Freak Files: Friday, 2/5/16

Panthers Fans Have More ‘Friends’ Than Broncos Fans

Analysts at Facebook looked at all the people in the U.S. who’ve “liked” just one NFL team on Facebook.

They figured anyone who’s liked two or more teams isn’t really a “die-hard” fan of any of them.

Well they found that Carolina Panthers fans have over 20% more friends than Broncos fans. Fans of the Panthers average just over 500 Facebook friends, and Broncos fans have just under 400. What does this mean for the game? We have no clue.

Saints fans have the most, with over 600 friends on average. Cardinals fans came in LAST, with just over 350 friends on average.


The McDonald’s Kale Salad Has More Calories Than a Double Big Mac

McDonald’s added KALE SALADS to their menu.

But if you thought they were going all healthy on you, remember, it’s McDonald’s!!! It turns out when you order the kale Caesar salad with crispy chicken and add the dressing, it adds up to 730 calories and 53 grams of fat.

That’s more than a DOUBLE BIG MAC, which has four hamburger patties . . . but ‘only’ 680 calories and 38 grams of fat.


Man Dies Trying To Swallow Whole Cheeseburger In One Bite

A 29-year-old British man named Darren Bray, choked to death when he tried to swallow a whole cheeseburger in one bite.

Darren had been out with his friends when (as a joke) he tried to swallow the whole burger in one bite.

He actually told his friends, “Watch this,” before folding and ramming the burger down his throat.

When it became clear that Darren was choking, his friends tried to save him while others called 9-1-1.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and tried to restart Bray’s heart, but to no avail. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 2/4/16

Bald Men Wanted For Stealing Rogaine

Police in Portland, Maine are looking for two men who reportedly stole 3 boxes of Rogaine from a local pharmacy.

Police investigated the theft and the only thing they got from the surveillance footage is that the 2 thieves are——–bald!!!

Oh, by the way….the 3 boxes of Rogaine is believed to be worth about $150-dollars.


Stupid Criminals!!!

Springettsbury Township officers say 21-year-old MARLO HARVARD stole items from a Wal-Mart, then left on foot.

Cops spotted him a few minutes later at a bus stop and took off after him, leaving their patrol car unattended. That’s when Marlo allegedly doubled back, jumped in the police cruiser, and drove off.

Marlo reportedly abandoned the cruiser moments later and hid in a nearby trash container until officers found him. When questioned, cops say Harvard denied doing anything wrong, adding, “I hang out in Dumpsters all the time.” Stupid Criminals!!!


Have Some Butt Crack To Start Your Morning

Ok people –start looking in the background of your photos before you post them!

Seller GRANDMOTHERSWAYS posted a beautiful, sparkling, black evening gown on eBay. It was hanging on the corner of a yellow wall, with a cute little dog on the floor to the right.

And, right behind him, a heavy-set man washing dishes with his butt-crack hanging out. Yeah, that will sell the dress. (Click here for a picture of the crack.)

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 2/3/16

A Delta Flight Was Diverted When Two Flight Attendants Got into a Fist Fight

This happened a few weeks ago, but the story wasn’t confirmed until now.

A Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis on January 22nd had to be diverted to Salt Lake City after 40 minutes when two flight attendants got into a FIST FIGHT.

Sadly, we don’t know if they were male flight attendants, female, or a guy AND a girl. Delta just confirmed that it happened. They say the flight attendants had a disagreement over some work issues, and were both kicked off the flight in Salt Lake City.

To the pilot’s credit, the flight was only an hour and 15 minutes late to Minneapolis.


Woman Busted For DUI On Way To Bail Out Her Sister For DUI

Police have arrested a 32-year-old woman after she was pulled over for driving drunk while on her way to pick up her sister, who was already in jail for….driving drunk!!

Police said they stopped a car around 2:00 on Sunday morning and found Erica Stang behind the wheel, and under the influence of alcohol. That’s when she told them she was on her way to the local jail to pick up her sister, who had just been arrested for Driving Drunk. Stupid Criminals!!!

She was arrested and charged with 2nd degree DUI. Her car was also seized.


Gone In 60 Seconds!!!

Let’s hear it for trustworthy mechanics who know their customers!

Katy called JOSEPH, GABE AND KENNETH who own a Swedish auto shop called Svenskraft in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She called to tell them she was cancelling her appointment because her car was stolen.

Well get this! The three men were driving to lunch the next day –and what do they see in front of them but Katy’s stolen Volvo! They called her and Katy told them it was still missing, and she wasn’t driving it so they followed the woman behind the wheel.

The perp tried to outrun them, speeding through neighborhoods and leading them on a high speed chase on the highway. The men called police and described where there were every step of the way.

The woman was finally cornered in the parking lot of a Hobby Lobby where she was arrested on several charges.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 2/2/16

Two Friends Crammed Into One Set of Clothes, and Snuck Into a Movie as a Single Person

Two guys posted a video where they cram into the same set of oversized clothing, so they can sneak into a movie and only pay for one ticket.

They used some kind of harness, so one of them could straddle the other one and hang off the front of him. Then when they put a huge t-shirt on, it looked like one guy with a huge potbelly.

And it actually WORKED. The guy selling tickets thought it was just a guy who was really overweight, and only charged them for one ticket.  Here’s the video:


Uniformed Officer Mistaken For Stripper At 50th Birthday Party

Well, they DO say women love a man in uniform.

A uniformed officer spotted the door of a social club in England was wide open, so he went inside to investigate.

It turns out that the club was being used for a huge 50th birthday party….and as soon as he walked in, all the female guests “went wild with excitement” because they thought he was, how shall we say, an exotic dancer!!1

Officer Mike Ober, is very fit, tall, and young (he’s in his 20s). The mob of women descending on him was so intense he ended up running away at top speed to get back to his cruiser….and lock the doors.


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.49.03 AMA Guy Hid in Macy’s to Steal Stuff After It Closed

39-year-old Cassius Clay Dasilva of Portland, Oregon went to a Macy’s last week, and hid under the skirt around a display table.

Then he waited there until the store closed, and popped out to ROB the place. Unfortunately for him, the store had motion detectors. They immediately let security guards know he was inside, and they caught him trying to run out with more than $40,000 worth of stuff in a suitcase.

He told the cops his plan was to sell the stuff he’d stolen, then buy some meth and go to Florida. Now this is a kid with big dreams and aspirations!! He was charged with second-degree burglary and first-degree aggravated theft. Stupid Criminals!!!!

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Freak Files: Monday, 2/1/16

X-Ray Reveals Baby Swallowed Mother’s Missing Wedding Ring

You never know where lost jewelry will turn up.

A man posted on social media, quote, “My wife couldn’t find her wedding ring yesterday. We decided to have our 14-month old baby X-rayed just in case.”

He then posted the X-ray, clearly showing the ring in the baby’s stomach. The family ended up having to recover the ring from…..the baby’s diapers and the father says that his wife is still planning to wear the ring, after a good washing first.

Check out a photo of the X-Ray showing the ring by clicking here!


Burglars Steal a Large Safe But Can’t Load It Into Their Toyota Camry

Have you ever bought something big, like a new TV, then got out to the parking lot and realized it wasn’t going to fit into your car?

This is the Stupid Criminal version of that moment. 20-year-old Joel Perez and 21-year-old Oscar Perez broke into a house in San Marcos, Texas on Thursday, to steal a large safe, its about the size of a refrigerator.

However, they were driving a 2003 Toyota Camry, great for gas mileage, NOT so great for transporting large safes. They tried their best to jam the safe into the backseat, but it just wasn’t happening. Meanwhile, they’d triggered a silent alarm when they stole it and the cops were heading to the scene.

Joel and Oscar were still trying to push the safe into the backseat when they got there, and both of them were arrested for felony burglary. Stupid Criminals!!!!

Click here to see a few photos of the safe hanging out of the car.


There’s a Homeless Guy in Detroit Who Now Takes Credit Cards

I’m assuming homeless people hear the sentence, “Sorry, don’t have any cash on me,” thousands of times a day.

Abe Hagenston has been homeless in Detroit for about seven years, living under an overpass. And he recently took his panhandling to the next level, by accepting CREDIT CARDS.

Quote, “I take Visa, Mastercard, American Express. I’m the only homeless guy in America who can take a credit card. It’s all done safely and securely.”

Abe has a cell phone, and he bought a small credit card swiping attachment from It costs about $10, and they charge a small percentage fee.

Even with his ability to take credit cards, he says his panhandling hasn’t been going that well. He’s trying to get new glasses, but hasn’t gotten enough money to afford them yet.

Click here to see some pictures of Abe.

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Freak File Bonus

Here’s the picture of Santa from our Freak Files Bonus video.  If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking here.



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.36.46 AM

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Freak Files: Friday, 1/29/16

A Dozen People Formed a Human Chain to Save a Guy From a Burning Truck

The driver of an 18-wheeler lost control on a highway last Friday because of the snow, and got into a nasty crash near Bedford, Pennsylvania.

His truck ended up teetering on the side of the road and the other side of the guardrail was a steep hill with big rocks.

There was diesel all over the road, and the truck was smoking. But around a dozen people stopped to help anyway.

They couldn’t get to him, because the front of the truck was hanging about 20 feet down the side of the hill. So they locked arms, and formed a human chain to get him out.

The driver of the truck that crashed hasn’t been identified, but an ambulance took him to the hospital, and he survived.

So far we haven’t seen any of the people who saved him come forward, but apparently no one else was injured.

Human Chain


Bank Left Unlocked For Two Days And Nobody Steals ANYTHING!

A customer arrived at a Wells Fargo bank in Natomas, California on Monday…. and discovered it was unlocked with nobody inside!!

So, she called the cops, who called the bank’s manager….and that’s when they discovered that they FORGOT to lock the bank up on Friday and it had been sitting unlocked for over 48 hours!!

And the freakiest thing of all?  NONE of the money was stolen!


 Our Parent of the Week!

That whole “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” probably shouldn’t apply to bullfighters.

FRANCISCO RIVERA ORDONEZ posted a pic of his training session from the weekend on Twitter. In one hand, he had his practice cape, in the other, his baby daughter.  He called the pic “Carmen’s debut.”

Now, the bull was a calf and Ordonez is a fifth generation bullfighter, so you would imagine that he knows exactly what he’s doing.  But social media blew up not only with praise, but of course criticism of his parenting skills.



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Freak Files: Thursday, 1/28/16

A Fast and Furious Freaky!!!

Wisconsin police are looking for burglars who made off with $90-thousand dollars’ worth of parmesan cheese. (–Or as it’s known at Whole Foods, a small wedge!)


Police Kick in a Door to Rescue a Man Screaming . . . Turns Out He’s an Opera Singer

This is NOT a good sign for this guy’s career.

The cops in Amsterdam got a call on Tuesday about a man YELLING and it was bad enough that his neighbors thought he might be the victim of a crime. When the cops got to the guy’s house, they heard a, quote, “terrifying scream,” and no one responded when they knocked. So, they kicked in the door.

That’s when they found the guy wasn’t in trouble, he was an OPERA SINGER. He was just practicing. He didn’t respond to the knocking because he was wearing headphones.

Apparently he has a good sense of humor about it though, even though it’s a brutal critique of his voice AND his door was destroyed.

Click here to see a picture of the door.


Smart People

This might be the best way ever to extinguish a vehicle fire.

An unidentified man in China was behind the wheel when his truck suddenly caught fire. It probably didn’t help that he was hauling a load of firewood at the time. Thinking fast, he drove the truck straight to the nearest fire station for help.

Surveillance video from the station shows the vehicle approach, followed by about two dozen firefighters running out to battle the blaze. It took less than 60-seconds to extinguish the fire.


If Your Phone Doesn’t Work, Shoot It!

A T-mobile store in Hudson, Wisconsin, was forced to ban one of their customers from the shop.

The unidentified 25-year-old customer allegedly asked the store to replace his cracked phone screen. When they told him the screen wasn’t covered under his warranty, he allegedly became enraged and stormed out.

The man returned four-hours later with the same phone, but this time the phone screen was full of bullet holes. He allegedly set the phone down on the counter, went out to his car, and sat there staring at employees.

When questioned by police, the man admitted he was angry and took the phone to a gun range so he could shoot at it. Store managers said they wouldn’t press charges as long as the guy never sets foot in their store again.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 1/27/16

A Cop Pulled Over a Guy Who Was Swerving Because He Was Reading a Book

This is as close to a highbrow crime as we’re ever going to get.

A cop in Eagan, Minnesota spotted a guy swerving on a highway last week and pulled him over. However, the guy wasn’t drunk, high, eating, or even texting. No . . . he was READING.

He told the cop he was reading a JAMES PATTERSON book and he was so engrossed in it that he couldn’t put it down.

He didn’t say WHICH James Patterson book. And since he puts out like 75 books a year, it’s hard to speculate. But the cop wound up giving him a citation for dangerous driving.


A Guy Jumps in a Cop Car to Steal It . . . And Sits on a Cop’s Lap

29-year-old David Boulet was hanging around outside a motel in Tacoma, Washington last week, when a cop drove by and thought he looked suspicious.

So when the cop checked David’s license plates, he found the car was stolen. So David took off running. He ran through traffic in BOTH directions on a highway, and then thought he had his solution.

There was a cop car parked on an overpass that was still running, with its lights on. So David assumed the cops had gotten out to help chase him. So David opened the door and hopped in to the driver’s seat to drive away. Only the cops WEREN’T out running after him. They were still INSIDE the car.

So David wound up sitting on a cop’s LAP. Obviously, he was arrested. Stupid Criminals!!!


A Woman Found a Lizard in Her Spinach . . . Now It’s Her Daughter’s Classroom Pet

37-year-old Sally Mabon was opening a bag of organic spinach last Tuesday in Princeton, New Jersey, when she found a three-inch LIZARD inside.

At first she thought it was dead, but apparently it was just cold from being in the refrigerator. Because she put it in a Tupperware container, poked holes in the top, and eventually it started moving.

Now, we see stories all the time about people losing their minds and SUING someone when this happens, but not Sally. She let her daughter take it to kindergarten. They named it “Green Fruit Loop,” and now it’s their class MASCOT.

And the organic grocery store where Sally bought the spinach actually BRAGGED about it to the local news, and said the lizard wouldn’t have survived if the spinach wasn’t organic, because pesticides would have killed it.

Click here to see two photos of “Green Fruit Loop”….and check out the video of him eating a cricket below.


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Freak Files: Tuesday, 1/26/16

An Old, Rich Guy Secretly Divorced His Younger Wife So She Couldn’t Get His Money — Now She’s Suing

When an old, rich guy marries a younger woman, EVERYONE assumes she’s just making a trade-off.

A few years of her life to end up with a FORTUNE!! Here’s the old man’s Antidote. When Gabriel Villa was 70, he married 39-year-old Christina Carta. That was 20 years ago. Now she’s 59, he’s 90. Yes, he’s still alive.

But it turns out that four months into their marriage, he decided to make SURE she would get short changed if she was just in it for his money. So he secretly DIVORCED her in the Dominican Republic.

She had no idea, and neither of them ever lived in the Dominican Republic, but they were legally divorced there. She finally figured it out in November, when a tax bill came for their apartment in New York and her name wasn’t on it. So she had a lawyer look into it.

So now, Christina is SUING Gabriel. She says he’s just using it to rob her.

(Click here to see a picture of them)


A Woman Is Caught Selling Moonshine to Pay For Her Boyfriend’s Bail

31-year-old Alton Trowell of Lakeland, Florida was arrested last week on drug charges.

His 31-year-old girlfriend Christie Comkowycz wanted to get him out but she didn’t have enough money for his bail. So she turned to the revenue source of only the MOST hardcore of hillbillies, she tried to make the money by selling MOONSHINE.

Apparently Alton and Christie had a decent little moonshine business going, but the cops were already on to them. So when Christie posted an ad on Facebook for the moonshine, an undercover detective contacted her.

She offered to sell him 192-proof grain alcohol. They agreed to meet up in a parking lot, and once she gave him the mason jars of moonshine, she was arrested. She admitted she just wanted to make Alton’s bail money. Stupid Criminals!!!!



Dog Escapes From His Home And Accidently Runs A Half-Marathon & Places Seventh

April Hamlin, from Elmont, Alabama let her dog, Ludivine, out to use the bathroom on Saturday morning, and it ran away.

Then Ludivine just happened to show up at the starting line of a half-marathon and ran the entire race with the runners.

But what really makes this a Freak File is that the dog finished in 7th place with a time of 1-hour, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds, despite occasionally veering off the course to sniff around.

Ludivine even earned a medal.

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Freak Files: Monday, 1/25/16

From The “It’s A Small World” Department”- Rescuer Finds His Wife Dead

A sad story out of New Mexico where a rescuer responded to a rock climber’s death ended up recognizing the victim.

58-year-old volunteer rescue team member SCOTT HICKS was sent to Diablo Canyon to recover a body Monday afternoon. When he arrived, he overheard others mention the 59-year-old female victim’s address –which he recognized.

Hick’s says, “So I looked at the paper and saw her name, and that’s when I realized it was my ex-wife.” Climber SUSAN SAROSSY fell 175 feet to her death. One of the other climbers says Sarossy may not have anchored herself properly before beginning her descent.

Hicks and Sarossy were married for 19 years before separating in 1999. They have a 25-year-old daughter together.


Justin-bpbA Guy Burned His Girlfriend’s Love Letters . . . and Set Their Building on Fire

25-year-old Justin Agosta is a minor league hockey player in Estero, Florida.

But don’t let his career choice fool you, he’s clearly a hopeless romantic with a fragile, fragile heart. Justin was upset with his girlfriend, so he went outside their apartment building with all of the LOVE LETTERS she’d written him, dumped gasoline on them, and set them on FIRE.

But the fire SPREAD, and wound up burning the front of the apartment building before the sprinklers triggered. So Justin was arrested for arson, and he’s been suspended from the Florida Everblades hockey team ever since.

There’s no word on his relationship status.


Booze Don’t Drink Itself!

Ah the Irish love their drink, but it certainly doesn’t help their memory at all.

SCOTT McCORMICK, who’s 28, of Belfast, allegedly drank 24 tins of beer before trying to rob a store. A prosecutor claims that McCormick had a knife and he screamed at the cashier to open the “Bloody” register!! (He actually used more colorful language than that).

The cashier grabbed his arms and got the knife away from him and another employee at the store helped restrain him until police arrived.

McCormick is charged with attempted robbery and a slew of other offensives, but the funny or ‘Freaky’ things is, he woke up the next morning and didn’t remember a single moment of what took place the night before!

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Freak Files: Thursday, 1/21/16

Keep Your Hands and Arms Inside The Ride At All Times. . . And Keep Your Clothes On!

An amusement park attraction in Costa Rica will literally scare the pants off you.

A video going viral online shows a woman hanging onto a spinning carnival ride while her pants are literally pulled off by centrifugal force. Her boyfriend can be seen helping her cover up as he also tries to hang on for dear life.

In addition to pulling people’s pants off, the ride –called the Tagada –reportedly has a long history of causing serious injuries, including broken necks and cracked ribs.

Click here to see the video.


bacon-NvvA Man Is Arrested For Having a Gun . . . and a Suspicious Bag of Bacon

I’ve never heard of “SUSPICIOUS BACON” before, but now that I have, I kind of want some.

31-year-old Evan Cater of Madison Heights, Virginia was arrested after a neighbor spotted him in his backyard carrying two things: A gun, and a suspicious bag of bacon.

I think Evan’s plan was to use the bacon to shut up the guy’s dogs, but it didn’t work, since the neighbor caught Evan when his dogs wouldn’t stop barking.

Evan was wearing a camouflage mask, so he was charged with wearing a mask in public . . . which is a felony . . . plus misdemeanor trespassing, public intoxication, and carrying a gun while intoxicated.

Stupid Criminals!!!

He’ll be in front of a grand jury next month.


Woman Sees Roadkill Taken To Restaurant

If you’ve ever thought you tasted some mystery meat in your take-out you might have been right.

A woman in North Carolina snapped a photo of people picking up a dead deer and putting it in the trunk of their car.

She recognized the car as the one that delivers Chinese food to her home and office.  So she followed the car (and the dead deer) until she saw it pull-into the staff parking lot of the China Fun restaurant.

That’s when she called the police. Investigators searched the restaurant and discovered that they had indeed brought the dead deer into the restaurant and were cutting it up and putting the meat in their refrigerator. EWWW

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