Freak Files: Wednesday, 5/4/16

Forklift Moves A Parked Car

A construction firm in Brooklyn, New York, has apologized for relocating someone’s vehicle with a forklift.

TOM NAHRWOLD and SUSAN PELLEGRINO were shocked to find their recently purchased SUV had been lifted out of its legal parking space up onto a sidewalk. At first they couldn’t figure out how it got there.

But, a neighbor showed them cell phone video of the vehicle being moved by a forklift. The couple says their car suffered $26-hundred dollars in damage to the bumper and undercarriage. The construction firm has promised to pay for damages.


A Tree Falls Into the Street . . . and Stops a Car Theft

You’re not meant to be a criminal when man AND nature are both trying to take you down.

Here’s what happened. Two guys in Orlando, Florida stole a car on Monday morning, then sped off. But they didn’t know that a huge TREE branch had just fallen in the street, and was blocking the way.

Luckily for them, they managed to swerve around it, but they didn’t see the FIRE TRUCK parked right behind it. So they crashed right into it. Stupid Criminals!!!

Apparently the guys weren’t hurt, but they couldn’t keep driving. So the cops got there quickly and arrested them.


$300,000 Supercar Crashes 10 Minutes After It’s Dropped Off

Last week an unnamed man in Essex, England was very excited that his brand new $313,000 McLaren 650S sports car was going to be delivered to his home.

In case you don’t know what a McLaren 650S sports car is, it’s a “supercar” that can hit 100 mph in under six seconds!

The owner was so excited that he downed a lot of champagne to commemorate the occasion. But 10 minutes after the car was delivered, someone took the car for a spin. We don’t know if it was the owner who just celebrated with a bunch of champagne, or an acquaintance.

Regardless, the $313,000 “supercar” was wrecked and reduced to a mangled lump metal after the driver lost control and ploughed into a tree.

No-one was injured in the crash, and since the police aren’t sure who was driving at the time, they are investigating.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 5/3/16

A Woman Chased a Pervert Out of Target

A 31-year-old guy in Florida named Jeffrey Pollizi got arrested in 2009 for spying on women in dressing rooms.

Apparently his M.O. is to pretend he’s buying clothes for his wife, then he would ask women if they’ll try them on for him. But he was creeping on a woman at a Target near Jacksonville last Tuesday, and it turned out she knew him because he harassed her BEFORE at another store about two years ago.

So she started recording him with her phone, chased him out of the store, through the parking lot, and now over 30 other women have come forward, because he’s done the same thing to them.

No word on any charges yet, but the cops are looking into it.

Click here to see a video of her chasing him.


A Guy Was Upset About Losing Vacation Days So He Set a Fire That Caused $70 Million in Damage

Americans get so little vacation, you do NOT wanna mess with what little days they DO have, even if we never actually USE our vacation days?

20-year-old Ruben Cruz works at a furniture store warehouse in Woodridge, Illinois. And he had a meeting with his bosses last week where they told him they were going to cut his vacation days because he’d been missing too much work.

Naturally Ruben was REALLY upset. And apparently his plan to relieve the tension was to light a piece of paper on fire. So he did. But the fire spread, the entire warehouse went up in flames, and more than 100 firefighters had to come put it out.

Everyone who was there managed to make it out safely, but the building and everything inside was destroyed. At the end of the day, Ruben did a total of about $70 MILLION in damage.

So now he’s facing up to 20 years in federal prison for arson. Stupid Criminals!!!


A Bird Steals Hair Off a Sleeping Dog to Build a Nest

A woman in North Carolina posted a video of her dog sleeping on the porch.

Nature takes an interesting turn when a bird flies down on the dog and rips fur off of its back to use for a nest. And the dog either doesn’t mind, or just sleeps through the whole thing.

Click here to see the video.


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Freak Files: Friday, 4/29/16

Sheepdog Hates New Job, Travels 240 Miles Back Home

On April 8th, a sheepdog was sent away by its Welsh owners to work on a farm in Cumbria, but didn’t like his new assignment and bailed.

The dog, named Pero, escaped the farm and walked 240-miles back home!  He arrived home on April 20th. The family has no idea how Pero made the long trip or what he ate, but when he got home he wasn’t hungry or weak – he was in great shape!

Pero’s original family says he can stay with them because it wouldn’t be fair to send him away again.


Check Your Yard For Hand Grenades!

Yard work can be a pain in the keister but it’s even worse when you hit a grenade!

JOE PRIESTER of Richmond, Virginia, was chopping ivy with an ax near the bottom of a tree on his property. He said hit something really hard a couple of times.

Quote, “I pull it out and I’m looking at it and I can’t believe what I’m seeing… It looked like a grenade. I saw the pin was on it so I said the best thing to do was to call it in. I was in shock.”

Police and the bomb squad showed up and defused the grenade. They said it was most likely live and had been there for a very long time. Thankfully, no one was hurt.


Harvard’s Ducky Wucky River Race If you’re going to be anywhere near Harvard, Massachusetts next weekend you might want to sign up for the annual rubber duck races.

That’s because the winner of Harvard’s Ducky Wucky River Race May 7th will win dinner for two anywhere in the world. The race involves thousands of rubber ducks being dumped into the Nashua River to float downstream. Each duck has a number on it that belongs to a contestant. The first one to reach the finish line, wins.

And, that person gets airfare, a two-night stay, and a fancy dinner at the destination of their choice. Past winners have chosen Paris, Tokyo, and Australia.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 4/28/16

I Thought That Men Are Bad At Directions

A 12-year-old girl in New York set out to run a 5K and accidentally kept on going.

LEEADIANEZ RODRIGUEZ mistakenly lined up for the wrong race during the Rochester Regional Health Flower City Challenge. Instead of completing a 5K –or three-point-one miles– she ended up doing a half-marathon, which is thirteen-point-one miles.

The girl’s mother got worried when she didn’t show up at the finish line. But, a short time later they were reunited. Rodriguez finished the half-marathon in 2:43:31.

She says she realized at the halfway point that she was in the wrong race –but decided to keep going anyway.


A Guy Doesn’t Realize His Bag of Meth Is Stuck to His Sweaty Back

This is a magnificently embarrassing way to get arrested and you can blame it all on back sweat.

A 36-year-old guy from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada was at a hotel with his girlfriend this weekend and they got into a very loud fight. The police wound up coming to their room to check it out.

The guy let them in, and when he turned around, the cops spotted a bag stuck to his sweaty back. It turned out to be a bag of CRYSTAL METH, which the guy clearly didn’t realize was stuck there.

The cops searched the room and found more drugs and a knife. He was arrested for drug possession and making threats.  Stupid Criminals!!!


Three Guys Float to Cuba to Avoid Jail in America

Three guys from Cuba got arrested in New Orleans back in October for credit card fraud.

Their names are Luis Rivera-Garcia, Juliet Estrada-Perez, and Enrique Gonzalez-Torres. They made bail but they KNEW they’d be going to prison for it. So early last week, they got their hands on a small boat and tried to float BACK to Cuba, which you don’t see very often. Usually it’s the other way around.

Well guess what? Their boat capsized 40 miles north of Havana, and they got rescued by a Disney CRUISE ship which is about as American as apple pie and deep-fried Twinkies!!

The cruise ship ended up dropping them off in Key West, Florida, and U.S. Marshals were there waiting to arrest them. So they’re all back in jail now, facing charges for trafficking stolen credit cards.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 4/27/16

Walk, I Mean Run On Water

REZA BALUCHI, an ultra-marathon runner from Florida, had to be rescued by the Coast Guard for a second time.

Baluchi was “running” in an inflatable bubble and was expecting to be at sea for at least five months. His intentions were good, trying to raise money for children in need and to “inspire those that have lost hope for a better future.”

The Coast Guard told him NOT to start his run “because your vessels and the conditions under which you are attempting to complete your voyage to Bermuda is unsafe.”

In 2014 they got a call of a disoriented man in a bubble off the coast of Miami and saved him then. This time they stopped him from continuing because he disobeyed their orders. Unfortunately the taxpayers are footing the bill for his rescue.

Click here to see a video.


A Robber Ran From the Cops and Hopped a Fence . . . the White House Fence

I always thought the dumbest place a criminal could hide when they’re running from the cops was a police station, but this guy found one that’s even dumber.

guy robbed a building in Washington D.C. yesterday, and took off running from the cops. About a block later, he tried to get away by hopping a fence. It just so happened that it was the fence to the WHITE HOUSE!!! Stupid Criminals!!!

Obviously he did NOT get away; the Secret Service quickly swarmed and took him down. PRESIDENT OBAMA was actually in the White House at the time, so the entire place had to be locked down until they made sure the guy wasn’t a threat.

His name and the charges he’s facing haven’t been released, but he was handed over to the police.


A Guy Ate 22 of the World’s Hottest Peppers in 60 Seconds

Carolina Reapers are the hottest peppers in the world.

And 31-year-old Wayne Algenio in New York broke a world record on Sunday by eating 22 of them in a minute. He ate 119 grams worth, which is just over a quarter-pound. It smashed the old record of 70 grams.

Just so you know, the Carolina Reaper has 2.2 million Scoville heat units. The Habanero chili has only 100,000 heat units. So the Carolina Reaper is 22 times hotter than Habanero.

Then Wayne had to go a minute without puking or drinking anything.

You can see a video here. (Warning: Language)

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 4/26/16

It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!

A guy in Yellowknife, Canada really went out of his way to give his wife a special –and delicious– 15th anniversary.

You see, MIKE HOVAK drove 900-miles to pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken for his wife, ANGELA.

That’s the round-trip distance to the nearest KFC, located in High Level, Alberta. The tradition of eating KFC to celebrate their love goes all the way back to their wedding reception. But, back then, they lived in a different town which had a KFC nearby.

Since he drove so far to get the chicken, Mike made it worth his while and bought fifteen buckets, which cost $600-dollars. He says it was worth every penny.


A Man in a “This Guy Needs a Beer” Shirt Got a DUI

Ironic t-shirts and police mugshots are a match made in heaven.

29-year-old Joshua Tackett of Kensington, New Hampshire was driving drunk on Friday night. He lost control, swerved off the road, hit a wall, hit a lamp post, and then came to a stop, right in front of a police station.

So the good news for Josh is that help came outside right away. The bad news is that the cops arrested him for drunk driving.

And in his mugshot, you can see he was wearing a t-shirt that said, quote, “This guy needs a beer.”

I think he appreciated the irony because he’s smiling in his mugshot. His face was pretty banged up too. Click here to see his mugshot.


Crocodile Drags Australian Teenager From Camping Tent

A family fishing and camping trip in Australia’s Northern Territory turned terrifying Monday when a crocodile snuck out of a creek near their campsite and dragged a 19-year-old from his tent.

The 13-foot-long croc yanked Peter Rowsell out of his tent by his right foot at around 4:30 in the morning. Peter says he was “very lucky” because he managed to kick the croc away with his other foot.

Peter is currently suffering from shock, but is in stable condition at a local hospital with puncture wounds on his lower right leg

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Freak Files: Monday, 4/25/16

U.K. Teenager Passes Driving Test Despite Hitting A Deer

Tom Lo, a 17-year-old from the UK was taking his driver’s license test this week when a deer suddenly jumped in front of his car while he was going about 60 miles-per-hour.

The deer was killed, but Tom did such a great job handling the situation that the instructor let him continue his test!!!

In the end, Tom passed the test and was awarded his driver’s license.


A Man Tries to Pay His Bail With Counterfeit Money

20-year-old Jarious Mock was walking out of a club in Greensboro, North Carolina last week and he started yelling profanities at the police.

Some cops outside heard him and ran his name. It turned out he had a warrant for failure to appear in court for a marijuana case, so he was arrested. When he got to jail, he found out his bail was $200, which he paid on the spot.

There was only one problem: He paid with COUNTERFEIT money. And apparently it wasn’t even good counterfeit money, because the staff realized it was fake immediately.

Jarious was hit with a new charge of possession of counterfeit currency, and his bail was upped to $2,000. He didn’t have that cash on him, real or fake, so he’s still in jail!!!! Stupid Criminals!!!


The Brightest Smile In Crime!

Dental hygiene must be really important to this guy, whoever he is.

Ohio police are on the lookout for a suspect accused of stealing $25-hundred dollars’ worth of teeth whitening kits from stores in Columbus. $420-dollars’ worth of those kits were allegedly from one store alone.

The unidentified man’s crime spree only targeted Crest-brand whitening strips. Police say this many thefts of a single product is unusual. The investigation continues and they’re looking for a middle-aged man with a really bright smile!!!

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Freak Files: Friday, 4/22/16

The Texas Floods

The floods in southeast Texas trapped thousands of people over the past week, since it’s virtually impossible to drive anywhere. So these two people improvised.

Cathy Rude is a midwife in Katy, Texas and she needed to get to work this week . . . since, you know, babies don’t care about flooding. So she got her hands on a large inflatable SWAN, and rode it to work.

Meanwhile, about 300 miles north in Millsap, Texas, a guy named Cole Geeo figured out a way to help his neighbors who were trapped in their houses.

Cole has his own homemade monster truck, which he built out of his Ford F-150 pickup truck and 63-inch wheels. And it was tall enough to ride through the floods.

He helped neighbors get out of their homes and even helped people who’d gotten stuck driving on the roads.


A Guy Faked a Heart Attack in a Cab . . . Then Stole It

This seems like an unnecessarily complicated way to carjack someone, but then again, what do you expect when it comes to Stupid Criminals????

Larry Young and James Dunn got into a cab in Brooklyn last Saturday around 1:55 A.M. The driver started taking them to Staten Island, and one of them faked a HEART ATTACK.

So the driver pulled over to call 911. But before he could dial, the other guy grabbed him and pulled him OUT of the cab, and the two guys drove off. Once they were gone, the driver DID call 911, but to report the carjacking, not a heart attack.

The cops caught up with the guys and they tried to run one of the cops OVER. Luckily they missed, and crashed into a police car. So they were both arrested and charged with robbery, grand larceny, criminal mischief, and fleeing a police officer.  Stupid Criminals!!!


A High School Basketball Star Turned Out to be a 30-Year-Old Man

It’s pretty rare to find a high schooler who’s got a fixed-rate 30-year mortgage, but here you go.

A 17-year-old named Jonathon Nicola moved from South Sudan to Canada about six months ago, and started going to Catholic Central High School in Windsor, Ontario. He’s also 6-foot-9 and 202 pounds, so he quickly became the school’s star basketball player.

However, earlier this week, we all found out WHY he’s been dominating all the high school kids in basketball. It’s because he’s secretly a 30-YEAR-OLD MAN.

It’s not clear how the Canada Border Services Agency found out how old he really was, but they arrested him and are holding him in a detention center now. He has a hearing next week. (Click here to see a photo of Jonathan with his much shorter, younger teammates.)

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Freak Files: Thursday, 4/21/16

Another One of Those, “Hey, Look What I Found” Stories

Hey guess what? Dynamite is not a keepsake.

A family in Phoenix recently called police after their father passed away to say they had found several sticks of dynamite in his garage. Apparently dear ol’ dad used to work at Superior magma mines and thought it’d be cool to take some old TNT home.

Police say the dynamite was “sweating” when they got to it, something it does when it gets old as the nitroglycerine starts to bleed out, making it severely unstable. Authorities estimate that it was 30 to 40 years old.

It was put into an explosive proof container and the bomb squad took it away.


Stupid Criminals – Soda Theft

Who knew stealing soda could be a felony??

A young male at a McDonalds in Arkansas was with a couple of friends when they hit the drive-thru. They all ordered water, and then parked their car, went inside, dumped the water out of their cups and filled them with soda.

The manager approached them and told them that they were stealing and to return the soda. Two of them did but CODY MORRIS, who’s 18, refused. He went outside and tried to drive away while the manager tried to block his car.

Morris ended up hitting him twice before driving away. Police caught up with him and arrested him for FELONY robbery. Yes for stealing soda!!! Stupid Criminals!!!

Click here to see his mugshot.


Toilet Rat Bites Man’s Butt, Prompts City-Wide Scare

If you thought your toilet was a safe place to sit, think again.

An unnamed resident of County Cork, Ireland, discovered this the hard way recently after he was bitten on his butt by a rat while using the toilet.

The man that was bitten went to the hospital and was given a few shots. City officials say that recent flooding has led to a rat infestation in the area and they are now warning residents that they need to keep their toilet seats down and to “watch their posteriors.”

Now that’s a Freak File!!! The stuff that nightmares are made of!!!

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 4/20/16

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire!

Firefighters in Parkhill, Ontario had to put out a fire at a fire-starting company, go figure.

The Ontario Fire Marshall’s office said that the flames were sky high and they are investigating the cause. The Quick Wick company markets their product as the “world’s best fire starter” although it only took firefighters 30 minutes to extinguish the flames.

Unfortunately, the only thing left of the business is a brick wall.


Burglar Left A Trail Of Footprints In White Paint To His Door

Investigators responded to a break-in at a second-hand store in the town of Easington Colliery, where they discovered the culprit had spilled a bucket of white paint inside the store and then walked through the spill.

So yes, the burglar left a trail of white paint footprints from the scene of the crime to his own front door.

The officers followed the trail of white footprints all the way to the home of 27-year old Andrew Connor, who still had white paint on his shoes and the stolen goods from the store in his back yard.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested .


A Man Claiming to be From the Future Stole Food From Arby’s to Take Back With Him

36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson walked into an Arby’s in Oklahoma City on Friday, with an important announcement.

He told the employees he’d come from the FUTURE and he needed some food to take back with him.

Anyway, Dante grabbed a handful of bacon and chicken, and walked out. He also started kicking cars while he crossed the street and ate his bacon. He was arrested on several charges, and the police aren’t sure if he was high, or just had some kind of mental breakdown.

By the way, Dante said he was only from FOUR YEARS in the future. So if Arby’s goes bankrupt and vanishes by 2020, we should revisit this moment and apologize to Dante. Click here to see his mugshot.


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Freak Files: Tuesday, 4/19/16

A Guy Gets Caught Shoplifting Flea Medicine, So He Chugs It & Winds Up in the Hospital

Now THIS is some true dedication to destroying evidence.

A guy went to a Menards hardware store in Michigan City, Indiana on Friday afternoon, and shoplifted 19 boxes of K9 Advantix flea medicine.

But when security caught him, he tried to cover his tracks, by CHUGGING the medicine. So the cops took him to the hospital because, you know, flea medicine REALLY isn’t made for drinking.

There’s no word on how he’s doing or what charges he’s facing.


An NFL Stadium Held a Movie Night, but Forgot to Turn Off the Sprinklers

Nissan Stadium in Nashville held a family movie night this past Saturday.

Since most of us from Memphis don’t give three hoots about the Titans, Nissan Satdium is where the Tennessee Titans play.

People were on the grass with their kids, on blankets watching the “Minions” movie on the Jumbotron.

However, the grounds keepers at the stadium forgot to turn off the timer on the SPRINKLERS, and , you guessed it. The sprinklers went off!!!

Any way, a bunch of people got wet.

(Click here for a video…..and here for another angle of it.)


When Animals Attack!!!

If you’ve ever had to clean bird poop off your car, you know how annoying and disgusting it can be.

Well, residents on a quiet street in China are dealing with that problem, but on a much MUCH larger scale.

At least 3 times a week, car owners wake-up to find their cars covered in thousands of white droppings left by over 1,000 black-crowned night herons. The herons migrated to the city and have settled on the road.

People can see dozens of nests in every tree along the road. It’s so bad that residents have resorted to going outside at night with umbrellas, and many have bought plastic car covers to shield their vehicles from the bird droppings.

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Freak Files: Monday, 4/18/16

A Guy Accidentally Blows Up His Apartment While Spraying For Roaches . . . and They Survive

You know how people say roaches can survive a nuclear bomb? It’s not made up.

A guy in Asbury Park, New Jersey found roaches in his apartment last week. So he got himself some roach spray, and started going to town on his kitchen.

But the spray started giving him a headache, so he opened a window. When he did, the combination of the chemicals from the bug spray, the oxygen from the open window, and the pilot light of his stove caused a massive EXPLOSION.

All the windows blew out, and three people were taken to the hospital. Fortunately no one was killed, but the real slap in the face after all that? The roaches SURVIVED.

A spokesman from the fire department says that when he got to the scene, quote, “I saw numerous roaches crawling through the apartment.”


A Guy Was Arrested For Using “Fart Spray” Inside a Bar

It’s a practical joke spray that’s sold at Walmart and online.

According to the manufacturers, it creates, quote, “a genuine, foul smell, with hints of dead animal and fresh poo.”

Anyway, 20-year-old Blake Zengo recently got his hands on some, and took it with him to a bar in Athens, Georgia last weekend. He started spraying it around 1:40 A.M., and people cleared out of the bar because it really did smell THAT bad.

One woman wound up calling the cops when Blake sprayed it right in her FACE. The cops found the bottle in Blake’s pocket when they searched him, and he was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and underage possession of alcohol. Stupid Criminals!!! Click here to see his mugshot and a picture of the spray.


A CrossFit Coach Scaled a Wall and Rescued a Family Trapped Inside a Car

This is the only time we’ll tolerate someone bragging about their CrossFit training.

Greg Pena is a coach at a CrossFit gym in Los Gatos, California, and it’s right by a highway. He was about to start teaching a class when he heard a car crash and saw a bunch of SMOKE. It turns out a woman had flipped her SUV, and she and her three little kids were trapped inside.

So Greg immediately scaled a 25-foot WALL to get up to the highway. He used some support from a chain link fence, his upper body strength, and, yeah, his CrossFit training. Then he ran over to the SUV and managed to pull everyone out safely.

The story just came out, because one of the firefighters involved nominated him for a citizen’s medal of valor.

Click here to see a photo of Greg recreating his wall climb.

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