Dirt Alert: Friday, 1/30/15

Lohan Lunacy!

LINDSAY LOHAN’s idea of charity is a bit out there.

TMZ.com reports that Lindsay’s attorney submitted proof of 240 community service hours she needs to complete in court yesterday, but it may not have passed muster.

Apparently Lilo claims that doing meet and greets after her London play, “Speed the Plow,” satisfied her community service hours!!  Well the City Attorney is saying, “Hold the phone!”  He wants two weeks to investigate.


Alec Baldwin Has More Airplane Drama

Alec Baldwin has caused a big disruption on yet another airplane.

According to the New York Daily News, Alec was flying with his wife and baby from Salt Lake City to New York in first class when they decided to change flights at the last minute.

When he decided to change planes….the NEW plane didn’t have any first class seats left…meaning that Alec, his wife, and his kid would have to fly….COACH!!!

Well, Alec threw a huge fit and vowed he would never fly Delta again!

Alec has also vowed to never fly American Airlines again….In 2011, he threw a fit after he was told to stop playing “Words with Friends” on his phone when the plane was taking off.


Will Katy Perry Sing Live At the Super Bowl Halftime Show

KATY PERRY said yesterday that she THINKS a lot of her singing during the Super Bowl halftime show will be live . . . but she also said they only have a short amount of time to set up the stage and assemble everything, so it won’t be totally live.

And when they asked if she was going to have her eye on anyone this weekend, she referenced Marshawn Lynch . . . and said, quote, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

IDINA MENZEL is singing the National Anthem, and she says HER performance will be 100% live.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 1/29/15

Marshawn Lynch May Be Fined for His “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined” Interview . . . But It’s Not What You Think 

You know how Seahawks running back MARSHAWN LYNCH showed up to that media event on Tuesday, and answered EVERY question with “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”?

Well, it turns out he might get fined after all, but not for being stubborn . . . for wearing an unapproved HAT.


Taylor Swift Has Trademarked “This Sick Beat” and Other Phrases From Her New Album 

If you don’t think TAYLOR SWIFT is slowly and quietly taking over the world, then you’re not paying attention.  Because Taylor now owns little pieces of the English language.

Taylor Swift has trademarked “This Sick Beat” and other phrases from her new album “1989” for use on just about any type of product you can imagine.

Other phrases she’s trademarked are:  “Party like it’s 1989″, “Nice to meet you, and “Where you been?”

That means no one in the universe can use those phrases on any merchandise that’s not OFFICIAL TAYLOR SWIFT MERCHANDISE.


Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Sued By Former Nanny

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are being sued by their former nanny!

The nanny claims that she was fired because she showed the couple’s twins Moroccan and Monroe too much affection.

The nanny also says she was forced to work too hard…about 100 hours a week.  She was paid about $7,200 a month to care for the kids.

She is suing for back pay and other damages amounting to $100,000.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 1/28/15

A quick fact about celebrity gossip. . . .

Scientists have just found that reading or listening to gossip about a celebrity creates a momentary feeling in your brain that’s as good as eating great food or winning money.


Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show

KATY PERRY’s diving feet first into her big Super Bowl halftime show.

Katy posted a photo of her latest pedicure on social media, showing all 10 of her tosies painted like tiny little footballs.  It’s a pigskin pedicure!

Apparently, Katy will undergo “several outfit changes” during her 12-and-a-half-minute setlist. Her designer says Katie will have “just seconds” to make her quick-changes.

But it is promised that Katie will deliver “something where people are surprised,” adding “it’ll be a very iconic moment for her.”


Marshawn Lynch Ticks-Off The Press On Super Bowl Media Day

Yesterday was Super Bowl Media Day…and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch ended up being the star with just 7 words:  “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Lynch is famous for not talking to the media, and he’s been fined $100,000 over the past 2 seasons by the NFL because of it.

But when Lynch was told that he’d be fined a whopping $500,000 if he didn’t appear at Super Bowl Media Day yesterday, he decided to show up. But all he did was respond to every single question with the statement, “I’m here so I won’t get fined. ”

He did this until his phone alarm went off, letting him know his 4 minutes and 30 seconds of required “Media time” was up, and he walked off.


Hackers Claim They Have Nude Pictures of Taylor Swift . . . Taylor Says They Don’t 

Hackers took over TAYLOR SWIFT’s Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday, and threatened to post NUDE PHOTOS of her.

But after Taylor got control of her accounts back, she made a JOKE out of it, Tweeting, quote, “Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack. . .”

On a more serious note, she also said there are NO nude photos to post . . . quote, “Any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’?  Psssh you’d love that wouldn’t you!  Have fun Photoshopping ’cause you got NOTHING.”

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 1/27/15

Melissa Rivers Has Sued the New York City Clinic That Allegedly Caused Her Mother’s Death 

This isn’t the least bit unexpected:  JOAN RIVERS’ daughter MELISSA has filed a lawsuit against Yorkville Endoscopy over the death of her mother.  Joan died in their care back in September.

Melissa says, quote, “The level of medical mismanagement, incompetency, disrespect and outrageous behavior is shocking and frankly, almost incomprehensible.

She’s also suing Joan’s personal doctor, Gwen Korovin, who wasn’t even supposed to be there, but ended up performing a procedure on Joan anyway.  The lawsuit also claims she left during Joan’s medical emergency to avoid getting caught.

Legal experts think she could walk away with MILLIONS.


Tom Petty Gets Royalties from Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” Because It Sounds Like “I Won’t Back Down” 

TOM PETTY and JEFF LYNNE have been given songwriting credit for SAM SMITH’s “Stay With Me”, because it sounds like Petty’s 1989 song “I Won’t Back Down”, which they wrote.

The writers of “Stay With Me” claim they weren’t familiar with the Petty song when they wrote it, but they gave in without a fight because they realized the songs were similar.


Celebrity Super Bowl Commercials!

By now, you’ve probably seen the now-infamous clip of KATIE COURIC and BRYANT GUMBEL struggling to explain “The Internet” back in 1994. Well, they reunited to poke fun at that in a Super Bowl ad for BMW.

They’re shown in a new all-electric BMW together . . . struggling to understand the technology.

And speaking of Super Bowl commecials, your Super Bowl enjoyment will be interrupted by Kim Kardashian!!!  She has filmed a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile.

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Dirt Alert: Monday, 1/26/15

Miley Cyrus Can’t Spell Her Boyfriend’s Last Name . . . And She Thinks Justin Bieber Stole Her Look 

MILEY CYRUS can’t spell her boyfriend’s last name.  Then again, her boyfriend is PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER, so cut her some slack.

During an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America”, Miley was asked if she could spell it, and at least she was honest.  She said, quote, “Not really, I can’t tell you.  Apparently there’s not a ‘T’ in it.”


Two Couples Goin’ To the Big ‘D’

MANDY MOORE and RYAN ADAMS are splitting after almost six years of marriage.

Mandy’s rep issued a statement with the typical “respect their privacy blah, blah, blah.”  Mandy is 30 . . . Ryan is 40.

And Dr. McDreamy is on the train too!

PATRICK DEMPSEY’s wife Jillian has filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage.  They have three kids . . . a 14-year-old daughter and 7-year-old twin sons.  Patrick and Jillian are both 49.

The gossip sites say this one’s getting ugly, especially because there was no prenup, and he’s worth about $40 million.


Watch Kanye West Refuse to Sign a Picture of Kim Kardashian from Her Last Wedding 

There was a time when KANYE WEST would have gone NUCLEAR on a guy over this . . . so the fact that he could just smile and walk away is a tremendous improvement:

Kanye and KIM KARDASHIAN were walking through the airport in Washington, D.C. yesterday when a man tried to get him to sign a wedding picture of Kim.

But Kanye refused . . . because it was a picture from Kim’s SECOND wedding, to KRIS HUMPHRIES.  (Here’s video.)


“American Sniper” Has Earned $200 Million to Go With Its Six Oscar Nominations

“American Sniper” dominated the box office once again, earning $64.4 million in its second week of wide release.  That brings it total domestic haul to just over $200 million . . . which is a nice complement to its six Oscar nominations.

The top new release this week was the JENNIFER LOPEZ thriller “The Boy Next Door”, which debuted in 2nd place with $15 million.


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Dirt Alert: Friday, 1/23/15

Is Cameron Diaz Preggers???

Rumors are swirling around that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden had a shotgun wedding. Sources tell the National Enquirer that Diaz is about four-months pregnant and the duo “couldn’t be happier.”

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden tied the knot during a hush-hush affair on January Fifth, the missus wore a pleated lace dress and LIONEL RICHIE and RYAN ADAMS entertained guests during the reception.


Watch Will Ferrell Hit a Cheerleader in the Head With a Basketball 

WILL FERRELL hit a cheerleader in the head with a basketball, POINT BLANK, during Wednesday night’s game between the Lakers and the Pelicans in New Orleans.  But it was for his new movie “Daddy’s Home”.

Will plays a man who’s trying to be a great stepdad to the children of his new wife . . . but has to contend with her ex-husband, who suddenly re-enters their lives.  LNIDA CARDELLINI plays the wife, and MARK WAHLBERG plays the ex.

(Here’s video.  The woman he hits is supposed to be a Pelicans cheerleader, but she’s obviously a stuntwoman . . . because she falls like a CHAMP.)


Budweiser is Bringing That Puppy Back to Cynically Manipulate Your Emotions 

Budweiser is mining that puppy / Clydesdale relationship for its Super Bowl ad again this year.  This time, the puppy gets lost, and the horse helps find him.

Before that happens, though, the puppy does adorable puppy things, like getting covered in mud and seeking shelter from the rain inside a box.

(Check out some pictures and Gifs here.  All we’re missing is some Sarah McLachlan music.)


Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo Are the New Judges on “So You Think You Can Dance” 

PAULA ABDUL is a reality show judge again.  She and JASON DERULO are joining NIGEL LYTHGOE at the judges’ table for Season 12 of “So You Thing You Can Dance”.  And there’s a new twist this time:  Stage dancers vs. street dancers.

Paula is basically replacing longtime judge MARY MURPHY, whose contract was not renewed.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 1/22/15

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized With Rare Virus

Lindsay Lohan was admitted to a hospital in London after contracting a rare, incurable virus at the end of last month while visiting Bora Bora.

Lindsay was on the island filming part of her new Esurance commercial when she got sick.

Sources say that Lindsay caught Chikungunya — an illness transmitted through mosquito bites which causes fever, joint pain, and fatigue.

She became aware of the infection around New Year’s but things allegedly took a turn for the worst when she got so sick that she couldn’t even walk.

Doctors treated her for the high fever which broke yesterday and she was sent home.


Add ‘Cougar’ To The Title of Paris Hilton

PARIS HILTON traded her boyfriend in for an even younger model. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that Paris, who is 33-years-old, spent some quality time with an 18-year-old model catwalker named JORDAN BARRETT during Milan’s Fashion Week and things appear to be serious –they even posted cuddly photos together on Instagram.

Paris likes youthful dudes –her last boyfriend RIVER VIIPERI clocked in at just 23.


The Latest On The Katy Perry/Taylor Swift Feud

We’ve been talking a lot recently about a beef that’s been brewing between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry….and now we know how Katy plans to take it to the next level!

According to Life & Style, Katy Perry is releasing a new song dissing Taylor Swift.  Basically, the song sums up Katy’s feelings about “a girl” who is a 2-faced creep…and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she’s talking about Taylor.

It’s possible that Katy will premier the new song during her Super Bowl half-time performance next month.


Jay Leno Blasts Bill Cosby

Jay Leno finally spoke out against fellow NBC alum Bill Cosby and the sexual assault allegations surrounding the comedian.

Leno said, quote, “I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women, You go to Saudi Arabia and you need 2 women to testify against a man. Here you need 25.”

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 1/21/15

A Quick Dirty!

At last night’s State of the Union Address, MICHELLE OBAMA wore the exact same suit that JULIANNA MARGUILES wore on “The Good Wife”.


More Bad Press For Robin Thicke

ROBIN THICKE isn’t exactly a knight in shining armor.

The National Enquirer reports that Robin left his hot, young girlfriend APRIL LOVE GEARY to fend for herself on New Year’s Eve because she’s not old enough to get into nightclubs!

Robin hit the town without her and enjoyed the company of a gaggle of ladies.


Thor Is Rich, But Thor Is Not Happy!

CHRIS HEMSWORTH says fame and fortune isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  He’s got more money and fame than anyone could ask for, and what has it brought him?

He tells “GQ Australia”, quote, “You get to Hollywood, you achieve something and then you realize, ‘[Crap], it didn’t actually bring me the happiness I thought it was going to.  It didn’t fix anything.  Look, I mean I don’t wake up, look in the mirror and go, ‘Yep, all is perfect.’”


Eleven of the Patriots’ 12 Balls Were Deflated 

There might actually be something to this “Deflate-gate” nonsense.  ESPN says 11 of the 12 balls given to the Patriots for Sunday’s game were under-inflated by TWO pounds-per-square-inch less than is required by NFL regulations.

A source has described the NFL as, quote, “disappointed, angry, [and] distraught” . . . although there’s been no official comment.  An NFL higher-up told ProFootballTalk.com that the NFL is expected to wrap up its investigation in “two or three days.”

It’s unclear how the league might penalize the Patriots, if at all.

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Dirt Alert: Tuesday, 1/20/15

Check Out a Photo of Tiger Woods, After a Camera Hit Him in the Face and Knocked Out One of His Front Teeth 

TIGER WOODS made a surprise appearance in Italy yesterday, where he watched his girlfriend LINDSEY VONN win her record 63rd World Cup skiing title.  But it was Tiger who ended up getting more attention.

He was keeping a low profile while in the crowd . . . by wearing a stocking cap, sunglasses, and a mask with a black and white skeleton print over his mouth.

And that ended up being a little ironic, because Tiger left with one less tooth than when he arrived.  Someone’s camera apparently knocked out one of his FRONT TEETH, when everyone was rushing to the podium after Lindsey’s win.

Tiger spent the rest of the time in Italy wearing a scarf over the lower part of his face.

(Here’s a photo of Tiger with his missing tooth . . . here’s a shot of him wearing the skeleton scarf. 


A Patriots Player Helped Pull a Woman Out of a Wrecked Car on His Way Home After Beating the Colts 

On Sunday, the New England Patriots secured a spot in the Super Bowl by crushing the Indianapolis Colts.  But that wasn’t the coolest thing Patriots defensive lineman VINCE WILFORK did that day.

When Vince and his wife were driving home, they noticed a Jeep Wrangler rolled onto its side not far from the stadium.  So they pulled over to lend a helping hand.

The police weren’t there yet, but Vince noticed the female driver was still trapped inside.  She was a 38-year-old woman named Mary Ellen Brooks.  Vince kept her calm until the police arrived . . . and then he helped them pull her to safety.


Lindsay Lohan Scores A Super Bowl Gig

Lindsay Lohan’s next job may be selling car insurance.

Lindsay will be appearing in a new ad for Esurance….that will air during the Super Bowl!

Lindsay will be shooting the commercial in Long Beach, California.

When it comes to car insurance, Lindsay probably pays a pretty penny considering that she was arrested twice for DUIs in 2007.

She hit a baby stroller in West Hollywood in 2010. There were also three other driving incidents in 2012.

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Dirt Alert: Friday, 1/16/15

The Oscar Snubs: 

For starters, there’s “The Lego Movie”, which everybody loved, including the critics.  But it lost to “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ at the “Golden Globes” on Sunday, and WASN’T EVEN NOMINATED for the Best Animated Feature Oscar.

This will be the WHITEST Oscar ceremony since 1998, because for the first time since then, EVERYONE in the four main acting categories is white.  That has stirred quite a bit of controversy online.

So, maybe the Academy and / or its voters are racist . . . OR maybe there’s no agenda, and the 20 performances they liked best, in this year’s batch of movies, just happened to all be by Caucasian actors and actresses.  That’s the debate.

In particular, people were upset that “Selma”, the movie about Martin Luther King Jr., only got two nominations, Best Picture and Best Original Song.


Denzel Washington is America’s Favorite Actor 

In a year when not one of the 20 actors and actresses to earn Oscar nominations this year was a minority, this is comforting:  DENZEL WASHINGTON is America’s favorite actor.

Denzel tops the annual Harris Poll for the FIFTH time.  He’s followed by JOHN WAYNE, BRAD PITT, Johnny Depp, and Tom Hanks.


Mariah Carey Is Doing a Las Vegas Residency . . . And Tickets Will Cost $55 to $250 

MARIAH CAREY announced on “Ellen” yesterday that she’s doing her first Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace.  She has 18 performances lined up so far, in May and July.

The show is called “Mariah Carey #1s” . . . because she’ll be performing her 18 NUMBER ONE HITS . . . including “We Belong Together”, “Vision of Love”, “Hero”, and “Dreamlover”.  She’ll also toss in some other songs.

Tickets are on sale NOW . . . and range from $55 to $250.  There’s no word how much Mariah is making for this.


SNOOP DOGG Is A Grandpa!!!

SNOOP DOGG is a GRANDPA.  His oldest son, 21-year-old Corde, is now a father.  He named his newborn son Zion.  The mother is Corde’s girlfriend, Jessica.  (Here’s a video of Corde with Zion.)

Again, this is Corde, who also goes by the names “Spank” or “Spanky Dank” . . . NOT to be confused with Snoop’s 18-year-old son Cordell.

He’s the one who’s the college football prospect.

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Dirt Alert: Thursday, 1/15/15

A New Development On Bill Cosby

Looks like one of the women who claimed Bill Cosby both drugged and then sexually abused her is going to sue.

CHLOE GOINS, who says Bill did both during an event at the Playboy Mansion back in 2008, met with detectives from the LAPD Tuesday and is apparently going forward with a lawsuit.

Her attorney says she’s determined to be, quote, “the girl that puts Mr. Cosby behind bars, where he belongs.”


Some Idle Gossip About Jamie Lynn Spears

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS, sister of Britney Spears, may look like a cream puff with her big brown eyes and adorable accent, but make no mistake about it –the southern bumpkin means business!

TMZ.com reports Jamie Lynn was having lunch at a Pita Pit restaurant in Hammond, Louisiana, when her buddy was attacked by another patron and a brawl broke out.

Jamie kept her cool, went behind the counter, grabbed a seven-inch-long bread knife and ordering everyone out of the joint.


Keep It In the Family (Miley Cyrus/Patrick Schwarzengger Dating Story)

If you listen really carefully you can hear JACKIE KENNEDY rolling in her grave as MILEY CYRUS and her family invade Camelot.

As you know, MILEY CYRUS is hot and heavy with PATRICK SCHWARZENGGER while Miley’s younger brother, BRAISON, also landed an American princess.

TMZ.com reports the 20-year-old Braison is spending quality time with CHRISTINA SCHWARZENEGGER, ARNOLD and MARIA SHRIVER’s 23-year-old daughter.

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Dirt Alert: Wednesday, 1/14/15

For the Third Year in a Row, Ellen Tops a Poll of America’s Favorite TV Personalities 

The market research company Harris Interactive has released the result of its annual survey to determine America’s Favorite TV Personality.

For the THIRD year in a row, ELLEN DEGENERES came out on top . . . with “NCIS” star MARK HARMON following at #2.  #3.  Jimmy Fallon.  This is his first year in the Top 10.  #4.  Steve Harvey.  He’s up from #9 last year.  #5.  “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons.  He’s down from #4 last year.  #6.  Jon Stewart.  He’s down from #3 last year.  #7.  Stephen Colbert.  He’s down from #6 last year.


Sean Penn Doesn’t Miss His Guns 

Last year, CHARLIZE THERON convinced SEAN PENN to give up all his guns.  Well, at least the ones he kept in the, quote, “continental United States.”

He had all 65 of those guns turned into a sculpture, which he auctioned off to raise money for Haiti.  (Anderson Cooper bought it for $1.4 million.)

At a pre-“Golden Globes” event, Sean was asked if he misses those guns.  He said, quote, “I think guns are not something to be missed.  Especially, on a serious note, when we talk about it this week [and] this tragic thing that happened in Paris.  I’d like to see more guns go to sculpture.”


Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling Are Doing a Movie Together 

Woman here in the Mid South might consider this a gift from God:  BRAD PITT and RYAN GOSLING are doing a movie together.  CHRISTIAN BALE is in it, too.

It’s called “The Big Short”, and it’s about the build-up of the housing and credit bubble that led to the financial collapse of 2007.

It’s based on the nonfiction book of the same name by MICHAEL LEWIS, who also wrote “Moneyball”.


Chris Daughtry and Pia Toscano Have Been Named the Most Talented “American Idol” Contestants 

In a poll to determine the most talented “American Idol” contestants, three non-winners came out on top:  Chris Daughtry, Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez.

Two winners, Kelly Clarkson and Philip Phillips, tied for fourth.  Carrie Underwood came in EIGHTH.

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