Freak Files: Thursday, 2/26/15

The Brisket Bandit!!!

The “Brisket Bandit” has struck again!

Police in Texas are trying to find a man who has a thing for walking into Bar-B- Que joints and stealing all the brisket!!!

He’s hit over 3 restaurants in the last few months!  He stole 13 smoked briskets and 10 cases of beer from Augie’s Barbedwire Smokehouse in San Antonio. He was caught on a grainy video so at least authorities have an idea who they are looking for.

Police believe it’s the same guy who stole 12 pork butts from The Smoke Shack, 200 pounds of brisket from B & B Smokehouse and 450 pounds of raw meat from Two Brothers Meat Market.


Would You Take A Bath With Your Pet Crocodile?

You might agree that Australians are developing an unnatural attachment to crocodiles.

Chris Humfrey, an Australian zoologist, showed off a pic of himself taking a bath with a saltwater croc, who’s four-years-old, named Snappy Tom.

Chris says Snappy Tom, quote, “loves nothing better than a nice warm soak.” And if two isn’t cozy enough, they are sometimes joined by Casper, a huge black-headed python.

Chris runs the Wild Action Zoo in Macedon, Australia and has about two thousand animals in his care that he considers part of his family.

See his bath pic with Snappy Tom here.


People Who Don’t Like Starbucks Still Go To Starbucks!

Meet the Guy Who’s Spent 17 Years Visiting More Than 11,000 Starbucks Locations . . . But Doesn’t Even Like Their Coffee

42-year-old Rafael Lozano from Plano, Texas has spent the past 17 years on a mission to visit every Starbucks on the planet.

So far, he’s visited 11,733 of the 17,000 locations, and spent at least $100,000 in the process.

The freakiest part is . . . he doesn’t even like Starbucks coffee.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 2/25/15

A 14-Year-Old Kid Refuses to Go to School . . . So the Cops Arrest Him?

There’s a 14-year-old kid in St. Augustine, Florida who’s a student at R.J. Murray Middle School and last Monday, he decided he wasn’t going to go.

So his mom went through her list of punishments . . . she took away his laptop, his cell phone, and disconnected the Internet at their house.  But none of it got him to go.  So finally . . . she called the COPS.

When they got there, the kid STILL wouldn’t leave for school.  So they cuffed him and arrested him for misdemeanor obstruction of justice.

The kid’s mom told the cops they’d just moved to Florida from New York, and her son had gotten in a lot of trouble up there for skipping school.


Stupid Criminals!!!

Yes, America runs on Dunkin, but so –apparently– do bank robbers.

A New Jersey man robbed a bank of four thousand dollars on Monday but didn’t have the energy to get away until he hit up the Dunkin Donuts down the street for a coffee.

He bummed a smoke from a guy in the parking lot while going to his getaway car and that’s when two cops caught up with him.


A Jar of Nutella Caused a Fire That Destroyed a House

This one will make me think twice before I buy a jar on Nutella spread.

A house in London burned down this weekend . . . all because of a jar of Nutella.  It was sitting on a windowsill, and sunlight hit it at the perfect angle to start a fire.

The house was almost completely destroyed, but luckily the family was out.  The London Fire Department said these types of fires are actually more common than people realize . . . they’ve been called to 125 fires caused by sunlight in the last five years.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 2/24/15

Man Jumps Into Freezing Lake To Save Duck

A Swedish man is being called a hero by some and a fool by others for risking his life to save a duck caught on a fishing hook.

When Kenth Rehn spotted the struggling bird, he immediately stripped off and plunged into the freezing lake, swimming 65 feet and returning with the duck, he removed the hook and then released the duck.

He describes himself as a friend of animals and says he didn’t hesitate when he saw the duck in trouble. “Next time it could be a person in distress…so I figured it’s best to be prepared,” he says.


1-xDWA Guy Doesn’t Have a Ride Home From the Hospital . . . So He Steals an Ambulance

29-year-old Ross Crampton of New Lenox, Illinois had a five-hour standoff with the cops on Saturday night, when he barricaded himself inside a house and refused to leave.

After the cops FINALLY got him out, they decided he wouldn’t be facing criminal charges . . . but they did take him to a hospital for a psych evaluation.

And around 5:00 A.M., Ross decided to leave . . . but he didn’t have a ride.  So he hopped into an AMBULANCE and drove off.

The cops tracked it down using its GPS and arrested him.  And this time he IS facing criminal charges . . . for felony auto theft.

Stupid Criminals!!!!


Winning the Lottery of Life

MAMITHO LENDAS got his blushing bride to marry him and then he survived a fall off a four-thousand-foot cliff during the honeymoon in Sri Lanka!

Mamitho was trying to take photos of his lovely lady when he stepped backward, slipped off the cliff and landed on a tree that was around 130-to-160 feet from the top.

Mamitho says that holding on until 40 soldiers could save him was the “longest three-and-a-half hours of my life.”

He’s the only man to fall off that cliff and live and is currently in stable condition.

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Freak Files: Monday, 2/23/15

A Prank Caller Got Two Circle K Employees to Completely Destroy the Store

Two employees at a Circle K convenience store in Globe, Arizona got a call on Wednesday night, from someone pretending to be Circle K’s head of corporate security.  He told them the silent alarm was going off and they had to take care of it.

He told them to spray fire extinguishers all around the store . . . then throw those fire extinguishers through the WINDOWS . . . destroy all the merchandise . . . and finally destroy the registers, security cameras, and computers.

In less than five minutes they completely trashed the store, and did about $30,000 in damage.  Somehow the two employees NEVER caught on that it was a prank.

Circle K wouldn’t say whether they plan on firing the employees . . . the cops say they won’t be facing criminal charges.

The guy who made the prank call COULD be facing charges . . . but the cops don’t have any suspects.  Click here to see a picture of the boarded-up store.


Animal Stories

The cold front hitting most of America isn’t a joke and almost killed one poor chow mix in Ecorse, Michigan.

People magazine reports experts at River Rouge Animal Control were called out to save a dog that had it’s face, paws and side all stuck to the frozen ground!

Rescuer PATRICIA TREVINO says they poured warm water on the 10-year-old doggie, who was then treated at veterinary medical center for swelling, frostbite, arthritis and other injuries.

The geriatric pooch is doing quite well and has been renamed “Elsa” after the ice queen from “Frozen.”


Can You Eat 6 Pound of Bacon In 5 Minutes?

Who doesn’t love bacon?  But six pounds in five minutes?!??

The number two world ranked competitive eater MATT “Megatoad” STONIE won the Smithfield Bacon eating contest in Daytona, Florida, over the weekend.

Matt put away 182 slices.  That’s 28 thousand milligrams of sodium.  Matt said, quote, “The bacon was cooked just the way I like it, a little crispy because I don’t like having to chew it. And if it’s not warm when I get it, the fat coagulates into lard.”

How’s your breakfast meat going down now?

FYI: The recommended daily sodium intake is 2400 mg. So Matt had a bit less than 12 days’ worth of sodium.

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Freak Files: Friday, 2/10/15

A Woman Married One of the Guests at Her Wedding . . . Because the Groom Had a Seizure?

A 25-year-old guy named Jugal Kishore was supposed to marry his 23-year-old girlfriend in India recently.  But in the middle of the ceremony, he had a SEIZURE.

It turns out he’s epileptic.  And the bride was so angry that he’d never TOLD her he was epileptic . . . that she ended up marrying one of the GUESTS instead.  Right then and there.

She chose her sister’s brother-in-law.  He’d come to the wedding in jeans and a leather jacket for some reason, but that didn’t bother her.

Meanwhile, Jugal’s family rushed him to the hospital.  But he came back later, and found out he wasn’t getting married anymore, which sparked a huge BRAWL between the two families, with people throwing plates and silverware at each other.

At this point, you have to say that Jugal is better off, because there’s no WAY the girl was gonna live up to the whole “for better or worse” thing. 


A Guy on the Way to a Job Interview Shoved and Swore at a Stranger . . . Who Turned Out to be the Interviewer

Matt Buckland is in the HR department at an investment firm in London.  He was getting off the subway Monday and he stood to the side to let a woman get off first.

But a guy behind him started yelling, and SWEARING at him, then shoved past him to get off the train.

When Matt got to work, he started conducting interviews for a web developer position . . . and the YELLING GUY walked in.  It turns out the reason he was in such a hurry to get off the subway was because of his job interview.

The YELLING GUY didn’t recognize Matt . . . but Matt recognized HIM.  So he started the interview by asking questions about commuting on the subway . . . and kept going until the guy realized who he was.

The guy was embarrassed and apologized . . . but he‘s not getting the job.

Click here to see a picture of Matt and a tweet he posted about the incident.


From The Boughs of Human Excess!

A one bedroom apartment in New York City is renting for $120-thousand dollars a month.

The 11-hundred square foot unit inside the Pierre hotel on East 61st Street comes with butler service and a chauffeur-driven Jaguar.

It also boasts “sweeping park and city views from a corner suite perched above the world.”  Broker ANDRES PEREA-GARZON explains, “This is the epitome of luxury.”

A six-bedroom apartment in the same building was recently rented for $500-thousand dollars a month.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 2/19/15

A Freaky Follow-Up

Remember the mayor in Wisconsin who got bitten by a groundhog on Groundhog Day earlier this month?  Well, apparently it didn’t help his campaign . . . because he lost his primary on Tuesday and came in THIRD.


Sleeping mugshotStupid, Sleepy Criminals!!!

A Texas man accused of drunk driving fell asleep while having his mugshot photo taken.

Police were looking for 20-year-old CHRISTOPHER SHIRLEY outside a Walmart in the town of Porter because  his truck had allegedly backed into another vehicle.

But when the cops got there, they found Shirley asleep behind the wheel.  They gave him a field sobriety test, which he failed so he was taken to the station for booking.

And guess what happened?  He fell asleep right as the mugshot picture was being taken. The photo is going viral online.


A Guy Ate at Benihana 579 Times Last Year . . . to Win a Free Trip to a Benihana

Last year, 51-year-old Jack King of Salt Lake City Jack found out that Benihana was holding a nationwide contest:  Whoever ate the most meals at Benihana in 2014 would win a $1,000 Benihana gift card, and a trip to any Benihana in the country.

So Jack went 579 TIMES.  That’s an average of 1.5 trips a day.

He says that he always tried to eat on the healthier side, and he’d spend about $12 on each trip.

Well, he beat out 19,000 other people and WON the contest.  He also lost 20 pounds in the process.

But . . . he spent about $6,900 to win a $1,000 gift card.  As for his trip, he’s planning to go to a Benihana in either Key West, Florida or Anchorage, Alaska.

Click here to see a photo of Jack.


A One-Way Ticket To Mars!

Do you dream of going into outer space, but don’t have the time or money to pursue a degree in astrophysics?

Your prayers could be answered thanks to a brand-new reality show called “The Mars 100!” reports the Dutch company Mars One has finalized its list of applicants to 100 contestants –50 male and 50 female –who will compete for the chance to be sent to Mars to start a human colony!

24 lucky winners will be blasting off in groups of four to the Red Planet.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 2/18/15

A Guy Accidentally Burned Down His Mobile Home Using a Blowtorch to Thaw Pipes

A guy in Newberry Township, Pennsylvania found the pipes to his mobile home were frozen on Monday night.  So he came up with a genius idea:  He’d unfreeze them with his BLOWTORCH.

He started running it along the pipes . . . and accidentally set his entire trailer on FIRE.

It took firefighters about half an hour to put the fire out, but the damage was done.  Most of the trailer was completely destroyed, and the rest was ruined with smoke damage.

On the bright side, none of the other homes at the trailer park were damaged . . . and the guy only had minor injuries.

The Red Cross found someplace for the guy to stay . . . hopefully where the pipes are nice and functional.


A Guy Says He Was Only Driving Drunk Because He Needs Alcohol to Deal With a Chainsaw Accident?

Timothy Withrow from Port Willunga, Australia was using a chainsaw in his yard when he accidentally cut a massive GASH in his hand.

He couldn’t afford an ambulance, so he decided to fight through the pain and take care of HIMSELF.  He poured GIN on the gash to sterilize it, and then used a big sewing needle and fishing line to close it up.

He also drank some of the gin to deal with the pain.  He realized he probably still should go to a hospital, but on the way he got pulled over and his blood-alcohol was three times the legal limit, so he was arrested for drunk driving.

Timothy tried to explain to a judge that he only drank the gin to deal with the pain.

The judge wasn’t having it and upheld the drunk driving conviction.  The judge told him, quote, “I admire your courage and tolerance to pain but I do not admire your judgment.”

Stupid Criminals!!!


A 92-Year-Old Crashed Into Nine Cars on His Way Out of a Parking Lot

A 92-year-old guy in Wisconsin crashed into NINE CARS on his way out of a parking lot on Friday.  He told police that his foot got stuck on the gas, and he just panicked, which doesn’t really make sense, since he stopped in the middle and went into reverse and crashed into some more cars!!!

It’s not clear if he’ll lose his license, but he’s not facing any charges.  Luckily no one was hurt.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 2/17/15

Bad Weather

A guy in Boston shoveled a bunch of snow so he could park his car.  After about an hour of shoveling, someone came along and stole the parking spot.

So he shoveled all the snow back on TOP of their car, and posted a photo of it on Craigslist.  Click here to see it.


Stupid Criminals!

A guy in Green Bay, Wisconsin was arrested on Sunday after he tried to shoot a stray dog outside his house, and missed eight times.  But he did manage to hit his neighbor’s house and car by mistake.

He was arrested for illegal use of a firearm, cruelty to animals, and vandalism!!!


You Think You’re Having A Bad Day?

A mother in Orlando, Florida, had her car –and her baby– repossessed.

ANTOINETTE JORDAN went into the daycare to pick up her other two kids, but left her nine-month-old in the car.  When she came back out, the car and the baby were gone.

Jordan says, “I was just very, very scared… I thought somebody kidnapped her.”  Cops tracked the vehicle, along with the child, to Xpress Finance and General Auto in Orlando.

Jordan says her $199-dollar car payment was only three days late when the company decided to repo it.


A Woman Set a Record For Catching the Most Bouquets at Weddings . . . But She’s Still Single

When you catch a bouquet at a wedding, it means you’re next in line to be married.  Well meet Jamie.

37-year-old Jamie Jackson of Salt Lake City, Utah just applied to the “Guinness Book of World Records” for catching the most bouquets at weddings.  She’s caught 46 bouquets since 1996 . . . and she has the photos to prove it.

But even with all those bouquets . . . Jamie is still single.  And she says she’s NOT just staying single so she can stay eligible to catch bouquets.  Apparently things just haven’t happened for her yet.

Maybe it’s because she keeps all the bouquets she catches on display in a big glass case in her house.

Click here to see pictures of Jamie and all her bouquets.

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Freak Files: Friday, 2/13/15

A Woman Says a Fancy Restaurant Served Her Fish With the Hook Still Inside

57-year-old Aliona Russo went to a fancy restaurant in New York City called Villagio’s and ordered a piece of fish.  It cost $42.  For that price, there’d BETTER be something special about it . . . and Aliona says there was.

When she bit into it . . . the HOOK used to catch it was still inside.

Aliona says it cut her mouth.  She also says it’s caused her psychological damage and made her afraid to eat fish, which WAS her favorite food.

So now she’s SUING the restaurant, but one of the owners of the restaurant says the lawsuit is GARBAGE.  He says their fish are all caught with NETS, so the woman must’ve put the hook in the fish herself.

Click here to see a picture of the fish with the hook.


Justice Is Served!!!

Two months ago, an executive for Korean Air Lines LOST IT and had a fit when a flight attendant gave her macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a dish.

The executive was so upset that she literally ordered the pilots to turn the plane around, taxied back to the gate so that she could kick the flight attendant off the plane.

Well aviation authorities turned the tables on this high ranking airline executive by having her arrested for ordering the plane to divert back to the gate.

And yesterday, a judge in South Korea sentenced her to a year in JAIL for obstructing aviation safety.


Chihuahua Rescued

A stray two-legged Chihuahua in California has found a new home.

The pooch –nicknamed JOEY– only has a left front leg and a right back leg.  Joey was discovered roaming the streets of Highland, California last week without a collar or any identifying tags.

Sadly, nobody came forward to claim him. So DOUG SMITH, supervising animal control officer for San Bernardino County, decided to take him home.

Smith’s daughter instantly fell in love with the Chihuahua and the pup is now doing great.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 2/12/15

The Guy Who Walks 21 Miles to Work Got So Many Donations He Had to Move . . . So His Neighbors Don’t Rob Him

56-year-old James Robertson of Detroit, Michigan became international news last week . . . the “Detroit Free Press” wrote a story about how he had to walk 21 miles to and from his job at a factory every single day, and he was a feature story with our Freak Files right her on the Mike & Mandy Show.

Fortunately, James got more than $350,000 in donations from people around the world . . . and a car dealership gave him a $35,000 Ford Taurus for his commute too.

All sounds great, right?  Well, James just had to MOVE on Tuesday . . . because he didn’t feel safe in his neighborhood now that everyone knows he has money.

The Detroit police say, quote, “People were actually asking him for money.”  They helped James quickly move to a temporary home while he looks for a more permanent place.


Illegal Pot Growers Foiled By Snow-Free Roofs

Police near Amsterdam had an easy time of it zeroing-in on a suspected marijuana grow house—it was the only house on the block whose roof was clear of snow after a HUGE snowstorm.

Apparently, the heat lamps the crooks were using warmed the house so much that all the snow on the roof melted!

The police raided the house and found it was a, quote, “industrial-scale cultivation of cannabis.”

Stupid Criminals!!!

Over 500 marijuana plants were seized and the people in the house were arrested.

Click here to see a picture of the house with the missing snow on its roof.


Miss Stow-Away, 2015

Marilyn Jean Hartmanis a 63-year-old woman who’s been trying to sneak past security and onto airliners across the country.  And she has quite the resume for it too.

Back in August, she was arrested at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix when she tried to enter a security checkpoint without a ticket.

That’s while she was still on probation for a previous incident when she tried to sneak onto a plane at LAX.  She got 117 days behind bars for that one.

Now the Nassau County, FL, Sheriff’s Department says Marilyn was arrested again this past Sunday, after she went to the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort and checked in using the name of another guest.  She was shown to her room, but then arrested when the real guest tried to check in, and the hotel realized its mistake.

That’s when she admitted she flew from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Jacksonville without a ticket.  She’s currently behind bars on a $55-thousand dollar bond.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 2/11/15

A Girl Tweeted About Not Wanting to Start a New Job . . . So the Boss Tweeted That He Was Firing Her

A girl named Cella was about to start a new job at Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, Texas last Friday.  And clearly she wasn’t too excited about it.

Because on Thursday night, she tweeted, quote, “Ew I start this (screwed up) job tomorrow.”  (Actually, she used a lot of profanity in her tweet, but we cleaned it up, but you get the point.)  She followed the message with seven thumbs-down emojis.

But Robert Waple had hired her to work at Jet’s . . . and somehow he found out about the message.

So he got on his Twitter account, which he hadn’t used since 2009 . . . sent Cella a tweet of his OWN . . . and FIRED her, BEFORE she could even start her first day.

He wrote, quote, “And no, you don’t start that (screwed up) job today!  I just fired you!  Good luck with your no money, no job life!”


Police Searching For Suspect Find Him After He Takes A Selfie

Police in Pennsylvania caught up with a suspect who was trying to flee assault charges because he’s a Stupid Criminal!!!!   

Donald Harrison, was charged with assaulting a woman and refusing to let her leave her apartment after an argument.

The woman called police and when they arrived, Donald decided to make a run for it!  He went to the Greyhound bus depot and bought a ticket to South Carolina.  His escape may have been successful, however, Donald posted a selfie of himself on the bus saying ‘It’s time to leave Pennsylvania!  On my way to Spartansburg, South Carolina!”

Police found him and arrested him.

Stupid Criminals!!!! 


A Town In Germany Pays Alcoholic Street Cleaners In Beer

The German city of Essen has a new project called “Pick Up,” which recruits alcoholics and drug addicts to clean city streets in exchange for free beer, tobacco and food.

The city said the project will begin with six people sweeping streets and picking up garbage.

The volunteers will receive payments at the end of their shifts…including $1.58 per hour as well as three bottles of beer, tobacco for smokers and a hot meal.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 2/10/15

A Kid Fell Through Some Ice and Went 45 Minutes with No Pulse, But Survived

Last month, a 14-year-old named John Smith was walking across a frozen lake with some friends outside St. Louis, Missouri, and fell through the ice.

He was underwater for 15 minutes before rescuers got to him.  And when they got him to the hospital, he wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse.

After 45 minutes of CPR, they called John’s mom Joyce into the room to say goodbye.  Whether you’re religious or not, this is pretty amazing.  Because Joyce started praying and yelling, “God, please don’t take my son.”  And a few seconds later . . . John’s heart started beating again.

Now, chances are the cold water had something to do with that.  But what’s more amazing is that John’s brain function appears to be NORMAL, and he’s expected to make a full recovery . . . even his doctors are calling it a miracle.

Check out a photo of John by clicking here.


A Woman Had to Be Rescued When Her Roomba Tried to Eat Her

Don’t worry, this TOTALLY isn’t the first sign that the machines are turning against us . . .

A 52-year-old woman in Changwon, South Korea was home over the weekend and laid down on the floor for a nap.

And while she napped, her Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner was bumping around her place, sucking up dust.  But when it rolled over to where she was sleeping . . . it ATTACKED.

The vacuum cleaner started sucking her hair and would NOT let go.  So the woman wound up having to call for help.  The fire department and paramedics rushed over, and a team was eventually able to free her from the rogue Roomba!!!

There’s no word if she’s keeping the Roomba.

Click here to see a pic of the woman being rescued. 


Person Posts On Facebook About A Big Inheritance — And Promptly Gets Robbed

An unidentified person in Philadelphia just inherited a Rolex watch, 2 gold chains, and some cell phones….and they just couldn’t resist bragging about it on Facebook and Instagram.

Well, just a few hours after posting photos on social media, 3 men wearing ski masks and wielding pistols kicked in the door to the person’s home and demanded the “Inheritance” from the 19-year-old resident.

The suspects escaped through a rear window and remain on the loose.

Luckily, the 19-year old wasn’t hurt, but does say that they won’t be making any more Facebook brags in the future.

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