Freak Files: Friday, 8/29/14

When Animals Attack!!!!

An 88-year-old Connecticut woman was hospitalized after allowing a raccoon to come into her home.

The unidentified lady has bad eyesight and apparently thought she was letting her cat in when she opened the door.  When the woman attempted to pet the animal, it attacked her.

The raccoon bit her on the hand, forearm, elbow, lip and chin.  Luckily, the woman was treated quickly and is expected to make a full recovery.


A Man Under House Arrest Asked to Go to Jail Instead . . . to Get Away From His Wife

A 37-year-old guy in Tor Bella Monaca, Italy is under house arrest right now.  He was sentenced to 11 months in jail for a series of minor crimes and the judge decided to let him serve it at home.

Unfortunately for this guy, his warden at home is his WIFE.

The guy has been under house arrest for three months and just went to the cops and asked them to send him to JAIL . . . so he could get away from constantly fighting with his wife.

He told them, quote, “Put me inside, otherwise it will end badly.”

They granted his wish, and put him in jail on Tuesday where he’ll serve his last eight months.


A Guy Falls Off a Train . . . And Instead of Getting Help, Another Passenger Drinks His Beer

This isn’t going to help Russia’s reputation when it comes to their growing reputation for being cold, calculating, and merciless.

A guy was on a train from Moscow to a town called Petushki about two hours east.  He opened a door on the train to get some fresh air, the train made a sharp turn, and he got THROWN to the ground.

Another guy saw it happen, and instead of getting help . . . he started drinking the BEER the other guy had left behind.  Then he stole the guy’s luggage.

There’s no word on the guy’s condition, or whether the cops are looking into it.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 8/28/14

A Guy Is Seriously Injured in the Ice Bucket Challenge When His Friend Dumps 400 Gallons on Him . . . From a Plane

We’ve hit the point where a standard Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t cool enough anymore . . . people feel like they have to do something new and different.

A 51-year-old guy in Catalonia, Spain was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge this week, and he and his friends wanted to take it to a whole new level.

One of his friends flies those firefighting planes that dump water on massive fires . . . so they decided to use the PLANE to drop more ice and water on the guy than anyone else who’s done the challenge . . . 400 GALLONS.

Unfortunately, no one realized that having 400 gallons of ice and water dumped on you from the sky is going to HURT.  So when his friend dumped the load, the guy was seriously injured.

He was rushed to the hospital, and he’s in critical but stable condition.  There’s no specific report on his injuries . . . just that none of them are internal.

(His friends haven’t put up the video.)


marriage permission beatingA Guy Asked His Girlfriend’s Father For Permission to Marry Her . . . And When He Said No, the Guy Beat Him Up

40-year-old James Kane of Ocala, Florida was ready to propose to his girlfriend, so on Monday, he asked her 72-year-old father for permission to marry her.

But the dad said NO.

And based on the way James responded, we can see why the dad didn’t want James marrying his daughter . . . because James started throwing PUNCHES.  The dad wound up with cuts and bruises on his face.

James was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery on a person over 65.

Stupid Criminals!

There’s no word on whether James and his girlfriend are still together, or if he went through with his proposal even without permission.


Photo of the Day:  5,000 Wasps Moved Into a Woman’s Spare Bedroom

There’s a woman in Winchester, England who lives alone in a five-bedroom house.  Her son came to visit last weekend and went into one of the spare bedrooms where he discovered that the entire upper half of the twin-sized bed was covered by a huge WASPS’ NEST.

There’s a photo of it online.  And when we say huge, I mean the nest was four feet wide, went from one side of the bed to the other, and covered most of the pillow.

According to the exterminator, there were FIVE THOUSAND wasps living in it.  You’ll be pretty freaked out by the photo.

Check out the photo by clicking here.


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Freak Files: Wednesday, 8/27/14

A Woman Tells Her Husband to Play a Slot Machine That Hasn’t Hit a Jackpot in 20 Years . . . And He Wins $2.4 Million

For two decades, 66-year-old Walter Misco of Chester, New Hampshire has been going to Vegas with his wife Linda every three or four months.

Walter read an article about a slot machine at the MGM Grand that’s infamous for being the most stubborn machine in Vegas . . . because it hadn’t hit a jackpot in 20 YEARS.  And Linda told him he HAD to try it.

So this past Friday . . . which was their last night in town . . . Walter put $100 in, and he hit the jackpot for 2.4 MILLION BUCKS.

Before this, Walter’s biggest take during a trip to Vegas was around $8,000 playing video poker.  He and Linda say they’re going to use the money to put all of their grandchildren through college.


A French Guy Was Thrown Off an American Airlines Flight Because He Smelled Bad . . . Now He’s Filed a Complaint

There’s a stereotype that French people smell bad . . . and we’re not saying it’s true or false.  But a 27-year-old French guy was on an American Airlines flight on Sunday from Paris to Dallas, Texas.  It was going to be his first trip to America, and he said he’d always dreamed of visiting here.

BUT . . . he smelled really bad.  It was so bad, that before the plane took off, other passengers and the crew started complaining . . . and he got kicked off the plane.

American Airlines DID have the right to kick him off.  In their terms and conditions for passengers, it says they can refuse to take a passenger who, quote, “has an offensive odor not caused by a disability or illness.”

But the guy has filed a complaint against American Airlines for discrimination anyway.  He says before the flight, quote, “I covered myself with Dior perfume at the duty free shop.”


If It Works, Don’t Fix It!

I’m not sure if band robbers realize that someday they’re going to get caught.  That brings us to a 26-year-old who robbed at least 12 banks in New York this year.

There’s a lot at stake when a bank robber is on the loose and randomly robbing banks.  Aside from all the safety issues involving bank customers, there’s all that stolen money and the bank wants it back!!!  The FBI finally caught the guy last Thursday.  But unfortunately it was right after he went to a casino in Atlantic City . . . and lost almost ALL of the $32,000 he stole.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 8/26/14

A United Flight Was Diverted Because a Guy Used a Tool to Keep a Woman’s Seat From Reclining

There’s a little device called the Knee Defender that’s been on the market for at least a decade that costs $22, clips onto the legs of the tray table on the seat in front of you . . . and somehow blocks the seat in front of you from reclining.

Well . . . a guy on a United flight from Newark to Denver had the Knee Defender, and he was using it to block the woman in front of him from reclining her seat.

She asked a flight attendant to have him take the Knee Defender off.  The guy refused . . . so the woman stood up, turned around, and threw a cup of WATER on him.

The pilot diverted the flight to Chicago . . . where both of them were escorted off the plane.

No charges were filed, and even though the Knee Defender is RUDE, it IS technically legal under FAA rules . . . although all of the major airlines, including United, say they’ve banned it on their flights.


Cops Catch a Wanted Criminal After He Posts an Ice Bucket Challenge Video

20-year-old Jesean Morris of Omaha, Nebraska is a convicted felon who violated his parole and had a warrant out for his arrest.

But last week, someone challenged Jesean to take the Ice Bucket Challenge . . . so he took a video dumping ice on his head, then posted it on Facebook.  Someone spotted the video, recognized the house . . . and tipped off the police.

They headed out to the house and arrested him . . . after he spat on one cop and damaged the cop car.

He’s been charged with a parole violation, assaulting an officer with bodily fluid, resisting arrest, and criminal impersonation.

And since he seems like an all-around bad person, we’re guessing he’s one of those people who dumped the ice on his head to avoid donating money to fight ALS.

Stupid Criminals! 


When Animals Attack!

A chef in China was cooking up a COBRA recently.  He cut the snake’s head off and started prepping the rest of the meat.  The chef ended up dying because the snake bit him 20 minutes AFTER he cut the head off!

According to one expert, snakes can still bite you up to an HOUR after they lose their head.

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Freak Files: Monday, 8/25/14

Meet the Man Who’s Kept Every One of His Nail Clippings Since 1978

For the past 36 years, 58-year-old Richard Gibson of Lafayette, Louisiana has kept every single one of his FINGERNAIL and TOENAIL clippings . . . and put them in a jar. Yes, in 1978, when he was 22 years old, he started collecting his nails.

Richard says his jar of nail clippings is prominently displayed on a shelf in his house. It hasn’t always been . . . his ex-wife used to make him keep it hidden. That’s right . . . ex-wife. Wonder what drove them apart.

Just to make this a little grosser, Richard doesn’t cut his nails that often . . . he waits until they’re REALLY long. In the close-up photo we’ve got of his nail jar, there are a few in there that are close to an INCH long.

Click here for a photo of Richard holding the jar and a close-up of the jar. Notice the length of Richard’s fingernails in the shot of him holding the jar. He’s available, ladies.


Stupid Criminals!

Young punks aren’t supposed to get tripped up by technology . . . that’s supposed to happen to OLD people, so he’s today’s Stupid Criminal!!!!.

21-year-old Grant Nanson of Sunderland, England broke into a business in the middle of the night back on April 14th, and needed some light . . . so he tried to switch on the flashlight app on his iPhone.

But somehow he accidentally activated the VIDEO CAMERA instead. So he was getting the light he needed . . . but it was from the camera FLASH, not the flashlight. So he accidentally filmed his entire burglary.

The police linked the burglary to him and when they were searching his home, they found his iPhone . . . and found the video of the burglary on it.

Stupid Criminals!

He was sentenced to two years in prison!


A Gymnast Falls Off a 100-Foot Cliff, Does a Flip, and Sticks the Landing

21-year-old Dylan Scheutz of Idaho Springs, Colorado is a GYMNAST. And a few weeks ago, he was hiking with a few friends, tripped . . . and fell off a 100-foot cliff.

And as he was free falling . . . his gymnastics training kicked in. According to one of his friends, quote, “He spotted his landing and then kind of did a front flip over himself.”

Dylan stuck the landing all right, well sort of. He landed on his feet, and wound up with two broken legs, two broken ankles, and a punctured lung . . . but he SURVIVED. And he says his gymnastics training is the only reason he’s alive right now.

He’s still in the hospital and has had two surgeries so far. His mom says his doctors expect him to make a full recovery . . . and he’ll be able to keep doing gymnastics.

Click here to see a photo of Dylan in the hospital.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 8/14/14

A Man Calls the Cops to Report a Chicken Crossing the Road

A guy in Portland, Oregon called the police on Monday night . . . to report a CHICKEN crossing the road.

And the chicken was actually causing traffic problems . . . and creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Since the guy called the non-emergency line . . . not 911 . . . the dispatcher was actually HAPPY he called, and THANKED him for reporting it.

The cops actually went out to look for the chicken, but when they got to the highway they couldn’t find it.

In other words, a guy in one of America’s most ironic hipster-filled cities called the police in a NON-ironic way to report a classic joke happening in real life, and everyone took it completely seriously.  That’s why we call these the “Freak Files!”


Two Coworkers Agreed They’d Both Retire If Either Ever Won the Lottery . . . and One of Them Just Won $12 Million

48-year-old Willie Sibbald and 57-year-old Rab Layden live in Scotland, and they’ve worked at the same company for about 17 years.  Willie is an interior decorator, and Rab is a painter.

Years ago, they made a pact that if either of them ever won the lottery, they’d BOTH retire.  They’ve played the lottery every week for years, buying two tickets each.

Willie hit a multimillion dollar lottery jackpot on Saturday . . . $11.9 MILLION.  On Monday, the two of them met with their boss . . . and BOTH OF THEM quit on the spot.

Rab and Willie say they’re not sure how they’ll spend the money.  And it’s not clear if they’re splitting it down the middle or what.  But neither of them plan to work another day in their lives. Check out their photo by clicking here.


Grandma Cooks Her Grand Daughter!

To be goofy, a woman in Ohio recently took a photo of her granddaughter in a ROASTING PAN, like she was going to cook her.

But she says she won’t be taking goofy photos anymore . . . because she ended up being investigated for CHILD ABUSE.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 8/13/14

12-Year-Old Has Stolen Two School Buses and a Truck!

That 12-year-old kid in Springfield Florida who stole two school buses this summer is at it again.

MICHAEL PROPST faces a new charge of grand theft auto after he allegedly stole his neighbor’s pickup truck.

Propst just wrapped up a 21-day stint in juvenile detention, and was already set for a second round of detention for a second school bus heist.  Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Propst in the stolen pickup as he preparing to cross the state line into Alabama.

Cops say when they arrested him, he also admitted to trying to steal his mother’s car.


A Father and His Two Sons All Get DUIs in the Span of a Few Minutes

22-year-old Joshua Woodward of Fairfax, Vermont rolled his car on Saturday night.  When the cops got to the scene, they found he wasn’t badly hurt . . . but he WAS intoxicated.  So they started processing him for a DUI.

And while they were on the scene, Joshua’s 19-year-old brother Nicholas drove up with their dad Brian . . . apparently they wanted to check on Joshua.

But Nicholas ALSO seemed under the influence, and he failed a breathalyzer test.  So the cops started processing HIM for a DUI too.

Meanwhile, Brian, the dad got into the driver’s seat of Nicholas’s truck to move it . . . and the cops noticed HE seemed drunk too.  His blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit . . . so he got a DUI as well.

All three of them were arrested.


A Thief Is Caught When He Stops to Pee . . . and Pees Into a Wasp’s Nest

Apparently when you rob a pet store, the entire animal kingdom turns against you.

29-year-old Jamie Brown of Leeds, England stole a $335 fish tank from a pet store over the weekend, then took off running.  As he ran through some woods nearby, he stopped to pee in a bush.

But he didn’t realize there was a WASP’S NEST in the bush . . . and he was peeing right into it.

Obviously that woke up the wasps, who ATTACKED him.  Jamie took off running from the wasps, back toward the pet store . . . where the police were investigating the robbery.

He was arrested for theft.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 8/12/14

A Guy Lights a Bunch of Romantic Candles For His Girlfriend . . . and Burns Their House Down
29-year-old Amanj Issen of Kent, England wanted to welcome his 24-year-old girlfriend Jana home after she’d spent a month visiting her family in Latvia.
So he bought flowers, put out champagne, laid down rose petals, and put a bunch of tea candles on the ground in the shape of a heart and spelling out her name. Then he lit the candles and went downstairs to wait for her. And right before she got home, he heard a noise upstairs.
Turns out the candles had set the RUG on fire . . . and the house was starting to BURN DOWN.
He got out safely, but the house was so messed up they have to move.
Click here for a photo of the romantic scene he set up, the damage afterward, and a shot of Amanj and Jana together.


crystal_stephens_7296484_ver1.0_640_480A Woman in Jail Steals Her Cell Mate’s Debit Card to Bail Herself Out
This is a pretty DIRTY move to pull, even if it is criminal-on-criminal crime.
25-year-old Crystal Stephens of Naples, Florida was in jail earlier this year for shoplifting. And she was sharing a cell with a 37-year-old woman.
At some point, Crystal managed to steal her cell mate’s debit card number and expiration date, called a bail bonds company . . . and bailed herself out of jail.
Then once she was out, she used the debit card number to buy herself a plane ticket.
Eventually the 37-year-old woman got out of jail, checked her bank statement, saw the charges, and called the cops.
They pieced together what happened, and Crystal was arrested and now she’s facing up to 25 years in prison for grand theft, fraud and illegal use of credit cards.


A Gas Station Exploded in Russia . . . Right Next to a Fireworks Store
A gas station in southwestern Russia caught fire and EXPLODED on Friday.
Someone got footage of it from across the street, and the station happened to be next door to a FIREWORKS STORE, which also went up.
You can actually see the fireworks going off in the video. Luckily no one was killed.

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Freak Files: Monday, 8/11/14

doughnut contest winner 1A Man Wins a Police Department’s Donut Eating Contest . . . Then Gets Arrested

The police department in Elizabeth City, North Carolina held a donut-eating contest last week as part of an anti-crime rally.

24-year-old Bradley Hardison DOMINATED . . . he ate eight Krispy Kreme glazed donuts in two minutes.

He got a trophy and a write-up in the local newspaper.  But Bradley has a warrant out for his arrest for three different felony burglaries . . . and a lieutenant with the County Sheriff’s Office saw the article and recognized Bradley immediately.

He was INSULTED that Bradley would enter a police department’s donut eating contest when he’s been on the run for nine months.  He tracked down Bradley and arrested him that day.


Doctors Find Extra Tooth In Guy’s Nose

Doctors had strange news for a 22-year-old Saudi man who came in complaining of a nosebleed that had been on-going for months….turns out he had a half-inch TOOTH that had grown inside his nose.

Doctors had to pull the nose-tooth in a surgery that lasted over an hour.


9-Year-Old Boy Fights Off 400-Pound Alligator & Keeps Its Tooth

James Barney Jr. was swimming in a lake in Saint Cloud, Florida, when he said he felt something clamp down on his foot.

Being from Florida, James knew it was a gator and immediately hit it and pried its jaw open to escape.

So 9-year-old boy fought off a nine-foot alligator and the kid got away with only minor cuts — and a tooth from the gator left in his leg.

He was being interviewed from his hospital bed, he told reporters, quote, “It was really no big deal.”  Now James put the tooth from the gator on a necklace and wears it to show off his bravery.

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Freak Files: Friday, 8/8/14

A 102-Year-Old Man Died . . . While Doing Some Extreme ATV Riding

102-year-old Neil Pierson of LaGrange, New York died on Thursday . . . but not from old age.

Neil was doing some extreme ATV riding around his property, and flipped it when he went through a creek.  He wound up pinned underneath, and drowned before help could get to him.

Apparently, even though he’s 102, Neil wasn’t just sitting around waiting out the clock.  Beyond the ATV riding, Neil was still working as a dairy farmer . . . which he’d been doing for 80 years.


Stupid Criminals:  Woman Dines & Dashes, But Forgets Her Purse

Kyla Anne MacMillan was at a pub in Albert, Canada and she ran up a handsome tab!  Kyla’s hefty tab included a pitcher of beer, chicken wings, nachos and 23 shots.

She decided to skip out on her tab, the ‘ol Dine and Ditch!!!  She would have gotten away with it too, but she had to go back to the bar because she left her purse behind containing her medication!!

She initially claimed that she had simply stepped outside to use an ATM, but that excuse didn’t fly. She has pled guilty to charges of fraudulently obtaining food and was fined $325, in addition to being ordered to pay the bill.


Animal Stories

A sea plane in Alaska came in for a landing right on top of a whale.

It happened in the remote coastal village of Angoon. Witness THOMAS HAMM caught the incident on video.

He says, as the small aircraft was descending on the water’s surface, a humpback whale suddenly rose from the sea.  At the last second, the pilot pulled back and bounced over the whale just as a blast of water shot from the whale’s spout onto the windshield.

Nobody was hurt, including the whale.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 8/7/14

A Guy Bought Every Apple Pie at a Burger King So the Obnoxious Kid Behind Him Couldn’t Get One

A guy was at a Burger King after a really bad day, and a woman and her kid got in line behind him.  She was on her phone, and the kid was out of control . . . yelling, cussing, hitting her, and going on and on about how he wanted an apple pie.

So the guy asked the woman if she could quiet the kid down, but the woman yelled that it was none of his business how she raised her kid, called her kid “sweetie,” and promised he’d have his apple pie soon.

When the guy finally got to the front of the line, he asked how many apple pies they had in stock.  They told him 23.  And he bought ALL of them . . . just so the kid couldn’t get one.

As he walked away with the pies, he heard the woman yelling at the clerk asking how they could be out of apple pies.


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 4.59.28 AMA Guy Calls 911 to Complain That the Cop Giving Him a Ticket Is Taking Too Long

29-year-old Judes Exantus of Immokalee, Florida got pulled over earlier this week for blowing through a stop sign.

The cop went to write him a ticket, but it was taking a long time because there was a problem with the cop’s equipment.

And Judes got so sick of waiting for his ticket that he CALLED 911 . . . to complain about how long the cop was taking to write his ticket.

That definitely slowed his day down even more . . . because the cop arrested him for misuse of 911 and took him to jail.  He was released after he posted a $2,000 bond.


Saved By The Donut!

Yesterday, two women were trying to rob a donut shop in Mansfield, Ohio.  Then the owner’s 79-year-old mother offered them two glazed donuts instead.  The two robbers accepted and ran off.

When the cops showed up to take a report, the mom offered them a couple of donuts too!!!

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 8/6/14

Introducing The RV That Cleans Itself!  It’s Also FREAKY Expensive! reports an automobile aficionado from Dubai just splurged on the world’s most expensive RV, which features a pop-up cocktail lounge, fireplace and a master bedroom.

But wait –there’s more!  The RV is also covered in gold, can do 93-miles per-hour and, even cleans itself!

Unfortunately, it’s a bit more expensive than your grandpa’s Winnebago; the lucky buyer ponied up three-million-dollars for the RV.


A Woman Steals a Python, Puts It Around Her Neck While She Drives Away . . . Then Crashes Into a Fire Station

Drunk driving is obviously VERY unsafe.  Drunk driving with a PYTHON around your neck takes it to an insane new level.

22-year-old Sarah Espinosa of Albany, New York was driving drunk in her Prius.  Her first stop was a Petco store . . . where she stole a two-foot PYTHON.

Then she wrapped the python around her neck.  Well, believe it or not, that went poorly.

Sarah wound up losing control of the car and crashed into a FIRE STATION.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The firefighters got the snake off of her neck and called the cops.

Stupid Criminals!!!!

Sarah was arrested and the snake was returned to Petco.  Click here to see a picture of her.


A Man Mauled by a Bear Was Saved By His Justin Bieber Ringtone

42-year-old Igor Vorozhbitsyn was out fishing last week when a giant BROWN BEAR jumped him from behind.

The bear started mauling him, and was about to land the death blow when Igor’s PHONE rang . . . and his ringtone was “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

It startled the bear and made him run away.

Any loud and surprising noise could’ve shocked the bear and made him run off, but this one WAS the Bieb, so he gets the credit here.

As for why a 42-year-old Russian man had a Justin Bieber ringtone . . . he says, quote, “my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke.”

Click here to see a picture of Igor with his injuries.  It’s not graphic, but his face is pretty messed up.

You heard it here first:  JUSTIN BIEBER saves lives.


A Bonus Freak File!!  Saved By The Donut!

Yesterday, two women were trying to rob a donut shop in Mansfield, Ohio.  Then the owner’s 79-year-old mother offered them two glazed donuts instead.  The two robbers accepted and ran off.

When the cops showed up to take a report, the mom offered them a couple of donuts too!!!

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