Freak Files: Wednesday, 9/17/14

Three Women Find the Same Guy Is Dating All of Them . . . So They Team Up to Surprise Him at the Airport

This is straight out of a movie.  Literally.

20-year-old Charlie Fisher of Hertfordshire, England has been dating THREE different women without them knowing about each other.

One of them saw a text on Charlie’s phone from another woman.  When she wrote back to the woman asking who she was . . . she said she was Charlie’s GIRLFRIEND.

They started talking on Twitter, and tracked down a THIRD woman he was dating.

Charlie was on vacation in Germany the entire time, and the women decided that would be a great time to get revenge.  So when he got through customs and walked out of the airport, all THREE of his girlfriends were there waiting for him.

Apparently he was shocked, so he ran to the parking lot where his grandma was waiting to pick him up.


Frisbee-9W2A Wanted Fugitive Is Arrested When Cops Spot Him Playing in an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

This is just about the most “Oregon” way you could possibly get arrested.

31-year-old Jahson Marryshow of Eugene, Oregon robbed a bank in 2010 . . . then stole a car to get away from the cops trying to arrest him.  He’s been a wanted fugitive ever since.

And he was finally caught on Sunday when the cops found him doing what people in Oregon do . . . he was playing in an ULTIMATE FRISBEE tournament.

And when they spotted him at the Ultimate Frisbee tournament, they figured it was a great time to arrest him since he probably wasn’t armed.

He’s in jail now.


I’m In The Phone Lane!

Roads in one Chinese city now have a lane for pedestrians who aren’t watching where they’re walking.

One of the main areas of Chongqing city now has a lane for cars, a bicycle lane, and a walking lane especially for people who can’t take their eyes off their smartphones.

The special lane was reportedly added for safety reasons to combat the growing problem of ‘distracted walking’ caused by people fixated on their mobile devices.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 9/16/14

A Leopard Is Terrorizing People Who Stumble Home Drunk in Northeast India

Here’s a travel advisory in case you have a trip scheduled to northeast India this week.  You probably don’t and that’s good!

Apparently, there’s a LEOPARD on the prowl and terrorizing people there.  The leopard has already attacked THIRTEEN people as they were walking home from bars and restaurants.

Forest rangers say it’s clear he’s got a taste for humans and people who’ve had too much to drink and are stumbling are easier targets.

They believe he used to eat DOGS . . . but there are fewer wild dogs around now, so the leopard has transitioned to humans.

They’ve gone out hunting for him three times but haven’t been able to catch him.


too smartA Drug Dealer Tells a Customer He’s “Too Smart” to Get Caught . . . and the Customer Is an Undercover Cop

There’s nothing as perfect as a Stupid Criminal who THINKS he’s a genius criminal . . . and that’s EXACTLY what we’ve got here.

45-year-old Adalberto Ramiro-diaz of Port St. Lucie, Florida has been running a pretty massive drug dealing operation out of his house.

At one point recently, a customer was over at his house looking at his massive stash of drugs and guns, and asked him how he’d never been caught.  And Adalberto told him he was TOO SMART to get caught.

But the customer he told that to was . . . an undercover cop.

Stupid Criminals!!!!

The cops arrested him last week on a ton of drug and weapons charges.  They also found a fake FBI badge in his house during their search.


A Vet Performed a Life-Saving Operation on a Goldfish

We do a LOT for our pets.  But do FISH count?

Last week, a couple in Melbourne, Australia noticed their pet goldfish George was having trouble breathing.

Now, George is ten years old.  So you’d THINK their first instinct would be to make sure the TOILET was working properly . . . because that’s probably where most people would send him.

Instead, they took him to the VET.  He saw that George had a massive TUMOR on one of his gills.  And I mean it was about the size of a grape.  For a three-ounce goldfish, that’s pretty big.

And he told George’s owners that it would be risky . . . but for $200, he could try to perform a potentially life-saving operation and REMOVE the tumor.  And they went for it.

We’re happy to report that the 45-minute surgery was a complete success.

George is now back home in his tank recovering.

Check out photos from the operation by clicking here. 

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Freak Files: Monday, 9/15/14

A Cat Jumped From the 17th Floor and Survived

On Sunday, Joel Isfeld of Vancouver noticed his eight-month-old cat, Cleo, had gotten out onto his balcony.  Before he could grab her, Cleo JUMPED.  Unfortunately, Joel lives on the 17TH FLOOR of his apartment building.  Obviously Joel assumed the worst, but when he ran downstairs he couldn’t find her body.

Then around 10:00 P.M. the next night, Joel got a call from the security guard, who told him someone had found Cleo . . . ALIVE.  She was hiding in a courtyard on the ninth floor, which is weird, because the courtyard isn’t even below Joel’s apartment.

Meaning Cleo fell at least EIGHT STORIES, and survived.  Or she fell farther than that, and somehow climbed back up, then made it to the courtyard.  Whatever happened, the only injury she had was a scratch on her face.

Click here to see a picture of Cleo and Joel.


Woman Surprised To Find A Dead Body In Her Trunk

A California woman says she has no idea how a dead body wound up in the trunk of her Lexus.

The Riverside woman says she’d thought the car smelled funny as she left work, but she stopped at Wal-Mart thinking nothing of it.

When she opened the trunk to put her shopping bags inside, she made the gruesome discovery.

“She was freaking out,” one witness says. “They had to put her in a squad car and take her home.”

Witnesses say the woman recognized the man as a neighbor. Police initially considered the woman a person of interest and questioned her, but now say she isn’t a suspect.


This fire truck brought to you by …

They may not be able to change their tires in less than 20 seconds, but Stockertown, Pensylvania’s fire department is looking for something decidedly race car-like: sponsorship.

The tiny borough of 650 residents bought a fire truck but hasn’t been able to scrape enough money to pay for it.

So the fire chief and the City Council president dreamed up the idea of selling advertising space on the fire truck. So far, no one has signed on.

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Freak Files: Friday, 9/12/14

A Woman’s Luggage Got Damaged, So the Airport Gave Her a Replacement Bag . . . Filled with Plastic Explosives

A woman landed at the airport in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, and found out her luggage had been damaged.

So to help her get where she was going, the airport gave her an unclaimed suitcase as a replacement bag . . . filled with PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES.

A month earlier, airport police had used the suitcase to train bomb-sniffing dogs.  But the cop in charge forgot to take out the explosives.

The woman eventually found them, but not until she got to the city of Newcastle, about 95 miles north of Sydney.  At that point, she took the bag straight to her local police department, which had to be EVACUATED.

In the end, it turned out the plastic explosives weren’t actually armed.  So no one was in any real danger.


A Guy in Pokemon Gear Carrying a Stuffed Pokemon Doll Rushed the White House Lawn Yesterday

Of ALL the days to jump the White House fence and rush the lawn, September 11th HAS to be the worst one.

Some guy jumped the White House fence yesterday wearing a bright yellow “Pokemon” hat . . . and carrying a stuffed “Pokemon” doll.

The Secret Service took the guy down almost immediately.  There’s no word what charges he may be facing or what his goal was.

PRESIDENT OBAMA wasn’t in the White House at the time, he was at a 9/11 memorial.


A Woman Pulls a Gun on a Gardener Because His Leaf Blower Was Making Too Much Noise

I know Florida’s REALLY loose on its gun laws, but I’m still pretty sure it’s not legal to stand your ground against yard work.

A 26-year-old woman in Florida heard a gardener outside her apartment on Monday using a leaf blower, and FLIPPED OUT . . . she grabbed her gun, stormed outside, and pointed it at him and told him he was making too much noise.

The gardener took off running, hid behind his truck, and called the cops.  The woman was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 9/11/14

Too Stupid For Words

The city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is trying something a little different at one of the local crosswalks.

Instead of the usual red and green crossing lights, pedestrians crossing Las Olas Boulevard are being asked to pick up a red flag and wave it around.

Officials placed buckets of flags and instructions on both sides of the street.  The flags are designed to make people more visible to drivers.

A similar program was tried in Seattle in 2008, but failed miserably because people kept stealing the flags.  History is repeating itself because in Fort Lauderdale three of every four flags have already been stolen.


Stupid, Sleeping Criminals!!!

Cops in Florida didn’t have much trouble tracking down an alleged burglar.

Sarasota County Deputies confirm a cleaning woman found a burglar sleeping on a bed inside the home he allegedly broke into.

Police showed up, gathered evidence, and even snapped pictures of the suspect lying next to stolen jewelry –without even waking him up.

Stupid Criminals!!!

29-year-old DION DAVIS is charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling.


1-MbZA Woman Shoplifts $600 From a Walmart . . . Then Makes Her Getaway on One of Their Motorized Wheelchairs

A woman in Michigan shoplifted $600 from a Walmart earlier this week and actually might’ve gotten away with it . . . if she wasn’t SO LAZY.

46-year-old Shirley Mason of Fruitport Township, Michigan filled up six plastic grocery bags with clothes at a Walmart and managed to get out of the store undetected.  However, Shirley didn’t feel like walking.  That’s not us speculating . . . she literally wound up telling the cops later, quote, “I didn’t feel like walking.”

So . . . she hopped on one of the Walmart’s motorized wheelchairs and TOOK OFF.

Another customer spotted her slowly rolling out of the parking lot in the wheelchair and called the cops.  By the time they tracked Shirley down, she’d made it TWO MILES.

She was arrested for stealing the $600 worth of clothes . . . and the $1,200 wheelchair.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 9-10-14

$1-Million Dollar Parking Spots!

Would you pay $1-million dollars for a PARKING PLACE?  If you live in New York City, chances are the answer is yes!!!

Atlas Capitla Group is building a new condominium in lower Manhattan and plans to set-up 10 private parking spaces underneath the building.  Each of these parking spaces will be sold for a whopping $1-million dollars A PIECE!!

Since the parking spaces are about 200 square feet…..that means they cost over $6,000 a square foot!!!  That’s even MORE money than the condos will sell for above the parking garage.


Stupid Criminals!!!

EARNIE HOOKS of Riverside, California, was pulled out initially at a DUI checkpoint behind the wheel of a black, 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider, which retails for a mere $257,412.

Checking the car’s plates in their computer, the cops discovered it was stolen, but Hooks sped off and soon disappeared from view.  Fortunately, he apparently abandoned the car and when cops found it later, they took it to the impound lot.

Then, around 3 am in the morning, they say Hooks broke into the impound lot and stole the car again!  Cops finally caught up with him five days later, still driving the Ferrari around Studio City.

So they were able to arrest the same guy for stealing the same Ferrari twice in a week.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He’s now in jail with bail set at $5 million.


Watch Out For Poisonous Spiders In Your Bananas

A lady in England bought a bunch of bananas and got a free, unwanted, gift.

ABBY WOODGATE picked up the bananas from her local grocery store in Colchester. When she got them home, she noticed a weird growth on the outside that resembled mold.

She threw the bananas in the trash and vacuumed up the loose particles that had fallen on the floor.  But, she got the surprise of her life when one of the “particles” opened, revealing a cocoon full of spider eggs.

Pest control experts later discovered the bananas were infested with the eggs of the highly venomous and aggressive Brazilian Wandering Spider.  (They’re in the Guiness Book of world records for the world’s most venomous spider.  The pain from one bite can last for days and, in some cases, cause paralysis.)

The bananas were incinerated and, just to be safe, so was Woodgate’s vacuum.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 9-9-14

A Guy Named “Jose” Changed His Name to “Joe” on Job Applications . . . and Started Getting Interviews

There’s a guy in Los Angeles named Jose Zamora who’s been trying to get a job and not having any luck.

So he decided to do a little experiment, and changed ONE LETTER on his resume.  Instead of Jose Zamora, he put his name as JOE Zamora.  And THAT’S when his inbox started filling up with responses . . . from the exact same places that never gave him a response in the first place!!

Jose says, quote, “Sometimes I don’t think people even know, or are conscious or aware, that they’re judging, even if it’s by a name, but I think we all do it all the time.”

There’s no word if he’s gotten any of the jobs he applied for as “Joe.”


A 14-Year-Old Kid Refuses to Go to School . . . So the Cops Arrest Him?

There’s a 14-year-old kid in St. Augustine, Florida who’s a student at R.J. Murray Middle School.  And on Tuesday, he decided he wasn’t going to go.

So his mom went through her list of punishments . . . she took away his laptop, his cell phone, and disconnected the Internet at their house.  But none of it got him to go.  So finally . . . she called the COPS.

When they got there, the kid STILL wouldn’t leave for school.  So they cuffed him and arrested him for misdemeanor obstruction of justice.

The kid’s mom told the cops they’d just moved to Florida from New York, and her son had gotten in a lot of trouble up there for skipping school.


An Australian man woke from a coma to find he could only speak Chinese.

22-year-old BEN McMAHON had been out cold for a week.  When he woke up, he spotted an Asian nurse by his bed.  That’s when he told her “Excuse me nurse, I feel really sore here” –in Mandarin.

He says, “It was what just came out and it was what was most natural to me.”  It took McMahon three days to remember how to speak English again.

McMahon admits he studied Mandarin Chinese briefly as a kid, but was never fluent in the language like he is now.

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Freak Files: Monday, 9/8/14


A $139 Million House Just Went on the Market . . . What Do You Get For That Kind of Money?

The most expensive house that’s EVER been listed in the U.S. just hit the market.

The house is in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, in an area called “Millionaires Row.”  It’s not even totally BUILT yet . . . it won’t be done until next year.  But it costs $139 million, and for that money, it’d better be amazing.  Here’s what you get . . .

A 60,000-square-foot house on four acres with six fountains.

11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.

465 feet of private beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

A dock capable of handling a yacht up to 185 feet long.

An underground garage that can handle 30 cars.

An 18-seat IMAX theater.

And a 4,500-square-foot infinity pool with a waterslide and waterfall.

Click here for some photos of the home.


bank robber-tMRA Bank Robber Is Easily Identified . . . by the Money Falling Out of His Pants

25-year-old Shawn Lee Canfield of Merced, California has some pretty bad bank robbing skills.

Shawn went into a Chase bank at a grocery store and ROBBED it on Saturday.  The teller gave him $2,748 . . . and that’s when Shawn realized he forgot to bring a BAG to the robbery.

So he improvised and shoved the money down his pants just outside the bank.  But that took him a little while . . . and by the time he was done, the cops got there.

As the cops pulled up, money started falling out of Shawn’s pant leg.  Eventually all $2,748 was on the ground . . . and he was arrested for robbery and burglary.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He told the cops he’d stolen the money so he could visit his mother in Colorado.


Burglar Offers To Mow Lawn If Homeowners Let Him Go

25-year old Bryan Remley allegedly broke into the home of Joseph Cihak in St. Petersburg, Florida….and Joseph caught Bryan red-handed.

But instead of running away, Bryan tried to cut a deal with the homeowner saying he would mow Joseph’s lawn for FREE if they just let him go.

Instead, the man and his wife called 9-11 and held Bryan at gunpoint until police arrived.

Bryan was arrested and charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation.

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Freak Files: Friday, 9/5/14

The Golden Arches at a McDonald’s in Oklahoma Fell and Trapped Two People in the Drive-Thru

The giant golden arches sign outside a McDonald’s in Weatherford, Oklahoma FELL on Wednesday . . . and landed on two cars in the drive-thru.

The photo is crazy, and it’s amazing no one was killed, because both cars were partially CRUSHED.  Firefighters say if there had been passengers in the cars, things might’ve been a lot worse.

The drivers in both cars were trapped for about 15 minutes until the fire department could rescue them, and were both taken to the hospital.  Luckily neither had any major injuries.

Oh, and no one’s sure yet what made the sign fall.

Click here to see a photo of the arches on the cars.


A Great Dane Ate 43-and-a-Half Socks

The owners of a three-year-old Great Dane in Portland, Oregon rushed their dog to an emergency animal hospital recently, because he was retching and throwing up all day.

So a vet did exploratory surgery . . . and removed 43-and-a-half SOCKS from his stomach.

It’s not clear if he ate them all in one sitting, or over the course of a few days.  It’s also not clear if they were clean or dirty.  But there’s a photo of them all lined up after the surgery, and they were certainly dirty at THAT point.

The 43-and-a-half socks had to get tossed.  No word on whether or not the other half-sock ever turned up.

Check out the X-ray and the photo by clicking here.


A Guy Did CPR and Saved a Baby’s Life . . . After a Smartphone App Told Him Someone Nearby Needed Help

There’s an app for your phone called PulsePoint.  And if you’ve been trained to do CPR, it alerts you when there’s an emergency nearby.

A mechanic in Spokane, Washington named Jeff Olson was at work recently when he got an alert that someone at a store two blocks away had called 911.  Jeff rushed over to see if he could help.

When he got there, someone outside told him that a one-month-old baby had turned BLUE, and wasn’t breathing.  So he ran inside, administered CPR, and was able to keep the baby alive until an ambulance got there.  The baby’s name is Nolan, and he’s recovering now, and doing okay.

Click here to see a picture of Jeff.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 9/4/14

Here’s a Freaky Quick Freak File

The iPhone 6 doesn’t come out for another two weeks.  But four people have already been spotted camping out in front of an Apple store in New York.


Big Foot Spotted In Mississippi!

There’s new evidence that BIGFOOT is real.  But, he might be smaller than we thought.

Vicksburg, Mississippi, resident PEYTON LASSITER claims he found a footprint and some “mysterious gray hair” near a local playground.

The footprint is only nine-inches long and six-inches wide at the toes. Another man named DAVID CHILDERS says he saw a six-foot-tall “creature” with “grayish-brown” hair at the same playground last winter.

Experts are very interested in the footprints because they suggest fingerprint-like impressions on the skin of the foot. Apparently, only humans and primates are capable of leaving behind such a print.


A Dog Fell Down a 1,000-Foot Cliff, But Survived Eight Days Until a Stranger Found Him

On Sunday, a crew for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was running a training exercise off the coast of England.

One of the crew spotted a DOG stuck 30 feet above the water near the bottom of a huge cliff.  So they climbed up and rescued it.

They just couldn’t figure out HOW it got there . . . until they posted a photo of it on Facebook.

It turned out to be a nine-year-old springer spaniel named Sprig.  Mark and Susie Sanders lost him while they were hiking in the area, and had been looking for him the whole time.

Somehow he tumbled a THOUSAND FEET down, but he didn’t have a scratch on him.

Then he survived EIGHT DAYS on the side of the cliff by drinking water that dripped down the rocks. Check out photos from the rescue by clicking here.


A Guy Is in Court For Skipping Anger Management . . . and Attacks His Lawyer

34-year-old Kelly John Lange of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was convicted of assault earlier this year, and part of his sentence was going to anger management classes.  However, he’s been skipping them.

Kelly was in court on Tuesday about skipping the anger management classes.  He can’t afford a lawyer, so he had a public defender representing him.

Well, something she did made him angry . . . and since we all know he has no idea how to manage his anger, he ATTACKED her.

She had minor injuries but didn’t need any medical assistance.

He was arrested for assault, and since it’s his third assault in less than five years, this time it’s a felony.

He’s being held in jail without bond.

Click here to see a photo of him.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 9/3/14

A Crowd in India Lifted a Bus Off Two People Who Were Run Over

On Friday, two college students on a motorcycle got hit by a bus in India, and ended up trapped underneath.

So more than 50 people started pushing on one side of the bus until it was up on two wheels.  Then someone pulled them out from underneath.

It looks like the two victims are both going to make it.


Ugly Irony

Nebraska student Derek Kieper wrote a column attacking seat belt laws as an intrusion on individual liberties. Kieper just died after being ejected from a vehicle while not wearing his seatbelt.


Sometimes You Get What You Deserve

A woman at a zoo in Michigan lost the tip of her middle finger when she reached through a fence . . . to pet a LION.


Man Denied Defibrillator Because Of His Hairy Chest

During a Southwest Airlines flight, Caroline Jordan’s husband, Jack, had a massive heart attack.

A physical therapist and hospice nurse on board quickly gave him CPR. That’s when Jordan noticed a defibrillator nearby, not being used.

When another passenger asked why it wasn’t being used, a flight attendant allegedly said Jack Jordan’s chest was just too hairy.

Medical experts say the hairy chest excuse is nonsense; chest hair rarely impedes a defibrillator’s effectiveness, and the devices often come equipped with razors to shave hair and scissors to cut clothing.

Southwest is looking into the incident.


What Was That You Said?

20 police officers formed a search party after someone heard a woman repeatedly yelling for “help.”  But it turned out she was just looking for her dog named “Yelp.”

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 9/2/14

A Denny’s in New York Is Selling a $300 Grand Slam Breakfast

The very first Denny’s in Manhattan opened over the weekend, and it’s got a $300 Grand Slam breakfast.  Actually it’s called the Grand Cru Slam.

You get two standard Grand Slam breakfasts of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and bacon . . . but it also comes with a bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon Premier Cru champagne.

Denny’s says that’s actually a BARGAIN . . . most restaurants in New York City sell that same bottle for at least $400.  Plus, you know, it doesn’t come with pancakes and sausage and stuff.

Also, the inside does NOT look like a typical Denny’s . . . it looks more like a real restaurant.

Click here for a photo of the breakfast, and a few shots of the inside of the restaurant.


A Woman Texting and Driving Crashes . . . and Impales Her Butt on the Guardrail

It’s clear that no matter how many stories we hear about the dangers of texting and driving, we’re not going to stop.  But, Christina Jahnz of Elizabeth, Colorado dropped her daughter off at school last Wednesday and was running late to a meeting, so she tried to text that she was running late.

While she was texting, she crashed into a guardrail.  Somehow, that guardrail plowed through the front of her car, went through her thigh, and impaled her derriere.

The paramedics had to saw off the guardrail and take her to the hospital with it still stuck inside of her.

She had emergency surgery and amazingly, she survived!

(Click here to see some pictures including one of Elizabeth at the hospital, where you can see the pole and her legs . . . but it’s not graphic.)


A California Park Ranger Was Busted Sleeping in His Patrol Car With an Open Beer Between His Legs

If a park ranger is drinking on the job, who’s going to save hikers who get trapped under rocks and more importantly, who’s going to protect America’s pic-a-nic baskets?

Tyson Young is a California state park ranger.  He was on duty back on August 15th at Humboldt Redwoods State Park in northern California . . . but his head clearly wasn’t in the game.

That’s because a hiker walked past Tyson’s patrol car and saw him SLEEPING inside, with an open can of Keystone Light BEER between his legs.

So the guy took a photo and they posted it on Instagram.  He also called 911 but by the time the cops got there, Tyson had driven away.  So they caught up to him and pulled him over for drunk driving.

A spokeswoman from the California state parks department says Tyson has been placed on administrative leave while they investigate.

Click here for the photo.

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