Freak Files: Friday, 11/21/14

A Guy Burns Down His Own House For Attention!

On Wednesday, a 27-year-old in Rockville, Maryland burned down the house he was living in.  He did a pretty good job because it took two different fire stations had to fight the fire.

And with a fire this big, it attracted the attention of a couple of local TV stations.  That’s when the resident walked up to reporters and openly admitted that he started the fire.

He said he did it so the local news would expose how terrible the living conditions were inside, which obviously isn’t possible now, because the place burned to the ground.

Luckily, no one was hurt.


A Guy Tries to Rob a Store Using a Photo of a Gun

A 34-year-old man went into a grocery store in Cambridge, England last week . . . walked up to the staff . . . told them he was robbing the place . . . and threatened to kill them if they didn’t give him the money.

And then, he whipped out his gun.  Well . . . not exactly.

He actually whipped out a PICTURE of a gun.

The employees weren’t QUITE as intimidated by a picture of a gun as they would’ve been by a gun itself . . . although he could’ve probably given one or two of them NASTY paper cuts.  So they stalled the guy while they called the cops.

Police rushed to the store and arrested the guy for making threats to kill.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Guy Pulled a Baby from a Submerged Car, Then Another Guy Did CPR and Saved Its Life

On Monday, a guy in Maine hit a patch of ice and flipped his SUV into a stream.  The stream was frozen and the SUV was upside down.

The driver and his two passengers were able to get out . . . but a three-month-old BABY was still trapped in the backseat.

That’s when a 44-year-old logger named Leo stopped to help.  He immediately dove in, used a pocket knife to cut the seatbelt, and pulled her out while she was still strapped into her car seat.

At that point she’d stopped breathing.  But a 32-year-old named Wade, who had also stopped to help, administered CPR and was able to revive the baby.

According to police, the baby is also doing fine.

Click here to see a picture of the submerged SUV here.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 11/20/14

A 17-Year-Old Girl Saves a Baby’s Life Using CPR She Just Learned in Health Class

An 11-month-old baby stopped breathing inside the Walmart on Wednesday night, and the baby’s mother was desperately trying to revive her. But it wasn’t working, and paramedics were still on the way.

Luckily 17-year-old Abby Snodgrass was at the Walmart too . . . and she’d JUST learned CPR techniques in health class. So she sprang into action.

She started giving the baby CPR, and got the baby breathing again. The paramedics said that without Abby, the baby might have died.

Abby says, quote, “The one thought that crossed my mind was, ‘What if this doesn’t work?’ And I just had to push it out of my mind and keep going because I knew that’s what I had to do.”

The baby is recovering and doing fine!!!


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.41.57 AMDrunken Trips to Taco Bell

Gabriel Harris of New Smyrna Beach, Florida is a 33-year-old with blue hair, who had too much to drink and rode his BIKE through a Taco Bell drive thru around 3:00 A.M. on Sunday.

Remember, most fast-food restaurants have a policy where you must be in a car to be served at the drive thru.  So when Taco Bell wouldn’t serve Gabriel, he refused to leave.

So they called the cops, and Gabriel got into a FIGHT with them.

Stupid Criminals!!!

His mug shot after the arrest is fantastic . . . he’s pouting, his forehead is bleeding, and his blue hair is glistening.


Officer Pulled Over School Bus To Give Son Lunch

A county sheriff is being investigated for pulling over a school bus… deliver lunch to his son.

Lieutenant Brian Kelly used his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop while the bus was headed to a school in Johnsburg, Illinois.

The bus driver filed a police report for gross misconduct.  The officer has publicly apologized for his behavior, but there’s no word if there are any punishments pending.

Just so you know, the kids made it to school on time, and the officer’s kid had his lunch.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 11/19/14

A Drunk Guy Steals a Bulldozer to Drive Home — and Forges a Path of Destruction

30-year-old Christopher Russell of Newark, New Jersey got drunk on Friday night, and while he was walking home he got a brilliant idea.

He saw some keys in the ignition of a BULLDOZER, and decided to drive it home.

We’re guessing that Christopher had never driven a bulldozer before, based on what happened.

He tried to drive through a park, and forged a MASSIVE path of destruction. He leveled three benches, a tree, a drinking fountain, a fence, some signs . . . then left the park and smashed into a car.

By that point, the cops had gotten some calls about a guy wreaking havoc on a bulldozer and got to the scene.

Stupid Criminals!!!

Christopher was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, criminal mischief, leaving the scene of an accident, and theft.


1-M8HA Guy Gets Into a Fight With His Girlfriend For Giving Him Birthday Waffles–Not Birthday Pancakes

You know those people who seem to be extra ENTITLED and obnoxious on their birthdays? Meet their KING.

James Irving Junior of Gainesville, Florida turned 44 on Sunday. He had requested a pancake breakfast in bed, and his girlfriend DID wake him up with breakfast.

There was just one problem. She made him birthday WAFFLES instead of birthday pancakes.

So James flipped out . . . they got into an argument . . . and he assaulted her. She called the cops, and he was arrested for battery.

He spent his entire birthday in jail, and had to stay the night too. And just so you know, his jail breakfast on Monday morning was fruit, grits, sausage, bread and butter.


More Stupid Criminals!

27-year-old Richard Vanhouten of Hackettstown, New Jersey got into an argument with a cab driver around 1:30 A.M. on Sunday, and a cop came to intervene.

After the cop helped resolve the fight, Richard asked him for a ride to BURGER KING across town. And apparently the cop said okay.

There was just one condition . . . he had to pat Richard down before he let him into the car. That makes sense . . . what if Richard had a gun on him?

So Richard agreed to the patdown . . . and the cop found MARIJUANA on him.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 11/18/14

Santa Claus Was Caught on Camera Robbing a Post Office

Now kids, we know the real Santa would never od this.  Santa has helpers who dress like him and act like him so he can find out if you’ve been naughty or nice, and more importantly, what you want for Christmas.  But sometimes, Santa runs into a bad helper.

A man dressed as Santa Claus himself walked into a post office in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday morning.

The two women working there thought he was going to give them candy. Instead . . . he demanded MONEY.

He was caught on the surveillance camera shoving a bunch of cash into his red-and-white Santa sack….then he took off.

The cops say he was driving a cream-colored Jeep with stolen plates, and he’s about six feet tall. For now that’s all they have to go on.


4-Year-Old Climbs A Tree And Can’t Get Down!

In Alabama, a four-year-old boy climbed 50-feet up a tree and couldn’t get down.

BARBARA DAWSEY of Geneva says her grandson PARKER was dared by his older brother to see how high he could climb.

Eventually, he realized he was too high to come back down, so he just held on tight and closed his eyes. A neighbor tried to get him down, but couldn’t climb that high.

Firefighters also failed to reach the kid.  After two hours, a tree trimming company finally rescued the kid with a cherry picker.


Please Help Me Find My Dog!!

39-year-old JANET MIHALYFI lost her five-year-old Rottweiler in the woods back in November of 2013.

Since then, she’s forked over $35-thousand bucks trying to find him. Mihalyfi spent the money printing fliers, hiring psychics, private investigators, and installing security cameras in the forest.

Sadly, the dog is still missing.


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Freak Files: Monday, 11/17/14

A Dog Hopped Onto the Side of an Ambulance and Rode For 20 Miles to Stay With His Owner

An 85-year-old guy in San Angelo, Texas named J.R. Nicholson was feeling dizzy and called 911 for help. So the paramedics came, loaded him into the ambulance, and took him to the hospital.

But they didn’t realize his 35-pound beagle named Buddy didn’t want to leave J.R.’s side.

Buddy hopped onto the little side step of the ambulance and just sat there, riding the ambulance, as it went to the hospital.

About 20 miles into the drive, another driver flagged them down and told them there was a DOG on the side of the ambulance. They didn’t really have a choice at that point, so they loaded Buddy into the back and took him the rest of the way.

J.R. stayed one night at the hospital and was released. And Buddy stayed with him the entire time.


A Three-Year-Old Girl Sat with a Mall Santa So He Wouldn’t Have to Eat Alone

Last Wednesday, a three-year-old named Gracie Wilson was at a restaurant in Evansville, Indiana, and saw a mall Santa sitting at a booth having breakfast.

He was in his red Santa suit, with his jacket off. And he was by himself . . . so she decided to sit WITH him, because she didn’t think Santa should have to eat alone.

Gracie’s grandmother knew the guy might not want to deal with kids right before his shift, so she asked him if it was okay first. But he was cool with it . . . and now a photo of them sitting together has been liked thousands of times on Facebook.

They talked for 20 minutes about the movie “Frozen” and about Christmas presents, but she didn’t ask for any.  She just said she wants to meet her new baby brother for Christmas. Which she will . . . her mom’s due in a couple weeks.


Deadbeat Dad In Memphis

He’s being called the world’s biggest deadbeat dad.

According to court records, 50-year-old Memphis, Tennessee, resident TERRY TURNAGE fathered at least 26 children with 20 different women. Until recently, officials thought he only had kids in Tennessee. But, it turns out the guy has been making the rounds in Arkansas, too.

According to officials, Turnage claims he can’t pay support because he doesn’t earn enough at his McDonald’s job. But, records show he recently paid $10-thousand dollars for a 2005 Corvette and also hosted a two-day birthday bash for himself.

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Freak Files: Friday, 11/14/14

Who Would Drive A Perfectly Good Corvette In The Delaware River?

When a perfectly good corvette is a casualty of a complicated divorce, that’s when.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector SCOTT SMALL says, “The Corvette is registered to the wife so I guess (the husband) was angry with his wife and took her car, drove it to the Delaware River.” Witnesses confirm seeing the angry 50-year-old hubby dump the car just below a bridge.

He allegedly drove up to the water, then jumped out while the car was still moving.

Officials say the disgruntled husband faces charges of stealing his wife’s car and reckless endangerment for putting the police officers and divers in harm’s way.


Stupid Criminals!!!

19-year-old Joey Grey of Arkansas drove his mother’s car to the DMV to get his license on Wednesday.  Well that’s illegal, since he didn’t HAVE a license yet.

A police officer saw him pull into the DMV, and when he discovered that Joey was there to get his driver’s license, he tried to cite him for it, but Joey jumped back in his car and led police on a high-speed CHASE . . . which ended when he crashed into a house.

Luckily no one was hurt.


Mom Uses App To Find Son…..At Police Station

A mom worried that her teenage son wasn’t answering his phone used an app to track him down, but she wasn’t too happy where the trail ended.

That would be the 103rd Precinct in Queens, where the 16-year-old was being held on charges of robbery!!

Police say the teenager may have committed at least 4 robberies in the past month.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 11/13/14

The FBI Cracked a Master Hacker’s Hard Drive . . . Because His Password Was His Cat’s Name

The best hackers in the world are just as lazy when it comes to picking passwords as we are.

29-year-old Jeremy Hammond of Chicago was the most wanted cybercriminal in the U.S. a few years ago.

He hacked into the website for a think tank called Stratfor, and collected a ton of credit card numbers from their wealthy clients.  The FBI ended up arresting him in 2012, and then had the challenge of decrypting his hard drive.

And they managed to break into it by GUESSING his password.  His cat’s name was Chewy . . . and his password was Chewy123.  That was one of the things the FBI guessed, and the hard drive opened right up.

Jeremy is serving a prison sentence right now that ends in 2020.


A 17-Year-Old Pulled a Cop from a Burning Car

17-year-old Joe Chambers lives in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, and hasn’t even graduated high school yet.  But he’s already a volunteer firefighter.  And over the weekend, he got some experience.

A cop in was in a serious car crash on Saturday, and got trapped in his squad car.  So a Joe ran over, and pulled him out through a WINDOW . . . right before the car EXPLODED.

The cop ended up with burns to his legs, but he’ll be okay.


Dangling Window Washers Rescued From One World Trade Center

Two window washers were just minding their business, doing their job around the 68th floor of “One World Trade Center” when the wires holding the scaffolding snapped and left them dangling in the air!!

Incredible videos showed the scaffolding tilted at a sharp angle with the two men hanging on for dear life.

Firefighters got them out by cutting through a skyscraper window and pulling them inside the building.

Both seemed OK but were put into neck braces as a precaution.

Click here for pics and a video.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 11/12/14

A Guy Was Trapped in the Walls of a Store For Three Days . . . Even Though Employees Heard Him Yelling on the Second Day

35-year-old Paul Felyk of Westminster, Colorado was on the roof of a Marshalls store on Sunday.  We don’t know why . . . but we do know that he fell 20 feet into a small CRAWLSPACE between two walls, and was TRAPPED.

He started screaming for help on Monday, and the employees could hear someone yelling . . . but they couldn’t quite pinpoint WHERE the yelling was coming from.

So . . . they just LEFT.

Paul kept screaming on Tuesday, and this time, someone FINALLY realized the screams were coming from inside the walls.

Firefighters were able to get Paul out after three days, and he was taken to the hospital.  Now the cops are investigating how he ended up between the walls.

Click here for pictures & video of the firefighters getting him out.


A Woman Catches the Guy Who Stole Her Debit Card . . . When He Uses It While She’s in Line Behind Him

41-year-old Tamara Thomas of Stone Mountain, Georgia was at a grocery store on Saturday when she dropped her debit card.

She couldn’t find it, and says it stressed her out so much she got a headache . . . so she went across the street to a Family Dollar store to buy some aspirin.

So she got in line behind 32-year-old Kahlif Buggs and his 11-year-old son, who had a giant shopping cart full of toys.

When it was time to pay, he whipped out his card . . . which Tamara immediately recognized because it had Tamara’s PHOTO was on the card.

When she pointed that out, he took off.

But Tamara chased after him and called 911 . . . and the cops found Kahlif hiding behind a church.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested.


A Woman Is Busted For Cheating in a Marathon . . . Because Her Time Would’ve Broken a World Record

Tabitha ran in the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon in Georgia on Saturday and posted a time of two hours, 55 minutes, and 39 seconds . . . which was enough to win the women’s division by almost a HALF HOUR cushion.

She might’ve gotten away with it . . . except that she didn’t cheat until the last 13.1 miles.  She was timed finishing the first half of the race in two hours, six minutes, and 51 seconds.

That means she would’ve had to do the last 13.1 in 55 minutes.  The WORLD RECORD for a woman’s half marathon of 13.1 miles is 58 minutes, 23 seconds.  So Tabitha cheated SO BADLY, she accidentally set a world record.

We’re not sure how she cheated but she was disqualified . . . and the runner-up got the first-place medal.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 11/11/14


Too Early To Celebrate!

Are you one of those people who love to watch the touchdown celebrations when players get in the end zone?

It’s important that you actually get into the end zone before celebrating, of course, so you don’t wind up like wide receiver KAELIN CLAY in Saturday’s game between number Utah and number four Oregon.

Clay, who’s a wide receiver for Utah, caught a pass and ran nearly 79 yards for a touchdown. Nearly, because he began celebrating early, and dropped the ball at the one-yard line so he could showboat in the end zone.

That gave Oregon’s JOE WALKER the chance to scoop up the ball, turn around and run 99 yards the other way to score a touchdown. What would have been a 14-0 lead by Utah turned into a seven-all tie in the game.

Oregon went on to stomp the Utes, 51-27.

Check out the video by clicking here.


A Walmart Employee Is Arrested For Using Deodorant in the Store, Then Putting It Back on the Shelves

18-year-old Chandler Roberts is an employee at a Walmart in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  And he was just busted for shoplifting a bunch of stuff from the store . . . and doing something way worse.

Apparently, Chandler was caught on security cameras taking deodorant off the shelves of the store . . . USING IT . . . then putting the cap back on and putting it back on the shelves.

Chandler was also caught stealing Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and milk on camera.  His managers believe the total value of all the stuff he stole comes out to around $1,800.

Stupid Criminals!!!

The police are investigating, and he’ll be facing theft charges.


A Guy Bought 99 New iPhones for an Elaborate Wedding Proposal . . . and She Said No

Have you looked at what it costs to buy a new iPhone WITHOUT getting a two-year contract?  They start at like $800.  So if you buy one for someone as a gift, that’s love.  If you buy MORE than one?  I can’t even comprehend.

A guy in China wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the most spectacular way possible this weekend . . . so he bought 99 brand new iPhone 6s, arranged them in a park in the shape of a heart, and proposed inside the heart.

And . . . she said NO.

The guy spent approximately $82,000 on the iPhones, which is about what he makes in TWO YEARS as a computer programmer.  He’ll probably be looking to resell the phones now.

There’s no word on WHY his girlfriend turned him down.

Click here for photos from the proposal.

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Freak Files: Monday, 11/10/14

A Hawk Lands On A Fans Head During A Seahawks Game

The latest video going viral is pretty funny.  Just before kickoff of the Seahawks/Giants game yesterday in Seattle….a huge hawk flew into the stadium and landed on the head of a Seahawks fan!

Needless to say, the man looked a little freaked out….and you have to see the video!  It’s on our website., click on Mike and Mandy.

Maybe the hawk was good luck because the Seahawks went on to beat the Giants 38-17.


Road Rage!

A guy in Italy had a serious case of road rage –against his own car.

34-year-old SPARTACO CAPON had just purchased a new Fiat 500 because public transportation kept making him late for work.  But, when the car failed to start in the morning, Capon lost it.

Police say he took an axe to the car, filling it with hundreds of holes.  By the time he was done, the Fiat was completely totaled.  And, you guessed it, he was late for work again.

Capon is now under psychiatric care at the local hospital.


A Balloon Ride Straight To Jail!

A pair of tourists in India took a hot air balloon ride and landed in jail –literally.

Two sisters boarded the balloon at a fair in the town of Pushkar.  Strong winds caused the pilot to drift off course, eventually coming down right in the middle of a prison yard.

Guards assumed the balloon was there to break prisoners out, so they went into full lockdown mode. The tourists and the pilot were questioned for two hours until authorities finally believed their story.

Since then, all hot air balloon rides have been cancelled at the fair and the pilot had his license revoked.



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Freak Files: Friday, 11/7/14

A Couple on Their Honeymoon Were Arrested For Assaulting Each Other . . . With Fruit

29-year-old Olivia Mihalijevich and 33-year-old Ayman Elarnaouty from Australia got married last week, and went on their honeymoon in Queenstown, New Zealand right afterward.

They were staying at a hotel that was SO fancy, it came with a fresh fruit bowl in their room.  Now THAT’S fancy.

Anyway, on Saturday night, Olivia and Ayman got into an argument . . . and it turned into a FRUIT FIGHT.  They started throwing the free fruit at each other and it spilled out into the lobby.

They were both arrested and charged with assault, but they eventually got the charges dropped.  Then they checked out of the hotel on Tuesday . . . together . . . so it looks like they’re trying to move on from their honeymoon fruit fight.


1-av6A Woman Stole a Guy’s Wallet on Their First Date . . . But He Only Had $2 in It

If a woman wants to get fast food on your first date, she might not be the classiest girl out there.

On Monday night, 23-year-old Jeffrey Mack of Portland, Oregon agreed to meet up with 20-year-old Heather Hegre, who he’d been talking to online.  She wanted to go to Arby’s for their first date.

They didn’t even go inside, they went through the drive-thru, and he bought her a milkshake, which he paid for with a $5 bill.

Then he put two dollars in change in his wallet, set it on the center console, and thought everything was going great.

But while they were waiting for the shake, Heather GRABBED the wallet . . . jumped out of the car . . . and ran off.

Luckily for Jeffrey, the two dollars he’d gotten back in change was all he had.  He called 911, and police eventually tracked Heather down.  Jeffrey got his wallet and his $2.00 back!!!

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Snake Slithering Out Of The Toilet!!!

Next time you visit Thailand, you might want to think twice about sitting on the toilet.

A 57-year-old woman in the town of Samkok was attacked by a python that slithered out of her toilet while she was using it.

RAMPEUNG ONLAMAI claims the serpent bit her and tried to pull her right down into the commode. She grabbed a broom, fought it off, and the snake slithered back down the drain.  Police are still trying to find the snake.

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Freak Files: 11/6/14

Don’t Drink And Fly!

A pilot in Newman, Australia, is in hot water for parking his airplane outside a pub so he could have a drink.

Officials say the unidentified 37-year-old had just purchased the Beechcraft two-seater plane and was on his way home when he decided a beer was in order. He taxied the aircraft down the main street, then parked it and left the engine running while he downed a cold one.

Police charged him with endangering the life, health, and safety of local residents because the propeller was still spinning!!!

On a positive note, he passed his breathalyzer test.


cancer scamA Woman Faking Cancer to Get Money Is Busted When She Says She Has Stage Five Cancer . . . Which Doesn’t Exist

You’ve got to be messed up to FAKE having cancer.

39-year-old Cristina Lagman of Homeland, California has been faking breast cancer for about a year now.  She shaved her head, posted repeatedly about her battle on Facebook, and held fundraisers.

She raised at least $3,000 before she slipped up.

Cristina recently posted on Facebook that she now had stage five cancer.  And that raised a red flag . . . since there’s NO SUCH THING as stage five cancer.  It only goes up to stage four.

The police started investigating and found that Cristina faked the entire thing.  She’s been arrested and charged with theft by false pretenses.

Stupid Criminals!!!


Man Orders $3750 Bottle Of Wine Thinking It’s $37.50

A New Jersey man faced serious sticker shock when he saw the charge for a bottle of wine at Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City.

Joe Lentini says he was at a group dinner when he asked his server for a wine recommendation, telling her he doesn’t know wine. The server pointed to a bottle on the menu and recommended a wine that she said was “thirty-seven-fifty.”

Well, to Joe, that meant $37 dollars and 50 cents….but when the bill came, they discovered that the wine actually cost $3-THOUSAND-750 dollars!

Because of the miscommunication, the restaurant dropped the price to $2,200 and the group decided to split the bill.

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