Freak Files: Friday, 12/19/14

Morons on Parade:

A video is going viral featuring a guy falling off a treadmill because he was distracted by a cute girl.

The unidentified jogger can be seen losing his concentration as the woman walks behind his treadmill. Then, his feet are swept out from under him and he lands on the floor face down –while the lady watches.

The funniest part is him trying to play it off at the end by pretending like he’s on the floor doing pushups. Click here for the video.


Bad Santa

Police say a 51-year-old man in a Santa suit was caught climbing to the top of Glasgow’s iconic statue of the DUKE OF WELLINGTON.

The statue is a life-sized likeness of the Duke on a horse.  Santa allegedly sat on the horse, right behind the Duke, and waved to passersby.

Firefighters eventually showed up with a ladder and forced him down.  A police spokeswoman was sure to tell the media that the man was not the real Santa.


A Drunk Driving Suspect Tries to Say the Alphabet, and Says “A-B-C-D . . . I’m Gonna Kill All Ya’ll”

If you’re going to botch a sobriety test, might as well go down BIG, I guess?

A 30-year-old guy named Kong Vue from La Crosse, Wisconsin was driving under the influence on Sunday, and crashed his car into a street lamp.

When the cops got there, they gave him one of the easiest field sobriety tests there is:  They had him recite the alphabet.

And he said, quote, “A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-G-K-I’m gonna kill all ya’ll.”

The cops decided that was a FAILURE on the test, and he was arrested.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He blew a .188 on the breathalyzer, which is more than twice the legal limit. This is his 4th DUI!

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Freak Files: Thursday, 12-18-14

Remember the Guy Looking For a Girl With the Same Name As His Ex?  He Found a Match

There was a story last month about a 28-year-old guy in Toronto named Jordan who got DUMPED by his girlfriend . . . right after he’d booked them plane tickets for a trip around the world.

Jordan didn’t want the tickets to go to waste, so he decided to look for a woman with the SAME NAME as his ex . . . Elizabeth Gallagher.  She also had to have a Canadian passport, and she didn’t even have to hang out with him.

Well . . . Jordan got thousands of emails from women, including EIGHTEEN Elizabeth Gallaghers in Canada.

He just decided to give the tickets to a 23-year-old Elizabeth Gallagher from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.  Yes, she’s attractive.  But she also has a serious BOYFRIEND, who was apparently cool with her traveling the world for a month with a random dude?

They’ll meet in New York today for the first time, then head to Milan, Italy . . . Vienna, Austria . . . Prague, Paris, Bangkok . . . and Delhi, India.  They get home January 12th.

Click here for pictures of Jordan and the Elizabeth he found.


Man Fakes Heart Attack So Partner Can Steal Toys

Tarus Scott and Genard Dupree were arrested Tuesday after a surveillance camera in a Wal-Mart in Lake Wales, Florida, captured one of them faking a heart attack so the other one could steal a Barbie car and other toys.

The video shows the suspects walking through the store together. Suddenly, Genard lays down on the ground near the entrance as he clutches his chest and pretends to have a heart attack.

When other shoppers tried to help Genard, Tarus allegedly helped himself to $369 worth of toys, including a motorized power wheel Barbie car, a Leap Frog tablet, and a Barbie Glam vacation house.

Once Tarus was out of the store, Genard got up, brushed himself off and walked out as well.

Security guards obviously thought that was a little suspicious and called the cops.  The cops tracked them down and busted them!!!


A Guy Uses Tinder to Find the Woman Who Robbed Him

David Petersen of San Francisco is the founder of a startup and earlier this year, a woman broke into his offices and stole about 15 MacBook Pro computers, seven iPads, and a few other things.  All in all, she stole at least $30,000 worth of stuff.

David found the cops weren’t particularly helpful . . . even though he had a clear surveillance video shot of the woman’s face.  So . . . he decided to handle it himself.

He set up a profile on TINDER for the thief, put up the surveillance camera shot of her, and added text that said, quote, “I rob offices in SF.  $5,000 reward for identifying me.”

He figured that with the amount of people looking at profiles on Tinder, SOMEONE would recognize the thief . . . and someone did.  They gave David her name and another photo that matched her.

He turned that over to the cops . . . they say the investigation is still ongoing.

Click here to see what he put on Tinder.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 12/17/14

A Man Uses a Santa Bar Crawl as a Cover to Rob a Bank Dressed as Santa

This past weekend, something called SantaCon happened in various cities around the country . . . that’s where people dress like Santa, go bar hopping.  It’s one giant party for everyone dressed like Santa!

For one dude, though, it was the PERFECT cover.

Around 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, a guy in his 40s walked into a bank in San Francisco wearing a Santa suit, and handed the teller a note demanding money.

She gave him some cash, he walked out and seamlessly slipped into the giant crowd of Santas.

The police are trying to track him down, but they think it’s a long shot.


Man Arrested While Driving Car With 4 Flats And A Deployed Airbag

Omaha police arrested a man for suspicion of DUI after they spotted him driving with FOUR flat tires and a deployed airbag!!!

Richard Curzon was driving drunk and crashed into a neighbor’s yard, hitting a tree and the front porch!

Since he’s been arrested on 3 prior DUI’s, he tried to make a get away, but the cops easily caught up with him because of his FOUR FLAT TIRES!!!!  The deployed air bag didn’t help his case any!

Stupid Criminals!!!

He’s been booked on suspicion of felony DUI, felony flight to avoid arrest, willful reckless driving, leaving the scene of a property-damage accident, open container and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Obie . . . The Obese Wiener Dog Who Lost 54 Pounds

Two years ago, an eight-year-old dachshund named Obie earned the nickname “world’s fattest wiener dog” . . . because he weighed in at 77 POUNDS.  That’s about 50 pounds overweight . . . he could barely walk, and looked ridiculous.

A veterinary technician in Portland, Oregon named Nora Vanatta adopted him.  His previous owners were an elderly couple who only gave him people food.  But Nora put him on a strict, low-carb diet to help him trim down.

And it WORKED.  In two years, Obie has lost 54 POUNDS . . . or about 70% of his body weight.  And he’s kept it off for over a year now.

He looks so good, Nora had him pose for his own calendar.  You can buy one for 20 bucks at

(Check out his before and after photos by clicking here.)


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Freak Files: Tuesday, 12-16-14

A Couple Got Locked in Their Keyless Car for 13 Hours . . . Because They Didn’t Know They Could Unlock It Manually

68-year-old Brian Smith of New Zealand and his 65-year-old wife Mollieanne recently bought a new Mazda 3 with keyless entry, where you use the keychain remote to unlock the car.

And last month, they were sitting inside the car in their garage when the doors automatically locked.  They didn’t have the remote with them, and they thought the keychain remote was the ONLY way to unlock the car.

So they PANICKED, and started honking their horn, hoping someone would hear it and come help.  But no one did.

At some point you’d THINK they would have noticed there were buttons on the doors to unlock the car MANUALLY, but they didn’t.  They just sat there . . . for 13 HOURS . . . until a neighbor found them.  By then Mollieanne was unconscious, and Brian was having trouble breathing.  Paramedics say if they’d been there much longer, they might have died.

They could have kept quiet and saved themselves the embarrassment . . . but she says they went public with the story, so other people don’t make the same mistake.


A Couple Got Busted Squatting in a $1.1 Million Home Because of a Mistake on Their Forged Deed

24-year-old Justin Dean and his 23-year-old wife Jenna are not millionaires.  We’re not even sure they’re thousandaires, since they run a marginally successful horse grooming company in Florida.  But for a few months, they got to live like royals.

They’ve been squatting in a 7,000 square foot mansion since September . . . but got caught when someone actually bought the house for $1.1 million.

The couple whipped up a fake deed, but dated it Labor Day . . . and since banks were closed that day, authorities immediately suspected the deed to be fake and they were both arrested for forgery and grand theft.

Stupid Criminals!!!

(Click here for their mugshots plus a few photos of the house.)


Santa Gets A Parking Ticket

Santa Claus’ sleigh was given a ticket for parking in a no parking zone!!!

Chris Uttley was helping Santa by towing the sleigh to a charity event when he stopped to wait for some volunteers outside.  Unfortunately, Santa’s sleigh was double parked at the time.

He started transferring some donations from his car to the sleigh when he was slammed with a $50-dollar-ticket.

Chris said that “Santa was absolutely shocked,” and thought the warden should “get a lump of coal for Christmas.”

And guess who’s on the hook to pay the fine?  The charity!!!

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Freak Files: Monday, 12/15/14

Baby Born At 10:11 on 12/13/14

A Cleveland baby was born at 10:11am on December 13, 2014….making her birthday 10:11, 12/13/14!

Hazel Grace was born at Cleveland’s Fairview Hospital to Leisha Campbell and Shawn Zimmerman. We won’t have another sequential calendar date for at least 20-years (until January 2, 2034.)


A Guy Rents a Crane For an Elaborate Marriage Proposal . . . and Accidentally Destroys His Girlfriend’s Apartment Building

A guy in the Netherlands was proposing to his girlfriend this weekend, and decided to do something WAY over-the-top.

He rented a CRANE, parked it outside his girlfriend’s apartment Saturday morning, and lifted himself up to her bedroom window.

But as the crane lifted him up, it TOPPLED OVER . . . and fell straight into the neighbor’s ROOF.

As the crane operators were trying to get the crane out of the neighbor’s roof using a bigger crane, it fell AGAIN.  This time it destroyed the REST of the neighbor’s roof . . . and made six other apartments unsafe to be in.

No one was hurt, and the guy’s girlfriend said yes.  So after they talked with the cops, they headed off on a surprise trip to Paris.

There’s no word on what charges might be coming.

Click here to see a picture of the crane and the roof.


Men Are More Of A Danger To Themselves Than Women

Science just confirmed something we’ve all known forever:  Men are dangerous to themselves.

The “British Medical Journal” decided to prove it, so they took a look at the Darwin Awards . . . those are the awards given out every year to real people who accidentally kill themselves in the stupidest ways possible.

For example, a terrorist who tried to mail a bomb in a package, didn’t put enough postage on it, so it was returned to him . . . and he OPENED it.

There have been 318 awards given out since 1995 that were independently verified as TRUE by the Darwin Awards committee . . . 282 were given to men, and 36 were given to women.

That means 88.7% of the Darwin Award winners are men . . . which is statistically significant proof that men are more likely to do stupid things than women.

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Freak Files: Friday, 12/12/14

Payback’s A B*#$H! 

A woman played an agonizing prank on her boyfriend involving toilet paper and pepper spray.

The unidentified prankster put pepper spray on a roll of toilet paper, then set up a camera to film her boyfriend’s reaction.

After using the toilet, he came out limping and moaning. The woman says she’s been the victim of several vicious pranks by her boyfriend and this was “payback time.”

The online video clip is racking up millions of views. Click here to see it.


Meet the Woman Who Eats a Full Roll of Toilet Paper Every Day

There’s a 25-year-old woman in Gainsborough, England named Jade Sylvester, who developed a REALLY strange habit when she was pregnant with her son last year.

She says, quote, “Two months into the pregnancy, I started craving toilet paper.  I still don’t know why.”

And now, even though she gave birth and isn’t pregnant anymore . . . she still LOVES eating toilet paper.   She eats up to a roll every day.  Fortunately she prefers the taste of the cheap stuff, not the more expensive brands.

(Click here to see a picture of Jade with a roll of toilet paper.)

Just keep in mind that eating things that aren’t food can cause your body to have problems getting nutrients, which can cause long-term issues.


A Woman Tries to Shoot a Dog Chasing Her Cat . . . and Accidentally Shoots Herself

55-year-old Freda Harwell of Murfreesboro, Tennessee woke up early Wednesday morning and found a dog chasing her cat in the backyard.  And she handled it in the standard American way . . . by grabbing a GUN.

She started chasing the dog who was chasing her cat and she tried to SHOOT it, but she accidentally shot HERSELF in the left hand.

She went to the hospital for treatment, but we don’t know what happened with the dog and the cat in the end, but we’re assuming the cat got away . . . just like cats always have throughout history.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 12/11/14

How NOT To Dodge Bill Collectors

LIN LU was awakened at four-in-the-morning by debt collectors banging on his door. He panicked and snuck up to the roof, where he then climbed into an air duct to hide. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize the duct was a straight drop all the way to the ground. . . . 16 stories!!!!

Rescuers say Lu tried to stop himself with his arms on the way down, which slowed his fall just enough that he survived.

He was treated at the hospital and released.


Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.32.52 AMA Man Pulled Over For Drunk Driving Blames His Breathalyzer Result on Beer-Battered Fish

75-year-old John Przybyla of Friendship, Wisconsin was pulled over after a cop saw his truck swerve over the center line.

John blew a .062 on the breathalyzer, which is below the legal limit . . . but since he has NINE previous drunk driving convictions, HIS legal limit is .02.

John had a GREAT excuse though . . . he told the cops he hadn’t been drinking, but he HAD eaten a bunch of BEER-BATTERED FISH.

We looked into it, and there isn’t that much alcohol in beer-battered fish and most of the alcohol burns off during the frying process.

Besides, he had an open container in the truck with him at the time.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested for operating while intoxicated.


Cops in Michigan Pulled People Over to Give Them Christmas Presents

Police in Lowell, Michigan recently pulled a bunch of people over . . . to give them CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.  A cop with a hidden camera would casually ask what they wanted for Christmas.  Then guys at a nearby store would buy it, and bring it to them.

They pulled over about 50 drivers in two days, and handed out 30 gifts . . . including a laptop and an Xbox One.  The Christian network UPtv spent about $7,000 to make it happen.



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Freak Files: Wednesday, 12/10/14

A Cop Arrests a Guy For Taking His Spot in a Parking Lot . . . Now There’s a Lawsuit

We all know the RAGE you feel when someone takes the open spot you want in a crowded parking lot. But this is one of the WORST ways to handle it . . .

Frank Maio is a police officer in Broward County, Florida. Back in January of 2011 he was in the parking lot of a shoe store in Deerfield Beach, Florida where he did some off duty security guard

work . . . and saw an open spot.

But a guy named Clausel Pierre saw the spot too, and managed to pull in RIGHT before Maio.

And Maio responded by ORDERING Pierre to move, then trying to ARREST him when he  didn’t.  Pierre actually wound up with BROKEN BONES trying to avoid being arrested.

Then he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. Those charges were dropped last year, but now Pierre is SUING Maio and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for $15,000.


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 6.04.50 AMTwo Guys Try to Get Their Stories Straight in the Back of a Cop Car . . . Not Realizing They’re Being Recorded

39-year-old Daniel Gargiulo and 38-year-old Michael Rochefort of Jupiter, Florida were arrested a few months back, after they broke into two houses. The police found a bunch of stolen stuff in their car, like purses and tools.

So the cops put them in the back of a cruiser and went to search their car some more. And while Daniel and Michael had that moment alone, they tried to get their stories straight.  There was just one problem. They didn’t see the camera in the cop car pointing directly at them, recording what they were saying.

Stupid Criminals!!!

So they were busted making a plan to blame the stolen stuff on another guy who they’d just dropped off at a gas station.  They were both charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and grand theft.


An Entire Neighborhood Linked Their Christmas Lights, and Synched Them with Music

The whole computerized Christmas light thing has gotten really popular, where you sync up your

lights with music. But there’s a suburb in Los Angeles where an entire NEIGHBORHOOD just did it.

They somehow linked the lights on all their houses . . . set it to the song “Wizards in Winter” by

Trans-Siberian Orchestra . . . and filmed it with a drone.


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Freak Files: Tuesday, 12/9/14

Walgreens Pulled Its Hanukkah Wrapping Paper After Someone Noticed Swastikas on It

A woman named Cheryl Shapiro was shopping for wrapping paper at a Walgreens in Northridge, California this weekend, and noticed something odd in the design on the Hanukkah paper . . . there were SWASTIKAS.

Now, based on the photos online, WE don’t think they’re there on PURPOSE.  They’re part of a geometric pattern . . . and we’ll give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt, and say it’s an accident.

But even accidentally, swastikas don’t belong on ANY wrapping paper . . . let alone wrapping paper for Jews.

Walgreens announced yesterday that they’ll be pulling the wrapping paper off of their shelves immediately.

Click here to see a picture of the wrapping paper


1-LOoA Man Mugs His Ex . . . But Gets Caught When She Recognizes His Voice

37-year-old Leonard Farrington of Riviera Beach, Florida mugged his 30-year-old ex-girlfriend last week.

She was walking into work when a man in a mask ran up and told her to hand over her bag.  Even though his face was covered, she IMMEDIATELY recognized Leonard’s voice, because they used to be a couple.

He grabbed the bag and ran, and she and a coworker called 911.  She told the cops it was definitely her ex . . . they’d just broken up a month ago and she absolutely recognized him.

The cops arrested him a few days later when they caught him breaking into an office.

Stupid Criminals!!

He’s been charged with several crimes, including robbery and burglary.


A Mistletoe Drone at TGI Friday’s Accidentally Cut Off Part of a Woman’s Nose

Some TGI Friday’s have a gimmick this Christmas where a DRONE carrying MISTLETOE hovers over couples so they can kiss over their mozzarella sticks.

So a photographer for the “Brooklyn Daily”, Georgine Benvenuto went to a TGI Friday’s in Brooklyn, on Thursday, to take pictures of couples kissing under the drone.

Unfortunately for Georgine, the drone lost control while she was there . . . CLIPPED her . . . and CHOPPED OFF a tiny chunk of the tip of her nose.

The guy who was flying the drone has a different story.  He says Georgine asked him to land it on her arm . . . and when he did, she FLINCHED, which is how it clipped her nose.

There’s no word on Georgine potentially suing.

Click here for photos of the drone, and Georgine with a little blood on her nose.

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Freak Files: Monday, 12/8/14

A Thief Robs a Store by Hypnotizing the Owner

56-year-old Aftab Haider owns a wine shop in London. He was at his store when a guy walked up to Aftab, and started trying to HYPNOTIZE him.

The guy tapped his arm and started making a bunch of gestures at him . . . which apparently WORKED.

Aftab just stood there, perfectly still, while the guy reached into his pockets to steal his wallet AND a bunch of cash. Then the guy took off. As soon as he left the store, Aftab snapped out of the trance.

The police just released the security video that shows the hypnosis to see if someone can help them track down the hypnotist.

Another hypnotist told reporters it’s possible this guy had hypnotized Aftab in the past . . . then just said a trigger word once he was in the store, which is why he was able to knock him out so quickly.


A Guy Swapped His Crappy Furniture For His Neighbors’ Nice Furniture While They’re Away

A couple in Lakewood, Washington went away for Thanksgiving weekend. When they got home on Monday, they found their nice couch, matching chair and ottoman, and king-sized mattress were GONE.

In their place, they found a recliner and a TV stand . . . plus some empty beer bottles and pizza boxes.

And they quickly figured out what had happened. While they were away, one of their neighbors had broken in and swapped his junky furniture for their nice furniture.

The cops were easily able to figure out which neighbor did it . . . since he left the pizza receipt behind with his name on it.

Stupid Criminals!!!

The neighbor confessed and he was arrested for residential burglary.


The World Record, Oldest Living 2-Faced Cat Dies At 15

Frank and Louie, the two-faced cat that gained worldwide attention as the longest surviving 2-faced cat, has died.

The Massachusetts cat was 15.

Frank and Louie were acclaimed as the 2012 Guinness World Record holder as the world’s oldest two-faced cat.

He had three eyes, two noses, two mouths, one esophagus and one brain. You can see a picture by clicking here.


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Freak Files: Friday, 12/5/14

Look What I Found!!!

22-year-old ROBERT QUINN has no idea why 51 parcels were delivered to him at his parents’ house in London. Quinn says, “I phoned up Amazon and they said that people must be gifting them to me.” But, that theory was put to rest because Quinn didn’t recognize any of the senders’ names.

After some research, Amazon determined the whole thing was due to a computer error and when Quinn tried to give the items back, Amazon told him “it’s on us.”

Items he got to keep include a 55-inch TV, a Sony PSP console, a tablet, a desktop computer, a book on neurological physiotherapy, a pirate costume, and a Lego fire truck.


A Bank Robber Is Caught Because His Bag of Cash Is So Heavy, He Can’t Lift It

I think we’ve figured out a new way to stop bank robbers. Just give them way TOO MUCH money.

A 29-year-old man who hasn’t been identified tried to rob a bank in northeastern China recently, by holding up a security guard who was bringing a bag of cash in from an armored car.

And he managed to wrestle the bag away from the guard by spraying him in the face with gasoline. But then he ran into trouble . . . because the bag had $290,000 in it, and weighed 180 pounds.

To complicate things, he didn’t have a getaway car, he was on a motorcycle. So he could barely even get the bag on the back of his bike!!! And it took him so long that another guard was able to shoot him in the leg.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He’s now in the hospital recovering. It’s not clear how much jail time he’s looking at.

 (You can watch the security footage here.)


After an Accidental 911 Call, Police Found Out a Family Couldn’t Afford a Christmas Tree & Bought Them One

This past Saturday, two cops . . . 49-year-old Barry Ward and 27-year-old Terrence Paramore . . . showed up at a woman’s house in Boynton Beach, Florida after her baby accidentally called 911.

They found out the woman is a single mom who’s been dealing with financial issues.

Then her older daughter mentioned they couldn’t afford to celebrate Christmas this year, and couldn’t even buy a tree. And both cops could tell the girl was pretty upset about it.

So the next day, they went to Home Depot and BOUGHT them a tree, along with a stand, ornaments, and a bunch of Christmas lights.

There’s a YouTube video of them dropping it off, and the daughter was pretty ecstatic about it. According to a police spokesman, they’re also planning to drop off a bunch of presents for the kids later this month.

Check out a photo of Barry and Terrence along with the video by clicking here.


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Freak Files: Thursday, 12/4/13

Two Kids Call 911 Trying to Get In Touch With Santa

Kids learn at a very young age that you should call 911 if there’s an emergency. I’m not sure “getting Legos for Christmas” constitutes an emergency . . . but it might if you’re a little kid.

In Mayville, Wisconsin, there was a 911 call where someone called and hung up . . . so the cops traced the call and went to the house.

And when they got there, they found the call was from a six-year-old boy and his three-year-old brother . . . and they explained to the cops they were trying to get in touch with SANTA.

The cops told them 911 is not a good way to reach Santa.


Stupid Criminals!!!

Meet Lester.  Lester got busted this last Monday for trying to buy more than 20 pounds of COCAINE from police posing as drug dealers.   We hear stories just like this all the time with the Freak Files, but what makes this standout is that Lester is a former “Cop of the Year” in Florida. Stupid Criminals!!!

Lester, our former cop of the year will appear in court today!


A Guy Found $127,000 in a Desk He Bought for 40 Bucks & Gave It Back

We’ve all fantasized about buying something at a yard sale, paying next-to- nothing for it, then finding out it’s worth a fortune. Which is why this is so great.

A guy in Weymouth, Massachusetts named Phil LeClerc recently bought an antique desk at an auction for 40 bucks.  And while he was looking through the drawers for a missing knob, he found something else . . . over $127,000 in SAVINGS BONDS.

Instead of cashing them in, Phil immediately called the auction house where he bought the desk . . . and asked if they could help track down the previous owner.

It turned out it was a 94-year-old, who recently decided to sell his house and all his stuff so he could afford to move into a nursing home. And his family had been searching for the savings bonds for YEARS.

Phil says that after he heard their story, he was even happier that he decided to do the right thing.

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