Freak Files: Thursday, 3/26/15

Lottery Ticket In Get-Well Card Leaves Man $7 Million Richer

A 46-year-old Pennsylvania man is $7 million richer after getting a get-well card from his father with a lottery ticket enclosed that turned out to be a big winner.

Joseph Amorese’s father sent the New York Lottery scratch-off ticket to his son — who never plays the lottery — as he recovered from surgery.

Joseph said, “I scratched the ticket and it was a good thing I was already sitting down because I was shocked. I won $7 million dollars!!! I am still in complete disbelief.”

No word yet on if he plans to share the money with his dad.


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.18.08 AMCops Search a Guy’s House and Can’t Find Him . . . Until He Posts His Hiding Place on Snapchat

Police in Fairfield, Maine spent weeks trying to track down a 24-year-old named Christopher Wallace, who stole a bunch of stuff from a campsite back in January. Then Sunday night, Chris sent a Snapchat to his friends saying he was at his house.

At least two of those friends reported it to the cops, who showed up and searched the place, but couldn’t find him.

But while they were there, Chris sent ANOTHER Snapchat, bragging that the cops couldn’t find him because he picked a great hiding spot in a kitchen cabinet.

So the cops who were still at his house opened one of the cabinets . . . and guess what? Yep! They saw his feet sticking out.

Now he’s facing charges for burglary and theft.


A Guy Knocks Down a Wall with a Sledgehammer . . . and It Lands on Him

There’s a video going around Facebook that shows some idiot knocking down a huge stone wall with a sledgehammer. And he decides to save time by smashing out the BOTTOM of it, so the rest will just fall.

Well, the wall fell alright, but then it falls the wrong way, and lands right on top of the “Sledge Hammer Man!”

He’s ok, and you can check out the video for yourself.


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Freak Files: Wednesday, 3/25/15

A Guy Got Busted in the Carpool Lane With a Cardboard Cutout of “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

If you’re going to put something in your passenger seat to get away with driving in the carpool lane, might as well go with something interesting.

A Washington state trooper posted a photo on Twitter yesterday afternoon . . . he caught a guy driving in the carpool lane with a cardboard cutout in the passenger seat and the cutout was . . . The Most Interesting Man in the World, from those Dos Equis commercials.

It seems like they both got a laugh out of it . . . because of the Twitter post, and because it looks like the driver is LAUGHING in the photo . . . but he still got a $124 ticket.

Click here to see the photo.


yoga-UlGMugshot of the Day: A Woman Set a Yoga Studio on Fire Because an Employee Wouldn’t Stop Hitting on Her

41-year-old Nancy Duarte of Dallas, Texas has been going to a studio called American Power Yoga . . . and she’s been having trouble with a guy who works there. Nancy says he kept hitting on her . . . wanted to make her his ‘girlfriend on the side’.

Finally it was too much for her. So on Saturday night, she waited until the studio closed . . . and set it on FIRE. No one was hurt, but she did some serious damage to the yoga studio.

Now she’s facing an arson charge. And maybe you’ll agree that if yoga’s about finding your path to inner peace, it didn’t work on Nancy.

Wait until you get a load of her mugshot. You might also agree that she’s a little “coo-coo!”


Undertaker Faints When “Dead” Woman Wakes Up In Coffin

An undertaker in Germany was calmly embalming a body when a woman….who had already been pronounced dead…and placed in a coffin….woke up and asked “Where am I?”

Well, the undertaker was so shocked that he actually passed out! Once we finally woke up, he called for an ambulance.

The paramedics took the woman to the local hospital, where she fell ill, and died….for real this time.

Authorities are looking into the reasoning behind her being pronounced dead the first time.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 3/24/15

A Woman Was Held in a Psych Ward For Claiming President Obama Follows Her on Twitter But He Actually Does

32-year-old Kam Brock of Long Island, New York got a little emotional during a traffic stop last September so the cops wound up cuffing her and sending her to the PSYCH WARD of a hospital in Harlem.

She was trying to prove to the staff she wasn’t crazy . . . so, as an example, she told them PRESIDENT OBAMA follows her on Twitter. Unfortunately, that made them think she was CRAZIER.

She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and her paperwork says that the whole Obama claim made them believe she didn’t understand reality.

But Obama really DOES follow her on Twitter. He also follows about 644,000 other people . . . some famous ones, some regular Americans.

She was finally released from the psych ward after eight days . . . and hit with a bill for $13,637.

Now she’s suing the hospital and the NYPD . . . she didn’t specify how much she wants in the suit.

Click here to see her picture.


netflix-J5qA Guy Steals a Woman’s Smart TV, But Gets Caught When He Uses Her Netflix Account

A 20-year-old named Bobby Alexander broke into a woman’s house in Mariposa, California earlier this month, and stole a bunch of electronics . . . including her 65-inch smart TV.

Three days later, the woman realized someone was watching movies on her NETFLIX account.

So she gave her account information to the police . . . they called Netflix . . . and Netflix tracked the guy’s I.P. address.

So cops got a warrant, searched Bobby’s place, and found the stolen stuff.

He’s facing burglary charges, and being held on $75,000 bail.


A Guy’s ISIS Tattoo Got Him Fired From Home Depot . . . Even Though It’s His Ex-Girlfriend’s Name

Kirk Soccorso of Mastic, New York was working at a Home Depot earlier this month, and heard some of his coworkers talking about the terrorist group ISIS.

So he thought it’d be funny to show them his ISIS tattoo . . . it’s in all caps, on the inside of his bottom lip. And he was promptly FIRED.

But he got it four years ago . . . because it’s his ex-girlfriend’s NAME.

They decided they’d show their undying love by getting each other’s names tattooed on the inside of their bottom lips . . . then broke up.

Kirk went to a local news station to complain about it, but when they contacted Home Depot, Kirk’s old bosses told them the decision to fire him, quote, “wasn’t just based on the tattoo.”

Click here to see Kirk and his tattoo.

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Freak Files: Monday, 3/23/15

A Fire Extinguisher Factory Catches Fire . . . But Burns For Hours Because of a Lack of Hydrants

A fire extinguisher factory in Chicago caught on FIRE late Thursday night . . . which is pretty close to the definition of irony.

And it’s CRUEL irony too, because the fire raged for about three hours . . . apparently a warehouse full of extinguishers wasn’t enough to stop it.

And when firefighters got to the scene, they found there weren’t enough HYDRANTS around to get the water they needed to put it out.

So they made a chain of six fire engines, pumping from one to another, just to get enough water to finally kill the fire.

No one was injured, but the roof completely collapsed and the building was seriously damaged. Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it.


A Fan Tried to Catch a Home Run Ball with His Visor

I know we only care about college basketball right now, but the baseball teams for LSU and the University of Arkansas faced off last Thursday, and a video from the game went viral over the weekend.

An LSU player hit a home run, and a fan held out his hat to catch the ball. But it wasn’t a baseball hat . . . it was a VISOR. Unfortunately the ball didn’t go THROUGH the visor . . . the guy missed it.

Click here to see the video.


Burger King Introduces Whopper-Scented Perfume

For hamburger lovers who want the smell like their favorite food, Burger King is here to help you out!

Burger King has just released a limited-edition fragrance called the “Flame Grilled Fragrance” that will help you smell just like a Whopper!!!

However, it turns out to be an April Fool’s joke because the perfume will ONLY be sold on April 1st….and will ONLY be sold in Japan…for about $40…but hey! It includes a Whopper.

There will only be 1,000 bottles made.

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Freak Files: Friday, 3/13/15

A Woman Is Selling Her House With One Catch . . . She Comes With it, as Your New Wife

A 40-year-old woman named Wina Lie in Indonesia is selling her two-bedroom house for about $75,000. Which is a great price . . . but there’s a catch.

If you buy the house, she comes WITH it . . . as your new WIFE.

Her husband died 15 years ago, and she says she’s been lonely ever since . . . so now she’s using her house as leverage to find a new husband.

She says she’s totally serious about being a package deal with the house . . . and her real estate ad says, quote, “Only for serious buyers and without negotiation.”

There’s no word if she’s gotten any bids yet.

Click here to see some pictures of Wina and her house.


A Woman Called in a Bomb Threat Because Her Cable Guy Didn’t Show Up

You know what it’s like to make an appointment with your cable company, they NEVER give you a specific time . . . they just say they’ll be there between, like, ten and four.

Then if they don’t show up, you LOSE YOUR MIND . . . like this woman.

23-year-old Mikka Phillips of Lincoln, Nebraska took time off work on Tuesday to get her cable set up, but no one showed. So she called Time Warner Cable to complain, and things got pretty heated.

First she started swearing . . . then she threatened to BLOW UP THE BUILDING, and hung up on them.

But Time Warner had to take the threat seriously, and evacuated the local office. Police searched the building for a bomb, but didn’t find anything . . . so now Mikka is facing charges for calling in a fake bomb threat.

Stupid Criminals!!!

And it turns out Time Warner DID try to get in touch with her that morning to let her know the cable guy couldn’t make it, but she had recently changed her number, so they had no way to contact her.

Click here to see her mugshot.


Middle School Basketball Players Stopped a Game Because Fans Were Picking on a Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

There’s an eighth grader in Kenosha, Wisconsin named Desiree Andrews who has Down syndrome. But that hasn’t stopped her from joining her school’s cheerleading squad.

And she was cheering at a middle school basketball game recently, when some students in the stands started making fun of her.

Luckily three players from her school saw what was happening . . . Miles Rodriguez, Scooter Terrien, and Chase Vazquez. So they stopped playing, confronted the bullies, and told them to stop.

Desiree described what they did as, quote, “sweet, kind, awesome, and amazing.” And since then, they’ve become friends.

Now the school is officially renaming their gymnasium “D’s House” . . . because Desiree goes by the nickname “D”.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 3/12/15

A Guy Kicks a Stray Dog . . . So the Dog and Its Pack Attack His Car

A guy was getting out of his Volkswagen Jetta in Chongqing, China last week when a stray dog wandered up to him. So he KICKED the dog, then went inside.

But the dog got sweet revenge. He went and got some of his dog buddies, and they attacked the guy’s CAR. They chewed off the wipers, “keyed” his car with their claws, and left big dents by biting the fenders and wheel wells. Then they took off, and haven’t been back since.

One of the guy’s neighbors saw what was happening, and took a bunch of photos of the dogs as they vandalized the car.

Click here to see some pictures of the dogs in action.


A Guy Steals a Goat as Part of His Elaborate Prom Proposal, and Gets Arrested

I am begging the youth of America to STOP the elaborate, viral prom proposals . . . just stop them. They’re OVER, and pretty soon something tragic is going to happen.

A 17-year-old guy in Georgia wanted to ask a girl to the prom with an elaborate stunt . . . so he and his buddies tried to steal a goat on Saturday night.

The plan was that he’d take the goat to the girl’s house and say, “Would you goat with me to prom?” But they got caught with the stolen goat before he had the chance to ask her to “Goat with him to the prom.”

Stupid Criminals!!!

They were arrested for misdemeanor livestock theft.


A Woman Has Spent 14 Years Trying to Get Her License, But Can’t Pass the Test

31-year-old Janine Mars lives outside London, and has been trying to get her driver’s license for more than 14 YEARS . . . but she can’t pass the test.

She’s spent at least $7,500 on more than 250 driving lessons . . . tried five different teachers . . . and can’t get the hang of it. She’s so bad at driving none of the driving instructors in her area will even get in a car with her.

She’s only taken the actual test five times in 14 years, but she’s failed MISERABLY each time

Meanwhile, her mom is so sick of driving her around, she’s offered to go halves on a car with her if she DOES ever pass.

Janine says she’s not giving up until she gets it.

Click here to see some pics of Janine.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 3/11/15

Ghosts Are FREAKY!

Remember the story last week about a baby surviving 14 hours in freezing cold water after the mother crashed the car into a river.

This happened in Utah last Friday, and the woman died in the crash, but as we already mentioned, her 18-month-old baby somehow survived 14 hours in the freezing cold water.

This is where it gets FREAKY. Four different cops say that when they found the car, they heard a woman inside calling for help, which isn’t possible, because the mom was already dead.

But they all SWEAR they heard a voice, so some people think it was her ghost.


A Man Finds A Python In His Box Of Corn Flakes

A man in Australia went to make himself a little afternoon snack of some Corn Flakes when he found a Diamond Python inside the cereal box!!!!

He freaked out….then called Animal Services, and the snake was safely removed and brought to a nearby brush.


Two Men Save Beached Shark Who Was Choking On….A Moose

Two men happened by a beach in Newfoundland where they discovered a beached shark was choking on a large moose!

Well, they immediately jumped into action and performed an improvised shark-CPR, which dislodged the moose from the shark’s throat.

Then, they managed to haul the shark back into the water as a crowd of onlookers cheered.

The shark actually survived and was able to swim away!! No word on the moose.


A Man Swallows a Penny to Beat a Breathalyzer Test . . . It Doesn’t Work

There’s an old wives’ tale that you can fool a breathalyzer by sucking on a penny.

Well, a 55-year-old guy was pulled over in Barrie, Ontario, Canada early Sunday morning for having a taillight out, and the cops thought he was intoxicated.

The guy ALSO clearly thought he was drunk . . . because he popped a penny in his mouth to try to beat the breathalyzer.

There were two big problems: One, the cop SAW it on his tongue . . . and two, the whole thing is just a myth. Sucking on copper doesn’t have any effect on the test.

When the cop asked the guy about the penny, he swallowed it.

So he was arrested for impaired driving AND obstruction . . . because of the whole penny thing.

Stupid Criminals!!!

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 3-10-15

A Woman Stashed $30,000 in Her Stove . . . Then Accidentally Burned It All Making Tea

A 39-year-old contractor in China recently had to borrow $30,000 from friends and family to pay his workers for a job.  And he was worried someone might break into his house and steal it.

So he asked his wife to stash it somewhere . . . and she decided the safest spot was inside their wood-burning STOVE.

Then when she woke up the next morning, she forgot it was there . . . lit the stove to make tea . . . and burned ALL of it.

Now she and her husband have to figure out how to pay his workers AND his family back.  So she’s obviously devastated.  But he says they’ll figure something out, and he’s already forgiven her.

Click here to see a picture of the burned-up money.


MugshotYes, Someone Will Probably Notice if You Try To Wheel an Entire Jewelry Case Out of Kmart

I guess this means it’s time for Stupid Criminals!!!!

34-year-old Quashanda Wolfe of Kingsport, Tennessee went into a Kmart last Thursday morning to steal some earrings.

But rather than shove them in her pockets or down her pants like a normal shoplifter, she figured it’d be easier to steal an entire CASE of them.

The display case was about three feet tall . . . but she just casually lifted it up, put it in her shopping cart, and tried to wheel it out of the store.

Believe it or not, a security guard noticed . . . and stopped her just outside the front door.

There were 37 pairs of earrings in the case, worth $250 each . . . who knew Kmart was selling $250 pairs of earrings?

She was arrested for theft of property over $1,000 and vandalism.


Polite Thief Returns ‘Itchy Blanket’

A homeless man broke into a car to steal a blanket…..but he returned it later with a polite note.

Bert Palin left his car outside while visiting family in New South Wales, Australia.

He didn’t realize it had been broken into until he arrived home the next day and found a note in the trunk from the thief apologizing for stealing the blanket saying that he was returning it because it was “too itchy.”

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Freak Files: Monday, 3/9/15

A Woman Went on an OkCupid Date With a Guy Named “Gooch” . . . and He Stole Her Car

You have to be careful when you do online dating.  This woman is clearly NOT good at spotting red flags.

A woman in Waterford Township, New Jersey went on a first date with a 53-year-old guy she met on OkCupid.  His name is GOOCH.

Well, technically his name is Gennaro Aladena . . . but he goes almost exclusively by his nickname, GOOCH.

They went to a sports bar, then she took him home . . . where he promptly stole her car.  It’s a 2007 red Toyota Solara with the license plate “JRSYGRL.”

The cops are trying to track him and the car down.

Click here to see a photo of him and the car.


A Burglar Was Caught Because His Victim Slashed His Tires

Marti Wilson of St. Joseph, Missouri got home around 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday and saw a strange car in her driveway . . . and her side door kicked in.  So she figured there was a burglar in her house, and jumped into action.

She used her pocketknife to slash the guy’s tires . . . then she stormed into the house and started YELLING at him.

He ran past her with a bunch of her prescription drugs, jumped in his car, and took off.

But her plan worked perfectly . . . because as he drove away on his busted tires, he left a trail of rubber on the road.  Then the cops followed it and tracked him down.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He’s a 30-year-old guy named Casey Hueser . . . and he was charged with first-degree burglary.


A Real Disappearing Act

I guess it’s true that there is a sucker born every minute.  Or instead of Stupid Criminals, maybe we can call this, Stupid Victims.

A woman in North Carolina says a guy came up to her on the street last month and offered to show her a magic trick.

He asked her to hand him some of her money.  So she took some cash out of her purse, $1,600 and handed it to the guy.  Now, you’re not going to believe this, but he made the money and himself disappear!

Obviously he ran off with it.

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Freak Files: Friday, 3/6/15

A Flight to Help People Overcome a Fear of Flying Was Struck by Lightning

I’ve never heard of this before, but apparently there are special flights you can take to help you overcome your fear of FLYING.  You go on a short, quick flight that proves just how safe airplanes really are.

Well . . . except when they’re not.

There was a special “fear of flying” flight in Birmingham, England on Monday, and about 25 minutes into the 40-minute flight, its right wing was struck by LIGHTNING.

There wasn’t much of a noise, but there was a giant flash inside the plane . . . and, I’m guessing, a LOT of screaming.

The flight landed safely . . . but stayed grounded for at least 30 hours afterward for repairs.  There’s no word on how the people on board reacted.


A Guy Is Busted For Buying Car Insurance From the Scene of His Car Accident

When you pay for insurance, you’re basically betting that something bad will happen to you.  You aren’t allowed to make that bet AFTER something bad happens.

33-year-old Michael Traveny of Altoona, Pennsylvania crashed his car and he didn’t have insurance.

So he immediately whipped out his cell phone, called Safe Auto Insurance, and got himself a policy.  He did NOT mention to them he’d ALREADY wrecked his car.

Then he called them again the next day and claimed he’d gotten into an accident right AFTER his policy took effect.  He filed a claim for $3,900.

But obviously the timing was suspicious, so the company investigated and called the cops.

Stupid Criminals!!!

Michael was just arrested for insurance fraud.


A Guy Offers to Share His French Fries With a Coworker . . . But Stabs Him With a Fork For Taking an Onion Ring

There’s an eternal debate over which is better:  French fries or onion rings?  Chalk this up as a BIG vote for onion rings.

44-year-old Mark Lawson is a construction worker in Berkshire, England . . . and his company was holding a party at a pub.

Mark was eating some fries and onion rings, and a coworker named Simon asked if he could have a few fries.  Mark said okay . . . but Simon didn’t stop at the fries.  He ALSO ate one of Mark’s onion rings.

THAT wasn’t cool . . . and Mark was so mad he poked Simon with his FORK.

Mark was in court earlier this week and pleaded guilty to malicious wounding.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 3/4/15

The Stats on Bear, Wolf, and Shark Attacks . . . and Why You Shouldn’t Fear Them

On every camping trip in history, someone says, “I hope we don’t get attacked by a bear tonight.”  And ALMOST every single camping trip in history has ended WITHOUT anyone getting attacked by a bear.

Here are some numbers to show you just how irrational your fear of wild animals really is . . .

Since 2010, only 16 people in North America have been killed by bears . . . five have died from snake bites . . . and five have died from shark attacks.

Only 13 people were killed by alligators in the past decade.

Only three people have been killed by mountain lions in the past 20 years.

And only TWO people have been killed by wolves in the last CENTURY.

Our biggest fear should be car accidents.  More than 30,000 Americans die in car accidents every year.


Clumsy Thief Falls Flat On Her Face

A would-be thief attempted to swipe a potted-plant on the side of a house in Bakersfield California last Monday.  .

The woman remains unidentified, but she pulled up to a house in her car…stumbled out, and tried to steal a huge planted plant….but when she was TRYING to make her getaway, she tripped, falling flat on her face and smashed the pot all over the driveway.

Then, after she got up…she fell AGAIN before finally making it to her car, driving away, and leaving the destroyed plant behind.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Guy Shattered His Leg Trying to Recreate a Move From “Dirty Dancing”

28-year-old Gary Mackay of Inverness, Scotland managed to get hurt doing a “Dirty Dancing”!!!

Gary was at a bar last week when one of his female friends wanted to recreate a dance from the movie . . . so she ran at him, jumped up, and wrapped her legs around his waist.

But he wasn’t ready for her.  So he lost his balance, fell down . . . and SHATTERED a bone in his right leg.  He was rushed to the hospital and needed two bolts and a metal rod to set it back in place.

Now he’ll be out of work for at least three months . . . AND he says he hasn’t heard from his friend since she injured him.

(Click here to see a couple photos of Gary, and the move from “Dirty Dancing” that sent him to the hospital.)

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 3/3/15

A Guy Ran Around Hollywood With a Fake Oscar and Got VIP Treatment 

Some random guy ran around Hollywood with a fake Academy Award on Oscar night last weekend, and got VIP treatment everywhere he went.

His name is Mark David Christenson, and he just did it as a stunt to see if he could get away with it.

He got a free movie ticket, free Gatorade from a convenience store, and entrance into a post-Oscar VIP party where he got a woman’s phone number.

He even convinced the guys at valet parking to give him somebody else’s car, because he claimed he couldn’t find his ticket.

No matter where he went, people wanted to celebrate and have their picture taken with him.  And of course he captured the whole thing on video.

Was Weed Inside

It takes impressive detective work to see through a Jedi mind trick like this . . . so bravo to the cops who pulled it off.

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska pulled over 21-year-old Jordan Meier on Saturday night for drunk driving.

When they searched his car, they found a 16-ounce container of Land O’ Lakes sour cream under the passenger seat . . . and it was labeled, quote, “NOT WEED.”

Now, if I’M there, I’m thinking, “Hmmm, I really figured this would have weed in it.  But it says ‘NOT WEED’ on it.  I guess I’ll keep searching the car.”

But these cops were smarter than that.  They opened the container anyway.  And it turns out the label was lying to them . . . there actually WAS weed in there, 11 grams of it.

Stupid Criminals!!!

Jordan was arrested for driving under the influence and marijuana possession.  The three other people in the car weren’t drunk OR high.

Click here to see a photo of Jordan and the “Not Weed” container.


A Group Called “Buy Nothing” Lets You Give Stuff to Your Neighbors . . . and Over 100,000 People Are Doing It

About 18 months ago, two women in Washington state started an experiment on Facebook called the “Buy Nothing Project” as a way of connecting with neighbors . . . and also saving money.

First you join a group in your area.  Then you either post photos of stuff you don’t need on the group’s Facebook page, or list things you DO need.  Then people will give them to you for FREE.

It originally started with a few people in Seattle.  Then it took off last year, and now there are more than 100,000 members in the U.S. and 11 other countries.

What makes it unique is you’re not allowed to trade or charge for anything.  It’s all about donating, meeting people, and building a community in your area.  And people don’t just donate STUFF.  You can also ask for things like a ride to the doctor.

Check out their website,  And if there isn’t already a group in your area, you can start one.

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