Freak Files: Friday, 1/30/15

The Finest Restaurant in Cardiff, Wales Is . . . a Restaurant at Its Prison

Cardiff, Wales is the capital of Wales and the 12th largest city in the U.K.  And its top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor is . . . the Clink Restaurant inside a local prison.

The Clink opened in 2012 and is entirely staffed by prisoners as a way to train them for jobs at nice restaurants when they get out.  And apparently, it’s fantastic.

Of its 383 reviews on TripAdvisor, 324 people rated it “excellent” and only seven people rated it “average” or worse.  It beat out almost 1,000 other restaurants in Cardiff to be ranked number one in the city.

The Clink serves gourmet breakfast and lunch . . . not traditional prison cafeteria food . . . and costs $15 to $30 per person.

If you’re going to be in Cardiff and want to try its finest restaurant, you should probably get a reservation now at . . . it’s getting a lot of press attention and should be filling up.


A Guy with Drugs in His Car Got Arrested . . . After Tailgating a Cop

When someone’s tailgating you, you sit there HOPING they get pulled over for it, right?  But that never seems to happen.  So at least we can all live vicariously through this story, and enjoy a good laugh from this Stupid Criminal!!!

On Tuesday night, a guy named Victor Dillon was driving through Naples, Florida, and started tailgating a COP.

So the cop pulled him over, and was PLANNING to let him off with just a warning.  But while they were talking, the cop noticed a glass jar sitting in the center console . . . that was filled with POT.

So now Victor is facing charges for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He also got a written warning for “following too closely.”


Cops On the Ooooops!

We know that a lot of you love our “Stupid Criminals” stories, but do you ever wonder if the cops chasing our “Stupid Criminals” are doing everything right.  We love our cops!  Keepers of the peace, upholding the law, but every now and then, they can make a mistake or two.

Police in Texas have released a sketch of a guy who held someone up at gunpoint earlier this month.  But the sketch is pretty much worthless . . . because the sketch includes the guy wearing a SKI MASK.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 1/29/15

For $150k, Your Wedding Can Be Rain-Free

A company is promising it can stop rain from ruining your wedding day by offering a $150,000 cloud-seeding service.

Oliver’s Travels claims they will ensure “the only cloud at your wedding will be Cloud Nine”.

The company’s highly-specialized meteorologists and pilots will fly above the clouds, sprinkling them with silver particles, causing the clouds to burst and vanish before your big day.

You may think this is far-fetched and a bit on the “Freaky” side, but the technique works and was used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Also used by Paul McCartney at one of his gigs in 2003….and at the Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2012.


A Man Tries to Rob a 7-Eleven . . . Not Realizing the Clerk Is a Boxing Champion

A 45-year-old guy named Leverett Johnson walked in to a 7-Eleven in Pittsburgh Saturday night . . . pulled out a gun . . . and demanded some money.

Unfortunately for him, the cashier that night was Erik Sydnor.  He’s a Golden Gloves BOXING champion, and he’s currently training for the U.S. Olympic boxing team.

Erik’s training immediately kicked in and he laid the smackdown on Leverett.

Our Stupid Criminal, Leverett is still in the hospital recovering from the beating!!

And once he’s out, he’ll be facing charges of robbery, aggravated assault, and criminal mischief.


A McRib Billboard Next to an Anti-Smoking Billboard Showing Rotting Human Organs

This is something that happened across the pond, but you can picture it happening here.

McDonald’s just brought the McRib back to the U.K. after 12 years.  Unfortunately, one billboard they put up for it is getting attention for the WRONG reason.

The McRib billboard is right next to an anti-smoking billboard that shows a cigarette with ROTTING HUMAN ORGANS in it.

Unfortunately for Mickey D’s, and those who were craving a McRib, the rotting human organs look a LOT like the McRib.  Here are the billboards:


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Freak Files: 1/28/15

The Kitty That Resurrected From the DEAD!!!

In Florida, a dead cat came back to life and crawled out of its grave.

The kitty was run over by a car over a week ago in Tampa, and pronounced dead by vets. Owner ELLIS HUTSON buried the pet outside his house.

But, five days later the cat showed up outside the home expecting dinner!!!  Rescuers at the Tampa Bay Humane Society, where the animal is being treated for injuries, think he woke up underground before clawing his way to the surface.


A Guy Brags on Facebook About His 16 Warrants . . . and Is Immediately Arrested

22-year-old Eddie Smith of Mineral Wells, Texas posted a status update on Facebook back on the 20th.  It said, quote, “So, I have 16 warrants out right now.  Lol they know where I’m at tho so, it must not be TOO bad.”

But one of his ‘friends’ saw the post and forwarded it to the COPS.  And even if the warrants weren’t bad, like Eddie said . . . bragging about them WAS.  So the cops went to his house and arrested him that day.

It turns out he was wrong, by the way . . . he only had 14 warrants, for things ranging from an expired car inspection sticker to petty theft.  He also owed about $1,200 in fines.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He couldn’t pay the fines . . . and just got 51 days in jail.


The Craziest Reasons People Have Gotten Divorced

A columnist for the Huffington Post who writes about divorce gives us “The Craziest Reasons People Have Gotten Divorced.”

You know the usual things you hear when people get divorced:  “We fell out of love” . . . “We grew apart” . . . “He cheated on me” . . . blah blah blah.  Here are the REAL reasons to get divorced.

“He didn’t like the movie ‘Frozen’.”  2.  “She was possessed by a genie.”  3.  “He listed her as ‘Guantanamo’ in his cell phone.”  4.  “She adopted 550 cats.”  And finally, a 99-year-old guy and his 96-year-old wife got divorced in 2011 because she cheated on him in the 1940s.”

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 1/27/15

The Long Arm of the NFL!

A radio host in Phoenix was supposed to be on the field for the Super Bowl this Sunday, but lost his pass last week.  Well actually, it’s more like he had his pass taken away from him.

He was so excited about being on the sidelines covering the big game that he posted a PHOTO of his field pass on Facebook.

On the back of each pass, it says you can’t post photos online.  Because if people know what they look like, they can make fakes.

Oh, and we should also mention that he is more accurately a “former” radio host in Phoenix, because when the radio station he was working for found out about the Facebook post, they fired him.


2 Guys Robbing Ice Shacks Are Caught When Their Car Falls Through the Ice

20-year-old Ryan VanPuymbrouck and 24-year-old Tyler Hale of Solon Springs, Wisconsin were driving around Upper St. Croix Lake on Monday . . . breaking into the shacks people set up for ice fishing to steal their stuff.

Ryan and Tyler stole a TV, some liquor, and fishing supplies before they drove their 2014 Ford Focus onto the wrong part of the lake . . . the ice CRACKED . . . and they started sinking.

Ryan and Tyler managed to get out safely and flagged down a fisherman, who called for help.  They wound up confessing they were out there stealing stuff and are now both facing several burglary charges.

Tyler is also facing a second kind of WRATH . . . it turns out the Ford Focus was his girlfriend’s, and it wasn’t insured.  It wound up submerged in six feet of water and I’m thinking it’ll be a total loss.

Click here to see the car under the ice….oh, and here’s a pic of their mugshot. Tyler is on the left.



Two Employees Took the Money From the Register and Bet It All on Roulette

19-year-old Kieron Trott and 48-year-old Christopher Cameron worked last year at a discount store called Poundstretcher in Sunderland, England.  And one day they were supposed to take the cash from the day to the bank.

But instead, they took all $5,100 to a CASINO . . . headed straight for a roulette table . . . and bet it all on RED.  So if the wheel hit red, they’d double the money.

But the wheel came up BLACK.

So they really had nothing left to do but to call their boss and come clean.

Both Kieron and Christopher were convicted of theft.

Stupid Criminals!!!

They each got 12 months of community service and have to repay the money.

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Monday, 1/26/15

The Five Weirdest Things the TSA Found Last Year . . . Including a Knife in an Enchilada, and Razorblades in a Scooby Doo Greeting Card

We all get annoyed when the TSA decides to give our bags an extra check.  Well the TSA just released its report on all the illegal stuff they found in 2014 . . . and there’s a ton of it.  They found 2,212 guns, or an average of six per day.  They also found drugs, explosives, knives, ninja throwing stars, and so much more.

In fact, here’s an example of the craziest things the TSA found in 2014 . . .An 8.5-inch knife inside an enchilada . . . at Sonoma County Airport in California.  An alarm clock that looks like dynamite . . . at Kansas City International Airport in Missouri.  Three pounds of cocaine inside a package of raw meat . . . at San Jose International Airport in California.  And razorblades inside a Scooby Doo greeting card . . . at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport in Virginia.


Car fireA Mom Sets Her Son’s Car on Fire Because It Was a Financial Burden For Him?

53-year-old Lucia Evangelista of West Palm Beach, Florida felt bad for her son because his car was a serious financial burden on him.  So when he was in Florida back in August, she saw her opportunity to help him out.

She took his car, drove it to a secluded spot . . . doused it in gasoline, and set it on FIRE.

Her son got back about three weeks later, and realized his car was missing.  And eventually, he realized his MOM was the one who’d stolen it and torched it.  He did NOT appreciate her “help” . . . and reported her to the cops.

The police investigated . . . and Lucia was arrested last Wednesday for felony arson.


A Four-Year-Old Called 911 When Her Pregnant Mom Had a Seizure

Last Wednesday, Centerria Manning, who was nine months pregnant, was home in Kalamazoo, Michigan when she started having a seizure, and COLLAPSED.

Luckily their four-year-old daughter Calise was there, and stepped up BIG TIME.  Calise grabbed the phone . . . called 911 . . . gave them her full name AND address . . . and never panicked.  Then she opened the front door when help got there.

It turns out Centerria has been practicing this EXACT scenario with Calise since she was two years old. On Friday, Centerria gave birth to a healthy baby boy named T.J., and they’re both doing well. Check out a photo of Calise, her mom, and her new baby brother by clicking here. 

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Freak Files: Friday, 1/23/15

Parents Press Charges Against Their Kid’s Principal For Saving His Life With Her Inhaler

You know how we always say that parents need to be more involved with their children in school?  Well, this story will make you say, “Be careful of what you wish for.”

Cari Thomson is the principal at Woodland Middle School in Woodland, Washington.  A seventh grade kid was having a severe asthma attack last month and didn’t have his inhaler . . . but Cari also has asthma and she had her prescription inhaler.

She had to act fast, so she gave it to the kid and it stopped his asthma attack.  In the process, it’s quite possible she saved his LIFE.

Well, the kid’s parents went to the cops to press charges against her for giving their son the inhaler without contacting them first.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed . . . and the cops decided NOT to pursue criminal charges against Cari.

They said that even though what she did was against school policy and in a gray area legally, she did what she had to in the moment to save the boy’s life.

Click here to see a photo of Cari.


A Guy With the New England Patriots’ Helmet Tattooed on His Head Has a Warrant Out For His Arrest

Everyone’s been focusing so much on the New England Patriots’ shadiness with them deflating footballs before last week’s game that we’ve almost totally neglected the Patriots’ even SHADIER fans.

Like 46-year-old Victor Thompson of St. Petersburg, Florida.  Victor made the news back in September when he was arrested for trespassing and marijuana possession, and because he has the Patriots’ helmet tattooed on his head.  It’s detailed, massive, and straight up crazy.

Well . . . Victor was due in court yesterday for a hearing, and he no-showed.  So the judge issued an arrest warrant.

Stupid Criminals!!!

It shouldn’t be too hard to find Victor because, well, he has a giant Patriots’ helmet tattooed on his entire head!!!

Click here for four mugshots of Victor showing his head tattoo from all the key angles.


1-NXLAn Elderly Couple Gets Into a Massive Brawl . . . Then Can’t Remember Why They Were Fighting

Last Saturday, a couple in Florida who are both in their 80s beat each other up.

And apparently the wife was the aggressor, because she got arrested for it.  But the charges might not stick, because they’re so old that when the police asked them what happened, neither of them could remember . . . and couldn’t even recall what the fight was ABOUT.

The wife is facing charges for battery on a person older than 65.  Meanwhile, the husband says he’s pretty sure they were both, quote, “mutual combatants”.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 1/22/15

A Door-to-Door Salesman in a Giant Chicken Suit Is Arrested For an Outstanding Warrant

40-year-old Brian Eades of Hueytown, Arkansas had an outstanding warrant for assault.  The police weren’t actively looking for him . . . until Tuesday, when they couldn’t miss him.

That’s because Brian was going door-to-door, trying to sell a tax service . . . and he was doing it in a GIANT CHICKEN SUIT.  Who WOULDN’T want crucial accounting advice from a guy in a giant chicken suit?

A bunch of people called the cops because they suspected the guy in the chicken suit was scamming them . . . the police quickly tracked him down . . . and figured out it was Brian.

He was arrested on his outstanding assault warrant.  Another guy he was going door-to-door with, 58-year-old Michael Bratton, ALSO had an outstanding warrant for drug possession . . . so he was arrested too.


Firm Gives Away Free Beer For Completed Timesheets

A Minneapolis ad agency is encouraging employees to complete their timesheets with a machine that trades a finished sheet for a free glass of beer.

The Tapserver rewards employees with their choice of beer from the machine’s “multi-keg beer deployment system.” But only once their timesheet is scanned into the system.

The company said timesheet completion has improved by 90-percent since the machine was deployed.  


A Woman Misses Her Ferry by Five Minutes, and Has a Complete Meltdown

A woman in Canada who missed a ferry to Vancouver on New Year’s Eve is all over Facebook right now . . . because she missed the boat by five minutes, and had a complete MELTDOWN.

Apparently she was angry because the ferry hadn’t left yet.  But she missed the cutoff time to board, so they wouldn’t let her on.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 1/21/15

The New “Invisible Boyfriend” Service Creates a Fake Relationship For You . . . With Texts, Calls, and Even Photos

A new service called Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend just launched . . . for $24.99-a-month, it creates the most AUTHENTIC-looking fake relationship possible.

You get 100 texts, 10 voicemails, one handwritten note, and photos from your fake girlfriend or boyfriend that you can use to make it look like you’re in a real relationship!

So why would someone sign up?  The founders proposed a few scenarios:  Tricking family members, practice for a real relationship, or get someone to stop hitting on you.

You can sign up for the service at or


Meet the 86-Year-Old Woman Who Spends $164,000-a-Year Living on a Luxury Cruise Ship

We should ALL be lucky enough to live this long . . . and have this much money when we do.

86-year-old Lee Wachstetter is a widow from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  When her husband was alive, they loved going on cruises . . . and before he died in 1997, he told her, quote, “Don’t stop cruising.”

About seven years ago . . . she REALLY decided to listen.  Lee sold their home, got on one of the nicest luxury cruise ships in the world, the Crystal Serenity . . . and has been there ever since.  Yes, she now LIVES on the cruise ship.

It costs her $164,000 PER YEAR . . . which includes her room, all of her meals, tips, activities, and entertainment.

She’s visited over 100 countries, she still communicates with her three sons and seven grandchildren with her laptop, and sees them when the ship docks in Miami.  But mostly, she sits on the deck, knitting . . . and goes dancing at night.

Click here to see her picture.


A Snake Pops Out of a Cabinet at Lowe’s . . . and Bites a Customer on the Head

A guy was shopping at a Lowe’s in Corinth, Mississippi on Saturday afternoon and opened a cabinet that was on display.

A SNAKE popped out of the cabinet . . . and bit the guy on the HEAD.  He was taken to the hospital but there’s no word on how he’s doing.

The snake was a black rat snake . . . those are between three and five feet long, they can climb up wood, and fortunately for the guy, they’re not venomous.  They’re still TERRIFYING based on the photo of one I’m looking at, though.

A Lowe’s spokeswoman said she can’t comment on what happened and they’re investigating.

Here’s a photo of a black rat snake.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 1/20/15

A Parent Sent a $24 Invoice to a Five-Year-Old Who Skipped Her Kid’s Birthday Party

Derek Nash and Tanya Walsh of Cornwall, England have a five-year-old named Alex, who was invited to a friend’s birthday party at a ski resort a few weeks ago.

But he skipped it because his parents had double booked him . . . and he spent the day with his grandparents instead.

He came home from school a few days later with an INVOICE for $24.  It was from the mom who threw the birthday party.

The invoice said she was on the hook for the money even though Alex no-showed . . . and threatened LEGAL ACTION if it wasn’t paid.

Derek and Tanya say they think it’s CRAZY that the mom invoiced their son.  A legal expert says there’s probably no legal way Julie will be able to get Alex or his parents to pay . . . even in small claims court.

(–Hey, SOMEONE’S got to take a stand for RSVP etiquette.)


A Bank Robber Is Busted When He Stops During His Getaway For Some Chicken and Biscuits

This is a great endorsement for the chicken biscuits at this restaurant, but a terrible endorsement for this guy’s bank robbery skills.

32-year-old Shane Lindsey robbed a bank in New Kensington, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, then took off running down the street.

The cops showed up right after and headed in the same direction.  They stopped at a restaurant two blocks away called Eazer’s Restaurant and Deli, since they saw it had surveillance cameras outside and might’ve gotten a shot of the guy.

But the restaurant had something way better.  It had Shane HIMSELF.

It turns out shane stopped during his getaway to eat some chicken and biscuits.  And when the cops went into the restaurant, they saw a guy who matched the description of the bank robber perfectly . . . and realized it was him.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He was arrested about 20 minutes after robbing the bank.


A Guy Briefly Stops During a High Speed Chase to Drop His Daughter Off at School

Never doubt a parent’s ability to multitask.

35-year-old Ernest Gaston of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was driving his teenage daughter to high school on Friday morning when the cops tried to pull him over.  And Ernest did NOT want that.

It’s not clear if he had outstanding warrants or something . . . but he sped off.  The cops went after him, and the chase was on.

And Ernest led the cops to . . . his daughter’s high school, so he could drop her off.  He stopped, she got out of the car . . . and then he sped away from the school with the cops still chasing him.

They eventually caught him when he collided with an SUV.  He was hospitalized with minor injuries and hit with a ton of charges, including child endangerment.

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Freak Files: Friday, 1/16/15

A Guy Drove Through a Car Wash at Full Speed

On Friday, an elderly man in Sacramento, California drove through a car wash at FULL SPEED.  It’s not clear what happened, he was confused and slammed on the gas.  But from the video, he looks like he was doing about 30 miles an hour.  Through a car wash!!!

He ended up making it the whole way through, then crashed into a vacuum cleaner.  Luckily, he’s okay.  But the company . . . Quick Quack Car Wash . . . says it caused at least $60,000 worth of damage to equipment.

They’re taking it in stride though.  They posted the security footage to YouTube, and set it to their goofy jingle, like it’s an ad.


A Guy Tries to Throw Cocaine Out of His Window During a Police Chase . . . and It Lands Right on the Hood of the Cop Car

On Wednesday, 38-year-old Jose Vales and 30-year-old Luis Vazquez of Kissimmee, Florida got into a car chase with a cop around 2:00 A.M.

Jose and Luis had COCAINE on them . . . so as the cop chased them, Luis wanted to get rid of it.  He opened the sunroof and chucked their bag of cocaine.

And . . . it landed RIGHT on the hood of the cop car.

Jose eventually pulled over . . . and quickly turned on Luis and blamed him for the flying cocaine.  They were both arrested on several charges.

Stupid Criminals!!!

But Luis is getting an extra charge of evidence tampering for throwing the coke.

Click here for their mugshots.


Stray Cat Saves Abandoned Baby From Freezing

An abandoned newborn baby was saved from freezing to death by the unlikeliest of hero – a stray cat.

The tabby-cat named Marsha climbed into the box the baby had been dumped-in and wrapped its body around the baby to keep it as the temperature plunged below zero.

Hours later, people found the cat protecting the baby and called 9-1-1. Police say the cat was “mothering” the baby by licking its face and hair.

Both the baby and the cat are going to be fine.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 1/15/15

A Florida Sheriff’s Office Accidentally Gets a Custom Rug That Says “In Dog We Trust”

Three weeks ago, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office got a brand new custom rug to welcome people to their headquarters in Largo, Florida.  It was a green rug with their badge embroidered in the middle.

Only it appears someone REALLY messed up proofreading the graphics.  Because the motto on the badge was SUPPOSED to say, “In God We Trust” . . . but actually said, “In Dog We Trust.”

The rug was on the floor of the office for almost THREE WEEKS before a sheriff’s deputy FINALLY noticed the mistake.

The rug cost $500 and was manufactured by a company called American Floor Mats in Maryland . . . they’re going to replace the rug for free.

Click here to see a picture of the rug.


A Cop Collapses, and the Kid He’s Arresting Helps Save His Life

Back in September, a cop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida named Franklin Foulks was in the middle of booking a 17-year-old kid named Jamal Rutledge for burglary, and they were alone together in a room.

Then in the middle of filling out paperwork, Franklin suddenly collapsed on the floor, and started grabbing at his chest.  Apparently he had a heart attack.

This could have ended tragically, but Jamal . . . who was handcuffed at the time . . . immediately started screaming for help, and banging on a metal door to get someone’s attention.  Then two other cops rushed in, did CPR, and saved Franklin’s life.

According to paramedics, Franklin could have died if Jamal hadn’t acted as quickly as he did.  And next Wednesday, he’s being honored by the city for it.

Now, since then Jamal has actually been arrested AGAIN.  It’s not clear what he did this time, but police are hoping that commending him for doing the right thing will help encourage him to turn his life around.

Meanwhile, Franklin is has recovered from his heart attack and is back at work.


Two Men Climb Yosemite Using Only Their Hands and Feet!!

Two free-climbers achieved the amazing feat of scaling a sheer granite wall of Yosemite using only their hands and feet!!!

30 year old Kevin Jorgeson and 36 year old Tommy Caldwell made it to the top of the Dawn Wall yesterday afternoon.  ,

They were both tethered to ropes during the 19-day climb, but those were safety lines meant to save them in the event of falls, not to help them in climbing.

The 3,000-foot climb is considered the most difficult rock-climb in the world, and many thought it was impossible.

The pair slept in tents fastened to the wall at night, and sometimes had to rest for days to allow their fingers to heal from the inch-by-inch ordeal.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 1/14/15

A Dog in Seattle Figured Out How to Take the Bus to Her Favorite Dog Park

There’s a two-year-old black Labrador in Seattle, Washington named Eclipse who always rides a bus with her owner, Jeff Young, to a dog park . . . and she clearly loves that dog park.

She loves it so much that one day, Jeff was taking too long to smoke a cigarette outside . . . so Eclipse got on the bus herself, rode it to the stop for the dog park, got off, and started playing at the dog park.

And now, Eclipse regularly takes the bus to the dog park by herself . . . and Jeff just meets her there when he’s ready.

Apparently, the bus drivers are cool with it . . . there’s no word if they charge Jeff for Eclipse’s rides but it seems like the city is using this as a public relations gimmick, so we’re thinking Eclipse rides free.

Click here for pics of Eclipse riding the bus.


Stupid Criminals!!!

Police in Washington, DC, say a guy tried to hold up a 7-11 in Northeast section of America’s capitol. It’s located where a couple of major roads come together near the DC-Maryland line, and cops from both jurisdictions often meet there talk shop.

Not exactly a good place to hold up –if you’d been casing the joint.

Unfortunately, JEFFREY WOOD, obviously hadn’t done any research, because he walked and said loudly, “This is a stickup”!

That’s when he discovered that two cops were in the store and they immediately drew their guns!!!     Our crook, Jeffrey just shook his head in dismay and quickly gave himself up.


An 80-Year-Old Won $326 Million in the Lottery . . . Because His Wife Wouldn’t Let Him Drive in the Rain

On Election Day in November, 80-year-old Harold Diamond and his wife Carol had just finished voting, and were on their way to get lunch in Middletown, New York.

Along the way, they hit some rain and Carol insisted that they pull over and wait for it to pass.

So Harold reluctantly pulled over at a rest stop for sandwiches instead.  And it’s a good thing he did.

While they were eating, he saw that the Mega Millions jackpot was higher than normal.  So he spent $10 to buy ten tickets . . . and one of them ended up matching all six numbers for $326 MILLION.

Harold and Carol got their check on Monday, and decided to take the lump sum.  After taxes, they’ll take home more than 131 million bucks.


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