video for DirecTV called “Football on Your Phone”.  Well, they’re back with a follow-up.

This one’s called “Fantasy Football Fantasy”, and it includes Eli floating through space with his dad ARCHIE MANNING, and JOE NAMATH making stew with . . . YOUR MOM.

The “Breaking Bad” Spin-Off “Better Call Saul” Will Premiere in February . . . Check Out an Eight-Second Teaser

The first promo for the “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul” is out.  The show will be set in 2002, before the events in “Breaking Bad”.

The promo is just EIGHT SECONDS of footage . . . but it does reveal that it’s premiering in February, which is something we didn’t know before.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 8/11/14

NASCAR’s Tony Stewart Struck and Killed Another Driver in the Middle of a Race . . . Was Road Rage to Blame? 

NASCAR driver TONY STEWART struck and killed 20-year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr. during a sprint car race on Saturday night.  And road rage may have been a factor.

Ward got out of his car after spinning out, and walked over to confront Stewart as he made his way around the track again.  Stewart’s car swerved into Ward, and his body was thrown 50 feet down the track.

Emergency personnel rushed in immediately, but it was too late.

Some people are saying that Stewart either INTENTIONALLY hit Ward, or that he wanted to scare him by kicking up some dirt around him.

The sheriff investigating the incident said there’s no evidence of “criminal intent.”  He also said Stewart has been cooperating with the investigation.


David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are Finally Divorcing 

TEA LEONI is finally leaving her sex-addicted husband DAVID DUCHOVNY for good.  Divorce papers were filed in June . . . but there’s no word who did the filing.

David and Tea got married 14 years ago, in May of 1997.  Tea will have primary physical custody of their 15-year-old daughter Madelaine and 12-year-old son Kyd.

David will pay $8,000 a month in child support and $40,000 a month in spousal support.  He’ll also pay all the kids’ expenses.


The Rock’s Mother and Cousin Were Hit Head-On By a Drunk Driver . . . But They’re Going to Be OK 

DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON’S mother and cousin were hit head-on by a drunk driver last week, but survived.

The Rock said, quote, “My first reaction is to find the person who did this and do unrelenting harm to them.  But then you realize the most important thing is my family lived thru this and we can hug each other that much tighter these days.”

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NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart Kills Driver In Sprint Car Race

NASCAR driver TONY STEWART struck and killed 20-year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr. during a sprint car race on Saturday night. And road rage may have been a factor.
Ward got out of his car after spinning out, and walked over to confront Stewart as he made his way around the track again. Stewart’s car swerved into Ward, and his body was thrown 50 feet down the track.

Emergency personnel rushed in immediately, but it was too late.
Some people are saying that Stewart either INTENTIONALLY hit Ward, or that he wanted to scare him by kicking up some dirt around him.
The sheriff investigating the incident said there’s no evidence of “criminal intent.” He also said Stewart has been cooperating with the investigation.

(Here’s a clip that shows Stewart hitting him. WARNING: You’re watching a man basically get RUN OVER AND KILLED.)

Is TONY STEWART responsible for Kevin Ward Jr.’s death?
Ward’s friend, who witnessed the accident, doesn’t think it was intentional . . . but he thinks Stewart should accept a big share of the responsibility.
Ward’s family just says, quote, “We need time to grieve and wrap our heads around all of this.”

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 8/8/14

Dakota Johnson Won’t Let Her Mom Melanie Griffith See Her in “Fifty Shades of Grey” 

DAKOTA JOHNSON laid down the law when it comes to her parents seeing her engage in her art of acting in “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Her mother MELANIE GRIFFITH says, quote, “[Dakota] was like, ‘You guys cannot come.  There’s no way.’  So we’re not going.”

But she adds, quote, “I did go visit for a couple of days when they were shooting just normal stuff.  I did see the Room of Pain . . . I did go in there and check it out.”

Dakota’s dad, by the way, is Don Johnson.


Peter Frampton Takes Revenge On A Fan’s Cell Phone

Peter Frampton played a concert in Carmel, Indiana last weekend and was annoyed at a concert-goer who refused to stop taking pictures of him during the concert.

So what does he do?

At first, Peter kept gesturing to them saying “No, don’t do that. Stop!”  But he kept taking pictures, so that’s when Peter lost it!

He finished the song, and bent over asking if he could see the photos the man had been taking.  The guy hands him his phone and Peter stands up, spins, and flings for the rafters!

The phone went flying to the back of the stage and the audience erupted in cheers!


Beyoncé Will Perform and Receive the Vanguard Award at the “VMAs” 

Remember how KANYE WEST “honored” BEYONCÉ during TAYLOR SWIFT’S acceptance speech at the “MTV Video Music Awards” in 2009?

Well, it took five years, but the “VMAs” are finally getting around to recognizing Beyoncé as one of the best of ALL-TIME.  At this year’s ceremony, she’ll receive the “Vanguard Award,” which honors an artist’s body of work.

She’s also performing during the show, which will be broadcast live on Sunday, August 24th.

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Jay Leno Can Eat a 24-Ounce Burger in Five Minutes . . . and He Has a Certificate to Prove It 

If you’ve been wondering what JAY LENO is up to these days . . . here’s your answer:  He’s been working on his competitive eating skills.

The Fatburger chain has something called the “XXX Challenge,” and in order to conquer it, you need to throw down one of their three-patty, 24-ounce burgers . . . loaded with the works.

Apparently, Jay had no problem with that . . . because he scarfed it down in just FIVE MINUTES . . . and received a certificate for his achievement.

We have a picture of Jay with his certificate….click here.

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