Freak Files: Thursday, 7/2/15

Dolphin Jumps On Boat & Breaks Both Woman’s Ankles

Chrissie Frickman was boating with her husband and two children in Southern California when a pod of dolphins swam alongside them.

They thought it was pretty cool to have the dolphins swimming alongside them … until one of the dolphins jumped into the boat, knocking Chrissie over and landing on her legs … breaking both of her ankles.

As they rushed back to the harbor, they splashed water on the 350-pound dolphin to keep it alive as it thrashed around in the boat.

Once they got to the dock, officials helped them get the dolphin back in the water. It’ll be fine, but Chrissie is still recovering from her two broken ankles and is expected to make a full recovery.


A Guy Goes Grocery Shopping with His Pet Snake

Would you go grocery shopping with your pet? A small dog, yeah, maybe. Your cat, eh! But your pet python? Not OK to take it shopping with you.

A customer at a grocery store in Beckenham, England, was asked to leave because he was shopping with his pet python draped around his neck.

Fellow shopper RACHEL DAVIES said, “It was around his neck. He went inside and he was holding the head of the snake. He didn’t seem the least bit concerned. But one lady with her baby was really concerned.”

Royal Pythons are not venomous but can grow to more than six feet in length. They are considered docile and are a popular choice for people wanting a snake as a pet. The RSPCA says it’s never a good idea to take your pet snake out for a stroll because it can cause “distress and health problems.”


Is That A Grenade In A Suitcase?

Not sure who thought THIS was a good idea.

An x-ray of a woman’s suitcase at the Hamilton County courthouse in Cincinnati showed what looked like a grenade. Sheriff’s official JIM KNAPP said that something “didn’t look right” in the screening so a bomb-sniffing dog was brought in and because of his response, they evacuated the entire courthouse.

Upon further inspection, the sheriff deputies found that it wasn’t a grenade. It looked like a grenade alright, but it was a perfume bottle shaped like a World War II grenade. No charges are expected.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 7/1/15

A Guy Tore His Knee Doing the “Dirty Dancing” Lift at His Wedding, and Almost Died

One of the most famous movie scenes ever is the end of “Dirty Dancing”. You know . . . when Jennifer Grey jumps up, Patrick Swayze lifts her above his head, and spins her around.

Well, 36-year-old Mike Snell of Hampshire, England got married last summer. And right after he and his new wife Cerise had their first dance, the DJ put on “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”.

Out of nowhere, one of Mike’s coworkers ran at him and tried to jump up to recreate the lift. But when he caught her, his knee SNAPPED. He went to the hospital, needed surgery, and had to cancel his honeymoon in Jamaica.

Then he got an infection in the hospital that almost KILLED him. Fortunately, he managed to beat it and fully recovered from his knee surgery. He says, quote, “If I never hear ‘Time of My Life’ again I’ll be a happy man.”

Click here to see some pictures of Mike.


A Guy in a Wheelchair Robs a Bank and Rolls Away

Hopefully a handicapped person won’t take this as an inspiring message, but I guess you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

A guy in a wheelchair went into a bank in Queens, New York on Monday afternoon, and somehow managed to ROB the place.

He handed the teller a note demanding cash, so she gave him $1,200. Then he rolled right on out of there. And believe it or not . . . he managed to GET AWAY.

The cops say he’s in his late 20s, and have a surveillance shot of half of his face . . . but for now, he’s still in the wind.

Click here to see a few surveillance photos.


The Supercomputer from “Jeopardy” Is Training to Be a Cancer Doctor

Remember “Watson”, the supercomputer that was on “Jeopardy” back in 2011? He played against Ken Jennings and a guy named Brad Rutter, and destroyed them.

“The Washington Post” just did an article about how the same technology is being used for things like curing cancer.

IBM is teaming up with 14 cancer centers this year, to have computers like Watson help figure out treatments for different types of cancer.

The idea is that eventually doctors all over the country will have access to the technology. So instead of sending you to a specialist, they’ll just see what Watson has to say first. And his advice could eventually be better than a specialist’s anyway.

Some doctors are worried it means computers might eventually REPLACE them. But they also agree that the quality of care you get at hospitals could be drastically improved by Watson!


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Freak Files: Tuesday, 6/30/15

A Flight Was Diverted Because of a Storm and a Woman Got Struck by Lightning Getting Off the Plane

There was a really bad storm in North Carolina over the weekend, so an American Airlines flight from Hartford, Connecticut to Charlotte, North Carolina was diverted to South Carolina.

It turned out to be a good call on the part of American Airlines to ground the plane, but the weather still had EVIL PLANS for them.

The people on board had to walk from the plane to the airport terminal once it landed, and as they did, one woman was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

She was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.


A Guy Crushed Another Guy’s Car For Going After the Same Girl, Then Posted the Photos on Facebook

Over the weekend, a 29-year-old guy in the Northern Territory of Australia got annoyed that he and another guy both like the same girl.

So he decided to show that HE was the alpha male she was looking for. He has a four-by-four truck, and he literally drove it OVER the other guy’s little Honda, and crushed the windshield. He even parked it on the other guy’s hood . . . stood in the bed of his truck giving the heavy metal salute . . . and had someone take a picture of him.

And then, in the great tradition of so many stupid criminals these days . . . he posted the photo on Facebook. The cops saw it and he was arrested for property damage.

Stupid Criminals!!!

There’s no word on whether it made the girl choose him or not.

Click here to see the picture of him crushing the car.


A 18-Year-Old Finds Her Mom’s Marijuana and Flushes It Down the Toilet–So Her Mom Attacks Her

When you were a teenager, if your mom had found your secret weed stash, she would’ve flushed it down the toilet. But what if the roles were flipped?

18-year-old Ashley Mullane of Vero Beach, Florida found her 46-year-old mother Kyle’s bag of weed on Sunday night, just sitting on the kitchen counter. So Ashley did the mature, responsible thing . . . and started flushing it.

Except Kyle walked in while she was doing it, started SCREAMING at her daughter for flushing her weed. The cops came, but Kyle said she was fine with losing her marijuana, saying to the police, quote, “it was no big deal because she would just go out and get more.”

Stupid Criminals!!!

So she was arrested.

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Freak Files: Monday, 6/29/15

The World’s Ugliest Dog!

This year’s winner of the “World’s Ugliest Dog Competition” is a 10-year old mixed breed dog named Quasi Modo.  Poor Quasi Modo was born with several birth defects, making her completely hunchbacked.  Her owners love her anyway….and they got a $1,500 prize for the win!  Click here to see pictures of Quasi Modo and some of the dogs she beat.


Python Eats a 30-pound Porcupine

A  12-foot African Rock Python in South Africa died this week after it swallowed a 30-pound porcupine and apparently all the sharp quills punctured its digestive tract.  Check out the photos by clicking here.

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Freak Files: Friday, 6/26/15

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Makes Dad Rich

Christina Morrah forgot about Father’s Day last weekend…so at the last minute, she bought her dad a scratch-off lottery ticket for his Father’s Day Gift.

Well, it turns out that her last minute gift turned her father into an instant millionaire!!!

Christina put the $20 scratch-off ticket inside her dad’s Father’s day card….and he flipped out when he discovered he’d won $1-million bucks!

Joseph, the 61-year-old dad was a supermarket truck driver for 31 years, had fewer than 200 days to retirement but is taking an early exit, thanks to his winnings.


The Newest County Fair Creation is . . . a Twinkie Covered in Caviar

Remember when a deep-fried Twinkie sounded like a wild and crazy food creation?

County fairs have pushed the envelope so far when it comes to food over the past few years, now a deep-fried Twinkie sounds mundane . . . especially compared to THIS.

The newest county fair creation is . . . a Twinkie covered in CAVIAR. It’ll be at a food stand at the Orange County Fair in southern California this year, from July 17th to August 16th.

Who knows, maybe it’ll make its way to the Delta Fair at the Agri Center this September!!! However, and this is the FREAKY part, it’ll cost you $125!!!

It was created by the same guy who’s selling a deep-fried Slim-Fast bar at the San Diego County Fair right now.

Click here to see a picture.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 6/25/15

A Pregnant Woman Gets to the Hospital, and Finds Out Her Baby Fell Out Onto the Street on the Way There?

Ask any mother if she could have ACCIDENTALLY given birth. She’ll laugh in your face, and then start freaking you out with words like “searing pain” and “massive tearing.”

And yet . . . this happened. A woman named Qi in Guangdong, China went into labor last week, so she hopped on the back of her husband’s motorbike to head to the hospital.

But when she got there, she realized her baby was MISSING. Somehow she’d given birth on the ride, DIDN’T REALIZE IT . . . and the baby had slipped down her leg and onto the STREET.

The doctors think a bump in the road must’ve cut the umbilical cord. And believe it or not . . . her baby was okay. Someone found him, picked him up quickly, and he only suffered minor injuries with no permanent damage.


Man Wins $500,000 After Doctor Mocks Him During Surgery

A Virginia man was awarded $500,000 by a jury after his phone recorded doctors operating on him mocking him and putting down a false diagnosis during surgery.

The man filed a lawsuit naming Dr. Tiffany Ingham and her practice after his colonoscopy.

The audio features Dr. Ingham and other members of the surgery team calling the patient “annoying, a “wuss,” and joking about him having “syphilis.”

The man won $500,000 in the lawsuit for malpractice, punitive damages and defamation.


Canadians Asked To Stop Flushing Their Pet Goldfish

Biologists in Alberta are asking fellow Canadians to stop flushing their cute little goldfish down the toilet!!!!

It’s mainly because they’re breeding like rabbits in the Alberta’s waterways. Plus, once goldfish are freed from the confines of their aquariums, they grow to HUGE sizes – as big as a dinner plate.

Now, these giant goldfish are showing up in ponds, rivers and lakes, where they are messing up the local fish environment.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 6/24/15

A Guy With Two Wives But Only One Best Man

A guy in the UK has been arrested for having two wives in neighboring towns. Authorities say 43-year-old ADRIAN LINHAM dated HAYLEY TOTTERDELL for three years while he was still married to his wife of seven years, LIZ.

Liz thought her marriage was solid, even though her husband was gone a lot. It turns out while Linham was away working as a scuba instructor, he was actually spending time with his other wife 16-miles up the road.

The charade was uncovered when Liz got a letter from her mother-in-law saying she was sorry to see they had divorced and Adrian was remarried. That’s when Liz went online and found dozens of pictures of Adrian embracing Hayley on the same beach where they had their own honeymoon.

Linham even had the nerve to use the same best man at both weddings. He’s currently serving time for bigamy.


Lightning-AuyA Guy Is Busted For Growing Marijuana When Lightning Strikes His House

So is this fate or divine intervention?

There was a huge storm in Cape Coral, Florida on Saturday night, and a lightning bolt hit a house owned by 65-year-old Jaroslav Kratky . . . and set it on FIRE. But when the fire department got there to put it out, they found Jaroslav was actually running a marijuana grow house, so they called in the police.

The cops found several pot plants both in and outside of the house, and a big suitcase stuffed with packages of weed. So Jaroslav was arrested and charged with production or cultivation of marijuana.

But he says he wasn’t running a grow house, he’s just a HOARDER. Quote, “I’m a packrat, you know, I got things. I’m a junk man. I take all kinds of stuff.”  Stupid Criminals!!!


Who Wants A Pet Bear????

Ah, Colorado, a state known for its great outdoors! Things like mountains, lakes, rivers, hiking trails, wildlife, and pet bears???

Last week, it was a day in Aspen, Colorado, so a Peter Rizzuto decided to take a nap on the outdoor deck of his house.

While Peter was sleeping, a big hairy creature approached him on his deck and began nibbling on his ankle. Since he was still half-asleep, he thought it was his neighbor’s dog, so he started to pet the animal…..and that’s when he realized it WAS NOT a dog! It was a BEAR!

Luckily, the bear was just as startled as Peter, because Peter freaked out, screamed bloody murder, scampered out of his hammock, and with all the commotion, the bear panicked and ran off! Now officials are trying to find the bear to trap it and relocate it.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 6/23/15

Update On KFC Rat vs. Chicken

The guy in California who claimed KFC served him a deep-fried RAT was lying. KFC says his lawyer had a sample of it analyzed at a lab, and it wasn’t rat meat . . . it was chicken.


CriminalCops Catch a Shoplifter After He Crashes and Loses His Bumper — With the License Plate Attached

20-year-old Devin Stokes was in Mary Esther, Florida last week, and stole a $300 purse from a mall. Then he sped off in his car.

He managed to get away from the cops who were chasing him, but he was driving SO crazy, he smashed into a mailbox. He lost his bumper in the process, but just kept on going.

And that turned out to be a huge mistake because his LICENSE PLATE was still attached to the bumper. So the cops found it, quickly ran it, and headed right to his house to arrest him.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Woman Spent Four Days in the Hospital Because Her Skinny Jeans Were Too Tight

A 35-year-old woman in Adelaide, Australia was recently helping a relative move . . . and she wore SUPER skinny jeans. She spent a few hours squatting to get stuff out of the kitchen cabinets and when she tried to walk right afterward, she COULDN’T.

Her calves were so swollen it was impossible to get the jeans off, and she had no feeling in her feet. She was rushed to the hospital where they had to cut the jeans off . . . and she was there for FOUR DAYS before she could walk again.

The doctors who treated her said this should be a good warning about being careful with wearing skinny jeans, or at least being careful about what you do when you’re wearing them.


Photo of the Day: A College Student Eating Ice Cream Accidentally Swallowed the Spoon

A 22-year-old college student in China named Zhang Weiwei got some ice cream last week, and was eating it while she walked back to her dorm room.

But one of her friends snuck up behind her and startled her so badly that it made her SCREAM, and somehow made her accidentally swallow the SPOON.

Zhang says she just felt a little bloated, so she was going to go to the hospital . . . eventually. Even though the spoon was five-and-a-half inches long, an inch wide, and made of METAL.

Luckily she Googled it the next day, and was shocked to find out your body CAN’T digest large pieces of metal.

Zhang finally went to the hospital and doctors were able to get it out with a wire lasso they shoved down her throat, and the whole thing took ten minutes. Zhang has a sweet X-ray to show for it.

Click here to see the X-Ray.

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Freak Files: Monday, 6/22/15

Two Birds Keep Attacking People Outside a Chick-Fil-A in Colorado

There’s a Chick-Fil-A in Littleton, Colorado that’s under siege from two blackbirds who won’t stop ATTACKING the customers.

As people walk through the parking lot, the birds swoop down on them. Sometimes they peck people in the head, sometimes they just brush past them, and sometimes they even POOP on them.

Apparently they’re nesting, so they’re protecting their babies, and not necessarily protesting people eating all that chicken, but who knows?

So how is Chick-Fil-A responding? They have an employee with an umbrella who escorts people to and from their cars.


taxi-JeiA Guy Is Busted For Stealing a Car Because He Can’t Drive Stick

It’s got to be tough when your first attempt to learn stick shift happens as you’re fleeing the scene of a crime.

19-year-old Alexander Katz of Logan, Utah stole a car last week, but didn’t realize it had a manual transmission and he didn’t know how to drive stick. He still decided to give it a shot, though . . . and basically started jerking and sputtering down the street.

Meanwhile, the guy he stole the car from realized it was missing and went out hunting for it. And as he and his girlfriend were driving around searching, they saw Alexander slowly and awkwardly driving it a few blocks away.

They called 911, and when the cops showed up, Alexander got out and took off on foot . . . which was probably a faster option. They quickly caught up with him and arrested him for felony car theft.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Guy Stopped a Man From Attacking a Woman, and Forced Him to Call the Cops on Himself

This criminal got embarrassed so badly, you almost have to feel sorry for him . . . almost.

A guy named Jean-Pierre Veilleux in Saskatoon, Canada was home Friday morning when he heard loud noises coming from his female neighbor’s house. So he ran over and saw a man ATTACKING her . . . and jumped into action.

He grabbed a baseball bat, SMASHED the guy a few times, then pinned him down. The guy started begging for mercy, so Jean-Pierre stopped hitting him . . . but he made the guy pull out his phone and call the cops on HIMSELF. Ouch.

The guy did it . . . and Jean-Pierre held him down until the police got there to arrest him.

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Freak Files: Friday, 6/19/15

A Guy’s Wife Divorced Him, So He Cut Everything in Half . . . Including Their Car

A woman in Germany recently left her husband of 12 years. And when she left, she demanded half of everything.

So her estranged husband LITERALLY gave her half. He took all their most valuable possessions, and sawed them in half.

He cut their sofa in half . . . their MacBook Pro . . . his iPhone . . . his motorcycle helmet . . . a bike . . . their bed . . . their mailbox . . . their big screen TV . . . her teddy bear . . . and even cut their CAR in half.

Then he sent one half of each item to his ex-wife. He’s selling his half of everything on eBay. As of last night, the high bid on the front half of his car was $64. He also posted a video that shows him cutting it all up.

Check out the pictures by clicking here.


Mugger mugshotA Guy Got Robbed After He’d Just Robbed a Gas Station

Rarely does justice come as swiftly and ironically as this.

24-year-old Christopher Voshell of Des Moines, Iowa robbed a gas station on Monday night, so he could have some money to go drinking at a bar. He stole about $200. But when he got to the bar, a guy jumped out and robbed HIM . . . and stole the money he’d just stolen.

So Christopher responded by calling the cops and telling them he was robbed. But they realized he was the person who’d just knocked off the gas station, so he was arrested for aggravated theft and a probation violation.

As far as we know they didn’t catch the guy who robbed him.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Guy Tries to Help Someone Trapped Under a Lawnmower — But Makes Things Way Worse

Here’s a strange case of someone who WANTED to be a good Samaritan, but was REALLY bad at it.

31-year-old Christopher Ratcliffe was at a gas station in Genesee Falls, New York last week when he heard someone screaming for help. It turns out a guy had gotten his foot stuck under a riding mower, and was trapped.

So Christopher sprang into action. He tied a rope from the mower to his SUV, so he could put his car in reverse and drag the mower off the guy.

Only he went FORWARD, which sent the guy, the mower, AND the SUV plummeting about 12 feet into an embankment. The man who was trapped wound up going to the hospital with minor injuries.

Christopher ended up getting arrested because it turns out his SUV was uninsured and unregistered and he was driving with a suspended license.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 6/18/15

Did KFC Serve Someone a Deep-Fried Rat?

25-year-old Devorise Dixon went to a KFC in Los Angeles earlier this week, and bought a three-piece box of chicken tenders. But when he bit into one, he says it was, quote, “hard and rubbery.”

So he spat it out and realized the chicken tender was actually a DEEP-FRIED RAT . . . complete with a tail. He took a picture and a video, then took it up to the manager. He says they offered him a free meal, and that he turned it down.

His story has been going viral, but KFC is fighting BACK. They say it’s a HOAX, and that it WAS chicken. In fact, they say if you look at one of the photos, you can tell it’s white chicken meat inside and not, um, whatever color rat meat is.

Click here to see Devorise’s photo, plus the photo KFC released to discredit him.


Bowling BombAn Idiot Tried to Blow Up His House By Making a Bomb Out of a Bowling Ball

21-year-old Tyler Butler lives outside Palm Beach, Florida. Or at least he did, until the bank recently foreclosed on his house.

He told one of his neighbors he’d rather burn the place to the ground than move out, and he actually MEANT it. Fortunately his arsonist skills are right up there with his ‘paying for your house’ skills.

But it looks like burning the place down was actually his BACKUP plan. It turns out Tyler had tried to blow the place up by taking a bowling ball, filling one of the holes with gunpowder, and using a long piece of rope as the fuse.   You know . . . like an old-fashioned bomb you’d see in a cartoon.

Obviously it didn’t work, and he was busted for arson and trying to use a destructive device.


Three Postal Workers Wrote Letters to Santa Pretending to be Poor Kids, to Get Free Gifts

22-year-old Terry Jackson, 23-year-old Mahogany Strickland, and 28-year-old Nickyeves Saintalbord are all postal workers in New York City.

Back in 2013, they came up with a scam to rip off the Postal Service’s “Operation Santa” program . . . that’s where people take letters to Santa from poor kids and buy them the gifts they’re asking for.

So Terry, Mahogany, and Nickyeves wrote a bunch of letters PRETENDING to be poor kids, and made sure their letters got to the top of the pile . . . so they’d be fulfilled by donors.

They got laptops, tablets, clothing, gift cards, and more from their scam. They also stole even MORE presents by putting labels with their own addresses over their real shipping labels.

Fortunately they got caught and all three of them were arrested yesterday morning. They’re all facing mail fraud and conspiracy charges.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 6/17/15

What if We Split Staircases Into Three Lanes: Walking, Running, and Texting?

Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah just divided the staircase at their student center into three lanes!!!

They took their staircase and painted vertical lines to make the three different lanes: One for people walking, one for people running, and one for people texting.

It’s a brilliant way to make sure everyone gets where they want to go safely, as long as you have a really wide staircase for three lanes of people going both up AND down.

Unfortunately, they say people aren’t totally following it so far.

Click here to see a picture.


bacon robberA Guy Breaks Into a House and Only Steals Two Things: A TV and Bacon

You can find a LOT of faults in this guy’s burglary technique, but you can’t question his choices.

29-year-old Justin Morris of Lincoln, Nebraska broke into a house on Friday night and stole exactly TWO things: A TV . . . and a package of thick-cut bacon. Then he took off.

The burglary was so minimal that the woman who lives there didn’t know she’d been robbed for 12 full hours. Once she figured it out, she called the cops. They realized they had already caught Justin because they’d found him passed out drunk on a lawn two blocks from the house several hours earlier, with a TV next to him and a slab of bacon in his pocket.

Stupid Criminals!!!

At the time, they’d just sent him home. But now that they could connect him to the burglary, they went back to his place and arrested him.


Talk About A Grand Entrance

You remember when you were young, going to prom, and you wanted to make a good impression on all your friends, or even better, a “Grand” entrance.

Well the kids graduating high school these days are taking things to extreme measures, but this is pretty cool!!!

A girl in the Bahamas showed up to her prom in an ambulance last weekend. Two people dressed as ENT’s got her out of the ambulance strapped on to a stretcher, wheeled her into the dance, and had her date kiss her on the cheek to wake her up Sleeping Beauty style!!

It was part of a “Best Entrance” contest.

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