Freak Files: Tuesday, 7/22/14

Warning: This story won’t go well with your Taco Waffle, but here it goes!

A waitress in China shocked patrons by eating a cockroach off a customer’s plate.

Businessman ZHANG YEN says he was dining at a hotel restaurant in the town of Chengdu when he found a cockroach in his salad.

He complained to the server, who explained to him that cockroaches were “completely normal.”  That’s when 39-year-old waitress snatched the roach right off the plate, put it in her mouth and swallowed it whole.

The entire thing was caught on video by another customer.  The restaurant owner has since apologized for the incident.


A Jail Goes Back to Black-and-White Striped Jumpsuits . . . Because “Orange Is the New Black” Made Orange Ones Cool

A county jail in Michigan is going back to those old-fashioned jumpsuits with the horizontal black-and-white stripes.

And it’s because orange jumpsuits have supposedly become too FASHIONABLE . . . thanks to the Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black”.

William Federspiel is the sheriff in Saginaw County, Michigan.  He says the county jail has gone back to the stripes because people who AREN’T in jail want to wear orange prison jumpsuits, to look like “Orange Is the New Black” characters.

He says the black-and-white striped jumpsuits cost the same amount as orange ones.  And he also says the inmates HATE them.  But, quote, “If you don’t like the clothes that I give you, don’t come back.”  Click here to see photos of the new jumpsuits.


A Bridesmaid Goes Into Labor Right Before Her Sister’s Wedding . . . But Still Walks Down the Aisle and Stays For Photos

26-year-old Emma Bowker of Yorkshire, England got married a few weeks ago, and her 29-year-old sister Lucy was her bridesmaid.  Lucy was nine months pregnant . . . and RIGHT before the wedding, she went into labor.

Lucy didn’t want to miss her sister’s wedding or steal her sister’s thunder . . . she just kinda sucked it up.

Lucy still walked her sister down the aisle . . . stayed through the ceremony . . . then even posed for a few photographs.  Finally, she rushed to the hospital.  She gave birth to her daughter Izzy a few hours later.

Click here for a few pictures that Lucy took at the wedding while she was in labor.


Proof That Beer Don’t Drink Itself!!!

A woman at a convenience store in San Francisco wanted to buy a can of beer that cost $1.25, but didn’t have enough money…so she robbed an EIGHT-YEAR-OLD GIRL who was outside selling candy.


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Freak Files: Monday, 7/21/14

Two Harvard Students Invented the World’s First Cake Batter Spray Can

Two students at Harvard University named John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski have invented and patented CAKE BATTER in a spray can.  Is this the best invention to come out of Harvard since Facebook?  Maybe it’s even better.

Instead of having to make your OWN cake batter using a mix, eggs, and water like some caveman, now you just shake up the can and spray batter right into a pan.

The spray batter has a more consistent flavor, and it has fewer chemicals than regular cake mix.  It also cooks faster than regular cake batter, you can bake a cake in ONE MINUTE.

John and Brooke got a patent, and now they’re working on finding a manufacturer to get it in stores.


Stupid Criminals!!! A Woman Who Stole a Dress Is Busted When She Posts Selfies on Facebook

Social media keeps getting better and better at taking down Stupid Criminals.

27-year-old Danielle Saxton of West Frankfort, Illinois stole a leopard print dress from a store earlier this month.  And then she took a few selfies in the dress and posted them on FACEBOOK.

One of the store’s co-owners also went on Facebook, and posted about the dress being stolen.

And since West Frankfort has a population of only around 8,000 people, there was obviously some overlap between the owner’s friends and Danielle’s friends.

A few people immediately pointed him to Danielle’s selfies, he called the cops, and Danielle was just arrested for misdemeanor retail theft.

Click here to see pictures of Danielle in the dress.


Hiker With Broken Leg Survived On Snow & Bugs For Six Days

A California hiker was on a trip by himself to climb Mount Goddard in northern Kings Canyon National Park when he was stranded on the 13,000-foot mountain with a broken leg.

A boulder fell on Gregg Hein’s leg, breaking it and making him unable to climb down the mountain. Because he was in an isolated area, he was unable to call for help. And because he wasn’t expected to return for two more days, he knew he’d have to wait at least that long before someone noticed he was missing.

He ended up waiting six days until a passing helicopter finally rescued him.  How did Gregg survive?  He explained that he ate crickets and moths and would drink melted snow to survive.

He spent a week in the hospital and plans to go on another hike—not alone—once he recovers.

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Freak Files: Friday, 7/18/14

Boy Steals School Bus For The Second Time In A Month

A 12-year-old Florida boy was arrested after he took a school bus for a joyride — for the second time in one month.

To get the bus this time around, Michael Wade Propst stole his aunt’s car and took it to the school. He then drove the bus for more than 2 hours — making a stop at Wal-Mart before he was arrested.


Stupid Criminals!!

29-year-old Michael Harp of Corbin, Kentucky was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for shoplifting and public intoxication.  Those are both misdemeanors, and he probably could’ve pleaded down to community service.

BUT . . . when Michael was in the holding cell, he asked if he could use his cell phone.  When they said yes, he called DOMINO’S . . . pretended he was the cop who arrested him . . . and had five pepperoni pizzas delivered to the station.

When the pizzas showed up, another cop didn’t realize it was a prank and paid for them.  But the cop who arrested Michael said he hadn’t ordered the pizzas . . . and they quickly figured out what happened.

Now Michael is looking at two new FELONY charges . . . identity theft and impersonating a police officer.

So, a pretty decent idea for a prank.  Granted, it could lead to this guy doing YEARS in prison instead of getting off with a slap on the wrist . . . but sometimes, a legendary prank is worth it, right?

Stupid Criminals!!

There’s no word whether the cops ended up eating the pizzas.


A Kitten Rescued From a Shelter Is Now the World’s Oldest Living Cat

Ann and Bob Higginbottom of Lincolnshire, England rescued a kitten named Pinky from a shelter back in 1986 . . . that’s 28 years ago.

And Pinky is STILL ALIVE.

She just turned 28 . . . which is about 129 in human years.  And that makes her the world’s oldest living cat.

Ann says, quote, “She is amazing, really, completely deaf now . . . but her eyesight is still as sharp as ever.  She’s turning into an old lady now, she likes to sit by our Koi pond and just watch them as they swim.”

According to the “Guinness Book of World Records”, the oldest cat ever lived to be 38 . . . so Pinky would need to go another decade to match that.


Hey Kids, Next Time You Plan To Steal A Car Make Sure There Aren’t Any Cops Inside First.

An undercover detective in St. Petersburg Florida was staking out a part of town after reports that teenagers were breaking into cars. While sitting in the car, the detective spotted three teens trying to open the doors of several parked cars. Then, they actually attempted to enter the car where the officer was hiding. Police spokesman MIKE PUETZ says, “Sometimes you can find yourself in the middle of one of these situations as it’s taking place.”

The detective arrested two girls ages 13 and 15, along with a 14-year-old boy.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 7/17/14

107 Is The New 70!

A Minnesota woman turned 107 on Tuesday.   EVELYN KLEINE says she still feels like she’s 70. She drove a car until she turned 99.

A dressmaker during her younger years, she’s lived in Minnesota her whole life and says she lived to the ripe, old age because “I don’t drink liquor and I don’t dance!”


A Man Set His House on Fire Using a Homemade Flamethrower . . . Because He Wanted to Kill a Spider

A guy in Seattle wanted to kill a spider in his house, so he put together a HOMEMADE FLAMETHROWER . . . he held his lighter up to a can of spray paint to blast the spider.  But he wound up setting the entire house on fire and did $60,000 in damage.

On the bright side, the fire department says he most definitely killed the spider.


184559_630x354A Guy Robs His Girlfriend’s Bank . . . To Pay For Her Engagement Ring

22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri of Troy, Michigan was in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend in Illinois.  He wanted to propose, but couldn’t afford a ring.

His girlfriend worked at a bank, and he knew how the bank’s drive-thru ATMs were stocked.

So this past Valentine’s Day, he and a friend drove to the bank in Illinois.  And when the manager was restocking the ATMs outside, he ran up with a pellet gun and stole about $26,000.  Then they headed back to Michigan.

However, surveillance cameras got a decent shot of him after the robbery . . . and Ramsey’s girlfriend recognized him.  And she turned him in immediately.

He was just sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 7/16/14

Someone Stole a Car in Miami and Drove It to Washington in Two Days

Someone in Miami, Florida stole a Jeep Patriot from a bank parking lot on June 30th.  And two days later, on July 2nd, it turned up . . . in Blaine, Washington.

That’s a 3,400-mile drive.  Google Maps estimates it would take 47 to 50 hours to get there . . . if you made ZERO stops.

And since the car turned up in Washington about 48 hours after it disappeared, that means whoever stole it must’ve driven without stopping to sleep, or even sit down for a meal.

The cops don’t have any suspects yet, and they’re working on getting the Jeep back to the owner in Florida.


Toddler Saves Elderly Man Trapped In Hot Car

Bob King was waiting for his wife at Knoxville’s Vestal Baptist Church when he realized he was stuck inside the car because the doors automatically locked and he didn’t have any keys to unlock them or open the windows.

It was 91 degrees outside and well over 100 degrees in the car.

Bob noticed a 3-year old child walking by and started beating on the windows to get his attention.  Then he shouted to the toddler to go get help.

So, the 3-year old ran to his pastor, repeating the word “locked,” then saying “hot, hot.” He grabbed the Pastor’s hand and led him to the car.

The Pastor was able to open the car door, at which point King fell out of the car, his “whole body raining with sweat.”


A Vietnam Vet With No Legs Can’t Get a New Wheelchair From the VA . . . So Lowe’s Fixed It For Free

Michael Sulsona of Graniteville, New York is a veteran who lost both his legs in 1971, when he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam.  He’s been in a wheelchair ever since . . . and not a good one.

He’s been trying to get the Veterans Administration to give him a new wheelchair for the past two years, but the VA wouldn’t do it.

Then on Monday Michael was shopping at a Lowe’s when his wheelchair broke AGAIN!  So a few Lowe’s employees jumped into action, grabbed a bunch of parts, and spent 45 minutes working on Michael’s wheelchair.  They even covered the cost of all the parts . . . and now it was works perfectly.

Michael says he tried to thank them, but they kept saying it was their honor.

Click here to see a picture of the employees working on the wheelchair with Michael on a chair in the background.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 7/15/14

Naked Is Art!!!

An art gallery in Vienna discovered they had one extra nude sculpture on display.

But, there was no sculpture –it was a naked visitor.

The art show at Vienna’s Leopold Museum features paintings and sculptures of naked men through the ages.

The artwork apparently inspired one male visitor to strip down and admire the art in the buff!!  Then he actually posed as a statue and tried to blend in with the rest of the display.

The interesting thing is, it worked!!!  None of the other museum goers seemed to notice, well for at least an hour anyway.

Finally one of the security guards confronted the man (statue) and the dude got dressed and left the museum!!


Police Blow Up a Suspicious Object in the Road . . . Turns Out to Be a Voodoo Chicken

The police in Sarasota, Florida got a call yesterday afternoon about a suspicious object in the road.  It looked like a bowl with a chicken head inside, next to a paper bag with an unknown object in it.

So they shut down the road, the bomb squad came in, and they blew it up.

When they checked out the debris, they found it wasn’t a bomb . . . in fact, they’re pretty sure the entire thing was part of a VOODOO RITUAL.

They’re not sure who left the voodoo chicken in the street, so no charges have been filed.


Are You Having A Bad Day?  Wait Until You Hear This!

I guess you could say this valet parking attendant in India had a bad day.

ARUN KUMAR of New Delhi was trying to park a half-million-dollar Lamborghini when it suddenly accelerated.  Kumar claims it caused him to go into a free spin and slam into another car before ramming into a cement barrier.

In addition to the $500,000 Lamborghini being totaled, Kumar’s bad driving caused $330-thousand dollars in damages to the Le Meridien Hotel.

Kumar was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and released later that day.

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Freak Files: Monday, 7/14/14

A Corpse Fell Out of a Coroner’s Van in Pennsylvania and Rolled Down the Street

With all the delivery trucks on the road on a daily basis, it’s inevitable one of them won’t secure its cargo.  You just don’t expect it to be THIS kind of cargo.

A coroner was driving a van in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon, when somehow the back door opened . . . and the CORPSE in the back fell out.

And it was on a gurney with wheels . . . so it started rolling down the street.

Fortunately, the driver managed to stop the van and recover it before it rolled too far.

The Bucks County Coroner’s Office says it, quote, “deeply regrets” what happened.


A Drug Dealer Got Caught Because of His “Drugs This Way” Sign

A guy in Indiana was arrested recently after police found out he was dealing drugs from his house.  And they knew about it because he’d written “Drugs This Way” on the side of a nearby garage . . . with an arrow pointing to his house.


A Woman Fell 50 Feet While Sleepwalking and Survived . . . How?? 

24-year-old Amy Wigfull of South Yorkshire, England was on vacation in Spain last month, and ended up sleepwalking in her hotel room.  And somehow she opened the window, and fell 50 feet . . . straight down onto the concrete.

And she says she survived because she never woke up.

Quote, “Because I was still asleep, my body was in a relaxed state when I hit . . . if I had been awake and tense the injuries would’ve been catastrophic.”

Amy did need several surgeries . . . but she was out of the hospital in just eight days and she’s already walking again.

Click here to see a picture of Amy and one of the street where she fell.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 7/10/14

A Guy Was Gored During the Running of the Bulls . . . After Writing a Book Last Month on How to Not Get Gored During the Running of the Bulls

If you ask me, the best way to avoid getting gored during the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain is . . . NOT ATTEND the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

But a 32-year-old author from Chicago named Bill Hillman actually co-authored a BOOK on the subject.  It’s called, “Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona”, and it came out last month.  But we’re thinking sales MIGHT take a hit after this.

Bill is in Spain right now, and yesterday . . . HE GOT GORED BY A BULL.

A 1,300-pound bull got him twice in the right thigh.  He was listed in serious condition and had to have surgery.

His doctors say the bull JUST missed an artery, and they expect Bill to make a full recovery.

Click here to see pictures and video of Bill Getting gored.


heroin diaperA Dad Is Busted For Trying to Hide Heroin From the Cops . . . By Sticking It in His Baby’s Diaper

25-year-old Michael Penn of New Castle, Delaware was wanted by the police for stealing some stuff from a Verizon store.  He was out on Tuesday walking with his three kids when the cops rolled up on him.

Michael was carrying his eight-month-old son.  The cops told him to put the kid down and as Michael did, the cops saw him slip something into the back of the kid’s diaper.

The cops searched the diaper . . . and found Michael had tried to stash his HEROIN in there.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested and charged with shoplifting, narcotics possession, resisting arrest, and child endangerment.


A Pilot Ordered Pizza for the Entire Plane After They Got Stuck on the Tarmac

Every airline needs to listen up RIGHT NOW and get a clue on customer service!!!

On Monday, a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington D.C. to Denver got diverted to Cheyenne, Wyoming because of a storm.  The passengers had to sit on the tarmac for two-and-a-half hours.

There wasn’t any food on the plane, but the pilot Gerhard Brandner, got on the P.A. system, and said, quote, “Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the U.S., but your captain is NOT cheap . . . I just ordered PIZZA for the entire plane.”  Then everyone on the plane went NUTS.

Within 30 minutes, delivery guys from a nearby Domino’s showed up with 35 pizzas to feed all 160 passengers.  It cost several hundred dollars, and Gerhard paid for the whole thing.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 7/9/14

A Guy in New York Found a Dead Rat in His Wrap

With a sandwich, you can basically see what you’re eating, but with wraps and burritos, you’re GAMBLING when you bite in, right?

A guy in New York City LOST that gamble yesterday.

He ordered a wrap for lunch from a restaurant called Chop’t . . . and when he bit into it, he found an ENTIRE DEAD RAT.

On the bright side, at least he didn’t bite in and find half a dead rat in the wrap and half in his mouth, right?

Anyway, his friends and coworkers immediately started tweeting photos of the rat in the wrap.  Chop’t says the location was shut down for a, quote, “deep clean.”

Click here to see pictures of the rat in the wrap.


A Woman Finds Out Her House Was a Serial Killer’s Torture Chamber . . . When She Sees It on an A&E Cold Case Documentary

Catrina McGhaw signed a lease for a house in Ferguson, Missouri back in March.  As far as she knew, it was just a nice, normal suburban house outside St. Louis.  NOPE.

Catrina was watching an episode of “Cold Case Files” on A&E last month, and it featured the house SHE was renting.  Turns out a serial killer had tortured and killed at least 12 women inside.

On top of that, Catrina’s landlord is the killer’s MOTHER!!!  Catrina says she never told her about what happened in the house.

Naturally she wanted to get out of the lease, but Sandra wouldn’t let her.  She finally went to the St. Louis Housing Authority, who got Sandra to agree to let Catrina out by the end of this month.


A Nine-Year-Old Reported Her Parents’ Marijuana . . . Because She Was Afraid It Was Making Her and Her Dogs Sick

A nine-year-old girl walked into the police station in Barnesville, Minnesota last month on her own . . . and ratted out her PARENTS’ drug operation.

She told the cops her parents were growing and selling marijuana . . . plus they were smoking it themselves.  And she was worried that the smoke was making her and her dogs sick.

The cops raided her house last week to check it out, and she was telling the truth . . . her parents were growing marijuana under the house.  The cops also found some METH there.

Charges haven’t been filed yet . . . the girl is now staying with her grandparents.


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Freak Files: Thursday, 7/3/14

Two Women Find Out They Have the Same Boyfriend . . . So They Hang a Banner Over a Highway Announcing He’s Been Dumped

Two women in Newcastle, England just found out that a guy named Steve Frazer was secretly dating BOTH of them.  And instead of getting mad at each other . . . they teamed up AGAINST him.

They made a giant BANNER that read, quote ,”Steve Frazer, you’re dumped by both of your girlfriends.”  And it had a photo of Steve on one side, and a photo of them together on the other.

Then they hung the banner on a bridge over a HIGHWAY yesterday morning, so thousands of people would see it during their commute.

We’re guessing with all the publicity that Steve got the message.

Click here to see photos of the banner, plus the photos of Steve and the girls that they put on it.


mugshotA Woman Leads Cops on a High Speed Chase, Because She Preferred the Jail in the Next County

Cops in Oklahoma tried to pull over 34-year-old Luz Avilla of Chickasha, Oklahoma for drunk driving earlier this week.  Then she led the cops on a high-speed chase as she raced toward Caddo County, which is the next county over.

When she finally pulled over, she told the cops she’d fled because Caddo County’s jail is NICER than Grady County’s . . . so she wanted to make it into Caddo to get locked up there.

Unfortunately for her, she stopped just a few miles before the county line, so she was arrested and taken to the jail she DIDN’T like.

Stupid Criminals!!!

We don’t know the crimes she committed in the past that allowed her to spend so much time in various local jails.


Animal Stories

This sounds like something out a Disney film.

In Ringwood New Jersey, a six-month-old black bear cub had to be rescued when he climbed a tree and got his head stuck in a cookie jar.

An official said, “He was trying to eat what remained in the jar and pulled the jar over his head (then) got spooked and went up into the tree.”

Rescuers from the Department of Environmental Protection climbed up the tree and tranquilized the bear.  They cut the jar off his head and safely lowered him from the tree.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 7/1/14

Freak Files Quickie:

Have you seen the viral video of a guy putting his pants on without using his hands?  It’s pretty impressive!  Check it out….


A Man Is Arrested For Drunk Driving on a Snowmobile . . . in 84-Degree Weather

During the winter, you’ll see a few stories about people who get busted for drunk driving on snowmobiles.

You very rarely see someone get busted for driving one in the SUMMER.

A 43-year-old man from Lansing, Michigan was clearly hammered on Sunday night and was driving his SNOWMOBILE around.  Unfortunately he ended up crashing into a tree.

He was arrested for a DUI . . . his third one, but his first that wasn’t in a car.  At the time he was arrested, it was 84 degrees outside.


A Woman Was Run Over by Three Subway Trains in New York . . . and Only Broke Her Shoulder

More proof this morning that booze don’t drink itself!!!

22-year-old Mary Downey of New York City was drunk around 6:00 A.M. on Sunday.  She was trying to get on the subway at Times Square, but was so intoxicated that she FELL onto the tracks.

Then she was run over by a train.  Then ANOTHER train.  Then a THIRD train.

The third train conductor spotted her and called for help . . . but still couldn’t stop before he ran her over.  And after all that . . . Mary only wound up with a broken shoulder and not, you know, death.  She said she was able to wedge herself down in the tracks, and positioned herself so the trains would just glide over her, not crush her.

Click here to see a photo of her leaving the hospital.


A Woman Finds the Wedding Ring She Lost Six Years Ago . . . When Her Dog Coughs It Up

Lois Matykowski of Stevens Point, Wisconsin lost her wedding ring six years ago.  Fast forward to last week.  Lois’s family has a pet Rottweiler named Tucker who eats everything . . . and last Monday, he swallowed an entire popsicle, including the stick.

So Lois called the vet, who had her induce vomiting.  When Tucker threw up, the stick came out . . . and her ring she lost six years ago!!  The vet thinks the popsicle stick might’ve dislodged it.

Lois says she cleaned the ring with a toothbrush and it looks brand new.  I’m not sure that I’D want to wear a ring that just spent six years in a dog’s stomach, but hey, good for her.

Here’s a video of Lois, Tucker and the ring.

ABC US News | ABC Sports News

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Freak Files: Monday, 6/30/14

KFC Accidentally Served a Deep Fried Hand Towel

This is one of the weirder things ever served at a fast food joint.  Even grosser than Arby’s Horsey Sauce.

29-year-old Krystal Henderson and her 7-year-old stepson Oliver went to a KFC in Newcastle, England earlier this month, and bought some chicken nuggets.

And when Oliver went to bite into one, it wasn’t chicken . . . KFC had accidentally deep fried a BLUE HAND TOWEL and served it.

Krystal says, quote, “The blue roll could’ve been used for anything, had someone wiped their hands on it, had it been used to wipe the floor?”

She complained, so KFC apologized and offered her . . . a free meal.

She turned them down and said she’s done with KFC forever.

Click here for a close up photo of the towel inside the breading.


A Guy Steals a Giant Chicken Costume, Then Wears It to ‘Wing Night’ at a Bar

While this guy’s a classic ‘Stupid Criminal,’ we give him points for creativity.

A man broke into a costume shop in Kansas City, Missouri on Thursday and stole a GIANT CHICKEN costume . . . which included a big yellow cape and a feathered hat.

So once you’ve got a giant chicken costume, what do you do?

He went to a bar and restaurant nearby called The Cashew . . . because they were having WING NIGHT.

There’s no word how many discounted chicken wings he put down before the cops tracked him down inside and arrested him.

Click here to see some photos of the arrest.


When Animals Attack

A Wild Boar Attacked a News Crew . . . While They Were Reporting on Wild Boar Attacks

A news crew was doing a story about a WILD BOAR that attacked two people in in Kobe, Japan last week.  And in the middle of the report, the boar showed up and attacked THEM.

The cameraman was bitten twice, and needed a bunch of stitches in his leg.  It turns out the boar was trying to protect its piglets.

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