Freak Files: Friday, 10/24/14

Creepy, Huge Spiders!

A Harvard scientist discovered a spider the size of a dog.

Entomologist PIOTR NASRECKI was exploring a South American rainforest when he came across the this giant spider.

At first, he thought it was a large rat.  But, it turned out to be a South American Goliath Birdeater –the largest spider in the world.  It’s leg span is the size of a child’s forearm.  And, it has two-inch fangs full of poisonous venom.

Nasrecki’s blog has gone viral since he posted pictures of the giant creepy crawly.


1-bNqA Guy Accidentally Texted His Probation Officer for Pot

If anyone’s ever texted you by mistake, it’s usually not a big deal.  You just text back, “WHAT?”  Then they text, “Sorry, that was for someone else.”  But THIS wasn’t that simple.

A guy in Albany, Georgia named Alvin Cross Jr. was trying to text his drug dealer recently, and sent him a message that said, “[Do] you have some WEED?”

The problem was, he didn’t text it to his drug dealer . . . he accidentally texted his PROBATION OFFICER.  So the probation officer called the cops, who raided Alvin’s home and found cocaine.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, and a judge sentenced him to a year in prison for it.  He also got another year for violating his probation.


A Guy Who Walks to Work Keeps Getting Stopped by Police, Because He Looks Like the Pennsylvania Cop-Killer . . . So the Internet Is Buying Him a Car

Police are still looking for Eric Frein, the guy accused of killing a cop in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania last month.

And they keep trying to arrest a guy who looks like him named James Tully, because he lives 20 miles from where the shooting happened, he doesn’t have a car, and he walks five miles each way to work every day.

James has been stopped DOZENS of times, including seven times in ONE DAY.  And last Friday, they pinned him to the ground at GUNPOINT.

After his story hit the news this week, someone created a page on . . . to raise money and buy him a NEW CAR, so he doesn’t have to walk to work anymore.

As of last night, people had already donated over $13,000.

(Check out side-by-side photos of them by clicking here.  James is on the left.)


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Freak Files: Thursday, 10/23/14

A Woman Got Over a Bad Break-Up by Sitting at KFC for a Week, Eating Chicken

A 26-year-old woman in China named Tan Shen recently got over a bad break-up . . . by sitting at Kentucky Fried Chicken, stuffing her face with chicken for a WEEK STRAIGHT.

The KFC was open 24 hours.  And the employees didn’t even realize she’d been there until about three days into it.  But she wasn’t bothering anyone.  She’d just been sitting at a table, looking sad, and eating MASSIVE quantities of chicken.

She says she couldn’t go to her apartment, because it was filled with stuff that reminded her of her ex.

It doesn’t sound like she did this for attention either, because as soon as reporters started showing up to interview her, she left.

Check out photos of her sitting at KFC by clicking here.


A Guy Avoids Going to Court for Two Years . . . By Pretending to Be Paralyzed

Two years ago, a 47-year-old Alan Knight of Whales was accused of stealing $67,000 from a neighbor with Alzheimer’s.

But when the cops tried to investigate, Alan checked into a hospital claiming he was a quadriplegic.  This delayed things until they found out he’s actually NOT PARALYZED.

Recently, Alan went to his local supermarket and the cops used the information from his loyalty card to see what time he was there.  Then they checked the security footage, which showed him WALKING into the store.

At that point, Alan was immediately put on trial.  But he didn’t know about the video yet.  So on Tuesday, he showed up . . . in a NECK BRACE, with his wife pushing him in a WHEELCHAIR.

After they showed the supermarket video in court, he dropped the act, and decided to plead guilty to 19 counts of forgery, fraud, and theft.

He’ll be sentenced in about two weeks.

Click here to see some photos of Alan pretending to be paralyzed and in a coma by clicking here.


The Wife of a Kansas City Royal Gave a Waiter a World Series Ticket as a Tip

Before Game One of the World Series on Tuesday, the wife of Royals pitcher Wade Davis was at a restaurant in Kansas City.

And instead of tipping her waiter . . . she asked if he’d rather have a free TICKET to that night’s game.  So he said OF COURSE, and his manager gave him the rest of the night off so he could go.

According to the website SeatGeek, the average World Series ticket is going for $950.  And really GOOD seats have been going for as much as SIX GRAND.

Unfortunately for Ryan, the Royals ended up losing Game One.  But he talked to a reporter at the game, and it sounded like he was having a pretty good time anyway.

Check out a picture of Ryan by clicking here.


Only In Hollywood

On Tuesday, a fight broke out in front of the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard . . . between Mr. Incredible and Batgirl.  And Chewbacca, Waldo, and Freddy Krueger jumped in to try to break it up.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 10/22/14

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.07.25 AMA Drunk Guy Was Busted for Giving a Cop a Double Wet Willy

A cop was standing on the street, talking to a bus driver near a bar in Mankato, Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis.

The bar down the street had just closed, so 24-year-old Riley Swearingen, who was intoxicated, decided to get a good laugh with some friends and sneaked up behind the cop . . . and gave him a WET WILLY.

More specifically, Riley went with a DOUBLE wet willy . . . meaning he put a finger in BOTH of the cop’s ears at the same time.

And if the cop wasn’t sure Riley did it, he was a few seconds later . . . when he clearly heard him yell to his friends that he, quote, “just gave [that] cop a WET WILLY!”

Initially, they charged with him “assaulting a police officer with bodily fluids,” which is a FELONY.  But after three days in jail, a judge let him plead guilty to disruptive intoxication instead.  So he ended up paying $77 in court costs.


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.07.56 AMA Guy Shoplifted a Bunch of Stuff from Walmart . . . Because He Didn’t Want to Wait in Line

Never go to Walmart during PEAK shopping hours . . . because apparently it can drive you so nuts, you’ll start breaking the LAW.

A 74-year-old named Clayton Lampe was at a Walmart in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  And the checkout lines were really long.  So instead of waiting . . . he decided to just STEAL everything.

One of the employees saw him walk out with $300 worth of stuff.

When police got there, Clayton explained that he hates to wait in lines, and THAT’S why he decided to shoplift.  He said he does it ALL THE TIME, and there’s never been a problem before.

He was arrested for shoplifting.


A Vet Saved a Cat’s Life by Giving It a Bottle of Vodka

Last Tuesday, Sara in England realized someone had dumped anti-freeze all over her CAT, which

is a big deal, because anti-freeze is extremely TOXIC to cats, and can shut down their kidneys.  So Sara rushed her to a vet, where luckily they knew that all Missy needed was a substantial amount of VODKA.

Apparently the ethanol in vodka neutralizes the poison in the anti-freeze.  So they hooked her up to an I.V. of vodka.  Within a few minutes, Missy was pretty drunk . . . but she also SURVIVED.

Luckily, Missy fully recovered, and she’s back home.

(Check out a photo of Sara and Missy by clicking here)

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 10/21/14

A World Record For The Most Records!

60-year-old ASHRITA FURMAN has set a total of 563 world records in his lifetime.

Currently, 198 of those records remain unbeaten.  He set his first record in 1979.

Current records include “most pies in the face in one minute” –he took 56 pies to the face!  And “most soft drink cans opened in 30 seconds” –he opened 41.

Furman admits he’s addicted to setting records and says he’ll never stop trying to add to his collection. He also admits the “stupidest” record he attempted was when he tried to “beat the time for eating a whole tree.”


A Woman Tries to Break Into Her Ex’s House, and Gets Stuck in the Chimney

Genoveva Figueroa started dating a guy named Lawrence in Thousand Oaks, California after they met online.

Then after five or six dates, Lawrence broke it off.  But Genoveva wasn’t ready to give up on the relationship yet.

So on Sunday, she tried to BREAK INTO HIS HOUSE . . . by climbing down his CHIMNEY.  And she got STUCK about eight feet down.

Luckily, someone heard her crying around 5:45 in the morning and called 911.  Firefighters had to tear apart the top of the chimney, and lube her up with dish soap to get her out.

It took about FIVE HOURS, and there’s a photo online where she’s on the roof, completely covered in soot.

It’s not clear what Genoveva was planning to do if she HAD made it into the house.  She’s been charged with illegal entry and is due back in court today.

Check out pictures by clicking here.


A Stranger Pulled an Old Man From a Burning House . . . Then Vanished

On Saturday, a house caught fire in Fresno, California, and a woman on the sidewalk started screaming that her elderly father was still inside, hooked up to his OXYGEN tank.

So some guy casually walked toward the fire and went inside.  Then about 30 seconds later . . . he came running back out with the dad on his SHOULDER.

And while everyone was checking on the dad . . . the guy who saved him VANISHED, and no one seems to know who he was.

All we know is he looks to be Hispanic, in his 40s or 50s, and was wearing a Dodgers hat.  And a woman got it on video, so there IS a shot of his face.

By the way, the dad was treated for smoke inhalation, then released.

Check out the photo and videos here.

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Freak Files: Monday, 10/20/14

A Woman Tells 911 Her Sister Has Ebola . . . Just So They’ll Show Up Faster

On Thursday, a woman in Columbus, Ohio who hasn’t been identified called 911, and told them her sister had a high fever.

She got annoyed when they transferred her.  So she mentioned a few more KEY details when the next person got on the phone.  Specifically that it was a 107-degree fever . . . her sister had just been to AFRICA . . . and it might be EBOLA.

Which DID get their attention.  The cops immediately went to their house, roped it off with crime-scene tape, and a team of people in HAZMAT suits showed up.

But once they got them to the hospital, they realized the sister DIDN’T have Ebola . . . HADN’T been to Africa . . . and the woman just lied so the ambulance would GET THERE faster.

So far, there’s no word on whether or not she’ll be charged for misusing 911.  But according to police, the whole ordeal was a HUGE drain on resources.


Reported Crocodile Turned Out To Be Inflatable Toy

British police received several calls reporting a 3-foot crocodile in a nearby neighborhood garden.  And since crocodiles are a rarity in England, they responded with snare poles, nets, and riot shields while a team of wildlife experts from the local zoo were called-in to assist.

The officers became suspicious when they threw water on the animal and it failed to move.

It turns out that the “animal” wasn’t a vicious crocodile……it was an inflatable TOY crocodile.

Police do not know how the toy ended up in the woman’s garden, but everyone had a good laugh.


A Guy Wins $1 Million in the Lottery, and Splits It With His Brother . . . Because They Made a Pact When They Were Kids

Earlier this month, 45-year-old Eric Hale of Bend, Oregon checked the numbers on a Powerball ticket he bought, and realized he’d won a MILLION BUCKS.

But back when he was a kid, Eric promised his brother Quinn that if he ever won the lottery, he’d split it with him.

Obviously they were kids, and I don’t think most people would blame him if he pretended to FORGET about it.  There’s gotta be some kind of statute of limitations on an offer like that.  But instead, Eric immediately called his brother, told him he won . . . and said he was KEEPING his promise.

They got their money this past Thursday, and each took home about $335,000 after taxes.

(Check out a photo of them posing with a huge check by clicking here.  Eric is on the right.)

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Freak Files: Friday, 10/17/14

A Guy Found a Dead Mouse in His McDonald’s Coffee . . . After He Drank the Entire Cup

On Monday, a guy in Fredericton, Canada named Ron Morais bought a cup of coffee at McDonald’s on his way to work.

He drank the coffee, and as far as we know, he enjoyed it.  At least, until he took the lid off to get the last few drops . . . and found a DEAD MOUSE in the bottom of the cup.

If you’re thinking Ron PLANTED the mouse there, it’s possible.  But according to his co-workers, they SAW him drinking from the cup.  Then when he took the lid off, he immediately yelled, “There’s a MOUSE in my coffee!”

Ron says he started feeling kind of sick after that, which is understandable.  And so did his co-workers just from the THOUGHT of it, which is also understandable.  It’s not clear if he’s planning to sue.  McDonald’s is currently investigating.

Click here to see a photo of the mouse still in the cup.


Chinese Lottery Winner Hides Identity With A Costume

The lottery in China is a lot like the lottery here in America – If you win…you can’t remain anonymous.  You have to pick up your GIANT check in person.

Well, the winner of an $85-million-dollar jackpot carefully read the rules before picking up his winnings….and found a loophole!  There were no rules against wearing a costume.

So, when the unknown man who won the third-largest jackpot in the history of the Chinese lottery went to pick up his check….he wore a full-blown costume of a local mascot.  He even kept the costume on when he did his required interviews with the media.


A Guy Wouldn’t Pull Over Because His Wife Was in Labor . . . and It Started a High-Speed Chase

On Tuesday, Rachel Kohnen of Pomeroy, Iowa went into labor, and her husband Ben started driving her to the hospital.

A cop saw them doing 85 in a 55 but he didn’t know Rachel was in labor, so he tried to pull them over.  Which is when Rachel told Ben she didn’t want to give birth in the car . . . screamed at him to KEEP GOING . . . and he DID.

So now they were in a high-speed CHASE and the cops set up SPIKE STRIPS.  Meanwhile, Rachel called 911 to explain.  But they couldn’t understand her because she kept screaming from the contractions.

Then they hit the spike strips, which blew out all four tires and the cops ordered them out of their car at GUNPOINT.

Luckily, they realized Rachel was in labor, and got her to the hospital, where she gave birth about an hour later.  Ben, Rachel, and their new daughter, Hazel, are doing fine.

Check out photos of Rachel, Ben, and Hazel by clicking here.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 10/16/14

Woman Gets Snake She Didn’t Order In The Mail

A woman in Granite City, Illinois, got quite the surprise when she received a FedEx package on Tuesday….she hadn’t ordered anything, so she thought it may have been a gift when she opened the box.

Only, it wasn’t a gift.  It was a LIVE SNAKE!!!

The woman received a baby python that someone purchased with her credit card number and sent to her house!  The $100 spotted python is a common pet among reptile lovers. Gavin says she screamed when she found the snake.

Police say they’re investigating the possible identity theft.


1-n15A Guy Tries to Get Out of a Drunk Driving Arrest by Bribing a Cop With . . . a Mountain Dew

The cops in Bernalillo County, New Mexico got a call on Monday about a guy who’d smashed his car into a pole.  When they got there, they found Luis Rodriguez-Neri behind the wheel . . . and he was drunk.

Luis refused to take a breathalyzer.  Instead, he offered the cops a sweet bribe.  If they let him go, he would give them . . . a free Mountain Dew.

It’s not clear if he had the Mountain Dew on him or if he was going to bum a ride from the cops to a Quick Stop to buy them a Mountain Dew.

For some reason, the cops turned down that deal.  Luis was charged with aggravated DWI, leaving the scene of an accident . . . and bribery.


Woman Jailed Six Hours For Having An Overgrown Yard

A Tennessee woman who fell behind on her yard work was thrown in JAIL!

Karen Holloway said that the issue started this summer when the city of Lenoir (in East Tennessee) sent her a citation for an overgrown lawn.

After she didn’t cut it, police arrested her and threw her in jail for 5-days….which was reduced to just 6 hours for good behavior.

She admits she didn’t properly maintain her yard and says it had overgrown trees and bushes, but she says she didn’t deserve jail time.

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Freak Files: Wednesday, 10/15/14

A Family Gets an Extra $122,000 For Their House When They Agree to Include Their Cat

Michael and Fran Perceval of Glen Iris, Australia were trying to sell their five-bedroom house.   And when a family was looking at it, they saw the Percevals’ cat, Tiffany . . . and their daughters fell in love with her.

The Percevals wanted $1.8 million for their house, and the family offered to pay $1.92 million under one condition . . . the Percevals included THE CAT with the house.

That comes to an extra $122,000 for the cat!  If you’re expecting some kind of heartwarming stand taken by the Perceval family over their beloved Tiffany, forget it.

They took the money and plan to get another cat at a shelter, maybe the same one where their 19-year-old son picked out Tiffany four years ago.

Click here to see the Percevals, their real estate agent, and Tiffany.


Stupid Criminals!!!

I guess if you’re going to be a Stupid Criminal, you have to start young?

A guy in Indianapolis was arrested for underage drinking on Saturday night . . . and a few hours later, two of his underage buddies went to the police station to get him.

Only the cops could immediately tell they had been drinking too, so they were ALSO busted for underage drinking and reunited with their friend in jail.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A Man Is Arrested For Aggressive Mopping

30-year-old John Thornton of Southington, Connecticut was staying at a DoubleTree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut on Monday night.  He saw a 27-year-old employee mopping the floor . . . and didn’t like the way she was doing it.

So John grabbed the mop and started doing the mopping for her . . . but, according to the police report, he was, quote, “mopping aggressively.”

He backed the woman into a corner with his aggressive mopping and even wound up mopping over her shoes a few times.

John was arrested for breach of peace and the hotel wound up with a VERY clean floor.

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Freak Files: Tuesday, 10-14-14

There’s a New World Record For Heaviest Pumpkin at 2,058 Pounds

There’s a new world record holder for the HEAVIEST PUMPKIN.

The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, California went down yesterday and a farmer from California brought a pumpkin that weighed 2,058 pounds.

According to the “Guinness Book of World Records”, the heaviest pumpkin in history weighed in at 2,032 pounds . . . so once this pumpkin is verified, it should go into the record books.

56-year-old John Hawkley of Napa Valley, California grew the pumpkin . . . he says northern California’s unusually warm weather this fall is what helped him grow the pumpkin so big.

Click here for some pics of the pumpkin.


A Guy Survives a Grizzly Bear Attack . . . and Getting Shot by a Guy Trying to Save Him

There’s a guy in Canada who got mauled by a grizzly bear this weekend . . . and that was arguably only the SECOND worst thing to happen to him that day.

A 56-year-old guy was out hunting in Fernie, British Columbia on Sunday morning when a grizzly bear ATTACKED HIM.  As he tried to keep the bear from tearing him apart, another hunter saw what was happening and ran over to help.

“Help” is a loose term here, though . . . because when the other hunter tried to shoot the bear, he accidentally shot the GUY.

Somehow, the guy survived both the bear attack AND the human attack . . . and he was airlifted to a hospital where he’s in stable condition.  His injuries aren’t considered life threatening.


Help!  My Arm Is Stuck In the Toilet!

If you dropped your iPhone in the toilet, would you stick your arm in the bowl to retrieve it?  How about your dentures?  Should I ask you that when you’re 85?

An 85-year-old woman in China recently dropped her false teeth in a TOILET.  Then she reached in to grab them but her arm got stuck.  Therefore, she was pretty much stuck, and for a long time too!

She had to wait FOUR HOURS until rescuers could get her arm out.

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Freak Files: Monday, 10-13-14

He’s Alive!

KAREN and JAY PRIEST lived through every parent’s worst nightmare last week.

An Alaska State Trooper popped up at three-a.m. saying their 29-year-old son, JUSTIN, passed away in a car crash.  The broken-hearted couple went over to their son’s girlfriend’s house at 5:30 to break the news and were shocked when their son actually answered the door with his puppy.

Understandably, the duo went wild with excitement and began yelling: “Praise Jesus! “It’s a miracle.”

CHIEF BRYCE JOHNSON admits that the troopers got some names mixed up and went to the wrong house to inform parents of fatal car wreck.  He said the situation should not happen and is “almost speechless for words.”


A Florida Woman Claims To Earn Six-Figures As a “Professional Twerker.”

22-year-old JESSICA VANESSA quit her job as a teaching assistant after her twerking videos went viral on Vine.

She says advertisers started paying her to promote their products to her millions of followers. Vanessa says, “What I make in six seconds would take me like four months to make as a teaching assistant.”

Since going viral, she has paid off all her student loans and bought a new car.  And, her family doesn’t even mind that she twerks for a living. She adds, “I would have no problem showing my grandmother my twerking videos.  She is wild and crazy and would probably want to join in with me.”


Stupid or Bumbling Criminals!!!

A Guy Tries to Shoplift Wine, But Knocks Himself Out!

I guess if you’re going to be a Stupid Criminal, you might as well be a bumbling criminal as well because it could somehow works to your advantage.  That’s EXACTLY what happened here.

A guy in England was drunk over the weekend and tried to shoplift a bottle of wine from a grocery store.

But as he was running out, he crashed into a display and knocked himself unconscious.  And since he never made it out of the store, he didn’t technically shoplift . . . so he won’t be facing any charges.

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Freak Files: Friday, 10/10/14

A Man On A Plane Yells, “I Have Ebola!”

Somehow a guy on a plane this week found a way to make people even angrier than if he’d dared to recline his SEAT.  Amazing, right?

A guy was coughing on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday . . . and at one point, he yelled out, quote, “I have Ebola!” and  “I’ve been to Africa!”

That was enough to get EVERYONE freaked out.  When the plane landed, a team in HAZMAT SUITS boarded the plane and escorted him off.

It took them about two hours to determine that he DIDN’T have Ebola, he hadn’t been to Africa, so none of the other 200 or so people on the plane were at risk of getting Ebola.

He’s being sent back to the U.S. for more tests, just in case.


A Crematory Tried to Cremate an 800-Pound Person and the Entire Place Caught Fire

A person who weighs approximately 800 POUNDS recently died in Richmond, Virginia.

And, since there is no casket that could handle a person of that size, the family decided to have their loved-one cremated.

A company called Southside Cremation Services took on the challenge of cremating the body on Wednesday . . . but the cremation process created too much heat….and wound up setting the entire CREMATORY on fire.

The fire department put it out, and fortunately no one was hurt.

The crematory is planning to take another shot at the cremation process soon.


An Old Woman Fell in Front of a Train, and a High School Kid Saved Her Life

On Monday, a grandmother of seven was walking near some train tracks in West Frankfort, Illinois, and saw a train coming.

And instead of waiting for it to pass, she decided she could make it and tried to cross.

But, she tripped and fell, broke her arm, and couldn’t get up.  And the train was BEARING DOWN on her.

Luckily, 17-year-old Colton Essary was driving back to school after lunch, and heard the woman call for help.

So Colton stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out of his truck . . . and pulled her off the tracks JUST before the train went by.

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Freak Files: Thursday, 10/9/14

Is This Freaky Or Irony?

On Monday, fire fighters in Maryland were on their way to a fire when their fire truck suddenly burst into FLAMES.  Luckily fire fighters on another fire truck were able to put it out, and no one was hurt.


MugshotA Woman Calls the Cops to Complain About the Unflattering Photo They Posted on Facebook . . . And They Arrest Her

The police in Columbus, Ohio posted 34-year-old Monica Hargrove’s mugshot on their Facebook page last month, because there was a warrant out for her arrest for armed robbery.  They asked people with information about Monica to call them.

Well they did get a call about Monica . . . from MONICA herself.  She called less than 48 hours later to complain that the mug shot they’d posted was UNFLATTERING.

So the detective who took the call told her to come in, and they’d talk about taking the mug shot down.  Monica headed straight for the police station . . . and they arrested her.

Stupid Criminals!!!


A High School Football Team’s Quarterback Got Hurt During a Game . . . So the Other Team Let Them Use One of Their Quarterbacks

Last Monday, two high school football teams faced off near Jackson, Mississippi:  The Northwest Rankin Cougars, and the Brandon Bulldogs.  By the second quarter, the Bulldogs were up 21-nothing, and the Cougars’ only quarterback was hurt.

So the coach of the Bulldogs, Brad Peterson, got an idea.

To make it fair, he offered the Cougars to use his STARTING quarterback for the 2nd half.

The other coach agreed, and in the second half, Mason threw two touchdown passes, and was about to get a third when time ran out.

The Cougars still didn’t end up winning . . . they actually got DESTROYED 46-14


$1,800 For a Hamburger???

A restaurant in England created the world’s most expensive burger.

The so-called ‘Glamburger’ at Honky Tonk in the town of Chelsea costs $18-hundred dollars.  The sandwich comes with over a half-pound of Kobe Wagyu beef, mixed with New Zealand venison and seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt.

It’s surrounded by a bun which is covered in gold leaf. You’ll find a “liquid pocket of black truffle brie” nestled within the meat patty.  A mango and champagne au jus sauce is drizzled along the top, and the entire thing is garnished with grated white truffle.

The calorie count on the Glamburger is a whopping 26-hundred calories.

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