Has Ashton Kutcher Been Rendezvousing With Rihanna Since December? 

RIHANNA had a late-night rendezvous with ASHTON KUTCHER at his house last week . . . but it may not have been their first meeting.

–Britain’s “Sun” tabloid claims they’ve been doing the BAD THING since December, when they met at a party.



Is Miley Cyrus Wearing an Engagement Ring? 

It looks like MILEY CYRUS might be trying to tell us something.  First she Tweeted a picture of her hand . . . supposedly to show off her NAIL FOUNDATIONS.

–But it was her left hand, and she was clearly wearing what looks like a massive rock on her engagement finger.

–Then on Saturday, she hit up a charity event with her boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH, and she was still wearing it.  (–Check out some pics by clicking here.)


Gallagher Is Retiring

It’s the end of an era:  GALLAGHER is giving up the comedy club scene after more than THREE DECADES of smashing things with a giant sledgehammer.

–At 65, Gallagher suffered a heart attack before a gig earlier this month.  A year ago, he suffered a heart attack DURING a gig.  And we’re just finding out that he suffered a THIRD heart attack YESTERDAY.  This one was said to be pretty mild, but he’s back in the hospital.

–While this isn’t a full-on retirement, for the most part, his live performing career is OVER.  Gallagher said, quote, “I decided that this is enough.”